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I think a lot of you weren’t around for this? but you need it in your life and I need consoling for being present at this Ham4Ham show but not being able to see anything, so here are some highlights of my favorite thing that @linmanuel​’s ever done. and yes that includes all the things that changed my life. JUDGE ME.

Favorite Films, 2007

01. There Will Be Blood | Paul Thomas Anderson

02. Silent Light | Carlos Reygadas

03. Flight of the Red Balloon | Hou Hsiao-Hsien

04. 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days | Cristian Mungiu

05. No Country for Old Men | The Coen Brothers

06. You, the Living | Roy Andersson

07. Zodiac | David Fincher

08. I’m Not There | Todd Haynes

09. Death in the Land of Encantos | Lav Diaz

10. The Mourning Forest | Naomi Kawase

11. Persepolis | Marjane Satrapi & Vincent Paronnaud

12. Control | Anton Corbijn

13. Secret Sunshine | Lee Chang-dong

14. We Own the Night | James Gray 

15. My Winnipeg | Guy Maddin

16. Hot Fuzz | Edgar Wright

17. Atonement | Joe Wright

18. Eastern Promises | David Cronenberg

19. The Edge of Heaven | Fatih Akin

20. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford | Andrew Dominik

Honorable Mentions

21. Death Proof | Quentin Tarantino

22. Mister Lonely | Harmony Korine

23. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly | Julian Schnabel

24. Mad Detective | Johnnie To & Wai Ka-Fai

25. Superbad | Greg Mottola

Useless facts about The Beatles
  • Throughout their career, The Beatles spent more than four hundred weeks on the music charts.
  • Only 6% of The Beatles’s autographs in circulation are estimated to be real.
  • In the 60’s, Paul McCartney had three cats named Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
  • Ringo Starr  can’t swimm, except for a brief doggie paddle.
  • In 1965, John Lennon’s dad, Alfred, made a record called “That’s my life”.
  • George Harrison was afraid to fly.
  • An American firm wrote to The Beatles asking if they could market the Beatles’s bathwater at a dollar a bottle. They refused the offer.
  • Paul McCartney was regulary the first Beatle dressed for performances.
  • At the end of “A day in the life”, an ultrasonic whistle, audible only to dogs, sounds.

Source:  “The best book of useless information ever”, Noel Botham (2007)


Lynch attempted to promote Dern’s chances of an Academy Award for Best Actress nomination at the 2007 Academy Awards by campaigning with a live cow.

“I’m here to promote Laura Dern who I think you’ll agree gave an incredible performance that’s going to live,” Lynch said. “I think the Academy members love showbusiness — and this is the showbusiness approach.”

Alongside Lynch’s pitch was a banner with the slogan:


Lynch’s reasoning was simple:

“I ate a lot of cheese during the making of Inland Empire.“

Dern was not nominated for the award.

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