Q&A Wednesday

What’s a POT?

What’s the best way to use OKCupid and other dating apps to sugar?

Help! This POT will message me but still hasn’t asked me for a date!

Fashion and style tips? Sure I’ve got a few.

Money and my safety. Where do you stash your cash?

How do you get your allowance?

How do you handle depression and feeling suicidal?

How can I find a new hobby skill or interest?

Is tinder a good place to get a gift daddy?

I want the big gifts but I don’t want to give him my real name. What should I do?

You can’t use my phone and you can’t come in my house. Are SD’s okay with boundaries?

Being a WOC in the sugar bowl.

Are there any German SBs out there?

How can I research a POT without his phone number?

I want to be flown out. Where are the men that do that?

reading this message made me sad, but i’m 500% sure you’ll be happier with a girl your own age than with a teenager. i’m happy i was able to help you make a positive change in your life. 

while i’m glad you had a reality check, i’m also sorry it had to happen: speaking from personal experience, having to take a long look at yourself and not necessarily liking what you see is awful. 

having the level of self-awareness that you can recognize your unhealthy behaviors and take steps to change them makes you a thousand times better than all of the men on here. i sincerely wish you the best in life.