Being best friends with the twins would include...


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  • Not really bonding with them until your fifth year, but then suddenly everything falls into place real fast
  • Getting really well along with Lee as well, actually him better, at first 
  • Loving the impulsiveness of the friendship 
  • Sneaking out, a lot
  • Random walks around the castle at night, just messing up little things like moving paintings or hiding the armors swords to see how long it takes for other to figure out 
  • Sometimes Lee tags along, but not always 
  • Hogsmeade trips, spending hours and hours at the Hogshead, in a corner booth drinking bitterer and dreaming about the future 
  • Studying together, but always ending up doing something else, before panicking and writing all the essays the night before
  • Like, all nighters, but at least you’re in it together 
  • Summer at the Burrow, Mrs Weasley trying to set you up with like, all her sons because she loves you
  • Getting along with the family, but especially Ginny, because you don’t baby her like everyone else in the house 
  • Showing them movies and computers and other muggle technology
  • Taking them on drives when you’re old enough, them thinking they’ll die in every roundabout 
  • Hanging out at WWW after work, just to watch all the colors and hear all the happy sounds 
  • Fred doesn’t die, everyone lives happily ever after the end. 
The people that are still with you at the end of the day, those are the ones worth keeping. And sure, sometimes close can be too close. But sometimes, that invasion of personal space, it can be exactly what you need.
—  Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy 
иσ¢тυяиαℓ (vkook smut/fluff)

Kim Taehyung always wondered about the daylight spending his entire life on a planet with no sun it was bound to happen. Jeon jungkook on the other hand thrived in the night sky. In school he learned of the dangers of the sun’s radiation rays, not to mention painful sun burns. They first met in kindergarten their parents where colleges for the dame company. I’m taehyung never really liked the young boy but at the age of seven it wasn’t anything more then a phase. They grew up together spending every second they can together sooner or later one was going to grow feelings it was only natural.

It was Jungkooks birthday he was finally becoming an adult, he got on his bike and headed to Taehyungs house. Tae’s parents were strict and knowing he had school the next day wouldn’t let him out at this hour. Jungkook threw stones at the window waiting for his best freind to come out. “Hey kookie how’s my birthday boy” taehyung pulled jungkook into hug and jungkook hoped he wouldn’t feel his heart beating out of his chest. Jungkook always looked up to his hyung he eventually grew feelings in his first year of high school, even though tae was a grade ahed of them they still stuck to each other like glue.

Jungkook and Taehyung rode their bikes all the way to the far woods to a secret spot only they knew about. It was an abandoned diner. Jungkook loved the eerie look that to him was beautiful. While Taehyung thought it was a great reminder that there is such thing called daylight. They sat against the rundown wall and stared into each other’s eyes. Although Taehyung never this way he couldn’t help but find the young boy tempting. “I got you something, I may have stole it from the jewelry store but don’t worry I didn’t get caught” He showed his rectangle smile and jungkook showed his bunny teeth. “You didn’t have to get me anything we’ve never exchanged gifts on our birthday why now” jungkook said. “I know but your becoming an adult today so I thought I got you something special”

Taehyung pulled out a long box and handed it to the younger. He carefully opened the box, inside was a beautiful silver necklace hanging from it was a crescent moon. Jungkook looked at Taehyung “Tae you didn’t have to do this” Jungkook was touched especially since he didn’t think Taehyung knew of his obsession with the night sky. “That’s not it I got one for me to ”. Taehyung pulled out another silver necklace from under his shirt attached was the sun “I saw the way you looked at the world we live in and I can tell you love it and as you can tell from all the blabbing I do of the daylight I got a sun. A sun and moon because opposites attract”. Jungkook wanted to hug him and kiss him but he knew Taehyung didn’t see him that way. “Thank you tae this means a lot to me and this necklace is beautiful” Jungkook said and him and tae began to stare into each other’s eyes again. Taehyung started to think about how beautiful the young boy was again, from the simplest freckle on his to his unique build the of his body. Taehyung swore he never thought of Jungkook this way but something about the way Jungkook was starring at him or the way the night light reflected off his skin bought back memories of the time they stuck in the rain while walking home. It was also the first time he saw Jungkook shirtless.

They got to Taehyungs house drenched from head to toe “I have some clothes you can borrow” tae offered he turned away to get his own clothes expecting Jungkook to be in the bathroom, he turned to see a shirtless Jungkook in all his glory. That’s the first time he ever felt anything for him when he saw his toned chest and wondered if what was below was just as beautiful"…

He couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed Jungkook by the back of his neck and placed his lips on his. It Jungkook some time to realize his crush of ten years was finally kissing him. Jungkook pulled away and stared at tae “why’d you kiss me” he asked, Taehyung smirked before leaning into his ear “it’s your birthday and your becomes no an adult why don’t we celebrate it properly”. He kissed him again this time more desperate, Jungkook crawled onto his lap not breaking the kiss Taehyungs hands travelled south and rested at the boys ass. “Your really beautiful” Taehyung groaned as he trailed kisses down jungkook’s jaw to his neck to his collarbone. Jungkook let out a shaky breath and let his hand roam under Taehyungs shirt sure he wasn’t the fittest but to jungkook he felt he found the holy grail just touching his bare skin.

Taehyung tugged jungkook’s shirt off and soon he took off his as well “tae…are we really doing it here” Jungkook breathed he could feel Taehyung’s hardening bulge under him and that’s when he knew they wouldn’t make it home. “Yes” was all tae said before he was laying the boy down onto the ground. Taehyung lowered the boys paints down to his knees before undoing his shoes and pulling his pants down the rest of the way. “It might hurt a little tell me if you can’t handle it” he said before lowering his own pants leavening them both in their boxers. “Tae can I take them off for you” Jungkook whispered. “Of course” Jungkook reached for the hem of Tae’s boxers his fingers where hesitant hooking under the fabric.

Tae placed his hands on top of his “don’t be nervous baby your doing great” tae reassured. Jungkook lowered his boxers surprised by the older’s size. Tae smirked before reaching for jungkook’s, he was suddenly insecure after seeing Tae’s size and squeezed his thighs together. Tae leaned into his ear “come on baby open up its just me what is there to hide” he whispered and jungkook complied opening his legs just for him only him. Tae instantly got rid of jungkook’s boxers and marveled at the boy . He’s never seen anyone so beautiful even his dick was Beautiful, a shade of pink he’s never seen before. “Stop staring” Jungkook whispered but tae didn’t listen instead he pressed a kiss to the head “your so beautiful” he answered.

Tae hovered over the boy “im going in okay no prep you can handle it right” tae asked but Jungkook only nodded he was already wet enough for his best friend he didn’t care he just wanted him inside him. Taehyung slowly pushed himself into the boy and jungkook almost screamed in pain and pleasure, mostly pleasure. It wasn’t long before Taehyung was a moaning mess thrusting desperately into the boy.

He didn’t think Jungkook would last as long as he did and was searching for his prostate before he came. He finally found it as jungkook’s back arched and he let out a loud moan. Satisfied tae released him self into Jungkook sending Jungkook off the edge making him cum all over tae and his chest.

They laid next to each other after tae pulled out and cleaned them up. “Let’s go I’ll drop you off at your house” tae helped the sore boy up. “How am I supposed to ride my bike home” Jungkook whined before sucking it up and sitting on the bike seat wincing.

They reached jungkook’s house and tae claimed into the boys window. “You should be getting home you have school tomorrow” jungkook said climbing into bed. “You thought I would just leave my boyfriend alone on his birthday and while he’s in pain” tae said climbing into bed with the younger. “Boy…friend” Jungkook repeated and tae just smiled and snuggled into his chest “yes now sleep” Jungkook shook his head “I don’t feel like sleeping anymore” he said before tae was instantly on top of him again. “Fuck school round two is starting” he smirked. Jungkook didn’t get much sleep last night as tae kept sucking in between his legs until morning.

Sadly Tae’s parents where not happy he skipped school…but it was worth it.