Current Financially Irresponsible You

We’re on the eclipse of a heatwave in LA; you can just see the 💯
degree signs on the horizon like Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Last time it was 100 i decided to go to Howling Rays and eat some hot chicken which was as intense as bikraham yoga. I’ve never done bikrahm bc I don’t really like stretching, but eating hot chicken outside and stretching in a hot room, I meannnnnn tomato tomatao. Howlin rays has multiple levels of heat you can have applied to your chicken which can land you anywhere between this guy and this guy. All this heats got me thinking a lot about my fall wardrobe and tbh, I’m really not happy with it. Yes, I did secure the elusive lightweight turtleneck, but outside of that I got a closet full of clothes BUT NO CLOTHES TO WEAR U FEEL. May go in on this coat and help out the Dow jones/strength of the economy in China/guarantee I will never be cold in ‘deathzone cold’ weather. ALWAYS INVEST FOR THE FUTURE YOU, and CURRENT FINANCIALLY IRRESPONSIBLE YOU.

Howlin Rays

Tip: All the sides are amazing, sooooo good luck.

Tip: Really some of the best chicken I’ve had anywhere.

When to come here: Lunch, whenever you find them, when it’s not 100000 degrees outside, chill lunch.



Phn: 323.823.7565


Congratulatory Chicken Sandwiches 

You know when you’ve been sitting in a coffee shop for like wayyyyy too long and you sort of get hypothermia cold and your body starts locking up and your hands stop being able to type despite the fact that its approximately 95 degrees outside? Then you’re sort of jittery form all the coffee and can’t focus? Fam I’m in this zone rn, gonna faceplant onto this cool marble counter any minute. But this could also be the perfect time to buy this Off White grid flannel poncho. Believe me, ponchos are going to be THE move very very soon. You’ll see me in the corner of the La Colombe on 4th street posted underneath my rent equivalent poncho and bidding on rare concert tee’s postmating chicken sandwiches from Shake Shack in Brooklyn to myself. Which, the sandwiches are back, (apparently they went away) and are fire. Never thought when I was a kid my life would involve getting amped on limited chicken sandwiches but cest la vie. Also, my sister was on the Coveteur recently which is major so you should postmate’s her a congratulatory chicken sandwich. Is it weird I’ve been listening to Beirut’s No No No on repeat for the last 3 hours? Ok bai.

Shake Shack Brooklyn

Tip: details: crispy all-natural and antibiotic-free chicken breast with lettuce, pickles and buttermilk herb mayo 😋 also, Brooklyn only. 

Tip: Is it better than Fuku? No. I don’t lie to anyone. It is different and incredible in its own right tho.

Tip: get moving on the chicken sandwich, no one knows how long its going to be around

When to come here: when you’re in Brooklyn or don’t go there and postmate is.

Where/Times/Phn: here


Everyone remembers Burger King’s awesome Pokemon promotion, but no one ever talks about Pokemon’s earliest fast food venture with KFC.

I’m just as guilty as the majority, even though my first piece of Pokemon merchandise came from this outing. KFC ran a small promotion right before Poke’mania swept the U.S. It was nowhere near the scale of Burger King’s epic promotion with cards, toys, the illustrious golden collector’s cards and “trading” nights, but it was still a fair run with a couple of commercials and decent toys.

Being born in Kentucky, it’s standard here that you talk of Col. Sanders with the same weight as discussing the pope or the president. He introduced us to the best fried chicken you could buy at a fair price and he helped plant the seeds of a lifelong fandom in us, right before it’s peak.

Burger King drove it home at it’s height, but KFC deserves acknowledgement for kickstarting the craze in the south-east part of the U.S

The first Pokemon toy I ever got was the Seel beanbag doll offered from KFC. I kept it for years but frequent moves and my forgetful nature forced me to abandon it somewhere unknown. That Seel doll piqued my interest and led me to discover the anime series and further down the road the card game, the video game and so on. So in a lot of way, I have Col. Sanders to thank for my Poke’fandom

In hindsight, what surprises me now is the choice in Pokemon given toys. Vulpix, Dratini, Seel and Zubat were chosen above the starting 3, Pikachu and every other Pokemon that springs to mind when you think of the series. Pikachu is featured front and center in the commercial but somehow missed out on getting the toy treatment. My guess is that Nintendo wasn’t sure on who they wanted as the “face’ of the series just yet and hung up a poster with all 150 Pokemon and threw darts.

I wrote way more than I wanted to today about KFC and Pokemon so i’m wrapping this up here.

View the original commercial here


“Yes, Sir! That’s all I can do, anyway! I’m still a hatchling after all!