emma stone, ascending the stage to accept her inevitable best actress oscar: oh wow thank you so much for this award. here’s to the ones who dream or some shit

Amy Lou Adams (born August 20, 1974) is an American actress and singer. She was named one of 100 most influential people by Time magazine in 2014 and is among the highest-paid actresses in the world.[1] She has won two Golden Globe Awards and has been nominated for five Academy Awards, and six BAFTA Awards.

Adams began her career on stage performing in dinner theater and went on to make her feature film debut in Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999). After moving to Los Angeles, she made several appearances on television and in B-movies, before starring in Steven Spielberg’s 2002 biopic Catch Me If You Can. Adams’s breakthrough role came in the 2005 independent film Junebug, in which her portrayal of a young pregnant woman earned her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress nomination. In 2007, she starred as a princess in the commercially successful Disney musical film Enchanted.

Adams received three more Oscar nominations for her supporting roles in Doubt (2008), The Fighter (2010), and The Master (2012). She played reporter Lois Lane in the 2013 superhero film Man of Steel and a troubled con artist in David O. Russell’s film American Hustle; for the latter, she won a Golden Globe Award and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. She won a second consecutive Golden Globe Award for portraying artist Margaret Keane in the comedy-drama Big Eyes (2014). In 2016, Adams reprised the role of Lois in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and garnered acclaim for her performances in the science-fiction film Arrival and the crime thriller Nocturnal Animals.

Favorite Films, 2007

01. There Will Be Blood | Paul Thomas Anderson

02. Silent Light | Carlos Reygadas

03. Flight of the Red Balloon | Hou Hsiao-Hsien

04. 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days | Cristian Mungiu

05. No Country for Old Men | The Coen Brothers

06. You, the Living | Roy Andersson

07. Zodiac | David Fincher

08. I’m Not There | Todd Haynes

09. Death in the Land of Encantos | Lav Diaz

10. The Mourning Forest | Naomi Kawase

11. Persepolis | Marjane Satrapi & Vincent Paronnaud

12. Control | Anton Corbijn

13. Secret Sunshine | Lee Chang-dong

14. We Own the Night | James Gray 

15. My Winnipeg | Guy Maddin

16. Hot Fuzz | Edgar Wright

17. Atonement | Joe Wright

18. Eastern Promises | David Cronenberg

19. The Edge of Heaven | Fatih Akin

20. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford | Andrew Dominik

Honorable Mentions

21. Death Proof | Quentin Tarantino

22. Mister Lonely | Harmony Korine

23. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly | Julian Schnabel

24. Mad Detective | Johnnie To & Wai Ka-Fai

25. Superbad | Greg Mottola


Heights Cool Musical Too

I think a lot of you weren’t around for this? but you need it in your life and I need consoling for being present at this Ham4Ham show but not being able to see anything, so here are some highlights of my favorite thing that @linmanuel​’s ever done. and yes that includes all the things that changed my life. JUDGE ME.



Prince through the years at the Grammy Awards. The backstage photo at the top is my fave. ♥ That was 2004 when he was 45, and he looks 35.

Here’s the list of his 7 Grammy Awards, which only illustrates that it’s yet another awards show where too often popularity overrides excellence. I mean where is Sign ‘O’ the Times?! Or Parade?!

2007 - Best Male R&B Vocal Performance              

                  “Future Baby Mama”

2004 - Best Male R&B Vocal Performance              

                   “Call My Name”

            Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance


1986 - Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group with Vocal              


1984 - Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group with Vocal              

                    Purple Rain - Music From Motion Picture

            Best Rhythm & Blues Song

                   “I Feel For You”

              Best Album Of Original Score Written for Motion Picture Or Television                   Special  

                    Purple Rain

100 Questions To Ask Me About 46/48Group
  1. Favorite group?
  2. When did you become a fan?
  3. First oshi?
  4. Who was your first oshi to graduate?
  5. Favorite AKB48 member/Kami 7?
  6. Favorite SKE48 member/Kami 7?
  7. Favorite NMB48 member/Kami 7?
  8. Favorite HKT48 member/Kami 7?
  9. Favorite NGT48 member/Kami 7?
  10. Favorite SDN48 ex-member/Kami 7?
  11. Favorite Nogizaka46 member/Kami 7?
  12. Favorite Keyakizaka46 member/Kami 7?
  13. Favorite JKT48 member/Kami 7?
  14. Favorite SNH48 member/Kami 7?
  15. Favorite BEJ48 member/Kami 7?
  16. Favorite GNZ48 member/Kami 7?
  17. Favorite graduate member/Kami 7?
  18. Ever became a fan of a member who already left the industry?
  19. First single that was released after you became a fan?
  20. What did you think about it?
  21. Can you speak Japanese?
  22. Have you seen AKB0048?
  23. First group you were a fan of?
  24. Oshimen or Oshi?
  25. Do you have a Kamioshi?
  26. DD, MD or none?
  27. Best dancer?
  28. Best vocal?
  29. Best MC?
  30. Best actress?
  31. Biggest variety asset?
  32. Prettiest member?
  33. Best smile?
  34. Best body?
  35. Favorite magazine shoot?
  36. Favorite 48/46G TV show?
  37. Favorite 48/46G drama?
  38. Favorite a-side?
  39. Favorite b-side?
  40. Best 2006 song?
  41. Best 2007 song?
  42. Best 2008 song?
  43. Best 2009 song?
  44. Best 2010 song?
  45. Best 2011 song?
  46. Best 2012 song?
  47. Best 2013 song?
  48. Best 2014 song?
  49. Best 2015 song?
  50. Best 2016 song?
  51. Best 2017 song?
  52. Favorite stage?
  53. Favorite stage song?
  54. Favorite unit?
  55. Favorite performance of a unit?
  56. Favorite Team?
  57. Best captain?
  58. Ever became a fan of a girl that was pushed by management? Who?
  59. Kennin - yes or no?
  60. Favorite costume?
  61. Best theater manager?
  62. Favorite documentary?
  63. Favorite concert?
  64. OTP?
  65. Favorite Ikemen?
  66. Best AKBingo/NOGIbingo segment?
  67. Favorite transfer?
  68. Favorite kennin?
  69. Worst management decision?
  70. Best management decision?
  71. Favorite cute song?
  72. Favorite cool song?
  73. Favorite dark song?
  74. Most unexpected song concept?
  75. Favorite SNS/Blog platform?
  76. Favorite 48/46G related Tumblr?
  77. Number of 48/46G wota friends?
  78. Top 5 members?
  79. Top 5 songs?
  80. Top 5 graduates?
  81. Saddest graduation?
  82. Best graduation song?
  83. Best graduation performance/concert?
  84. Sousenkyo - good or bad?
  85. Member you wish will rank-in next year?
  86. Member you wish will rank-in senbatsu next year?
  87. Best Sousenkyo song?
  88. Song 48/46G should perform more?
  89. Song 48/46G should stop performing?
  90. Least favorite song?
  91. Least favorite member/s?
  92. Favorite album?
  93. Favorite single?
  94. Favorite album/single jacket?
  95. Member you’d like to be friends with?
  96. Members you’d like to have as your sister?
  97. If 48G were a family, who would be the mother?
  98. Worst concept?
  99. Jaken Taikai - rigged or not?
  100. Do you pay for 48/46G things (mobile mail, albums, etc)?