You’re an Idiot

Prompt: Anon requested: Could you do 23 “How much do I have to flirt with you before you realize it?” With Jaime Reyes x male reader and if possible you don’t have to but could the reader be like a speedster on the team? Thank you!!

I’ve never written anything with a male reader, so I’m sorry in advance if it isn’t the greatest thing you’ve ever read haha

Summary: Male reader has a crush on Jaime but can’t seem to tell him.

“You look good tonight,” you smirked to your crush, Jaime Reyes. He was currently covered in mud and some sort of purple goo following the fight the two of you had with some alien, and Jaime laughed like you were joking. Yes, you did say it as a joke, but you meant every word. He could’ve been covered in feathers and you still would’ve thought he was the best looking guy you had ever seen.

The two of you were walking back to the nearest Zeta Tube following the fight, which you were really only doing to spend time with him. Usually, you’d just run home and it would take you probably less time thanks to your super speed, but you enjoyed the walk when you were around him. He was commenting on something about the fight and you listened with glee, taking in how he looked when he was focused on something.

While he talked, you worked up the courage to ask him to go do something. Yeah, the two of you were friends and hanging out wasn’t anything new, but you still felt the need to psyche yourself up before you asked. Stupid crush. Once the conversation turned away from the fight, you finally blurted out, “Where are gonna go after this? Wanna go get something to eat?” You knew it seemed normal to Jaime, but you still viewed asking as a victory. Unfortunately, Jaime shook his head.

“Sorry man, no can do. I have to study for my physics test tomorrow”, He looked at you apologetically, and you tried to pass it off that you were indifferent.

“Whatever,” You said as the two of you approached the tubes. “I’m sure you’ll pass. You’re one of the smartest guys I know.”

He smiled as you stepped inside. “Thanks dude. Let’s do something later.”

“Sure,” you shrugged, before the Zeta Tube flashed and you were alone. You made your way back home as you wondered if he could tell how you felt about him. You weren’t sure what would be worse: Never telling him and having him just see you as a close friend, or telling him and getting rejected and not being friends at all. You groaned as you walked through your front door, still unsure of what to do, but certain that you had to do something before you went crazy.

The next day, you ran to the cave straight after school, getting there in mere minutes. The only one there was Cassie, and you rushed to her.

“Cassie, you gotta help me here. So I like someone, right? And he thinks we’re just friends but I really want to tell him somehow and I don’t know what to do!”

Cassie looked at you mischievously. “Who is it? You can’t expect me to help if you don’t tell me who it is!”

You swallowed before telling her, “Uhh, Jaime?”

“I knew it!” She exclaimed triumphantly. When you asked her how, she told you, “You’re way too happy when he talks, and you’re always complimenting him. I’m surprised he hasn’t noticed, to be honest with you. Okay, what I think you should do is-” She was cut off as the computer announced the arrival of Blue Beetle through the Zeta Tube.

Panicking that he might overhear, you whispered, “Okay, just pretend I said something really funny!” Cassie burst into fake laughter and grabbed your arm just as Jaime walked into the lounge. He cleared his throat and the two of you pulled apart. Cassie nudged your shoulder as he began to speak.

“Hey guys. I’m not interrupting something, am I?” He looked worried, but the two of you violently shook your heads.

“Not at all, (Y/N) just made some dumb joke. You know how funny he can be!” Cassie winked at you, and you cringed. Yeah, you wanted to tell Jaime how you felt, but she was making things a little too obvious.

“Oh, okay. Well, I was wondering if-” Jaime was cut off as the computer once again announced a new arrival, this time Nightwing. Soon the rest of the Team arrived, and Nightwing began briefing everyone on a new mission. You had to bite back a smile when you and Jaime were assigned to the same squad, since missions were ten times more fun with him around.

Unfortunately, this mission was boring even with Jaime by your side. All you really had to do was keep the perimeter of a building secure while another squad did work inside. You were assigned because your speed allowed you to intercept anyone quickly, and Jaime was flying overhead, ready to alert you if he saw anything. After a long time of standing around doing nothing, Nightwing and the others emerged, announcing that they did what they came for. You moved to join the group as they walked away, but Jaime motioned for you to say back with him. With your heart pounding, you walked over to him, wondering what he had to say.

“So, uh,” he coughed, looking uncomfortable, before continuing. “What’s up with you and Cassie?”

You looked at him in confusion. “Um, nothing?”

He gave you a look to show he didn’t believe you. “Really? Because she was clinging to your arm when I walked in, and you guys were waaaay too quick to deny something happened, she was complimenting you, and I saw her wink at you! Why didn’t you tell me?”

You were flabbergasted. “No, no, no, I would never have a thing for Cassie. Trust me, she’s definitely not my type, I would never even be slightly interested,” You babbled, unsure if he believed you or not.

“I’m just saying, we’re friends! You can tell me stuff like that! If you’re into her, that’s fine!”

“Jaime, you’re an idiot! How much do I have to flirt with you before you realize it? I like you! Not her!” You hadn’t meant to tell him like that, but things don’t always work as planned. Your mind raced, trying to come up with a way to rectify the situation, but you didn’t have to. Jaime pressed his lips against yours, and everything you were thinking of saying melted away.

When he pulled away, Jaime laughed at you. “Okay, so you just called me an idiot, but last night you said I was the smartest guy you knew. Which one is it?”

You smiled. “Which one will get you to kiss me like that again?”

Playing along, Jaime joked, “Admitting that I’m smarter than you.” You both giggled, all of the tension that was building up earlier gone.

Grinning, you told him, “In that case, you’re a genius!” Within seconds, Jaime’s lips were back on yours and you knew that you never wanted them to leave.