barça: *on edge of a serious crisis that’s been slowly but gradually building up behind closed doors due to horrible boarding and discursive direction of the club that leads to disregard of own youth facility and its players, most likely to be knocked out of the cl, who even knows what comes next*
barça: barça players as emojis!!!!! :~))


Above: I wanted to get my butt off the couch and out to the gym about that much. But guys, I’m FOREVER grateful to gym friends. I love those health nut bastards so much that I often get motivated to go simply to see them. Today was bodypump day (hence the shirt)…and we may have walked next door and had an encore Margarita Day celebration… (so, I guess they’re not thaaaat much of health nuts)😉

Bottom: These dingbats know who the sucker in this family is…they’re eyeballing me for treats since I brought takeout home for Conner. 🙄 Of course, I caved.

the best running theme of Phoenix Wright is that he 100% just rolls with whatever relationship other people decide to have with him. His only girlfriend basically just walked up to him and said “you. we’re dating now and you love me very much” and he was like “yeah okay, lemme know if you have a sweater I can wear to really drive the point home.” The Fey sisters basically grabbed him and said “I guess you’re our brother now” and he was like “yeah sure do you have any family drama I could get involved in?” Even Trucy just sorta told him “hey you’re my dad” and he was like “Mm. Guess I’d better get a job, huh.”

So I’ve been having this idea of trying to do my own “Season 2″ for tftbl. First attempt at a new design for Yvette. (Her anatomy is kinda weird here, derp.) I’ve already drawn Aug’s new outfit a few times by now so that’s not really new. And then just trying to practice Sasha and Vaughn (and not using very good refs).

The plan was to have Sasha and Vaughn as the protags, but I feel like I’m also gonna be making Aug a protag too. >.> And Yvette’s gonna be with them so its like the new 4.

God I’m so tired or your bullshit!” I yelled

“Sorry that I changed! But that’s what high school does to you you grow up. Why are you mad at me for that?!” She exclaimed

“No you didn’t just ‘change’. You’re not the same person I fell in love with.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’re so invested in high school. You’re so invested in being popular and having an infinite group of friends that you forgot life is not just about those four years.” I sigh

“Apparently you even forgot who you really are. Don’t come running back to me when you do.

anonymous asked:

I just saw a post about you and i'm really curious, are you really @mylifeiskpoptrash mom? or you are just a good friend of her and play like you are her mother? because she tags you in a lot of stuff and i always thought you were her BFF but now i'm confused

Yes, @mylifeiskpoptrash is my daughter and my best friend. She shares with me the love of kopop. Knows that my life is happy thanks to her. She is my heart I Love her so much.