hc that lucy and natasha met in the afterlife and became best friends. they watched over simon and baz together, concerned about baz and delighted over simon and penny’s friendship. then they started seeing baz’s gaze linger on simon all the time, and simon making stupid excuses for looking for baz, and they both started rooting for them. when they finally kissed, lucy and natasha were overjoyed and so proud


📩 Haechan teases you, thinking you like Mark, but you actually like him ❗️

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 I know I'll never get to tell Jack this so I'll tell you instead. Anti saved my life. I was in the ER for a suicide attempt, and the day I left the hospital was the day Jack uploaded the first FNAF:SL video. It was the first time I had felt excited about something in over a year. The theories, the anticipation, the glitches; it was reenergizing. My life was crumbling around me, but Anti gave me something to grasp at, to focus on, to look forward to every day. [1/2]

And Anti kept me alive long enough to get treatment. Anti re-lit some spark in me that had died long ago, and I’m a thousand percent sure I wouldn’t be alive right now if October hadn’t happened. I’ll never be able to express how thankful I am to Jack. I am honestly, truly, so thankful. [2/2]

Aw honey…This drove me to tears.

I’m so happy Anti was there when you needed something. And I’m glad you’re here, right now. Sometimes we need that one thing to ground us again, even when we feel like nothing else can.

I’m 100% sure you’re not the only one that has a sentimental bond with Anti and with what happened in October, and to be honest…I think Jack would be super happy if he knew :)

Never say never. You never know how life will pan out. I hope Jack somehow finds out what Anti did for you.

but no, imagine Lynn and Miles as competitive rivals. Lynn and Miles fighting for rights to a story. Lynn and Miles becoming friends. Lynn and Miles working on cases together and breaking into places and spending long nights in libraries researching together.

imagine Lynn working with Waylon to publish what he knows about Mount Massive and trying to find out what happened to Miles.

imagine Walrider!Miles trying to find Lynn because she’s the last pure thing he can remember.


Merle agreed to give Garfield his first born child if he won the test of wits and wagers, and he did. Taako ended up paying the 100 gold pieces, but technically the agreement was never declared void.

Mookie, being Merle’s first born child, technically is Garfield’s. 

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Mel, can you imagine a headcanon where kaneki and touka escaped from re and started to live together because kaneki asked her to be with him because he accepted her. He considered about touka wants to have sex with him. Then, she wants to borrow one of his monitor to get information but suddenly clicked the search history . All of the ways to have a good sex came out . Touka was speechless . She never thought that kaneki buy all of the sex stuff from the internet XD


ACTUALLY, imagine Kaneki being SO nervous about it that he went to google to find information and basically learn how to do certain things because he’s so pure and he’s so nervous 😂 oh my… 

So I’ve made good friends with this Korean overwatch Player and we hardly can understand each other but we talk like every day and he teaches me some Korean as I teach him English and he just got a job at 7 11 and was super happy and now he plays overwatch while at work so every time a customer comes he goes AFK and I have to explain to the rest of the team that he’s just working and doing his best