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The Front Bottoms song meanings
  • Flashlight: it’s about someone having a hold over you. this is a recurring theme throughout a number of songs on our album. Our favorite line from the song is “I can hear your dog whistle from my bedroom”
  • Maps: This song is pretty self-explanatory. It’s about the idea of not knowing what’s next. Accepting the fact that your life won’t be as comfortable as everyone makes it out to be when you’re younger. It’s about finding out life is a longer road than you had expected. Favorite line: “Let me be a raft on a blue sea I’ll blend right in”
  • Looking Like You Just Woke Up: This was the quickest song we wrote. It happens to also be the shortest on the record. Same idea as from Flashlight - just someone having a hold on you. (One of our good friends fell in love with this girl that still had a boyfriend and so in order to make time with the girl, he hung out a lot with the boyfriend and her. He slowly found out that the girl he thought he loved was kind of a bitch and he found that maybe the one he really loved was her boyfriend. They have somewhat of a romantic relationship now. And they are living together.) The vibe of this song comes from that situation. Favorite Line: “It probably won’t get easier, just easier to hide”
  • Mountain: This song is actually about buying drugs in Pennsylvania. The line was originally “I bought weed. A big bag in Pennsylvania. I’m gonna light it up when I get home to Jersey” We changed it because none of us have bought drugs or smoked ganja. ever. Favorite Line: “They’re gonna ruin my whole summer. Stop taking pictures with your phone. Stop taking pictures with your phone.”
  • Rhode Island: we met a kid at a punk rock festival we played in Rhode Island. He didn’t do much talking and we called him the Zombie Kid because he was passed out in a pile of sticks. The next day when he came out of his coma, he was asking us about directions on the best way to get passed NYC on a bike. His summer plan was to ride from his home in Vermont to Florida. All that he had with him was a backpack full of drugs. No joke. Drugs. Then we shook hands and he went on his way. On that same tour - two months later - one of our last shows were in New York City, and guess who we fucking see? Zombie Kid. Backpack empty. We asked him what happened and he said he made it down to South Carolina and had to turn around and come back. favorite line-“She says you gotta promise not to break not matter how far you are bent, she says you gotta shift my position and try to get comfortable again”
  • The Beers: It’s about the same deal. Someone having a hold over you, so much so that you’d be willing to put yourself in danger, to change yourself in order to make them like you. But the song is all over the place and that’s just a small part of it. Favorite Line: “And it’s an aerial view from your house to my room”
  • Father: I put myself in someone else’s body and I wrote this song about my life.
  • Swimming Pool: The voicemail in the breakdown is from one of our friend’s dads to our friend about some dumb shit about a girl. He saved it and we added it later on to our song. Months later, the girl’s mom cornered me in the grocery store and asked me if we could take that voicemail out of the song. But we’re punk rock so we left it.
  • Favorite Line- “There’s comfort in the bottom of a swimming pool”
  • The Boredom Is The Reason I Started Swimming: I got stranded in Germany one time and I missed Thanksgiving. Side note: On Thanksgiving, I ate a hot dog with some weird potato shit on it in Amsterdam but it was still mad good. As I was walking around Berlin, I found this circus of freaks - it was more or less a sideshow act but it was free so I went in. I met a dude who was a gangster drug dealer, he let me stay at his house and was actually super nice. He cooked me food and went to Amsterdam with me. But while I was staying in his house he explained to me the rules of the streets in Berlin. Everybody pays, everybody’s head is in the noose, everyone is part of the program.
  • Bathtub: There’s so much in this song. Take it for what it’s worth. Favorite line: Please take me off speaker phone, this is a private conversation.
  • Legit Tattoo Gun: This song was originally called “MJ” because when we put it out we gave it two different names on two different websites. If you know this song as “MJ,” you’re way more punk rock. At one point, I was making out with a woman who was making out with a lot of other people. It was a mutually beneficial relationship. Favorite Line: “I am not a dirty god, I don’t have a dirty body”
  • Hooped Earrings: This is about a friend of mine that asked me to be there with her when she came out to her mother. Favorite Line: Curly hair don’t look good cut short.

hartnrose  asked:

what are gay bars like? do you think they're more fun than regular bars?

In general, they’re safe-havens & sanctuaries!! They’re places where you should be able to be yourself & not have to explain your identity. I love asking LGBTQ+ people about the first time they went to a gay bar because there’s a universal feeling of bewilderment. Most importantly, gay bars are 136183x more likely to play Carly Rae Jepsen, which I find to be the best advantage of all.

During my new series, “Chosen Family: Stories of Queer Resilience” - I explore the concept of gay bars as sanctuaries a few times! In one episode, I visit Stonewall, a gay bar in NYC best known to be where the gay rights movement started. In another, I travel to Orlando & learn about the massacre at Pulse. Knowing the history of these places is so important, & ultimately has made me appreciate the importance of gay bars so much more.


New York City in the Snow…

I (finally) made a video and tell the secret to how I take my NYC snow photos like the ones in this post here…

It’s also my recommendations for the best cameras for YouTube, for travel, for beginners, and for people on a budget! :)

Hope this is helpful. 

Underneath the cut is a guide to WHAT BEING EXTREMELY WEALTHY IS LIKE. I did not write this. I saw this on reddit. It is cut into net worths. I just figured it would be helpful for some of you since rich characters are popular. This guide splits it up in an understandable way! Please like/reblog this guide if you found it helpful!

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Title: Version 2.0
Author: Elizabeth1985
Artist: comedicdrama
Rating: Explicit
Pairings: Dean/Cas
Warnings/Tags: nyc, best friends, roommates, friends with benefits, tattooed!dean, tattooed!castiel, dean is crazy smart, business partners, light d/s, light kink
Posting Date: 10/31/2017

Summary: Life is nothing but a series of processes. We rise, we work, we function within the walls we’ve designed for ourselves. Dean Winchester does not deviate from this system. Heavily tattooed and a borderline genius; Dean necessitates control. Relationships are a no-go. Too messy, unpredictable. And yeah, he knows having casual sex with his best friend, roommate, and business partner is a dumbass move. But Cas’ suggestion is impossible to resist. What Dean doesn’t expect and couldn’t possibly predict is the unique way Cas manages to shut down his mile-a-minute mind, giving him a level of inner peace he’d thought to be unattainable. What starts out of convenience morphs into a dynamic emotional slide neither of them were prepared for, forcing them to decide what they’re willing to risk.  

- - -

They know each other too well. Castiel’s crystal blue eyes narrow into slits, head tipped at an angle against the back of the couch. There’s a weighted pause hovering between them.

“Something’s different…” Cas murmurs, barely meeting Dean’s eyes.

It’s the strangest thing, this singular moment. As if they both know something’s changed but neither has the balls to say it outright or even blink suggestively in that direction. They let it hang, pretending there aren’t internal freakouts just flying all over the apartment like hyper-charged dust motes.

Choking down unwanted panic, Dean ruffles Cas’ unruly hair. “Don’t worry about it. What do you want for dinner?”

His roommate closes his eyes to the touch. “Whatever you want works for me.”

Is there a double-meaning there? They’re both pretty damn smart. They could dance this game a long while. Tiptoeing in suggestive language, if that’s what this is. Dean’s not sure. He hates complicated crap and Cas has the social cues of a rabbit sometimes. But maybe it is… this potentially cryptic back and forth. Maybe they’ll hide under the safety of its uncertainty and clouded air of disassociation. For a bit anyway. Dean’s not ready to figure this out. It feels too much like giving in to the raging constant need inside him. It wouldn’t do any good to reach out and grab the closest male in proximity. Let alone one who happens to be his best fucking friend, and his roommate, AND his business partner.

“I haven’t decided on anything,” he says. Take that double meaning and smoke it.  

The faintest smile passes through Cas’ expression. But is it suggestive or normal; he doesn’t know. “We could order out,” suggests Cas. “I’m starving.”

Order out? Starving? Are they still playing? Maybe they never were. Maybe Dean’s overactive brain has taken a sharp turn from reality. Watching an hour or two of porn every day probably doesn’t help.

“Uh, pizza?”

Cas moans. “Yessss. Definitely pizza.”

Last night comes flashing back to him. “Damn, you’re busting out those moans for pizza? Maybe you were dreaming about a big deep-dish last night.” Yeah right, he answers himself sarcastically. A fucking extra-large slice of the Best Friend Special.

“Perhaps I was,” Cas replies. No hesitation. Just a little sass.

“Uhn-huh,” Dean blandly fires back, not even trying to hide his bullshit-meter tone.

Dean’s life is supposed to be uncomplicated, dammit. Now he’s conversing in vague subtleties and possible innuendos. Fuck.

Why did his best friend have to dream-moan his name like that? It’s like a box Dean never knew he owned just exploded all over the floor in some catastrophic sticky mess. One singular event turning his orderly life into shambles.

Man, he really needs to clean something.

Best Places to Freestyle in NYC

(In no particular order)

  • The Mark Hotel, UES
  • Lexington Bar and Books, UES
  • Flute Midtown, Midtown Manhattan
  • Gold Bar, Little Italy***
  • Brandy Library, TriBeca
  • Verlaine, LES
  • King Cole Bar, Midtown East
  • Rainbow Room, Meatpacking
  • Jimmy at The James Hotel, TriBeca ***
  • Lavo, Midtown East***
  •  Salon De Ning, Midtown West
  • Westlight, Williamsburg***
  • Tao Downtown, Chelsea**
  • 1 Oak, Chelsea***
  • Boom Boom Room at The Standard Hotel, Chelsea***
  • Harry’s Cafe and Steak, FiDi
  • Delmonico’s. FiDi
  • Cipriano Downtown, SoHo
  • Gotham Bar and Grill 
  • Forty Four Lounge, Midtown West

*** I’ve been to a few of these places. Either on dates or for photoshoots. Ive been to every nightclub in NYC because I go with promoters, I hate them all but if you go with an MO then it can be pretty lucrative. 

All of these places are quite expensive ($16+ for a cocktail) so be prepared to buy at least one drink or even get a sugar daddy to take so you can experience it for $free.99 

Feel free to add! 



This was a massive undertaking over a year and a half in the making to debut @dimmakcollection in the US. Once we got the approval from the #CFDA we wanted to showcase our line with the same energy n attitude of where it all started for us. Turned the runway into a skate park. Brought in some of the best NyC skaters to be our models. Flew in @mangchihammer headed by @davidchoe who we collaborated with using his artwork thru most of the collection. Didn’t expect all the love and attention for our first fashion show. Thank u @adidas for the kicks. Thank u @nytimes @vogue @britishgq
& others for the media. Thanks to all who came out to support. More to come. #dimmakcollection #fifthcollection #fw17 #nyfwm

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anonymous asked:

Hi hello I'm sorry I know you have many things to write but what do you think of Spidey's social media accounts? Does he post a lot, how famous is he, what things does he post, what rumours he started accidentally by an unfortunate tweet, etc?

Social media stuff are my favourite, anon. 

  • The Spidey comics confirm that Peter - as Spider-Man - has an Instagram account because he’s 15yo. And his publicity is shit. Peter confirms that they’re SUPER popular.
  • It’s also been confirmed that people ask heroes for selfies and that Peter says yes. In Spidey he’s often seen in the background taking selfies with people. In TASM, while Peter is screaming at Gwen on the phone, you can hear people losing their shit in the background and wondering if they should go ask the hero for a photo or not. Peter Parker can and will take photos with you. He’s a tourist attraction smh
  • Tourist, casually: “So here’s a photo of me in front of the Statue of Liberty, here’s me in Times Square, here’s me with Spider-Man-”
  • He also ends up with a twitter account. He kept stealing Tony’s phone - because he’s a 15 year old shit - and logging into the billionaire’s twitter account and posting random shit (the tweet: “spider-man is so handsome!!!! and cool!!!! and the best hero in nyc!!!!!!” and the subsequent tweet, minutes later: “No, he’s not.” is reposted on a bunch of sites. Everyone thinks its super cute). So Tony gets fed up and just makes the teenager his own account. He gets him verified and everything.
  • Peter’s account is REALLY popular, not just because he’s a hero (and all heroes have stupidly popular accounts) but because he’s witty and cute and everyone kind of loves him?
  • Yes, his bio is “your friendly neighbourhood wall crawler”, he is proud and not taking that down
  • As I mentioned in this post, Johnny and Peter are Menances online. Johnny live-tweets and snapchats their shenanigans (everything from pranking Ben, to the time they were almost killed by pirate-ninjas, to photos of a masked Peter fast asleep in front of gaming consoles, surrounded by junk food, mid-sleepover). They’re everyone’s favourite goobers. Buzzfeed makes an article about them - “Ten Times Human Torch and Spider-Man Were Our Favourite Super-Friends” - and call them ‘too cute to handle’ at one point.
  • He once got into a twitter argument with Jameson that lasted hours. There were caps and emojis and Peter rickrolled him at one stage. It was performative art
  • Listen, the Daily Bugle has no creditability online. Everyone hates Fox News on here. The Bugle is pretty much the same. Its slanderous garbage get made fun of a lot. There’s a lot of posts with the front pages of the Bugle about the ‘’’’Spider-Menace’’’’’’ and how ‘threatening and dangerous’ he is posted side-by-side with a photo of Spider-Man smooching a puppy. Spider-Man high-fiving kids. Spider-Man helping an old lady across the street. The internet is (mostly) on Peter’s side.
  • That being said there are a lot of posts like, “Is… Spider-Man okay? This is awful and he works so hard and I’m worried about this guy.”
  • Listen, Peter’s tweets do not always make sense. He gets tired. He forgets people need context. He posts things such as, “you win this round, tree” and, “clothes not gender. i’m going to fight Gender for you internet. i’m gonna” and, “why are things so Much” 
  • On a related note: Peter should not be allowed to tweet while concussed.
  • Tony tweets, “Are you okay? Are you concussed? You sound concussed. I’ll be right there. Stay put.” And #IronDad trends for the rest of the day
21 of Karlie Kloss’s Favorite Things

Anyone who follows Karlie Kloss on Instagram knows that the supermodel lives the ultimate glam life. But when she isn’t busy walking the runway for designers like Carolina Herrera and Marc Jacobs or traveling the world for fashion shoots, InStyle’s June cover star keeps things real. She spends her down time working out, cooking, and coding (a passion that led her to develop Kode with Klossy, a program that teaches girls to become leaders in technology). And as with everything she does, Kloss makes it all look effortless.

With access to the best of the best—in terms of fashion, beauty, food, you name it—we wanted to know what Kloss currently covets most. Scroll down for 21 of her favorite things.

“Adidas Stan Smith sneakers.”

“L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara.”

“Post Ranch Inn Big Sur.”

“My Louis Vuitton handbag. It’s super chic and classic.”


“‘Green Light’ by Lorde and ‘Classic’ by The Knocks.”

“Anything Solid & Striped.” 

“Egg Shop in NYC.”

“Manolo Blahnik’s classic black pump.”

“A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life, by Brian Grazer and Charles Fishman.”

“A Joanna Vargas facial.”

“Samsung 360 Camera.”

“Adidas by Stella McCartney gear.”

“Paris or Sydney.”

“A cotton t-shirt from the Express Karlie Collection.”

“L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Collection Exclusive Nude Lipcolor in Eva’s Nude.”

“A Vitamix!”

“FRAME denim’s Karlie Forever Distressed Skinny Jeans.”

“Carolina Hererra ‘Good Girl.’”

“Anything with hot sauce.”