MAMA 2017 Nominees

Best New Male Artist

  • Wanna One
  • Golden Child
  • The East Liight
  • Samuel
  • Jeong Sewoon

Best New Female Artist

  • Dreamcatcher
  • Momoland
  • Weki Meki
  • Kim Chungha

Best Male Artist

  • G-Dragon
  • Zion.T
  • Psy
  • Yoon Jong Shin
  • Zico

Best Female Artist

  • Sunmi
  • Suzy
  • IU
  • Taeyeon
  • Heize

Best Male Group

  • EXO
  • GOT7
  • Nu’est W
  • Wanna One
  • BTS
  • Seventeen

Best Female Group

  • Red Velvet
  • Mamamoo

Best Band Performance

  • CNBLUE - Between Us
  • DAY6 - I Smile
  • FTISLAND - Wind
  • Buzz - The Love
  • Hyukoh - Tomboy

Best Hip Hop & Urban Music

  • Dean - Come Over
  • Mad Clown - Lost Without You
  • Woo Won Jae - We Are
  • Zico - Artist
  • Heize - Don’t Know You

Best Collaboration

  • Dynamic Duo & Chen - Nosedive
  • Jay park & Dok2 - Most Hated
  • Soyou & Baekhyun - Rain
  • IU & Oh Hyuk - Can’t Love You Anymore
  • Hyorin & Changmo - Blue Moon

Best Music Video

  • EXO - Power
  • TWICE - Signal
  • Wanna One - Energetic
  • BTS - Spring Day
  • Seventeen - Don’t Wanna Cry

Best OST

  • Bolbbalgan4 - You and Me from the Start
  • Suzy - I Love You Boy
  • Ailee - I Will Go to You Like the First Snow
  • Chanyeol & Punch - Stay with Me
  • Crush - Beautiful

Best Vocal Performance Male Solo

  • Zion.T - The Song
  • Yoon Jong Shin - Like It
  • Jung Seung Hwan - This Fool
  • Han Dong Geun - Crazy
  • Hwang Chi Yeol - A Daily Song

Best Vocal Performance Female Solo

  • Kim Sejeong - Flower Way
  • Suran - Wine
  • IU - Through the Night
  • Jung Eun Ji - The Spring
  • Heize - You, Clouds, Rain

Best Vocal Performance Group

  • Winner - Really Really
  • Mamamoo - Yes I Am
  • Bolbbalgan4 - Missing You
  • BTOB - Missing You
  • Highlight - Callling You

Best Dance Performance Solo

  • Sunmi - Gashina
  • Psy- New Face
  • Lee Hyori - Black
  • Taemin - Move
  • Hyuna - Babe

Best Dance Performance Female Group

  • Apink - FIVE
  • TWICE - Signal
  • Red Velvet - Red Flavor
  • SNSD - Holiday
  • GFRIEND - Love Whisper

Best Dance Performance Male Group

  • EXO - Ko Ko Bop
  • NCT 127 - Cherry Bomb
  • Monsta X - Beautiful
  • BTS - DNA
  • VIXX - Shangri-La
  • Seventeen - Don’t Wanna Cry

Formation has won 28 awards and is currently the most awarded song in music history!

Hold Up has won 2 awards, Sorry has won 4 awards, Hymn For The Weeknd has won 4 awards, Daddy Lessons has won 2 awards, Freedom has won 2 awards, Running (Lose It All) has won 1 award, Lemonade (the album) has won 16 awards, Formation World Tour has won 3 awards, and our legendary Queen Beyoncé, herself, has won 25 awards.

The Lemonade era has a current total of 97 wins, cementing its place as the most awarded musical era of all time!

As of September 18, 2017, Beyoncé only has three more nominations: The Silver Clef Awards in the UK for Best Live Act, The Teen Choice Awards for Choice Music: Best R&B / Hip Hop Artist, and The TRL Music Awards for Artist Saga Awards

Lemonade Era Awards (as of September 18th, 2017) ~97 wins~

  1. A-List Award: Best Movie Advertising
  2. African American Film Critics Association’s Best TV Show - Special or Limited Series
  3. AICE Award: Best Music Video
  4. AMA: Tour of the Year
  5. Art Director’s Guild Award: Best Award or Event Special
  6. ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Award: Best Hip-Hop / R&B song (Formation)
  7. ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Award: Best Hip-Hop / R&B song (Hold Up)
  8. ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Award: Best Hip-Hop / R&B song (Sorry)
  9. BET Award: Album of the Year (Lemonade)
  10. BET Award: Best Female R&B Artist ‘16
  11. BET Award: Best Female R&B Artist '17
  12. BET Award: Director of the Year
  13. BET Award: Video of the Year '16 (Formation)
  14. BET Award: Video of the Year '17 (Formation)
  15. BET Centric Award
  16. BET FANdemonium Award
  17. BET Video Director of the Year (Sorry)
  18. BET Viewer’s Choice Award '16 (Formation)
  19. BET Viewer’s Choice Award '17 (Formation)
  20. Billboard Award: Top Female Artist
  21. Billboard Award: Top R&B Album
  22. Billboard Award: Top R&B Artist
  23. Billboard Award: Top R&B Tour
  24. Billboard Award: Top Touring Artist
  25. Black Reel Award: Outstanding Television Documentary or Special
  26. BMI 2017 Award: Most Performed R&B / Hip-Hop Song (Sorry)
  27. BRIT Award: Best International Solo Artist
  28. Cannes Lion’s Excellence in Music Video
  29. Cannes Lion’s Excellence in Music Video (Runnin’ *Lose It All*)
  30. CDFA: Fashion Icon Award
  31. Clio Award: Excellence in Music Video (Sorry)
  32. Clio Award: Video of the Year
  33. Cultural Driver Award: Impact on Pop Culture
  34. Daily Californian Award: Best Music Video
  35. GAFFA Award: Best International Female Artist
  36. Grammy Award: Best Music Video
  37. Grammy Award: Best Urban Contemporary Album
  38. Golden Boot Award: Collaboration of the Year
  39. Golden Boot Award: Most Unforgettable Moment
  40. Guinness World Record: Most Liked Instagram Pic
  41. Ivor Novello Award: Most Performed Work
  42. Japan MTV Video Music Award: Album of the Year
  43. Kinsale Shark Award: Best Directing in an International Music Video
  44. Kinsale Shark Award: Best International Music Video
  45. London International Award: Best Direction
  46. London International Award: Best Music Video
  47. MTV Buzz Award: Best Live Artist
  48. MTV Buzz Award: Most Surprising Collaboration
  49. MTV Movie Awards: Top Trending Award
  50. MTV VMA: Breakthrough Longform Video
  51. MTV VMA: Best Choreography
  52. MTV VMA: Best Cinematography
  53. MTV VMA: Best Direction
  54. MTV VMA: Best Editing
  55. MTV VMA: Best Female Video
  56. MTV VMA: Best Pop Video
  57. MTV VMA: Video of the Year
  58. MTV Video Play Award: Hymn For The Weekend
  59. MTV Video Play Award: Sorry
  60. Music Society Award: Album of the Year
  61. Music Society Award: Best R&B/Soul Album of the Year
  62. Music Society Award: Best R&B/Soul Artist of the Year
  63. Music Society Award: Best R&B/Soul Recording of the Year
  64. Music Society Award: Breakthrough Longform Video
  65. NAACP Image Award: Outstanding Album
  66. NAACP Image Award: Outstanding Collaboration (Freedom)
  67. NAACP Image Award: Outstanding Female Artist
  68. NAACP Image Award: Outstanding Music Video
  69. NAACP Image Award: Outstanding Song (Freedom)
  70. NAMIC Award: Best Special or Talk Show
  71. National Film & Music Award: Album of the Year
  72. National Film & Music Award: Artist of the Year
  73. National Film & Music Award: Best Live Performance of the Year
  74. National Film & Music Award: Breakthrough Longform Video
  75. National Film & Music Award: Lifetime Achievement Award
  76. National Film & Music Award: Top Touring Artist of the Year
  77. National Film & Music Award: Video of the Year
  78. Nickelodeon’s KCA: Brazil Girls Power Award
  79. NME Award: Hero of the Year
  80. NRJ Music Award: Most Streamed Song
  81. One Show Award: Best Music Video
  82. One Show Award: New Trends
  83. PEABODY Award
  84. Pollstar Award: Most Creative Stage Production
  85. RTHK International Pop Poll’s Awards: Top 10 International Gold Song
  86. RTHK International Pop Poll’s Awards: Top Female Artist
  87. Soul Train Award: Album of the Year
  88. Soul Train Award: Best R&B/Soul Female Artist
  89. Soul Train Award: Song of the Year
  90. Soul Train Award: Video of the Year
  91. Talk Film Society’s Founder’s Award
  92. Teen Choice Award: Choice R&B/Hip-Hop Artist '16
  93. Teen Choice Award: Choice R&B/Hip-Hop Artist '17
  94. UK Music Video Award: Best Styling in a Music Video
  95. WatsUp Africa Music Video Award: Best International Video
  96. Webby’s Awards People’s Voice Award
  97. YouTube Diamond Award

this is probably the best Internet radio right now

mike hanlon as a poc

a/n: okay so, as a black female, i really wanted to add on some headcanons for mike as the only black male and poc in the losers club. i know he’s a human guy just like anyone else, but african americans have culture too so hope this doesn’t offend anyone! i think most of the headcanons can overlap but if i’m talking specifically abt book/movie mike or a modern day mike i’ll clarify. i haven’t read the book yet so if smth is wrong sorry!

  • sunday dinners were always a thing for the hanlons. i haven’t read the book but it seemed like mike was close to his parents from what i’m getting
  • one time mike invited all the losers over for sunday dinner and they got to taste soul food for the first time
  • mike’s mom made a huge feast for the losers and even made them plates to go home so their parents could try it, etc.
  • richie is the loser who tends to come over a lot for sunday dinners after that bc u kno.. his fam sucks. and the hanlons welcome him w/ open arms
  • personally i imagine mike to have the most diverse music taste
  • he liked rock n roll just like the other losers (and punk rock n the 80s)
  • when he’s with his fam there’s a lot of smooth jazz going on but also a lot of r&b
  • the jackson 5 and michael jackson was a household staple
  • there was a lot of motown too
  • and i think who he talked abt that the most with was ben because ben also has a very diverse music taste. whenever a motown record came out ben would just rush over to mike’s and is like ‘let’s play this smokey robinson song 12 times’
  • in modern day he would listen to a lot of soft rock but also a lot of r&b/hip-hop too. lauryn hill is his hero and he argues that her album is the best hip hop album to date
  • as much as his parents love the other losers and the fact that they took him in as a friend, they tell him to be careful
  • bc he’s the only poc and they can get away with stuff that he wouldn’t be able to get away with
  • but in all honesty mike wouldn’t be super worried bc he knows that his friends got his back. shit, they saved him from bowers when they didn’t have to
  • i think mike relates with bev the most tbh.
  • when they’re out together i think mike and bev gets the most shit from other people bc of their race and gender, and they just kinda hold hands and collectively tell said ppl to fuck off (hahaha and then eddie comes in with some choice words and mike just finds it amazing bc eddie rlly won’t tolerate that kinda hate)
  • when mike develops feelings for bill and stan, and vice versa, he’s incredibly scared to tell his parents that they’re his new boyfriends
  • bc in a lot of black families homophobia is rampant and he already knows that his race + his sexuality is a bad combination
  • but stan and bill are so patient with him and give him cuddles and kisses and tells him to only say something when he’s ready and that they’ll be there with him if he wants them to
  • when he does tell his parents it’s not looking good at first. his mom cries and his dad has some denial over the whole thing
  • and it makes mike so sad that he cries when he’s alone with the losers (and they comfort him ofc bc they all fucking love mike with their whole hearts (esp his boyfriends))
  • but eventually his parents come around because they love him and want him to be happy!!
  • they just, ofc, tell him to be careful

i felt like i had a thousand more but i’ll add when they come back. FEEL FREE TO ADD TO THIS THIS IS IMPORTANT.