picture this: a spinoff of the americans called ‘the rezidentura’, which is basically just the office but at the russian embassy/base of spy operations in the 80s. 

I think in the next Star Trek movie they should have John De Lancie somewhere in the background just randomly watching. He’s deciding if he should make official contact yet or wait a few more generations. He never says anything about the Q or anything at all but we’ll know

we’ll know

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AIGHT SO this is like some modern au where sambucky are besties and they’re complaining about dating or something and they have sex!! So after that they’re like “oh wow… we have really good sex. Let’s be fuckbuddies” so they just have tons of sex instead of dating and it’s GREAT because they’re already SUPER besties so they can pee with the bathroom door open and shit BUT BUT

instead of the Good Trope where they realize they’re in love and it gets complicated THEY NEVER DO (they kinda love each other tho) and just fulfill all of each other’s needs without labels and it’s great.

Autistic People Are Dragons

or, alternatively: all dragons are autistic


  • like caves
  • collect shiny objects
  • enjoy looking at and touching those objects again and again
  • may even fall asleep on them
  • will get very angry if you try to steal their treasures
  • often socially isolated
  • tend to spend lots of time at home
  • communication skills may not “match” level of intelligence
  • wise
  • misunderstood
  • befriending one brings good luck
  • associated with dinosaurs
  • have magical powers
  • may enjoy riddles

Am I talking about autistics or dragons??? Trick question! The answer is both.

OMFG. Imagine this.
The Derp Crew-
elemental/superpowers au.
Tom’s creates electricity and heat.
Smarty can feel emotions/manipulate them.
GaLm is Smarty with animals.
Chilled is ice and cold (duh!).
And Ze is nature and greenery.
Wouldn’t it be PERFECT!

the little cute everyday headcannons are limitless.

-they’ve lost all their chargers cause Tom just charges all their stuff so if someone comes over and asks for a charger they freak out
-I wonder why Ze loves ice skating?
-aaaaaaand… Chilled still uses the wall. He is teased relentlessly by his fellow derps for it
-Tom loves playing pranks by (lightly) putting electricity on their stuff so when they touch it it shocks them and they hate him SO MUCH for it
-the original Bolshevik (the tdc household cat) loved to attack members of the house by jumping on their laps and their keyboards while they’re playing and every time, GaLm knows it’s gonna happen but he never says anything, he just gets this look and if you spot the “look” you have maybe a second before the cat gets you

and my brain also came up with some pretty nsfw ones, I’m surprised. exquest you are such a bad influence (but i love it anyways keep going). I’m multishipping trash (cough cough exquest again) so there’s a random assortment of pairings down there, including polyderps because fuck yeah polyderps.

-while tom is more gentle and loving in bed with Smarty sometimes if he’s in the mood he’ll shock him (lightly, he did like ten hours of research to surprise his boyfriend safely) and Smarty will come in like two seconds
-the shocking leaves little marks that John adores
-one time the boys planned a surprise for Smarty, they tricked him into opening his mind to their feelings (he has to close it out it gets overwhelming) and they all were so dirty and horny that he literally was feeling the lust of five people at once no one blames him for coming in his pants right there
-Ze once lost control of his powers in bed and the plants in the room grew a foot. To this day no one has let him forget it or keep plants in the bedroom
-when chilled and tom fuck if it gets really intense the combo will produce steam and they’ve set off the smoke detector three times like this.

I’m in the middle of writing an elemental au fic, and I love this idea SO MUCH. if y’all like this HC thing I might (I mean I probably will anyways but it would be nice if you liked it) do another, but that’s it for now!
And feel free to send me all of the HCs you have for this (or just TDC in general). We must fangirl over this incredibly cute idea together

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Riverdale writers every episode: how can we make Cheryl miserable today, let the core four do stuff 'normal' teenagers do (you know like trying to drown someone.. best plot idea I've ever had 😎😎😎😎) and put in as much teenage sex as we can?

Spin off show made by SyFy where the take Cheryl and give her the world