Eminem - Going Through Changes

Regardless of how you feel about Eminem nowadays, he’s still one of the best rappers in the game. That said, I don’t enjoy his newer stuff as much as his early works. Back in the day when he still had something to prove to the world, you couldn’t help but feel the intense energy and emotion behind his flow. He definitely still has the passion, but it’s noticeably less intact. Eminem’s newer songs consistently have a more detached feel to them, as if he is just rapping to rap, with no other immediate purpose.

Recovery is a damn good album, with Going Through Changes as its best song. It has the most personal perspective of any song he’s released in years. Since Eminem is lyrically delving deep into real emotions, it provides each bar with a true sense of legitimacy and personal relatability. Pretty much all of the greatest songs in hip-hop consist of an MC spitting their mind straight from the heart, since this allows the listener to comprehend their emotional standpoint on an extremely fundamental level. This song is no different. It’s a beautiful piece of audio art.


My Song Rating: 9.7 out of 10


Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir dancing Hip-Hop with Samuel Chouiard [Updated]


“Best Love Song” by T-Pain ft. Chris Brown | Choreography by Nick DeMoura

Class at Millennium Dance Complex.


this is so funky and groovy and sexy and sooo goood my god!!

Big K.R.I.T. - If I Fall (ft. Melanie Fiona)

Ironically the first time I listened to this song I was actually walking along a path that follows a river.  I kept If I Fall on repeat for a good 30 minutes, letting the lyrics thoroughly soak into my mind. The profoundness of Big K.R.I.T’s message is amplified through his extremely well written lyrics. You can actually feel the “desperate emotion” radiating from his words and flow. It’s a truly beautiful song that you’ll only fully appreciate once you give it some time and mental investment.

Big K.R.I.T. essentially depicts multiple scenarios where an individual, due to his actions, feels distant to someone who used to be close (be it a friend, mother, or girlfriend). This individual turns around and sees this emotional distance they unintentionally caused, and asks from the bottom of their heart, ‘through all of this shit, can I still count on you to be there for me in my time of need?’

This is my favorite song off of Big K.R.I.T.’s album Live From The Underground. It stands way above all of the other good songs on the album, such as What U Mean (Ft. Ludacris).

“If I fall by the river bed
Would you save me or leave me dead?
All the blood I shed
And I’ll just rest my head”


My Song Rating: 9.4 out of 10

Lupe Fiasco - Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free)

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty reveled when I first heard this.  I assumed Lupe would take a more organic rout, similar to what he did with his first Food & Liquor album, and fortunately I was right.  I still don’t understand though his continued need to sample a classic instrumental for his initial single.  For Lasers he sampled Modest Mouse’s Float On for his hit single The Show Goes On, which I’m actually ok with, even though Modest Mouse is my favorite music group of all time…including hip-hop artists, which is obviously saying something.  However, I do feel The Show Goes On could have been better if it was slightly more original, and the same goes for Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free).  I can’t disagree with Pete Rock when he tweeted “No disrespect to Lupe Fiasco and I like him a lot but TROY should be left alone. Feel so violated, the beat is next to my heart and was made outta anguish and pain. When it’s like that it should not be touched by no one”.  Even though Lupe probably should have fucked with a different instrumental, I can’t incorporate his poor decision into the rating process.  Music is music and personal shit is personal shit…unless the music was influenced by the personal shit, which this song was not.  The lyrics represent a completely different direction, and I’m not going to lie, Lupe’s lyrics for this are pretty damn tight.

Lupe’s Food & Liquor is easily in my top 3 hip-hop albums off all time, so (like most people) I have extremely high expectations for Lupe and his future works.  I know for a fact he will never outdo his debut album, but all I can hope for is something at least close.  I presume Food & Liquor 2 will be better than Lasers, but it will most likely only be his 3rd best album…out of 4.  Don’t get me wrong though, it’ll be one of the better albums of the year, but when personal expectations grow beyond realistic expectations, it’s easy to loose sight of the reality that music such as this song is amazing, even though it’s definitely not Lupe’s best work.


My Song Rating: 9.6 out of 10


DJ Khaled Interview At The Breakfast Club

Party Tonight
  • Party Tonight
  • Big K.R.I.T.
  • It's Better This Way


Perhaps one of the truest rappers in the game today who pens his own lyrics and produces his own beats. Unlike other rappers in the game today, KRIT doesn’t mumble over his lines but speaks with a fluency and flow that is becoming a lost art. KRIT has put out a large catalogue of free mixtapes that are a gold mine of solid tracks. If you are looking for something to cruise to this summer or just something for the headphones during your Pokemon Quests then look no further. Check out these dope mixtapes for free here on HOTNEWHIPHOP. Note: I do not have an endorsement from the website or get compensated in any way for sharing this. I just think more people need to here K.R.I.T. 

Mixtape recommendations: It’s Better This Way, Return of 4 Eva, 4Eva N A Day


Yelawolf - Gangsta Of Love (ft. CyHi Da Prynce)

This beat is groovy as fuck. I absolutely love it. Not to mention Yelawolf rides it with such a hardass flow, you immediately get the implication “none can fuck with this shit”. Definitely one of my favorite songs by him.  I was kind of disappointed by his first album Radioactive (it was a little more poppy than it should’ve been), but I know he’ll eventually put something together that matches his skill level.  He’s a talented dude, just not as consistent as he could be.  This song was actually supposed to be the first single for Radioactive, but for some reason he dropped it from the album.


My Song Rating: 9.2 out of 10

depends | 01 (seungcheol)

→ plot: you were both trying your best.
genre: post apocalyptic au ft hip hop unit + seungkwan
warning(s): violence, mention(s) of death, occasional strong language
a/n: so here’s something a little different from everything else i’ve written on this blog! i don’t really know how this will be received but i think i’m going to give the series thing a try. i might write multiple ones at the same time, but for now, here is this! 
→ 01

 “Y/N. Y/N, wake up.” 

Sunlight flooded into your eyes as you rolled over, and Seungkwan leaned over you, his hand still lightly shaking your shoulder. His face was covered in sweat and grime, reflecting the sunlight on his forehead. When you didn’t say anything right away, he shook you again. 

“I’m up.” You sat up, rubbing your eyes. “I’m up.” He eased away from you, sitting in the dirt in front of you, cross legged. He was extremely tired, as you were, but you knew the redness and swelling of his eyes wasn’t from exhaustion - he had probably been crying again during his shift of keeping watch. 

His gaze caught yours. “It’s getting pretty bright,” he said simply. “We should get moving.” You nodded, quick to get up and roll up the thin blanket you had slept on, shoving it into your backpack. This had become routine for you and Seungkwan ever since you were separated from the others: always having to move during the day to avoid getting caught and always having to keep watch at night for the same reason. 

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thelankyspartan  asked:

What's something that combines kung fu/action and hip-hop that best?

This You Tube channel features a number of great hip hop tracks played over classic fight scenes if that’s your thing.
Jeru the Damaja’s “Ya Playin’ Yaself” video is duper dope and features some great choreography. Um…anything Wu Tang.
I don’t think there’s been a true blending of hip hop and kung fu. Nothing that really stands out. Apparently, Iron Sheik (the hip hop producer) is putting out a short kung fu film soon so that might be a nice pairing. We’ll have to see.