Stargate SG-1 meme: eight episodes (6/8) | 6x06 Abyss

Daniel: “Come on, Jack. You think the Asgard named a ship after you because they thought it was a cool name? Now’s not the time to play dumb. You’re a lot smarter than that. They saw our potential in you. Because of who you are and what you’ve done.“

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[Message received by Atun Nol’s datachron at 11:59pm]

A boy from a small town with barely a dream to his name, save for the one gifted to him by those who cared for him. A fool with wide eyes who entered the world without knowing where to set his feet to avoid falling. This boy you took as yours, made him your friend, kept him safe and let him keep his arrogance - his pride - his innocence. And he loved you, not only for all you did for him, but because you are Atun Nol. Sharp angles, shapely cheekbones, jagged fangs when you smile. A predator to those who you meet, yet a lioness with her pride around those you claim as your own. Crass humor, always pushing further to reach whatever you wish without allowing the world to deny you what you deserve.

Now that I am no longer that boy, I have come to realize that all of my actions possess consequences. Dearest friend, I had not meant to hurt you. But I did. And I understand that intentions do not erase what I have done. I should never have left contact with you so long ago. Were I a better friend to you at the time, then I would have confided in you, not hidden from you. And I never would have given you reason I believe I ceased caring for you.

I will atone for this. I shall be better. I shall learn, I shall grow, I shall force myself not to make the same mistakes again.

Atun, I am sorry.

Perseus Ford

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