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not sure if this was asked before, but how does crabdad do any shopping, if he does? can his big meaty claws hold money? does he just dump it on the counter and screech meaningfully at the cashier so that they can count out the exact change before giving the rest back? does he grab an attendant and point at a product he wants so that they can tell him the price? can he even count money? the images amuse me.

Oh my god, anon, the fact that we’re getting questions this wonderful after so many years doing this fills me with glee. Because let me tell you, I have thought a lot about Crabdad going out in public and trying to interact with people. Because the only way any such scenario ends is with a combination of hilarity and adorableness. Shiiiiiit, I’m gonna put this below a cut because I am going to just gush. Like, a lot.

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lusii status: dependent (relies heavily on troll to feed it, somewhat slow), independent (hunts it’s own food and is usually intelligent), domesticated (may or may not have the skills and intelligence to hunt for itself, but is almost like a pet), parental (actually does the mother/father lusus job) active (alive), deceased (passed)

kelion: independent / active
krypt’n: dependent-parental / active
eloise: dependent-domesticated / deceased
djenah: independent-parental / deceased
takaio: independent-domesticated / active
cosmos: independent-domesticated-parental / active
carson: independent-parental / active
chelys: 1st -  dependent / deceased 2nd - dependent-domesticated / active
laklyn: dependent / active
daovia: independent-parental / active
lahoré: dependent-domesticated / active
nemura: independent-parental / active
orchid: independent / deceased
hyrina: independent / active
arinae: dependent-domesticated-parental / active
epsilo: independent-parental / active
actino: independent / active