“Be Proud of Yourself” Meme

I was tagged by benedictsherllock to list the 5 things I’ve made that I’m most proud of. For me (not surprisingly) these will be fics. Thanks for tagging me, and here goes! :D (and btw these are in no particular order)

I Told You So- Naturally, I feel compelled to be pretty proud of this one. It’s got almost 650 faves on right now, and I continue to get reviews and faves regularly despite being done with it for 9 months now now. The response to this fic on and on here blew me away, especially while it was a wip. Personally, I was pleased with how I worked social media into this plot, since that’s such a huge part of enjoying a show and characters. It felt a little like I was poking fun at us as a fandom and ship, but in a nice way. It’s good to laugh and not take ourselves too seriously hehe. ;D

Pleased to Meet You- This didn’t get an overwhelming crowd of followers at the time, but I really love the plot in this. I will always be happy with how I got the uni background story to weave into the canon of series 1 and 2. The last three chapters especially, I’m really happy with. And I love the final line. A strong closing line feels so great when you get it right!

Benefits of Boredom- Must confess that I read over a good chunk of this fic recently, and I was still really happy with it. :) This was my first period AU and before that I had said that wasn’t something I wanted to get into writing. I’m glad I pushed myself out of my comfort zone! I liked how I got to include some canon lines and ideas into the plot, and I really loved including Molly’s father. I grew attached to that lovely man haha! It was just really fun to write all around.

Winds of Change- This was my first multi chapter that I updated as I was writing it. So it was my first experience with getting feedback along the way from readers and hearing how excited they’d get when anticipating the next chapter. It was really fun and I think it’s basically what kept me coming back for more. The plot is a classic (fake dating turning to real feels) and I like that a lot of times. It’s not always about things being complicated and never having been seen before. Sometimes simple can be nice.

Go Down With This Ship- This, unlike the others, is a one shot. I feel good about it because it covers two big plot points that I’d never written before. Dreams vs reality, and piratelock. And it was also all based around a song, (Dido’s “I will go down with this ship”) since that’s what the original prompt was. So there was a lot going on in there lol! I had a hard time with it at first, but once it all came together I was super happy with it. It’s definitely one of my favorite one shots I’ve done so far. :)

Thanks again for including me! And now I’ll 5 more people for this fun challenge. selenaguardi artbylexie o0katiekins0o the-best-damn-avocado and emedealer. Apologies if any of you have already been tagged. No obligation to do it if you don’t feel like it either! And anyone else is welcome to join in if this moves you. Why not have fun with it?! :D








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tokyo ghoul ask meme
  • kaneki ken:do you like to read?
  • kamishiro rize:do you get bored easily?
  • nagachika hideyoshi:is there a friend you'd do anything for?
  • kirishima touka:have you done anything in the past that you're not proud to admit?
  • kirishima ayato:do you love your siblings, if any?
  • fueguchi hinami:have you lost anyone/anything important to you?
  • nishio nishiki:is there anyone you hated at first but eventually came to like in your life?
  • tsukiyama shuu:have you ever spoken to someone in a language everyone knows you're not fluent in?
  • uta:have people ever told you you're two-faced?
  • hoito roma:have you ever faked ignorance so people would stop paying attention to you?
  • renji yomo:do you think you're the caring type of person?
  • yoshimura:do you know how to brew coffee?
  • naki:is there anyone you consider your role model in life?
  • eto:are you an easy-going person?
  • tatara:are you currently living in the same country in which you are born in?
  • nutcracker:do you believe your childhood shapes you?
  • takizawa seidou:are you afraid of death?
  • amon koutarou:have you ever been betrayed by someone you trusted deeply?
  • mado akira:are you particular about time?
  • suzuya juuzou:have you ever only realised someone is important to you after they're gone?
  • arima kishou:have you ever achieved anything you're proud of when you were young?
  • ginshi shirazu:do you think you're capable of shouldering huge responsibilities?
  • urie kuki:what is your goal in life?
  • mutsuki tooru:are you happy with the way you are now?
  • yonebayashi saiko:are you procrastinating while answering this question?