CARS 3. IS. F$#KING. AMAZING. IT IS A MASTERPIECE! The characters were so well-written, and the storyline was awesome! 12/10. 

And I absolutely LOVED Cruz, just like I knew I would. She is so relatable and just simply amazing! 

Also, I nearly let out a loud sob when Lightning crashed. :/

But overall, best money I ever spent to go see a movie. I highly recommend everyone to go see it! The wait was totally worth it!

So your mod finally did it.

I BOUGHT SOME UGLY MERCH. Specifically, that magical classic… Unpainted Crotch Goku!

I decided a proper product review and unboxing post was in order, so let’s go!

Box: pretty cool actually! We’ve got pictures of people beating each other up, a handy guide to identifying the Ginyu Force members for some reason, a diagram of Goku power walking, and the same picture of Piccolo three times. No really, look:

…it’s the same Piccolo on the top, front, and bottom of the box. Okay then. Too many of the same Piccolo is better than no Piccolo at all, so we’ll move on and actually liberate Buns Crotchku from his box.

For someone who looks like he’s got his bits danglin’ in the wind, he seems pretty stoic about it! His crotch isn’t the only paint error, check out his unpainted joints, wrist thingies, and lack of boot details. I guess they put all the budget into duplicating that one picture of Piccolo and none of it into the paint job.

Of course, the big question is: can he pose?

I’m pleased to report that yes, yes he can. What use is an action figure if you can’t put him in a ‘peeing dog’ position, for example? Well, our pal Grossku definitely delivers there! However, his leg posability is limited by the knee fabric plastic molding, and his joints feel pretty loose.

Final opinion? The best money I ever spent.

He’s our new blog mascot! Get ready for occasional posts of his lame adventures!


So I met Dan and Phil! It was super quick but amazing! I managed to tell them That I overcame massive anxiety to come see them. (Seriously I had a near breakdown driving here) Then the greatest thing ever happened… Dan said he was proud of me!! Actual Dan Howell said he was proud of me! That means so much to me. Probably more than it should as a 27 year old adult. I was so hesitant about coming because I feel so old and outside their target demographic, but I’m so glad I did this. Best money ever spent. I also told them that I skipped on seeing Beyoncé to come see them because they’re better than Beyoncé. Dan said that was the highest compliment :) Dan took a selfie(that somehow ended up being 3 pictures!) then they told me to enjoy the show and it was over. I don’t think the whole exchange lasted more than a minute, but it was a great minute! I’m am seriously buzzing right now and the show hasn’t even started! Absolute dream come true!