Why I like the signs
  • Aries:loyal as all heck, this is a person who will never give up on you
  • Taurus:so creative and generous, loves to share ideas
  • Gemini:always entertaining, full of jokes and witty comments
  • Cancer:gives really good advice and is very understanding
  • Leo:always down to hang, has great ideas, tries to build you up
  • Virgo:gets things done, determined and a little eccentric
  • Libra:these people are enormously funny but never mean. Such sweet kids
  • Scorpio:knows what they want and goes for it, not afraid to say what's on their mind
  • Sagittarius:bad pun royalty, really chill
  • Capricorn:precious cinnamon rolls, honest and sweet. huge dorks
  • Aquarius:so kind and selfless, generous and thoughtful
  • Pisces:oh my gosh these nerds, empathetic, really smart and shy

Hiii Amazing people would you love to be in a group that obsesses over these giant dorks, who think their so punk rock. To be in a group where you can have close friendships with amazing people that make you laugh and smile everyday and send you the best memes. Welcome to the rad the new broken scene network keep reading if your interested,


MBF me 

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Talk to people to create a close friendship ever day who will always be here to support you

To discuss everything we love about the boys

To have people cheer you up when your sad or make you laugh

Have amazing skype chats where can get crazy

People to help you with whatever you need and to reblog your gorgeous selfies and many more

Extra Info

i will be picking 6-10 people 

Applications close September 11 at 00:00 ( WAST)

Please do not get upset or offended you can always talk to me ill be here for you all

Post whatever you like on the #wearethebrokenscene tag and please talk to me 

i wish you the best of luck and encourage you to apply but not forcing i hope your having a wonderful day i love you so much 5sos fam keep smiling and stay strong 

Love Jessi

P.S Heres a link to other networks if your not interested in this one