Being Tom Holland’s make up artist | headcanon

after watching this video I realized that I have to drop university and become Tom Holland’s make up artist!


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Being Tom Holland’s make up artist:

- background: you are Tom’s make up artist during the filmmaking of ‘Chaos Walking’;

- Since the very first day, Tom made some jokes to make you laugh and break the ice;

- I think Tom can’t work with people without knowing them;

- So he tries to talk with all the people who work with him on and behind the set;

- And you are his favourite person in the crew;

- The likes how positive you are, the fact that you are smiling all the time;

- Working with you is the best part of the day because he knows he can talk about everything with you;

- You are really good friends and sometimes after work you go out with Harrison and Harry to get some drinks and have a chat;

- Lots of teasing while you try to apply make up on him;

- Like hiding his face or keep moving just like in the video;

- Taking every products and asking you what is it and what is it for;

- Just like a small baby who’s discovering the world;

- But it’s just a simple friendship;

- Everything changes in a pub when he sees you dancing with Harrison;

- You are both drunk and unaware of what you are doing but Tom feels something similar to a NODO in his heart as you grind on his best friend;

- The day later he is super quiet and every time you smile he feels weird, like in peace with the world;

- “Why so quiet today?”;

- “Uhm… nothing”;

- Tom spends all the day trying to understand what’s going on;

- So he talks to Harry about this;

- Harry is not surprised at all “Genius, it’s so obvious that you’re into her! Ask her out.”;

- He waits a few day before asking you out;

- Everything becomes clearer even if it’s hard to accept that he’s falling for one of his best friends;

- Googling “how to get out of friend-zone without getting hurt”;

- After a week of awkward moments, you ask Tom what is going on;

- “It’s just that… ImighthaveacrushonyouandIdontknowhowtohandlethis”;

- “Well, we can learn together. How does this sound to you?”

- “Oh, it sounds gr- Wait, what does it mean?”

- You reach his ear and whisper “I might have a crush on you and I don’t know how to handle this”

- Homeboy smiles so big he can literally light up a whole planet;

- “Maybe we can talk about this tonight during a fancy dinner?”

- “This can be a good idea”

- What will happen next?

I finally told my best friend a few days ago that I think I have an eating disorder. She said “I know, I’ve noticed but I didn’t say anything because I don’t want you to feel judged, because I love you regardless. I just want you to be safe.”

This is how best friends should be. I’m so lucky to have this girl in my life.

Betray - PART TWO ~ Kim Taehyung OS [angst]

Plot: In which Taehyung leaves you on the day of your wedding to run off with your best friend and you finding out about their secret.


~3years later~

“Are you sure that you will go back?” Your mother asked you while she watched you packing your stuff. You just nodded quietly.

“Yes mom… I can’t let my dreams go just because of my past and the people I knew probably forgot about everything” you referred to the incident 3 years ago. The moment your groom ran off with your best friend. After that day you didn’t last more than a couple months in Korea. Everyone started talking about you and behind your back. At your workplace and in your neighborhood. You remember their words as if it was yesterday.

“Ahh you see y/n … poor girl was dumped on her wedding.”

“Isn’t that Y/N. oh hey! I am so sorry what happened to you …” even when a new employee started their first day they knew and talked. You introduced yourself but the moment you turned your back you heard other people whispering about what happened to you. Everyone felt pitiful for you but you hated the fact that they did. You tried the best to get over Taehyung and Somin but the topic about that special day was everywhere and the most talked gossip in your area. You couldn’t stand it anymore. The nights you cried yourself into sleep and the mornings you put on a fake smile to not look weak but you broke everyday someone talked about that day. Taehyung and Somin disappeared. After that shit day you didn’t see them again. Even Seokjin told you that Tae broke the contact with him even though they were like brothers to each other. You hated the fact that he betrayed you all. Seokjin never left your side and tried his best to make you forget him but nothing ever helped. You were helpless. After he heard that you booked your ticket to America he was heartbroken. He didn’t want you to leave Korea because if Taehyung and Somin find out they will see how weak and naive you are. Nonetheless, you returned to your parents house in the US. It was not important if it made you look weak because the only thing you thought about was to forget Taehyung.

“Promise me to come back immediately if someone causes trouble” you knew who she was referring to. After your parents heard that he betrayed you they insisted you to come back home. But you stayed until you couldn’t hold in the pressure anymore. You never talked about your feelings since your wedding, not even to Seokjin. When someone tried to open up this topic you told them to stop. It was all in your heart. Nobody knows what was going on with you.

You said nothing more. Your father stared at you as he came in the room.

“What is making you leave us again? You saw how horrific and humiliated they made you feel. If your plane lands in Korea you might feel so low and insecure because memories will come back. I want you to be confident and strong-” you cut him off while hugging him firmly.

“Dad … I love you. Thank you for caring for me … but I am 28 years old already … it’s time for me to start living on my own with my own choices. What I need is your trust and support in whatever I do… maybe I will even regret going there but I don’t want to give up on the country where I feel home just because of some stupid memories. I don’t care about them trust me” even though you lied with your last sentence you put on a weak smile. Your father sighed not feeling pleased about your answer but he knew that he had to accept it no matter what. He hugged you tight because he wasn’t able to drop you off at the airport. He kissed your temple.

“Make sure to call us regularly and visit us sometimes” he smiled while his eyes were filling with tears. He said his goodbyes before he left for work.

“I will drop you off” your mother exclaimed as you took your jacket. It was winter and you knew that Korea was probably full with snow. That didn’t stop you from going. You shook your head.

“No mom … I will call a cab. You have to go to the restaurant to help out aunty” she sighed at your answer. You were always like that that’s why she didn’t insisted and argued furthermore. You hugged her.

“Take care of you” your mother kissed both of your cheeks before she helped you carry the luggages out of the apartment and in the baggage of the cab. You waved your hands as the cab took off and dropped you at the airport.

It was time to go back. Without thinking about your past which was pretty hard.

You got in the plane and sat down. This is going to be a long flight. You listened to your favorite ballade songs as the plane took off. It was boring that’s why you played with your phone. Of course you couldn’t use any wifi but you just watched some pictures on your phone. You swiped slowly to examine the pictures. You chuckled at the picture from last years Christmas Eve with your family. It was beautiful with your family. You were happy about your return. It didn’t erase your whole memories but you could distract yourself.

Suddenly you saw a picture of yourself and Taehyung as you swiped. It was on Valentines Day where he took you out on a date. You smiled weakly but as you realized what he did your smile disappeared and changed with sadness. Your throat became sore and you wanted to cry so badly. On the picture he kissed your cheek as you were laughing hysterically. It was a perfect timing picture. You actually deleted all of your pictures with Taehyung and Somin but you might have forgot that one. You clicked on the delete button but your fingers couldn’t press on “yes” when the phone questioned if you’re sure to delete that picture. You bit your lip as you clicked on the homebutton and locked your phone. You couldn’t delete the picture. Unfortunately it was the only one left. No matter how much you hated what he did to you you weren’t able to hate him. Something in your inner told you that you still have some affection towards him. In fact you never stopped loving him.

In 3 years of being in the US you rejected any boys who showed interest in you. All you could think of was Taehyung. You felt as if your heart and soul belonged to him. He took it and kept it. You couldn’t and didn’t want to take them back. You had given your all to him. You loved him sincerely even now but you knew that he never belonged to you.

You closed your eyes and tried to fall asleep. It’s going to be a long way to Korea you should give yourself a little rest. You sighed and felt how your thoughts where flying to dreamland.


You were happy when you landed because being in a plan for a long period is exhausting. You sighed when you took your bag and got off the plane. After taking your luggage you left the airport.

That’s it. That’s my Korea. You inhaled the smell of the winter of Korea. It was pretty insane that everything was special to you. You sighed as you watched the busy people being as fast as they can to catch their flight. You smiled.

“Taxi!” You called and held out your arm as the driver stopped in front of you. You gave him the address.

Before you left the US you contacted your landlord because you wanted to move into your old flat. It was a nice neighborhood and not that far from the city. It was a cold winter day and there was a little snow on the ground but it wasn’t too dangerous to slip. You rest your head on the window and smiled.

“Thank you” you gave the taxi driver his money as you got of the text. He helped you with your luggages before he left. You exhaled loudly as you looked at the little flat. You remembered the landlord saying that he put the keys in a small flower pot. He wanted to visit you after you made yourself comfortable. Your hands were shaking as you put the key in and opened the door.

A cold breeze drifted against your skin and you shivered. It was is small corridor which led to the living room which was connected to your kitchen. The landlord hadn’t throw out you belongings such as your furnitures. The ground wasn’t clean and the air was full of dust. This is going to be great work. You went to your small room. As you examined the whole room thinking about the old times. In this bed you werde getting so excited for your wedding. At least the bed sheets were thrown away. You sighed and sad in the edge of the bed.

Was it a good idea in returning back?

However, you started cleaning and packing your belongings out. It took a You a whole day to clean your own room. It was priority that your bedroom was the first room you could live comfortably in it. In the coming weeks you decided to design and decorate your flat.

Tomorrow would be another big day. Your application you sent a month ago from the US was accepted and you were invited for an interview. It was an elementary school where you would teach the 4th graders basic English. You were totally excited for what will come out. Deep down you had a good feeling.


The next day came and you just got ready for your interview which would start in exactly half an hour.

“I am getting this!” you gave yourself thumbs up in the mirror as you left the flat. It was cold and your pressed your jacket on your skin. Luckily no one was outside. You wondered if your old neighbors would recognize you. It wasn’t really the case since they didn’t see you.

You took the bus. Actually it was a way you could walk and reach in simply 15 minutes but the fact that your laziness wanted to take the bus was something you couldn’t change about yourself. Also it was totally cold.

You looked out of the windows as you eyed the streets, the restaurants, small villages and monumental things. That was Seoul. The feeling of being in a wonderful village. It was gorgeous.

You got off the bus and went to the room of the school director. Mr Lee.

“Hello Ms Y/N. Perfect in time! Nice to see you” she took your hand and smiled gently. You sat in front of her as she bombed you with a lots of questions which you answered honest and brave. After finally finishing the interview you were going around the school to learn about the rules and see the rooms. It was a big school with a big playground. Suddenly the bell rang and you heard the laughter of children which automatically put a smile on your face.

“Nice to meet you…” said Mrs Lee nicely and shook your hand the last time. The time flew and it was already noon. The time children went home. You left the building seeing everyone being picked up by their parents. As you exited the gate a little boy was kneeling down on the cold snow. You approached him hesitantly. You sighed as you kneeled down next to him and put a hand on his shoulder.

“Hey handsome boy … are you okay” you asked and he looked up and threw his gaze at you. Something about him was feeling so familiar suddenly. As if you had seen him somewhere.

“Who are you?” He asked.

“I am a soon to be new teacher here” though it wasn’t official you felt as if they would take you immediately.

He smiled which made your heart flutter. This smile was strangely familiar.

“Why are you so alone here?” You asked curiously.

“I am waiting for my father to pick me up” you smiled.

“Should I wait with you?” It was freezing cold and literally anything could happen to him. He shook his head.

“No … my father is on his way. I am grown up already …” he laughed as smiled.

“Alright …” you weren’t sure how to react since you never had any children as your students. But you didn’t want to make him uncomfortable that’s why you turned around and started going.

“APPA!” He yelled with enthusiasm and you couldn’t help but giggle at him getting happy by seeing his father.

“Junho” suddenly your feet stopped going further. Your heart was beating faster. That voice. The name of the child. You didn’t want to turn around to look at them afraid that it will be really him. Afraid that you have to look into his eyes. But your brain acted faster as you turned around and saw him hugging the little boy. He let go of him and grabbed his hand.

No way …

It was him.

Kim Taehyung.

Picking up his son from school. You felt your eyes filling with tears. Suddenly hidden feelings returned. The feelings you couldn’t show or tell anyone. It was silent. As if everything paused around you. They noticed your presence as Junho looked at you and smiled talking to his father. Suddenly Taehyungs head turned to look at the person Junho was talking about.


You made eye contact and you sweated to god that you would break down crying in that moment but it was important for you to stay strong. Only in front of him.

You moved on … that’s what you should be thinking.

His facial expression was clear. Shocking and sad. You felt your legs getting weak by his gaze. This isn’t the way you should feel right now you thought. You turned around immediately and sprintet. No matter where. Just away from him. After walking for a while you sat down on a park bench. Breaking down.




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Marshmallow, pinescone, Mystery Best Friends 'verse!!

Day One: Marshmallow

Wirt had never wanted a dog. Well, maybe not never. As a lonely, only child between the ages of awareness and jaded, he’d once or twice entertained the thought of a puppy to snuggle with in his bed or play with in the backyard. His dad hated dogs though, and his mom wasn’t really a pet person - or at least, she’d never seemed like one to Wirt. It had been a fleeting desire in the end, born of the notion that every boy should have a dog and was snuffed out the second a noisy baby took up residence in his life.

That noisy baby became a noisy child that kicked in his sleep when they shared a bed and had enough energy to spend hours running around in the backyard. Who needed a puppy when you had a Greg? Wirt never in a million years would have the energy to keep up with both. He’d been lucky enough that Greg chose a frog for their very own pet. A frog was realistically as much as either of them could handle. 

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This is Thor Ragnarok in a nutshell! A funny one for National Best Friends Day


Seriously let’s make this a trio so I can hang out with ya’ll. I can be your constant (and blissfully happy) third wheel