Now taking best friend applications

I’m at an awkward time of my life- I’m about to turn 22 and ever since I have moved to the Carolinas I haven’t really made any friends. Because how do you make new friends when you’re out of high school? Work friends?  I would think college friends, but the people at my college seem to keep to themselves and already have a tight-knit group. I want to meet new and interesting people. I want to go on random sushi dates, or have taco and tequila nights. I want to explore, play in the mud, climb trees, fall asleep outside while looking/talking about the stars. I want to have late night bonfires, and bar experiences. I want to have a best girl friend that I can get drunk and stay up all night with- weather we’re staying in, eating take-out, and watching movies or exploring the town or going to events. I want a friend that doesn’t mind coming over and napping with me all day and just being lazy. It’s just so hard when all my best friends live in other states. I miss Friday night keggers. I miss blunt cruises down the bumb-fuck-nowhere roads. I miss staying up all night being silly drunk with my best friends, bullshitting, talking shit, playing twister, watching movies, cooking munchie foods. I miss having lake days and staying up all night. I miss the days where we’d chill in my room and fall asleep together, and watch silly tv shows or play with the oija board… I just miss having friends so much. When did I become such an introvert? I feel like such a hermit crab and it’s driving me insane. Finding good friends really, truly is hard when everyone around you is so shitty. 

My Best Friend Just Sent Her Application for the Disney College Program! :D

She didn’t get the web based interview thing yet but if she gets in (which I’m confident that she will.) and I extend for Spring 2017 then we’ll be doing the program together!!!! :DDDD

Just a recap

We’ve been friends since elementary school (8 years old)

Went to sleep away camp together

Went to Disney together for my sweet 16

Went to the same college

and now shes probably joining me in Disney!!! :DDDD