WEST COAST: Best of Pinterest

(1: Kaylyn’s Kitchen , 2: Tastefully Tattered , 3: Lilyshop , 4: Misanthropy Creations on Etsy , 5: Urban Outfitters)

1) I recently discovered that I love creative bowls of food - and how can you go wrong with all that avocado? I can’t wait to try this healthy Lentil Taco Salad from Kaylyn’s Kitchen!

2) New DIY projects are something I’m always on the hunt for. This handmade Doily Dream Catcher is so lovely and delicate, and looks so easy to make!

3) I’m obsessed with the chocolate oranges you get at Christmastime (not sure - is that just a tradition in my household??), so I be these homemade chocolate oranges from Lilyshop are even better! 

4) I am a traveler at heart, and this compass ring  from Misanthropy Creations on Etsy is just so adorable! My birthday is coming up…

5) I just got a beautiful white vintage mid-century console like this one off of Craigslist. I got a great deal, but authentic pieces can be hard to come by, so you can get the look with the Draper Media Console from Urban Outfitters!

Thanks for pinning with me!

Young Mary's Non-Sucky Stocking Stuffers: Animal Head, Human Clothes

One thing  I’m good at - that apparently in my area isn’t worth paying me for — is gift-getting and gift-giving. I like presents.  Buying them, making them, brainstorming -  and yeah, the giving part is okay, too.  Thus, I present, Young Mary’s Non-Sucky  Stocking Stuffers for all of you that might need a guide.

source: incredible things.

These are perfect for the Pinterest/Etsy addict in your life.  Available from Urban Outfitters - and coming in a few different styles including those shows in the photos plus a skeleton and a wolf (howling sound effect: here) – I love ‘em.  This would be a perfect design element to hang that vintage dress or suit jacket you keep for the aesthetic beauty and not to wear anymore.    Or if you’re buying for a personality type that actually lays out the next day’s outfit – then what more perfect than that little kitty face to brighten their day when they get dressed for work in the morning? 

source: incredible things.

They’re $12 per hanger.  They have good user reviews.  And they’re just as cute as can be.  Maybe instead of stocking the stuffing, you should hang the stocking from this hanger, too.  Truly cute overload.

Wanna buy?  Hit the link: HERE.

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EAST COAST: The Best of Pinterest

The Best of Pinterest posts will include pins from the past week that have brought us joy, happiness, inspiration or are just plain sparkly. I hope that sharing these photos will bring a smile to you.

(1:, 2: A Beautiful Mess, 3: SAG Awards, 4: Yellow Bow Place setting, 5: Real Mom Kitchen)

1) I always have the hardest time with chopping certain vegetables especially onions. After a close call last week almost nicking my finger I feel like I could definitely use this onion holder. Not only does it keep the onion in place but it also prevents your eyes from watering due to the awful onion smell.

2) A Beautiful Mess always has the most innovative and practical DIY projects. This DIY tote reminds me of making song lyric t-shirts in high school, of the Fall Out Boy variety.

Instead of doing a quote you could even use other stencils to personalize your bag. I’m thinking perhaps peacock feather or fleur-de-lis. What would you use to make your own tote? Song lyrics, favorite quote or stenciled images?

3) There are so many beautiful gowns this awards season. I’m always looking at the different trends on the red carpet and how they might translate into everyday life. The dress that Giuliana Rancic wore during the SAG awards is not only gorgeous but practical. The other thing I love is the color combination of cobalt blue and black. Classic and always stylish.

4) As the winter months here on the east coast keep dragging on I’m always looking for cheery spring colors. This place setting in bright yellow does the trick. The bow napkin has such a strong presence that other decorations on the table can be kept to a minimum.

5) These oven baked chicken fajitas are beyond delicious! I made these the other night and they were a HUGE hit. They were super easy and had a lot of flavor. I thought that baking instead of grilling would make the vegetables mushy but they came out crispy and full of flavor. These will definitely be something I will be cooking again.

Best of Pinterest

(1: The Sweet Beast Blog, 2: ModCloth Blog, 3: A Beautiful Mess 4: Target, 5: Alex and Ra Cooks)

1: There is nothing I love more than Ikea besides may be an Ikea-hack. I love how inventive people can be with their basic Ikea furniture. This Svalbo table gets transformed from a basic piece of furniture to a classy and lux sideboard.

2: FINALLY a short hair updo tutorial! I feel like most of the hairstyle tutorial pins I see on Pinterest are for girls with Rapunzel length hair. Sometimes girls with shoulder length hair need some love too. I love the simplicity of this hair style and I can’t wait to try it the next no-shampoo day. 

3: This DIY 21+ Piñata was originally created for a bachelorette party but who says this wouldn’t be perfect for the next birthday party. How smart is it to fill the piñata with plastic alcohol nip bottles.

4: The next luxe for less brand collaboration is Vera Neumann for Target. Her bright and summery designs are now available in 14 different designed scarfs for only $19.99. The perfect accessory to add some fun to your summer work wardrobe. 

5: To me, nothing says summer quite like blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries. Since the weather on the East Coast doesn’t seem to get the hint may be making these triple berry muffins will make it at least taste like summer. 

What are your favorite pins of the week? Let us know with a link in the comment section.