I want a best friend that’ll FaceTime me at any moment like they could be on the toilet and they’ll FaceTime me because they just remembered they wanted to tell me a joke that I’d think was funny

I didn’t even realise how much I missed them until I started laughing at every joke and gushing over every cute moment, it’s like seeing your best friend after a long time and like no time has passed at all 


Louis was wearing his football number 28 last night! I’d just love to know the story behind it…



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Could you do a scenario were you and Mark have been friends since babies. And your both 17 and you got your first bf. Mark started getting jealous so he became distant. You visited his house and you both argued for a while. He hurt you by his words so you ran out and he chased you and confessed that he loved you and you love him too, thanks you ^.^

This is the longest oneshot I’ve ever written. So sorry, sweetie Q n Q

Kinda cliche, but I hope you like it anyway :)


A two-year-old Mark, who had just learnt to run for a few months, held out his favorite teddy bear to the crying-baby you, who was only a month younger than him. Mr. and Mrs. Tuan brought him to their best friends’ house, a.k.a your parents’ house, which was only a block away from theirs. They had been friends since high school, even their weddings were held together, so it made sense when they let their precious babies play with each other. While your parents were chatting the living room, you and Mark were put in another one designated to be your playground. You two had played with each other many times before you even knew it, but this was the first time you had ever cried in front of him, for one good reason that one eye of Mr. Plushie of yours fell out while you were hugging him. Insisting that he had died, you laid him down on a cushion. Your vision became blurry with tears and your little sob brought Mark out of his comfort zone.

“Hm?”, Mark stared at you with widened eyes as you pointed at your stuffed toy, your lips pouted shakily before they curled downward, making Mark pout with you and scoot closer to you.

“Plu-plushie”. Mark continued to stare at you stuttering while he was hugging his all time favorite teddy bear. No one had ever broken them apart, not even his parents, but now he held it out to you, wiggling it in attempt to make you smile.

“Don’t… Don’t cry” was Mark’s first meaningful words after days of audible sound of “hm”. His mom had taught him to speak a lot, but rather than babbling like other kids, he just grinned at her. The fact that he opened up to you indeed proved that he didn’t want you to cry, that he wanted to protect you, your smile.

“For… me?”, your big brown eyes questioned as Mark hesitantly nodded. You wiped your tears with the back of your hand before hugging Mark’s teddy bear then leaning forward to give Mark a hug as well. Your first hug. “Tank you”.


“Y/N-ah, can I borrow your red crayon?”, Mark beamed as he turn around to face his best friend.

You glared at him. “You are not going to eat it like you ate my candy, right?”

“Yah! Who will eat a crayon?”, Mark burst out a soft laugh.

“Who knows? You eat a lot of things!”, you stated as he didn’t bother to reply and grabbed the red crayon from your crayon case.

Curiously, you stood up from your seat to peep at his work of art, but Mark was quicker to hide it from you, using his whole body as a shield. Your groan only made him giggle more before you gave up and back to your seat. After class, Mark folded the paper he drew and tucked it into your bag. He made you promise to only open it when you were home, then you two walked to your houses together.

In that paper was a big heart encircling words carefully picked out from the limited vocabulary of an eight-year-old boy, written in capital letters as if afraid you might not be able to read them. It said: “FOR MY CUTE Y/N”


Mark tossed another slice of potato chip into his mouth while attentively watching an episode of CSI Miami, his upper body leaned against the couch and his legs sprawled across the table.

“Wow, new episode?”, you asked as soon as you closed the door of Mark’s house and ran to him. You jumped over his legs then made yourself completely comfortable by plopping to an empty space next to him, not forgot to snatch the chip bag from him. Being his best friend and his parents’ favorite girl since baby, you didn’t feel awkward nor shy in his house anymore. His house was yours, his stuffs were also your stuffs and of course, vice versa!

“Mark, I told you to buy cheese flavor!”, you complained with your mouth stuffed with chips as Mark turned to raise a brow at you since the advertisement was on the screen.

“Don’t eat them then!”, Mark reached his hand out to take the chip bag back but you backed away and dipped your fingers in to take out another fistful.

“No! I’ll eat them all so you will have to buy cheese flavor!”

“Go buy it yourself!”, the boy shouted while laughing. He crawled his way to you, soon your lower half were trapped between his legs.

“What are you laughing at?”, you scrunched up your nose at him as he wiped the chip crumbs off your face, around your lips, your chin, your cheeks, your nose and even your forehead.

“Now give me back my chips! The movie is back!”. Before Mark got his chance to touch the bag, you had already escaped from his grip and ran away.

“Never!”, you voice was ringing in his ears as he stood up with hands on his hips. Alright, so the movie was back but somebody got to teach the naughty you a lesson. Without uttering another word, Mark came chasing you, causing you to gasp in surprise before running away for dear life. However, you noodle legs were no match for those legs of a sporty boy like Mark. Therefore, not long after running around the house with loud laughter, Mark caught your arm and pulled you back against his chest. In a split of a second having you stay in his embrace, Mark felt electricity flushed down his spines then ran back up as he pinned you to the wall, lightly enough not to hurt you.

“Too… slow”, Mark said between pants as he stared at you in the eyes. One of his hand sat on the wall next to your head while the other snatched the potato chip bag. The chips crumbled as Mark’s heartbeat accelerated. The handsome boy glanced at your lips and back to your eyes, then your lips again. This wasn’t any game and Mark didn’t intend to play any sort of it, either. Sometimes, he just wanted to be selfish, for once, just for once, having you more than just best friends. However, before Mark let his insane instinct take over, your phone had suddenly rung. Zac was calling, your first boyfriend. To be honest, you had wanted your first would be Mark, but apparently from your point of view, he didn’t make any move so you accepted Zac. It wasn’t much to be called first love, he asked you out so you just said yes. No big deal.

“Hey Zac, what’s up?”, you said to the receiver, your mouth forming a ‘sorry’ to Mark before getting out of his grip to laugh at a joke Zac made.

Mark heaved a sigh, running his fingers through his hair before leaving you some personal space. After a while or so, you hung up the phone and made your way to the living room. Figuring Mark had gone to his room since he was nowhere in sight, you walked to the door and found a chip bag of cheese flavor placed on top of your beanie at the table.

“Thanks Mark!”

You heard him shut the door. Grumpily.


Gosh, how to say this, you missed Mark, you really did. The more you hung out with Zac, the more distant your best friend became. You could feel it. Like hello, it was obvious right in front of your eyes. Mark had never let you go home without him, nor had he ever had lunch at the cafeteria and not the rooftop with you. Sometimes, he even skipped some of the classes you two had together, which meant no more sneaking food in boring history classes, no more dozing off his literature classes nor playing tic-tac-toe in Geography classes. And your golden unbreakable seventeen years of friendship had reached its worst broken peak when Mark decided to plug two earphones in his ears instead of taking them off like usual when you told him everything. Come to think of it, everything now turned into things around Zac and you. Deep down, you knew what it was all about, but all you did was blaming your late puberty.

You startled at yourself when you found her knocking on Mark’s house’s door. You’d never knocked, you even had your own key to open it yourself. What on Earth did you just do? Why did you feel so awkward at the moment? Had Mark and you drifted that far?

Mark knew you came but he let his mom open the door while he was burying his head into his pillow, your pillow actually since you had left it here for years. He didn’t bother to go downstairs to say hi. He didn’t want to. Mostly because whenever he saw you, his heart clutched. It might not be too obvious but ever since you two were kids, Mark had already had a crush on you. He just found himself subconsciously being drawn in you, with no escape. From the moment when he voluntarily gave you his favorite teddy bears, to all the elementary school years, junior high, now high school, he felt bubbly and his stomach tickled with butterflies whenever you smiled at him, or hugged him, held his hand, even glared at him. However, the more he grew up, the deeper he hid those feelings inside, too deep that you were nearly clueless to figure, too deep that another boy took you away from him. Mark hated Zac, but he hated himself more.

“Mark, can I come in?”

Mark shifted uncomfortable in bed. He wanted to keep himself away from you, afraid that as long as he was still close to you, he couldn’t control himself. He tried to act distant in front of you, just to feel much more painful when you walked away with heavy footsteps. Nevertheless, like it or not, your heart had settled with someone else.

“Mark!”, your voice sounded more like a plea than an order, but before he could make his way to the door, you had already stormed in. “Hey! Didn’t you hear me?”

“You would go in anyway, with or without my permission”, Mark replied reluctantly. “What are you doing here?”

“Hang out with you, duh~”, you plopped yourself on Mark’s bed as he moved to his sofa. You carefully hid a decorated box behind your back so that Mark couldn’t find out just yet. Today was your friendship’s 17th anniversary.

“Shouldn’t you be with Zac?”

“No, I miss my best friend”, you grinned.

“I don’t. Just go with him already. He might call you any minute now.”

“Okay Mark, we really need to talk about this. What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with us? Because apparently you become so distant, like you don’t even want to talk to me!”

“Me? What’s wrong with me? Why din’t you ask yourself that question?” the boy glanced at the calendar as he remembered your anniversary, but there was no way you two could celebrate it, not today. “All you’ve talked about these days is Zac. Zac this, Zac that. How cool he is or what you two said on your date blah blah blah. Do you know how irritating it sounds? Have you ever thought of me or how I feel? No, never! I’m sick of it! It’s all about you and your beautiful love story! I swear, Y/N, you’re so selfish and childish sometimes!”

“Excuse me? Selfish? Childish? You’re the one ignoring me first!”, you huffed as Mark rolled his eyes at you, his eyes looked sad, but his sharp-as-a-knife words kept stabbing into your aching heart. Okay, you definitely didn’t like how this-supposed-to-be-consultation turned out to be.

“Oh please Y/N! You’re talking as if you care so much about me, or this stupid friendship. In fact, whenever we’re together or playing video games, you just continuously bring that jackass up, or he brings himself up with constant phone calls. I thought you would be different from the drama queens you hate so much in those chick flick, but you’re not. Guess what the world doesn’t just spin around you. Neither do I!”

“I hate you, jerk!”, you threw the box at Mark and darted out of his house. You couldn’t stand any minute in here any longer. How could he? How could he say that to you? Of all people, shouldn’t he be your one and only support? Well, maybe you let your hope too high.

Mark stared at the object inside the small decorated box dumbfoundedly. It was the pendant you two had designed together when you were seven. You’d made a promise that ten years from that day, you would make the real version of it for him. Looking at it now made Mark’s heart clenched.

“Shit, what the hell did I say to her?”, Mark cursed under his breath as he ran after you. His head kept repeating your sweet message in the box. “Happy our friendship’s 17th anniversary!!! Whoa, I can’t believe I’ve been stuck with you for that long. But I’m glad I did. You’re the best thing that ever happens to me, buddy! I love you ♥”

“Best thing that ever happens… No, no Mark! What did you do?”, Mark ruffled his hair in frustration while searching for you and he’d never been happier to finally see you. You were sitting on the sidewalk, hugging your knees against your chest, your lips pouted shakily before they curled downward. From this far, the boy could hear your little sob that crushed his heart terribly. This image of you was exactly like sixteen years ago. But unlike last time, Mark didn’t have his teddy bear to sooth you.

“Hey… I’m sorry…”. As soon as you felt Mark’s hand rest on your back, you pushed him away. Standing up on your feet, you started walking again as he followed. “Please, Y/N, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have said that to you. I’m so sorry…”

“Go away, Mark! I hate you!”, you shrieked between sobs. “I hate you! Our friendship is over! Stupid, I can’t believe you said our friendship is stupid…”, you mumbled under your throat but Mark was able to listen. He really screwed up this time.

“Please listen to me…”

“You’re right! Maybe I should be like those drama queens. I shouldn’t have cared about you at all. That way, I won’t feel so hurtful right now, and guilty, and worried. But I still do, Mark. I can’t stop thinking about you. Why? You’re my best friend, my everything”. I’ve always liked you since first grade, idiot. But you never ask me out. What am I supposed to do? Waiting? Till when? The actual speech from the bottom of your heart choked at your throat before it managed to break free. You stared into his dark orbs filled with regret. “Anyone can say shit about me, Mark, I don’t care! But not you! Now let go of me!”, you jerked your wrist away from him just to get being squeeze into his embrace.

“Please hear me out”. The harder you wiggled, the tighter he held you. “I love you, Y/N!”. His words stilled you right away as you remained silent. His arms loosen a bit for you to breathe, then one of his hand reached up to stroke your hair. When he noticed you’d finally given in, he carried on his explaining. “I’m sorry but I really love you, Y/N-ah. I really do love you. Not just as a friend, but a girl, my one and only special girl. I acted distant because I was jealous. I avoided you because I’m scared I couldn’t control myself. I didn’t listen to you because my heart would ache if I did, knowing that it wasn’t me who shared all those moments with you. I’ve always loved you, Y/N-ah, every since we were just kids. I’ve always thought it was because our friendship is so close that I might mistaken. The truth is I can’t lose you, Y/N. You’re so precious to me. I’m sorry I hurt you. Please, please don’t say our friendship is over. At least I can still have you around me.”

You were not so sure that you heard everything clearly but you didn’t have the gut to ask him to repeat. Did your best friend just confess to you? And did your heart just skip a beat at his sincere I love you? You were supposed to be mad at him, but you couldn’t help feeling your heart fluttering. Mark leaned closer to you, bringing his hands up to cup your face and wipe your tears off with his thumbs.

“Wh-what do you mean y-you couldn’t control yourself?”. Hell, where did that question come from? I should have asked something more important like…

Before your brain finished its thoughts, Mark had removed the small remaining gap between you two with a kiss. Right, action spoke louder than words. This handsome boy had always wanted to kiss you, nibbling your lips, placing a hand on your neck while the other one pulling you even closer to him. His sweet gentle kisses soon escalated into a more heated and needy ones, bringing you to pure ecstasy that you almost forgot everything.

“But Mark”, you broke the kiss, your grip on his shirt stayed still. “I… Zac… We shouldn’t…”

“Forget about him. Just you and me”, Mark whispered before attaching his lips to yours again. Before you realized it, you had already been kissing him back. To say that you had mutual feelings for him would be an understatement, you went crazy for him. Sure you were dating Zac, but that didn’t mean your feelings for Mark would die down. You’d never thought Mark felt the same way. You’d never thought you two meant the world to each other. Gosh, why was it so hard to just admit it?

“I… love… you… too, Mark”, you managed to say between kisses and you could feel Mark beaming. He ran his fingers through your hair as his tongue licked your bottom lip asking for entrance. You flinched, causing Mark to chuckle before grazed your bottom lip lightly for a second chance, and you let him in this time. The charming gladly explored your mouth, twirling with your small inexperienced tongue as you tried to tasted him. You pressed your body against him, wrapping your arm around his neck as he slowly replaced the chaste kiss with pecks all over your face, kissing away your sadness.

“I love you, Y/N-ah”, Mark repeated himself. “Please forgive me, okay?”

You nodded, tiptoeing to peck his lips once more. Then you took his hand into yours. “Let’s go home. I want to watch CSI Miami with my cheese flavor potato chips and my Mark!”

While you were walking, you glanced down at your entwined fingers and then looked up at Mark with a big grin on both of your faces. For all along, you’d known you two were perfect for each other. That your fingers would fit perfectly among his, your body in his embrace, your lips on his and the most important, your destinies had bonded, even since you were born.


I don’t need many people to “love me.” I have one man with a smile as brilliant as the sun. He loves me, and that’s all I need. That makes me the luckiest girl in the world.
—  It’s 2:00am and I’m in love.
Bechloe [because i can’t sleep]

Chloe closed the door on the ruckus behnd her. She stopped for a moment to look down at her friend, her best friend. It was such a familiar sight, Beca sitting on the steps of the Bellas House, hiding from the partying crowd, waiting for her, Chloe, to come talk to her a little. It was their ritual, something they shared the other Bellas knew nothing about.

Beca turned and looked up at her. She was leaning forward, touching her hands to the toes of her sneakers. She looked calm and collected, very Beca Mitchell, but they both knew that this was going to be an emotional talk. It might be the last of this kind.

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