It’s the birthday of @felishi‘s OC Darien and since I’ve been wanting to draw him for a while now, decided to take this opportunity (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃ 

Happy birthday, Darien~~



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anonymous asked:

hello yes i am here to talk about yuri on ice episode ten

First up, I’d like to say thank you so much for not adding spoilers into this ask - I checked my inbox when I woke up, before I watched the episode. You saved my life odmkjkjd 

Second, I’m going to be posting some heavy yoi spoilers today so I hope people have blacklist on, I’ll be sure to tag them :’)

AND I’M DECEASED ???,, There’s so much to discuss - goddamn engagement rings (and can I tell you how please I am that Yuri was the one to propose, and that he DIDN’T ENTIRELY REALISE that’s what he was doing, ‘lucky charms’ c’mon buddy) and Yuri P being the cutest in the entire world and c h r i s. 

I think, by far, the biggest part of this episode is knowing that Victor and Yuri met before Victor came to Russia. I can’t?? Believe it??? This changes so much but also nothing. Victor knew what he was getting into when he flew to Russia, it wasn’t just a whim. Yuri had already planted that idea in his mind. 

ALSO, Victor knew what he was doing when he assigned Yuri ‘eros’, oh my god. Victor must have been thinking, ‘I’ve seen you pole dance half naked with Chris Giacometti, you can skate seductively to fast music.’