Eminem - Going Through Changes

Regardless of how you feel about Eminem nowadays, he’s still one of the best rappers in the game. That said, I don’t enjoy his newer stuff as much as his early works. Back in the day when he still had something to prove to the world, you couldn’t help but feel the intense energy and emotion behind his flow. He definitely still has the passion, but it’s noticeably less intact. Eminem’s newer songs consistently have a more detached feel to them, as if he is just rapping to rap, with no other immediate purpose.

Recovery is a damn good album, with Going Through Changes as its best song. It has the most personal perspective of any song he’s released in years. Since Eminem is lyrically delving deep into real emotions, it provides each bar with a true sense of legitimacy and personal relatability. Pretty much all of the greatest songs in hip-hop consist of an MC spitting their mind straight from the heart, since this allows the listener to comprehend their emotional standpoint on an extremely fundamental level. This song is no different. It’s a beautiful piece of audio art.


My Song Rating: 9.7 out of 10

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Lmao Suga's mixtapes are getting more hype than Rapmon's mixtape, that shows who the better rapper is

Suga getting more hype for his mixtape compared to Rapmon statistically makes sense because Rapmon released his mixtape before BTS blew up internationally as a group. So naturally Suga’s mixtapes will garner more views and attention because as a collective group they have gained more fans and therefore a larger audience since then. THAT part I agree with. What I don’t agree with is you using that statistical fact to support your opinion that Suga is a better rapper than Rapmon. 

First of all, these two have different lyrical and rapping styles, so why are you even comparing them in the first place. Second of all, your message seems to have a lot of hatred towards Rapmon, and that automatically makes it irrelevant in my opinion. Third of all, Rapmon’s mixtape made it on ‘Spin’s 50 Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2015’ which was voted on by hip hop artists all around the world, so why are you putting him down when his rap skills are respected by artists in an international/global scale. And lastly, Suga and Rapmon have been friends for nearly a decade now, so you putting Rapmon against Suga or vice versa as a means to prove your love and adoration to either of them is just wrong. Imagine what would Suga say to you if he sees you talking shit about one of his best friends like this.

sup losers it’s 4 am and i can’t stop thinking abt lance and keith playing just dance 

- lance is like im gonna fuckin school you kid and keith is like i literally don’t wanna play this 

- lance is like um you have to so i can beat you..and keith is like fine whatever

- lance makes them do all the partner dances and he’s like hell yeah but then keith is weirdly really good at the game

- he’s pissed but also kind of proud and happy

- what the fuck keith you beat my high score

- keith gets competitive like halfway through and everyone is like aww bc they’re finally working together and they’re doing it by being dance partners but keith is like be quiet i need to focus i have to kick his ass

- lance gets to DIP keith and he’s like um this is the best moment of my life???


- pidge kicks their ASSES at the hip hop ones

- shiro has a hidden talent for latin ballroom

Big K.R.I.T. - If I Fall (ft. Melanie Fiona)

Ironically the first time I listened to this song I was actually walking along a path that follows a river.  I kept If I Fall on repeat for a good 30 minutes, letting the lyrics thoroughly soak into my mind. The profoundness of Big K.R.I.T’s message is amplified through his extremely well written lyrics. You can actually feel the “desperate emotion” radiating from his words and flow. It’s a truly beautiful song that you’ll only fully appreciate once you give it some time and mental investment.

Big K.R.I.T. essentially depicts multiple scenarios where an individual, due to his actions, feels distant to someone who used to be close (be it a friend, mother, or girlfriend). This individual turns around and sees this emotional distance they unintentionally caused, and asks from the bottom of their heart, ‘through all of this shit, can I still count on you to be there for me in my time of need?’

This is my favorite song off of Big K.R.I.T.’s album Live From The Underground. It stands way above all of the other good songs on the album, such as What U Mean (Ft. Ludacris).

“If I fall by the river bed
Would you save me or leave me dead?
All the blood I shed
And I’ll just rest my head”


My Song Rating: 9.4 out of 10

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How would Sebastian, Undertaker, Claude, Grell and William from Black Butler react to their s/o being hella into hip hop and can also rap with the best of them?

Sebastian Michaelis-

You can bet 100% that he is lowkey into it, I can see him kinda bobbing his head to the music but that interest isn’t necessarily shared.

Claude Faustus-

I can see Claude being somewhat of a music elitist like he probably only listens to classical and super underground indie. Will just ignore it tbh.

Grell Sutcliff-

Grell is down to JAM okay he will rap with you and get turnt, kind of glad that you’re into that kind of music bc he probably thinks classic is boring

Undertaker- (Should I be calling him Adrien? eh.)

Undertaker is super chill and I feel like whatever music your into he’s not gonna mind, giggles at you when you get into rapping bc you seem like you’re having so much fun.

William T. Spears-

Mr. Party Pooper over here either doesn’t really care or will always tell you to lower the volume of your music. 

Lupe Fiasco - Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free)

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty reveled when I first heard this.  I assumed Lupe would take a more organic rout, similar to what he did with his first Food & Liquor album, and fortunately I was right.  I still don’t understand though his continued need to sample a classic instrumental for his initial single.  For Lasers he sampled Modest Mouse’s Float On for his hit single The Show Goes On, which I’m actually ok with, even though Modest Mouse is my favorite music group of all time…including hip-hop artists, which is obviously saying something.  However, I do feel The Show Goes On could have been better if it was slightly more original, and the same goes for Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free).  I can’t disagree with Pete Rock when he tweeted “No disrespect to Lupe Fiasco and I like him a lot but TROY should be left alone. Feel so violated, the beat is next to my heart and was made outta anguish and pain. When it’s like that it should not be touched by no one”.  Even though Lupe probably should have fucked with a different instrumental, I can’t incorporate his poor decision into the rating process.  Music is music and personal shit is personal shit…unless the music was influenced by the personal shit, which this song was not.  The lyrics represent a completely different direction, and I’m not going to lie, Lupe’s lyrics for this are pretty damn tight.

Lupe’s Food & Liquor is easily in my top 3 hip-hop albums off all time, so (like most people) I have extremely high expectations for Lupe and his future works.  I know for a fact he will never outdo his debut album, but all I can hope for is something at least close.  I presume Food & Liquor 2 will be better than Lasers, but it will most likely only be his 3rd best album…out of 4.  Don’t get me wrong though, it’ll be one of the better albums of the year, but when personal expectations grow beyond realistic expectations, it’s easy to loose sight of the reality that music such as this song is amazing, even though it’s definitely not Lupe’s best work.


My Song Rating: 9.6 out of 10


“The Red” - Jaylib

ChaCha Malone - One Day - Part 1: The Flight

You looked down at the city one last time, a silent panic rushing through your veins. If you were ever going to throw up, now was the time. Chase looked over at your white knuckles, slightly green face and labored breathing.

“I didn’t know you were that scared of flying. Why didn’t you say something? It’s going to be a long flight,” he was trying to crack a joke but right now you just wanted to punch his beautiful face.

“What the fuck did I just do?” You whispered as you finally let go of your arm rests and cradled your head.

Chase gave a little chuckle. “You might have quit your job, hopped on a plane to Korea with your best friend and agreed to be an accountant for a hip hop record label. Just another day,” he laughed forcefully. “Come on, Sofia. It won’t be that bad. The guys are nice and the language isn’t too bad. I mean I’ve been there how long and I’ve survived.”

You swallowed and took a couple deep breaths. This had to have been the craziest thing you had ever done. While you had known Chase for close to five years, much of that time he had been on Korea working. He was sweet and you kept in constant contact, always texting and whenever he was in the States you two would meet up. You never thought that he would suggest coming to Korea in order to leave your shitty job and annoying ex. But alas, Chase was able to secure you a position at AOMG, the same label that he loved and before you knew it you were on your way. Impulsive wasn’t always your thing, and this was beginning to feel overwhelming.

A couple more deep breaths and you had calmed yourself down enough to think clearly. You looked over at Chase who was still watching you tentatively. You gave him a smile, thankful to have such a friend.

“Sof, this is going to be a good thing. It might be hard at first but you have me and the guys will be more than happy to help. You’ll get adjusted in no time.” He reached for your hand, a touch that you welcomed. Carefully he rubbed small circles with his thumb on the back of your hand to help you relax. He kept his hand in yours for a majority of the first part of the flight. When the flight attendant came around with snacks he made sure to get yours for you, even when you had fallen asleep. At one point you awoke with your head on his shoulder while his jacket was laid across your body.

“Mmhmm,” you grunted with a little stretch. “How long was I out?” You asked him quietly.

He glanced over before shutting off his tablet. “Like three hours. You are going to be so jetlagged.” He laughed.

You gave him a gentle punch. “Shut up. Some of us aren’t jetsetters like you who fly all the time.” You bit you lip as you handed back his jacket. “Thanks for that by the way,” he smiled but shook his head.

“You need it more than me. You were shaking. Put it on before you go into hypothermia.” You rolled your eyes at his over exaggeration.

“So dramatic,” you mutter causing him to chuckle yet you still slid the jacket on, taking note of how his smell enveloped you. You saw him give a light smile.

You had managed to have dinner, eat, and play a quick card game to pass the time on the flight. While you were more than halfway to Korea, there were still a few hours to go.

“You should sleep, Chase. Just an hour won’t throw you off too bad,” you took in how he kept nodding off and where slight dark circles were starting to appear.

“Can’t do that Sofia. I promised that I would keep you entertained on the flight over,” his voice was rough from sleepiness.

“I can watch a movie. Or read. Just an hour by myself is fine. Plus this way I won’t get bored of you,” you reasoned. He gave a nod and let his eyes drift closed. Laughing slightly you pulled out your tablet and queued the newest episode of your favorite show, planning on waking up Chase after an episode or two. With one last glance at your travel partner you noticed how uncomfortable he looked. Reaching over, you gently lead his head to your shoulder, letting him fall asleep with you as his pillow.

“Chase. Chase. Hey Cha Cha,” you wiggled your shoulder to try and wake him up. While you had been friends for a while, you had never had to wake him up and boy was it difficult. He seemed content to sleep for hours but you were getting closer to Seoul and if he was going to have any hopes of trying to beat the time difference, he’d have to wake up eventually.

“Chase!” You breathed in his ear. He finally stirred and glanced up at you with a glare followed by a half smile as he realized who it was.

“Hey. How much longer?” He asked with a rough voice as he reached for his water.

“Just a couple hours,” he nodded and studied you for a second. “You’re nervous.”

“You’re a genius. Of course I’m nervous,” you noted with sarcasm.

Chase pulled out his phone and angled himself closer to you. He had pulled up the company website. “Here, let me show you the guys. I’ll tell you about them and maybe it won’t be so scary.” He started showing you each member photographed. Chase shared some funny stories and a bit about their personalities.

“So basically I’m going to be stuck in a frat house for dorks?” You gave a sly smile and Chase rolled his eyes. “Just remember, they don’t all speak perfect English. Jay does. I do. Hep can help you too. The other guys can at least get by but they can’t really hold long conversations. But you’ll be able to learn and anyone will help you, whether they want to or not!” You laughed at Chase’s protectiveness. Knowing him, he likely told all of the AOMG crew to keep a special eye out for you or else he wouldn’t help on their next album.

“So which ones are single? You know they say the easiest way to learn a language is by falling in love,” you half teased, wanting to get a rise out of your friend.

“They’re all too stupid for you to date,” he huffed. Chase leaned aways from you.

“Oh, come on. You know that’s just my type. Which ones, Chase? How about the producer guy…was he Sunghwa? He looks cute. Or the younger one, who looks like a puppy, he could be fun.” You teased Chase.

“No! Sunghwa and Hyukwoo are stupid. Sunghwa only works and he’s an old man and Hyukwoo is too innocent to know how to date. You can’t date them, not your type at all,” he crossed his arms and gave a slight pout. You nodded, playfully considering his words.

“You’re right. I prefer the tall, dark and handsome idiots,” you joked as you pulled up another movie to watch. Chase continued to pout at your response, something that brought slight butterflies to your stomach and joy to your heart.

“Are you going to pout for the rest of the flight or watch the movie with me?” You asked him after a bit. He just tilted the screen so that you could both see without saying a word.

Partway through the movie you started shifting. The angle was awkward and you were tired of sitting. Chase gave a chuckle, “you need to take a break?”

You shook your head. “My ass is just asleep. I can’t get comfortable,” you told him.

Chase moved slightly so that the arm rest was up and his seat was reclined slightly.

“Come here, stretch your legs out.” He stated as he patted his chest slightly, indicating for you to rest your head. The new angle gave you some room to stretch out and at the same time be comforted by the man next to you. With your head on his chest you could feel his warmth surrounding you. Even though you two had never dated, you had a comfortable relationship and to be honest you had always had a crush on him. Sure you didn’t think Chase shared those feelings, but he was a sweetheart and slight flirt so it caused the lines of your friendship to blur slightly. You hadn’t been together in the romantic sense but you had shared flirtation and slight touches, something not normal for you. There was just something about Chase that put you at ease.

You finished the movie just a few minutes before the pilot announced your landing. Both you two settled back properly, the butterflies starting again. Chase held your hand again, knowing yhat you would get nervous at the landing.

“Don’t worry. It’ll be just like a vacation and before you know it you’ll feel and home. Jay said he’s already there waiting and excited to meet you. It’ll be fine,” Chase cooed next to you. The flight attendant stopped and said something to him in Korean to which he shook his head adimently.

“What was that about?” You asked him. He just smiled and shook his head, leaving you guessing as the plane landed in your new home.


Hip Hop 2016 - Les Twins 2016 - Best Dance Of The World 2016 HD p15

Yelawolf - Gangsta Of Love (ft. CyHi Da Prynce)

This beat is groovy as fuck. I absolutely love it. Not to mention Yelawolf rides it with such a hardass flow, you immediately get the implication “none can fuck with this shit”. Definitely one of my favorite songs by him.  I was kind of disappointed by his first album Radioactive (it was a little more poppy than it should’ve been), but I know he’ll eventually put something together that matches his skill level.  He’s a talented dude, just not as consistent as he could be.  This song was actually supposed to be the first single for Radioactive, but for some reason he dropped it from the album.


My Song Rating: 9.2 out of 10