Pallas’s Cat: Grumpy-Faced Cat is a Mountain Survivor

From the part mini-series “The Story of Cats” on PBS

Pallas’s cats have learned to cope with mountain life.  They often live in rock dens, which keep them well protected. They hunt insects, small rodents, and birds by using rocks for cover.  But out in the open these 9 pound cats are vulnerable to attack from eagles and wolves, so they move with extreme caution.  

via: Nature on PBS  

BTS Top Social Artist of 2017 at the Billboard Music Awards.

“Thank you for always supporting us.”

I’m so happy Korea and BTS are being represented. These artists are incredibly underated despite the frenzy they causes world wide. They are huge forces. EXO, Big Bang, BTS, Shinee, Twice Etc. They are platinum sellers and are ignored just because they’re ‘kpop’.

I’m done calling them Kpop. They’re just artists. They’re legends. They’re driving forces in the industry who deserve coverage. The same way Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Beyonce do. I mean when they accepted the award the camera didnt even show the whole group. They deserve more. They all do. The last Korean artist to break in America was Big Bang at the MTV music video awards. They won “Best World Wide Act 2011” and “Best Asia and Pacific Act 2011” those awards aren’t even featured every year. Let’s get our artists the recognition they deserve.

But tonight special shout out to BTS. Whom btw looked STUNNING tonight.

Elephant - Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan elephant is one of 3 recognised sub-species of Asian Elephant. Since 1986 the Sri Lankan elephant has been listed as endangered. During the 1990′s, many elephants were killed by landmines that were left during the countries armed conflict. Today, the main cause of the decline in elephant numbers is due to an increasing human population, and the resulting expansion of infrastructure into previously un-occupied land. While the ivory trade is not a large industry in Sri Lanka, some trade still occurs. 

Sri Lanka has set up safety zones for elephants, by creating protected areas for elephants to live, and working with local communities to learn to live alongside the elephants. 

Japanese Koi are ornamental varieties of domesticated common carp, kept for decorative purposes in outdoor ponds or water gardens. Varieties are distinguished by coloration, patterning, and scalation. Major colors are white, black, red, yellow, blue, and cream. The most popular category is the Gosanke, which is made up of the Kohaku, Taisho Sanshoku, and Showa Sanshoku varieties. Koi are symbols of love and friendship in Japan.

Considero que cualquiera que no conoce Mexico y vea esta foto no pensaría que es México sino que se trata de algún lugar o edificio de Europa.

Pero es en Bolívar Chihuahua. 

¿Un barrio en Chicago?

No, es la Torre Latinoamericana en la  Ciudad de México.

¿Alaska o Canadá?

No, es Monterreal en Coahuila.

¿Baton Rouge, Nueva Orleans, Galveston?

No, es Tampico.

¿El Viejo Oeste?

Villas del Oeste, Durango 

¿Pueblos religiosos de Utah?

No, es la Colonia Juárez en Chihuahua.

¿Alguna ciudad pequeña de Europa?

Claro que no, esto es Zacatecas.


Nada de eso, esto es Cananea, Sonora.

¿La Costa Oeste Estadounidense?

Desde luego que no, esto es en Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.

¿Marrakech en Marruecos?

De nuevo no, son las Cascadas Petrificadas en Oaxaca.

¿Desierto del Sahara?

No, no es el  desierto del Sahara es el  Gran desierto de Altar, Sonora. 

¿Acantilados de Irlanda o Escocia?

Esta belleza de lugar es en la autopista Escénica Ensenada, Tijuana, B.C.

¿Delta del rio Amazonas?

Este salvaje lugar es de los Pantanos de Centla en Tabasco.

Sin negarlo cualquiera diría que esto es Holanda.

Este lugar se llama Monclova, y es del estado de Coahuila.

¿El gran parque Yellowstone?

No, es la Laguna Hanson en Baja California.

Tal vez creas que esto es Madrid.

Pero es México.

¿Algún bosque en Alemania?

Este paraíso en México es el estado llamado Chiapas.


Esto es Valle de Guadalupe en Baja California.

¿Recuerdas Brokeback Mountain?

En realidad es Arteaga Coahuila. 

¿Grampian Mountains en Escocia?

Esto está en Barranca de Huentitlan, Jalisco

¿La costa Irlandesa?

Este lugar se encuentra en Roca Partida de los Tuxtlas, Veracruz.

¿Los Emiratos Árabes Unidos?

Señores esto es México.

Cualquiera pensaría al ver estas casonas que está en Jamaica, las Islas Caimán o alguna Isla de Las Antillas.

Estas casas estilo Jamaica, Islas Caimán, o antillanas, son de Chetumal en Quintana Roo.

Pareciera el estadio de alguna universidad en Europa o USA.

Pero no, es la unidad deportiva del campus de la Universidad Veracruzana en Xalapa.

Estas playas parecieran de un lugar como Malta o alguna playa del Mar Mediterráneo.

Pero son las playas de México.

Un lugar mítico en una tierra lejana, perdida entre las Montañas verdes. Se encuentra un lugar muy misterioso parecido a un paraíso.

¿Y dónde es esto? Es en la Huasteca Potosina, San Luis Potosí.

¿El Mar Mediterráneo?

Es San Carlos, Sonora. 

Esto luce como Viena, Austria.

Pero es el  Palacio de Bellas Artes en la Ciudad de México. 

¿Las paradisiacas Islas Fiji?

Esto es Islas Mujeres en el Caribe Mexicano.

Seguramente pensarás que estás en Barcelona.

Pero estás viendo San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.


 Fascinante, ¿verdad? México es hermoso, y aunque nos han faltado más lugares. Lo importante es señalar que México es hermoso, aun cuando hay personas que prefieren salir a otro pais envez de conocer el suyo.

- 18 #1 singles (17 self-penned). Most for a solo artist.

- #1 single every year of a decade (90s).

- Most cumulative weeks at #1 spending 79 weeks at #1 on Billboard Hot 100 chart.

- Most weeks at #1 on Billboard Airplay chart (94 weeks).

- Longest running #1 in Billboard history with One Sweet Day,16 weeks.

- 2 consecutive Song Of The Decade (One Sweet Day 90s, We Belong Together 00s).

- Longest running #1 in Brazil Hot 100 Airplay with I Want To Know What Love Is, 27 weeks (almost 7 months at #1).

- 7 consecutive albums certified 3x platinum or better.

- First female to have a single debut #1 on Hot 100 (Fantasy) (2nd artist after MJ).

- 3 #1 debuts on Billboard Hot 100 (most ever, Fantasy, One Sweet Day, Honey).

- First artist to have first 5 songs released reach #1 Hot 100.

- Only artist to have two separate streaks of 5 #1 hits in a row (VOL to Emotions) and (Fantasy to My All).

- Highest pop radio debut ever, #12 Dreamlover.

- Music Box is the best selling studio album by a female R&B artist.

- 3 of the top 5 best selling international albums in the US.

- Only female artist and 2nd overall artist to collect 9 consecutive triple platinum albums within the first decade.

- Daydream is the only album to have two singles be certified 2x platinum physically.

- Only female lead artist to hold the top two spots of the Billboard Hot 100.

- First and only solo recording artist to be simulatenously ranked #1 and #2 on the iTunes chart and hot digital songs chart.

- AIWFCIY only Christmas song to be certified 2x platinum digitally in the US.

- AIWFCIY record breaking of 10 consecutive weeks at #1 on Billboard’s Holiday Digital Chart.

- Most played song in radio history by a female artist (WBT).

- Artist Of The Decade (only female to receive this).

- Most World Music Awards for any artist.

- Best selling international album in Japan (#1s, over 3million sales).

- Only non-asian recording artist to have 4 albums sell in excess of 2M units in Japan.

- Only non-asian overall recording artist to have album sell 6M units in Asia.

- Only non-asian overall recording artist to have 4 albums selling in excess of 5M units across Asia.

- Best selling overall non asian recording artist in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

- Only female of her generation to reach 3 AOTY Grammy nominations (1991,1996, 2006).

BTS' Awards;

I made a quick compilation of the awards that BTS has achieved so far from debut year to this year!


New Artist of the Year { MelOn Music Awards }

Rookie of the Year { PCKI Awards }

Rookie of the Year { Soompi Awards }

Breakout Artist { Soompi Awards }

Best Rookie Group { SBS PopAsia Awards }

Best Debut Male { European So-Loved Awards }

Best Single Album Release { European So-Loved Awards }

Best New Artist { German Korean Entertainment Awards }

Best Breakthrough (Debut) - Male Group { Hello Asia! K-Pop Awards }


Newcomer Award { Golden Disk Awards }

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This electrifying sequence was captured yesterday from Ibiza, an island in southeastern Spain. What looked to be a bother on the horizon, though, turned out to be a blessing. The composite picture features over 200 digitally combined images from the same location over the course of a night. The full moon is seen setting as it faded to red in Earth’s shadow and then returned to normal. Although the next total eclipse of a large and bright supermoon will occur in 2033, the next total eclipse of any full moon will occur in January 2018 and be best visible from eastern Asia and Australia.

Image Credit & Copyright: Jose Antonio Hervás

Wok Patina or Sam Gets Busted

Okay, I’m the first to admit that I can be lazy when it comes to washing my clear double walled espresso glasses. After all the espresso maker is in my room and I am the only one who uses them. 

Anyway, my wife saw them and said: “Are you ever going to wash these?” To which, naturally, I launched into an elaborate lie. I told her: “That is coffee patina. It is just carbon and it mellows the flavor of the coffee. All of the best coffee houses in Europe use this method”. 

She totally bought it.

I would have been fine but I got greedy. My wife asked me if I was going to wash out the wok after using it. To which I replied: “That is wok patina. It mellows the flavors of the ingredients. All of the best chefs in Asia …” She stood there looking at me with this exact expression:

Needless to say I washed the wok.

anonymous asked:

Their dance practices were always next level they all moved like one even kristopher. And their onstage presence? EXO-M won the award for the best boygroup in Asia when they had just debuted jot that down exo k supremacists

but in the end the world chose exo k ….. exo m was ready to give us everything and we Failed Them jus like we failed Lucky One


i love indonesia…. 😘😘😘 .
art of java…
jidattt mengengkilap bener dahh aahh..😒😒😒

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