Seungri in Girls Fighting - Let’s all agree that everyone should answer as she did whenever he asks that question.


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Chen as your best friend

○ He would be cheerful or happy all the time so he would be great at boosting your mood
○ You would have Terrible inside jokes usually created in text conversations in the early hours of the morning
○ He probably complains about stuff to you all the damn time but you put up with it cos you love him really
○ Lets you copy his homework if you forgot to do it
○ Sends you cute pictures of kitties and puppies when you’re sad
○ Supports your petty plans to get revenge on people because anyone who hurts his best friend deserves to get hurt
○ The type to show up at your house without any warning just because the food at your house is better than his (or so he says)
○ You probably secretly bitch about people you don’t like
○ Probably drinks tea with you during these bitch fests so you guys are literally “spilling the tea”
○ Also the type of friend to convince you , you don’t need to study “because the test isn’t that important anyways and too much stress causes wrinkles”
○ Shares his snacks with you but not his other friends because you are his BEST friend after all
○ Shares stupid pickup lines he finds on the internet with you
○ Laughs harder when you roll your eyes at him
○ Judges you really bad when you make bad life decisions
○ Says things like “You are going to be alone your whole life if you act like this” when he sees you in your pyjamas at 3 in the evening binge watching your favourite show and also stuff like “good thing you have a nice personality because your makeup skills are shocking I mean my highlight is clearly better than yours”
○ His highlight is actually better than yours
○ He steals your highlighter though so if you get mad you just hide it from him
○ Despite the judgement he loves being your friend and is always there for you
○ The best person to hang out with because he knows the best places to go
○ But in all honesty you guys could probably be in a library and be having the time of your life cos you get on really well
○ People probably think you’re together because you argue like an old married couple
○ Your mom probably adores him and calls him “The son she’s never had”
○ Even if you have a brother
○ You wont admit it but youd do anything for him
○ Your friendship is high key everyone’s goals

A List Of Names Henry Has Called Noah

•Sk8r Boi
•Ghost With The Most
•Boo RADley
•Patrick Swayze
•Sam Wheat
•NC Hammer
•Ice Princess
•Mostly Ghostly
•Moaning Myrtle
•Pushing Daisies
•Where’s Waldo
•Glendower Lite

(Courtesy of a prompt from @gaybluesargent)

The signs anime girl best friend

Aries: Eru Chitanda

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Taurus: Haruka Nanami

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Gemini: Diane

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Cancer: Kaede Kayano

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Leo: Sakura Haruno

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Virgo: Suguha Kirigaya

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Libra: Touka Kirishima

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Scorpio: Ritsu Tainaka

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Sagittarius: Shiro

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Capricorn: Annie Leonhart

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Aquarius: Maka Albarn

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Pisces: Shinoa Hiiragi

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I'm trying to make friends that are little like me

Hello, littles! I would love to make a new friend, maybe even a best friend? C: daddy is also my best friend. I love to draw, color, take naps, eat snackies, and I’m very nice, too! I wont judge you 😌 I also love paranormal stuff. So message me, don’t be shy c:

My entire crazy sock collection? Why, you’ve only scratched the surface!