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misakiito-ffxiv  asked:

40. What do they wonder about? What sparks their curiosity and imagination, and why? How is this expressed, if it is?

“People,” Bell rumbled, thoughtful. “Other places, and cultures. What’s the fashion like in Doma, really? Do Garleans play Whist the same way? Do…they play any games?” He paused, as if making a mental note of that for a later inquiry.

“Ah, but mostly: people. I like watching a crowded street of strangers in a new city, just to see what a handshake means there. They laugh more easily in Thanalan, but an Ishgardian will kill you for days with just one joke,” he gestured with an ever-present cigarette. That sort of thing. 

Bell leaned back, faintly embarrassed. “I spend a lot of time travelling for research, but also just for the interest of it. To meet people, or observe a place. I keep a lot of journals, informally, but otherwise,” the mage shrugged. “I won’t talk your ear off about the sacrilegious practices of the ecclesiastical underground in Dravania unless you really want to hear about it.” He grinned wickedly.

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