I think in the next Star Trek movie they should have John De Lancie somewhere in the background just randomly watching. He’s deciding if he should make official contact yet or wait a few more generations. He never says anything about the Q or anything at all but we’ll know

we’ll know

picture this: a spinoff of the americans called ‘the rezidentura’, which is basically just the office but at the russian embassy/base of spy operations in the 80s. 

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Um... what about one for Static Worms? I did enjoy that one

Hoo boy, Static Worms. Alright :D

(If anyone wants me to do this for anything else, ask away! I’ll probably queue it instead of posting it all at once though.)

This was one of the first things I wrote after a ridiculously long writer’s block. I wasn’t focusing much on emotional impact or themes or whatever, I just wanted to write about something cool.

The original idea came to me, as many of my ideas do, when I was talking to a friend about silly stuff. Specifically, what if Dipper was playing human once, walked into a bar, and then got roofied by a couple pricks trying to steal his kidneys? (You might have seen the writing prompt: “WHY DON’T YOU HAVE ANY KIDNEYS? WHAT ARE YOU?”)

Obviously that is not what I wrote, though I still kinda want to. It did get me thinking about situations where someone would need to cut him open for less nefarious reasons, and being an insufferable biology nerd, I of course invented a horrifying parasite.

Let’s get into it.

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Imagine this....

So October 13th is on a Friday, right? Well, imagine if Anti shows up on Friday the 13th!!! How awesome would that be?!?! Thoughts? Comments? 

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UPDATE: I know it probably won’t actually happen bc of the tours, I was just being imaginitive. 🎃🔪