She sat by the ocean for hours smoking cigarettes with her best friend. It was around 3 am, her mile-long legs were crossed, she smiled and tossed her phone into the sand, “Fuck him, I’m legendary.” she said, as the smoke leapt from the end of her cigarette. Her friend laughed, “That’s pure poetry.” she replied as she took the last sip of rosé they’d been drinking straight from the bottle.
—  riley burke

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I think it would be really cool if you could do some headcanons on if Richie and mike wheeler switching bodies and everyone being super confused and freaking out.

- mike would wake up in a bedroom he isn’t familiar with and he freaks out because there’s this small boy lying next to him with a cast on and who the hell is he??

- turns out richie snuck into eddie’s room again the night before and now mike has to pretend he knows who his boyfriend is

- richie wakes up in mike’s room and walks downstairs half asleep, still not knowing what’s happened, only to see nancy and be like daaamn who’s the pretty girl?

- that was an uncomfortable few minutes before nancy asked if ‘mike’ was feeling okay

- ‘mike? as in hanlon?’

- richie would literally have a panic attack because where the fuck was eddie and why was he wearing these dumb ass sweaters and why could he see without his glasses??

- richie would ride his bike round the neighborhood in hawkins and try to find his friends and he’d be so pissed man

- mike would see stan and bev in the street and not react when they called out ‘hey, trashmouth’ because why would he?

- mike would be constantly asking the people of derry if they’d seen a girl with a buzz cut and a bloody nose and they’d just give him weird looks

- richie would ask the people of hawkins if they knew where the kid with the stutter was or where the girl with hair for fire lived, and they would laugh at him and walk off

- it only last for a day, and when they woke up again, richie was asleep against a tree in the woods because mike went to look for eleven in the last place he remembered seeing her

- mike would wake up outside dustin’s house because richie got tired of walking around and just ended up crashing on someone’s lawn, and dustin would be so confused as to why his best friend was covered in mud and asleep against his bike

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Can you make platonic besties hcs for Alexander and Peggy???

  • Alex and Peggy are the single duo once Maria and Eliza get together and Maria C. and Angelica get together. 
  • They go on “fake dates” where really they are scoping out possible hookups or something
  • Peggy points out “what about him” and its Thomas wearing reading glasses and Alex screech and walks the heck back out
  • Peggy lowkey ships it; Peggy lowkey uses Alex as her real life soap opera watching him fail at his love life 90% of the time
  • Also thanks to @skootchboo Peggy uses Ham to test out make up and even lands a job at Ulta Beauty
  • Thanks Alex, you’re a fuckin’ doll. 

the thought of lance and keith becoming best friends by the end of voltron is what keeps me going