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barça: *on edge of a serious crisis that’s been slowly but gradually building up behind closed doors due to horrible boarding and discursive direction of the club that leads to disregard of own youth facility and its players, most likely to be knocked out of the cl, who even knows what comes next*
barça: barça players as emojis!!!!! :~))

It’s crazy because me, Norman, and Melissa are very close. We know each other really well. To do scenes like that, it can’t help but become personal. The first time we did that scene we started crying. Andy [Lincoln] and I have that too. We’ve seen each other go through these things for seven years. There are bonds that are real. She and I have that real connection. Steven [Yeun] and I had that connection.
—  Norman Reedus, Variety, February 19, 2017
More Likely To Tag

Answer these with either your lover or best fiend. Write your answers on your blog or create a video. Feel free to add your own questions.

Who is more likely to…
1. Forget where they put things
2. Forget to turn lights off
3. Get a driving ticket
4. Refuse sex
5. Cook a meal
6. Spend more when shopping
7. Overeat
8. Laugh for no reason
9. Be angry or upset for no reason
10. Stress out for no reason
11. Cry during a romantic movie
12. Freak out during scary movie
13. Utter a curse word
14. Drink an alcoholic beverage
15. Care more about how they dress themselves
16. Randomly break out into song
17. Randomly break out into a dance
18. Start an argument
19. Forget important dates
20. Forget people’s names
21. Go gaga over a celebrity
22. Get sick
23. Be a drama queen
24. Create awkward tension
25. Be flirty
26. Be sarcastic
27. Quote or reference a movie or TV show
28. Voice their opinions
29. Talk with more detail
30. Accurately tell when the other is lying
31. Take longer getting ready
32. Dress up just because, for no reason
33. Ask a stupid question
34. Get sunburned
35. Die first

Daryl’s seen how far she’s gone to preserve something of her own life. If you lose yourself 100% what’s the point of anything. We’ve watched her leave and come back and kill and not kill. He’s seen her go through that, and it’s a very selfless act to tell her everyone was okay. She means more to him than anything else. He’s protecting her inside and outside.

Norman Reedus, Variety, February 19 2017 

Why exactly did Daryl decide not to tell Carol about Glenn and Abraham’s deaths?

God I’m so tired or your bullshit!” I yelled

“Sorry that I changed! But that’s what high school does to you you grow up. Why are you mad at me for that?!” She exclaimed

“No you didn’t just ‘change’. You’re not the same person I fell in love with.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’re so invested in high school. You’re so invested in being popular and having an infinite group of friends that you forgot life is not just about those four years.” I sigh

“Apparently you even forgot who you really are. Don’t come running back to me when you do.

Butterfly | BestFriend!Jungkook | Part 3(ish) | Prologue

be by my side
will you promise me
if i touch you i’m afraid you’d fly away or break
i’m afraid, afraid, afraid
-BTS, Butterfly

this is the first written fic i’ve tried to do…. it’s a follow on from a few au’s i did, so maybe read them first! ( 1 | 2 ) tbh this story will probably work as a standalone too, but i might reference the au’s from time to time :)

this is the prologue but i’m gonna have a lot of free time this weekend (lol no i should be revising but i’m gonna avoid it as much as possible) so i’ll probably have the next part up pretty quick

k here it is!! x

You realised it all at once. It had grown slowly; crept up behind you. You had been blissfully unaware of your blossoming feelings, curling out beneath your skin where he had held your hand.

Now it hit you like an avalanche. The air around you was suffocating you as your eyes zeroed in on him and her and no-one else.

You knew Jungkook. You knew that he didn’t like the people who were so infatuated with him, that their confessions and gifts and admiring eyes made him feel uncomfortable and embarrassed, rather than flattered. More times than you could count on two hands, you’d watched him stutter and blush while trying to tactfully turn down a date. His eyes would flicker over to you, silently pleading, and you’d roll your eyes but every time you’d wade in there, coming to his rescue.

Today was different.

A girl sitting beside Jungkook? Her hand on his arm, leaning towards him, too close? That wasn’t unusual. At first glance, you weren’t surprised.

Then, you noticed that he wasn’t leaning away. He was laughing. He was looking at her with a smile on his face. He looked relaxed. He looked happy.

You weren’t sure why it hurt so much. You felt as though the air had been knocked from you. What was this feeling?

Jungkook is mine, a voice in the back of your head said. Mine.

Your head spun. You remembered how you’d felt around him recently; the shivers when he’d hugged you that morning, the way you’d started smiling when you heard him say your name.

You knew why now. You were in love with him. You were hopelessly, helplessly in love with your best friend.

At that moment, as if in slow motion, he looked up and saw you in the doorway. A smile spread across his face; he excused himself from his conversation and bounced up to you, grinning in the way that he only does for you. A rush of relief swept through you.

You did not miss the pout on Seongja’s face when Jungkook walked away from her, nor the way she shot you a glare as she got up and went back to her seat. But you forgot everything as Jungkook spoke. The world sped up again

“Hey!” His smile was wide and warm, just like it had always been. “Where did you go at lunch? I couldn’t find you!”

“J-just to the library.” You said. Your voice trembled, and you inwardly shook yourself. If you act like that, he’ll know that something is up. You took a deep breath and continued, more levelly. “I had to return that biology textbook.”

“Oh, OK.” He said, then frowned suddenly. “Are you OK? You look kinda sick.”

“I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?” He put an arm casually over your shoulders, guiding you to your seat, and you fought to keep your breathing level. What is wrong with me? “I can walk you to the nurse, if you want…”

You forced a smile onto your face. “No, I’m OK. Seriously, Kook, I’m fine.”

“If you’re sure.” He gave you one more concerned look, then slid into his seat beside you.

The lesson began a few minutes later. You tried your best to focus, but your shoulders were burning from where he’d touched you.

You didn’t know when this had started, or how it had happened. But it had, and your life as you knew it was over.


when ur uni does a rlly cute ‘coming out of the closet’ afternoon n u just can’t resist