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do some matt and neil best friend headcanons

oh my god idk i’ve already received and written a lot about them which you can see in my brosten tag but i’ll t ry

  • matt has a pinterest board dedicated to unflattering pictures of neil he finds on the internet entitled “my mans”
  • personally i love the headcanon that neil gets signed to matt’s pro team before he joins andrew’s can u imagine how much shit these two would get into 
    • can u imagine matt enabling neil at press conferences oh my god
  • matt practically lives at neil’s apartment during this time and oh boy
    • neither of them can cook, it’s lucky that matt has a full exy player’s salary bc they literally just eat takeout
    • matt giving neil piggybacks so he can reach the top of the shelves to dust
    • matt popping up at his door at headass o’clock after an incredible game’s just been aired so he can talk to neil about it
  • when neil moves away to join andrew’s team they schedule fortnightly skype sessions 
    • matt: no, you hang up first 
    • neil: [hangs up]
  • matt getting neil into star wars and maybe neil’s not 100% into it but matt’s such a loser for this franchise that he lets matt take him to marathon screenings and he even buys him tickets to a premier for his birthday
  • also matt definitely cries the day he asks neil to be his best man at his and dan’s wedding
  • matt refers to neil’s cats as neil’s kids like
    • “thank you for looking after the kids last week, i’ll return the favour i promise” “i don’t have kids, matt” “are u sure about that”

[ B E S T M A N ] noun

A male friend or relative chosen by a bridegroom to assist him at his wedding.
“You have no idea how to do a tie, don’t you?”
“Shut the fuck up, Hanaji-kun.”
“Goddamnit, Aho-Kenshi, can’t you behave just for a second?”
“But this suit is annoying!”
“Stop messing with that flower, Baka-Marimo! You ruined it!”
“It’s not my fault that it keeps on falling!”
“Stand straight, Midori-chan, this is your fucking wedding.”
“Stop reminding me every one minute, Kuso-kokku.”
“Hhh… If it’s not for my cutie Robin-chwan, I won’t do this.”
“You’re being annoying. And I never ask you to assist me.”
((Headcanon : Sanji will bitch a whole day while taking care of Marimo))
((It’s okay if you think this is Zosan))
((I’m confused))
Pose reference : Groom and Best Man, Pinterest,

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How do the other Strilondes react to significant others?

ohh here come them bad lowkey headcanons

-dave and karkat dont really do that much pda in public apart from sometimes holding hands and the occasional kiss but if you ever come to visit them while theyre at home its basically the fucking fluff fest in there

daves lying down in karkats lap and karkat plays with daves hair while they play movies in the background but the movies are honestly barely heard when theyre staring into each others eyes and flirting and casually chatting with each other

they also have an entire manual on all the best couch sitting and cuddling positions because they basically lived on a couch in a meteor for three years (not) straight they probably found out all the best ways to sit and make as much casual contact as possible while watching a movie 

if you ever confront one alone and ask them about the other daves gonna try to hide his smile and go on about how awesome and rad his bro is and karkats going to try and hide the soft look on his face while he tries to casually say how much he loves dave but you know that never works and he ends up curled up in a happy giggling mess

-rose and kanaya would absolutely do the really cheesy and weird couple challenges! that youd find in the recesses of pinterest among grumpy cat memes but theyd just absolutely wreck it in the best way like pinterest would say “work on a puzzle together, or make your own puzzles for each other! doing something simple is always cute to do!” but then rose and kanaya are left to make jigsaws for each other and they end up making the jigsaw a picture of each others faces and well that was kinda bonding i guess but id very much prefer to kiss your face rather than this jigsaw puzzle

like snarky sassy rosemary is good but i also love the childish happy rosemary thatd probably throw a rave in the grub caves and engage in pillow slash yarn fights 

id write more but honestly thats about the extent of what i can say

im mortified today i made a “[basic facet of life] is homophobic” joke but totally forgot my audience so what ended up happening was i said “rain is homophobic” in front of 28 straight people and 1 lesbian who still reads tumblr posts by searching “best of tumblr” on pinterest

Ready Set Go

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger

Setting: Modern, non-magical, high school AU

Word Count: 1,912 

Written For: @naqini [#payback2k15] + @dhrfaves [favorite AU]

Officially, Divinations is classified as a shitty new-age gift shop.

It’s small and it’s cramped and it’s located in one of those seedy, almost-abandoned strip malls on the absolute wrong side of PCH—it shares a mailbox with a discount beauty supply store and a Russian bakery that Draco’s pretty sure is just a front for money laundering, and it always smells a tiny bit like someone spilled a party-sized bottle of cheap domestic sherry on the incense counter. There are Ikea shelves lined with dip-dyed crystals and desert-scavenged fossilized scrub-brush, dusty triangular vials of essential oils and papier-mâché plates inscribed with Celtic runes and medical-grade glass jars filled with loose-leaf dried herbs; there are sandalwood spirit boxes and polished teak rain-sticks and knock-off Inuit dream catchers and a disturbing number of animal skeletons, too, bronze cauldrons and gold needles and multi-packs of purified iron disks.

Officially, Divinations is classified as a shitty new-age gift shop.

But unofficially

Unofficially, Divinations is an underground black-market occult superstore.

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Tagged by the beautiful, kindhearted Cella (@and-back-to-normal-life). I just did one of these a couple days ago, so I’m not going to do my own 11 questions, though!

1. Describe your “aesthetic”. Like me as a person, or aesthetic I enjoy looking at? As a person, lots of bright colors and soft textures and exclamation points everywhere. Things I like is more… misty gray-blue mystery, treacherous cliffs and old boats on lakes, literally everything that comes to mind with plague-era Venice, faded florals, abandoned places reclaimed by nature. Also bright colors and circles, though.

2. If you were to decorate a bedroom with Christmas lights, what kind would you use? I made Baymax lights in college by decorating ping-pong balls with sharpies, poking a hole on the opposite side, and popping them onto the bulbs. It’s absolutely one of the best Pinterest projects I’ve ever made!

3. What is your favorite medium of art? I like story. Words are my preferred mode of expressing that story. 

4. What is something odd that you always seem to notice in people or yourself? I have a thing for ears. It’s… kind of super weird, actually. I always judge whether people have nice ears.

5. Tell me 5 things about you that make you YOU. I feel intensely about EVERYTHING; I can see good in just about everyone as the default setting; my heart breaks easily and constantly over other people’s pain; when I love someone, I give them my entire self (which is one of the reasons the possibility of having a romantic relationship one day scares me); I am enthralled by stories, and think the ability to share and appreciate them is such an incredible gift God gave us humans.

6. Your preferred color palette? I like blues and purples, maybe with some pinks thrown in for good measure!

7. Who was the main person who taught you how to drive? Did they do a good job? My dad, and he did a great job! It took him five patient years, but I think I am a decent driver today. Maybe not the best out there, but I’m pretty safe.

8. How many different places have you lived? Which place do you identify with the most? What is a place you aspire to live in one day and why? I’ve only ever lived in Pennsylvania, but I’ve had three different family homes, plus college and the room I rented in the year I lived semi-independently. The house my family currently lives in is the most “home” to me, I think. It’s the place I’ve lived longest, and in some of my most formative years.

9. What is something from your childhood imagination that you still get occasional deja vu about? I had some pretty intense recurrent dreams, including one where I was flying through my grandmother’s flower shop, and one where I had to tell my mom apart from an identical evil witch.

10. Tell me about a conversation you’ve had with God recently. How was it? How do you feel about it? This afternoon, on my drive home, I saw the aftermath of a car accident that involved a motorcycle, and the guy was still on the ground under his bike. I couldn’t see him clearly, but I had a moment of panic that it could be my dad, and I was so anxious for the rest of my drive. I kept praying, asking God to heal that man, but mostly begging that my dad was okay. It was not my dad. I felt bad that I rejoiced in that fact, because somebody had to find out that it was someone they cared about that got hurt. 

11. What is your favorite kind of music to dance to, or jam out to? I love bopping to silly pop, 80s classics, or angry punk with upbeat lyrics.

The Batfamily on Halloween Night

-Let’s be real the batfamily are halloween trash

-No one’s figured why Damian does the best pumpkins

-like Tumblr-Pinterest worthy pumpkins

-And he makes one for everyone. One with a bat for Bruce, a circus for Dick, a gun for Jason, he even carved the Bat-Hound for Tim, and made a giant representation of the manor on a giant pumpkin for Alfred.

-Dick and Jason are banned from making haunted houses together since they transformed the Justice headquarters into a giant haunted house and scared everyone even Bruce though they would never admit it

-Barbara and Tim hack into different computers/laptops/phones and mess with everyone displaying ghosts and stuff

Bonus: -And Alfred makes bat cookies


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