Papa serenaded me at tonight’s Ritual during Cirice! He held tight onto my hand, caressed my palm, and it was the best moment I’ve ever had! He kept such great eye contact with me, never once breaking the stare between us. I tried to remember the lyrics to the song, but I forgot all English and language capabilities and just murmured along with him!

The prank

Harry: “So all we gonna do is gonna get one of these two guys to go and hide when Tom’s gets here”

A few minutes later…

Harry: “I think we should tell eachother ghost stories, google ghost stories and read them out, ok I googled  ‘murder on a barge:man charged with murder of a couple stabbed to death on canal boat’..”

Tom: It would be scary, to get killed on a barge..”

“It’s so weird being seperated from John, every single moment I’m always thinking “What’s John doing? Where’s John? Why isn’t John out here? Could John be thinking what I’m thinking? Cause John’s hair is cooler than my hair.” Omg, guess what, okay. This morning I couldn’t do my hair, all the electrical appliances was in the bedroom and we were sleeping outside. That’s why my hair is flat people, that’s why it flat. Not because I chose to have it flat.

I never spent this much time being separated from John, it’s so weird now I’ve actually have to talk to people and think about their feelings. And try to listen to them when all I’m thinking about is John and what’s he’s doing. I’m actually like..and sometimes people think that I’m messing with them going “yeah, yeah” when I’m actually I’m real serious trying to listen to what they have to say and act like as if I’m wanna know what they say. But then I’m like whatever, who cares John’s not here.

We are like this ultimate force, without John, I’m nothing. I’m just a one person, I’m not twins with John. I always have John there to support me if anyone have anything bad to say to me, John will go in and say “hey you” and punch them or whatever he wants to do. Or I’m the same with John. It’s really weird being on your own cause you know all the eyes are on you. And usally when John there with me, it’s not that weird feeling cause you think they are all looking at John. The same way when you are at stage, when John’s there I never thing about people looking at me, I think they’ll be looking at John. But they are looking at me, but I don’t realise they are looking at me cause John’s there to support me. That’s real good.”

- Edward missing John. (Celebrity Big Brother 2011)