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i just want to say to fic readers that big long rambly comments on fics, where you say the things you loved about it and sometimes get capslocky and squeal and use exclamation points and quote parts and praise the smut or the characterizations or the world building or the chemistry or all of the above, comments like that are fucking incredible and every fic author loves you, thank you

Catarinalosss’ Book!Malec Fic Recs

Anonymous said: 
Hey! I love your blog, and I was wondering if you could recommend some malec fics to me? I can’t seem to find book malec fic anywhere. Thank you!

Ohohoh, you’re going to be sorry you asked, anon.

I have the same problem with finding good Book!Malec fics, since they’re all buried under the gargantuan pile of Show!Malec fics. Luckily, I have the procrastination skills of a teenager my age, so I was able to go through that enormous pile, and filter through the Book!Malec fanfictions. I’ll sort this masterpost with my favourite authors (because some people have the writing skills of a genius and I love all of their fics) , my favourite series’s, and my favourite fanfictions. Enjoy!


Spun on

Oh man, I could go on and on why the author is one of the best fanfiction writer I’ve ever seen, but I’ll keep it brief for everyone’s sake. The plots of the fics are so amazing, they’re short and to the point, which is an immediate winner in my book, yet they have so much detail. They’ve got the characters spot-on, they’ve got the right ratio of fluff to drama, and they have amazing Malec content. Keep in mind that those are all Book!Malec fics. Also, this author has a lot of work based off the first three books in the series, there aren’t that many after CoFA.

I could literally list all their fanfictions as my favourites, but I can’t really do that, so without further ado, here are my top five:        

*Pride Goeth  [T, 1/1]

Summary: Magnus is attractively arrogant. Alec is horrendously sick for two days, but he gets to be right for once, so it’s worth it. “We should call it a holiday. ‘The Day Alec Was Right and Magnus Was Wrong’.”

Notes: Definitely one of my top three, this is so amazing. Great storyline, well written characters, and full of fluff. 

*Snippets [T, 6/6]

Summary: One hundred and fifty one-sentence Magnus/Alec fics - everything from angst to crack to pure fluff. “I don’t think writing ‘Property of Magnus Bane’ on the back of my jeans is the ‘subtle sign of possession’ you were looking for.”

Notes: This fic takes you on a journey. It’s short and sweet, terribly angsty at times, and I love it

*Payment & Indebted [K+, 1/1] [K+, 1/1]

Summary (Payment): “There were some experiences that just couldn’t be bought, and being shyly hit on by a drowsy nine-year-old was one of them.” Because I am in love with the concept of Magnus and Alec meeting long before the party.

Indebted: Sequel to Payment. When Magnus told him “In nine or ten years, come find me and then we’ll talk,” he probably hadn’t meant “Nearly get yourself killed by a Greater Demon so I have to heal you again.” Alec was better at this when he was nine.

Notes: These are so sweet. I love the idea of Magnus meeting Alec as a child, and this author has captured the idea perfectly. The sequel is amazing as well, definitely check it out.

Understanding [K+, 1/1]

Summary: Robert gets rocks thrown at him, Valentine is occasionally not a total sociopath, and Max almost ends up being named ‘Templeton’ - in short, eleven people who impacted Maryse Lightwood’s life, in one way or another.

Notes: This POV so refreshing, they’re all really great stories and I love Alec’s especially, it’s such an unusual fic and I adore it. (Malec at the end)

Occupational Hazard [K+, 1/1]

Summary: Preseries. “It’s tragic,” Isabelle says, “but you’ve been demoted to family pillow. Deal.”

Notes: The family dynamic in this is so great, I love all the alluding hints to the series and how the Lightwoods interact with each other (this isn’t technically Malec but it’s still great)

CumberbatchCritter on AO3

I loooove this author so much. They have such an amazing way of telling a short, fluffy story. I re-read this authors works all the time, because I adore them so much, and the amount of Malec fluff in these is almost too much, but not quite. Again, these are all Book!Malec fanfictions. There are a lot of sick!fics, which I love, but other people may not like, so just a heads up, but they are extremely well written.

Here are my top five:

*Out of Character [T, 1/1] 

Summary: “… The city… was devastated and… there was a lake of blood… I saw you… reflected in it… and you were drowning…” He raised his head, looking blearily up towards Alec. “I think it’s a trap… and I can’t lose you… Alexander.

“Magnus has a dream. One of those dreams. When he comes to, all he can focus on is getting to Alec.

Notes: Usually these fics of Magnus-having-a-vision-of-Alec-dying are so overdone, but this fic comes in my top three, it’s so amazing.

 **Marred Beauty [M, 1/1]

Summary: Alec has scars.

He thinks that they’re not important.
Magnus calls them battle scars.

Notes: This is probably my favourite from this author, be warned, the Malec content in this is extraordinarily adorable. Tw - mentioned attempted suicide and scars.

Poison [T, 1/1]

Summary: Magnus knew there was something to be said about being on his knees in front of his boyfriend, but he guessed the effect was lessened slightly when he was on his knees because he hunched over the toilet, desperately trying not to throw up into it.

Notes: Magnus gets food poisoning. Fluff ensues. Enough said.

When in Doubt, Add Glitter [T, 1/1]

Summary: Magnus wanted to kill whoever had given Alec the flu, because he hated seeing his favourite Shadowhunter (and boyfriend) so miserable.

Notes: Alec contracts the Flu. Fluff-filled, very cute.  

*Wounds Left Open [T, 1/1]

Summary: “I’m serious, Alec,” Magnus said. “I had a knife against my throat and all I could think about was you… black hair, blue eyes, and the smile I fell for.”

Notes: Sort of a filler in between the return from Edom and the Malec make up, a little AU-ish, but still a favourite of mine.

Noisyhanners on AO3

AAAAA. This author is AMAZING. Their works are so sweet and nice and CUTE! If you like Lightwood-Bane family antics, this is the author for you. Max and Rafe are good kids, Alec and Magnus are great parents, fluff is STUFFED into these fics. All Book!Malec fics!

There are only four fics, so I’ll list them all as my top four:

*Rafe’s First Sleepover [K+, 1/1]

Notes: Rafael and Tavvy are future parabatai goals, featuring Emma and Jules. Very cute.            

*Max Goes to Prom [K+, 1/1]

Notes: My absolute FAVOURITE. They’re just a normal, happy, functioning family :“))

*Cat Comes to Dinner [K+, 1/1] 

Summary: Catarina not-so-secretly loves the Lightwood-Bane house.

Notes: Pure family antics, in Catarina’s POV. I highly recommend, super sweet.

*Total Bliss [K+, 1/1]

Summary: Alec and Magnus have a soft conversation over wine one rainy Saturday night-in.


Thewholocked on AO3

I’m a sucker for alternate universes, and this author has tons. Hogwarts, Childhood Friends and just pure fluff drabbles, this author has a LOT. Keep in mind that there are some show!malec fics, but there are twice as many Book!Malec fics. The writing is a bit punctuated, but I don’t really mind. Pretty sure these are all Book!Malec again.

Top five:      

*Hitting (On) [K+, 1/1]

Summary: In which Alec and Magnus are Beaters of opponent Quidditch teams and hate (love) each other.

Notes: Ahhhhh. Don’t you just love enemies to friends to lovers AND Hogwarts AU’s?

*And This is How it Starts [T, 1/1] 

Summary: Basically Malec friend to lovers au.

Notes: Childhood Friends and drunken kissing. What could go wrong? 

The Champions [K+, 1/1]

Summary: Alec is from Durmstrang, Magnus is from Beauxbaton and they both happen to be the champions.

Notes: Magnus is from Beauxbaton, Alec is from Durmstrang, and they’re competing in the Triwizard Tournament. Fluff. 

In Love [K+, 1/1]

Summary: ‘A diaper. An actual freaking diaper. I was looking for that last night, I wrecked our sock drawer trying to find it and-it’s not funny, Alexander!’
But Alec was laughing so hard he couldn’t even respond, his voice musical, his head thrown back and Magnus starting smiling too because Alec’s laugh was so contagious and so utterly honest.

Notes: Tooth-rotting fluff.

One Step at a Time [K+, 1/1]              

Summary: Alec and Magnus teach their son how to walk.

Notes: Adorable.   

thewarlocksbitch on AO3

This author does some amazing fanfiction, but be warned, there are a load of smut fanfictions. The non-smut and smut ones are REALLY cute, and well written, and some of my top 10.

Top five: 

like a mischievous teenager [E, 1/1]

Summary: 'my parents hate you so I’m sneaking you in at night for sex shhh’ malec high school au

Notes: Cute, and very smutty. 

fearless [K+, 1/1]

Summary: kiss in the accords hall from Alec’s pov

Notes: Hall of Accords. Need I say anything more 

surprise PDA [K+, 1/1]

Summary: prompt: i wasn’t gay but then i kissed you in front of some homophobes to piss them off and now im im kinda gay au (well actually I am gay but I’m closeted and didn’t know how much I like you)

Notes: ahhhhh this is so cute omg, I love how Alec is written in this.

*sleepover [T, 1/1]

“we’re in college and living in the same dorm, and I find you passed out in the elevator after a night out with friends” au

Notes: I just love college AU’s. Very cute.

*truth or dare? [T, 1/1]

Summary: malec highschool au with best friends to confused crushes after a truth or dare kiss and “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”

Notes: Childhood BFF AU’s are the best. Really well written. 

LastHope on AO3

This author has everything. I love them. I feel as if most of what they write is canon in my mind, because it’s that good and that well written. There’s loads of Malec fics which are AMAZING, and some Heline fics which are SUPER GOOD and you should definitely check out. These are all Book!Malec.

Top five:

*A Conversation on Immortality [T, 1/1]

Summary: Aline comes to a realization, and seeks advice from the only person she can think of who knows what to do. Post-CoHF

Notes: This fic makes me cry every time I re read it. Amazing Malec, Heline, and Alec/Aline brotp. Highly recommend.

*Where Thou Diest, I Will Die [T, 1/1]

Summary: …and there will I be buried: The Angel do so to me, and more also. - Parabatai OathWhat happens to the other half of the parabatai bond when one dies?Alec’s side of the Battle of Brocelind Plain, after Jace was stabbed.

Notes: another heartbreaking fic, with Malec and platonic Jalec feels.

**Bewitching Bouquets [K+, 1/1]

Summary: All Magnus wanted was the cute blue-eyed man’s phone number. All Alec wanted was to be able to breathe.


To Love Someone That Much [T, 1/1]

Summary: Helen imparts some words of wisdom on Magnus about his past, and current, relationship with Alec before she leaves for Wrangel Island.

Notes: Pre-Malec make-up, when Helen kicks Magnus in the ass to get his act together. Another amazing fic.

*Secret Fights [K+, 1/1]

Summary: Alec and Magnus were supposed to have a happy relationship, not one like Mom and Dad’s. Isabelle hated hearing secret fights occurring in the middle of the night when the couples in question thought no one would hear them. She heard. Isabelle always heard.

Notes: During CoLS. THE ANGST.

Rena on AO3

Again, an amazing author which I highly recommend, they’ve got everything from sentence fics to chaptered. Such a beautiful writer.

Top five: 

Fragments [T, 1/1]

Summary: One hundred one sentence pieces of Magnus/Alec from angst to fluff. “Okay, I’m giving you exactly one minute to explain to me why and whereto all my clothes have vanished – and 'because they were black’ is not a valid answer.”

Notes: Amazing sentence fic, cute & funny

Five Times…. [T, 1/1]

Summary: ..Magnus Bane saved Alec Lightwood, and one time he couldn’t.

Notes: Hilarious fanfic, not what you think it is. 

These Fragments I Have Shored Against My Ruins [T, 1/1] 

Summary: In which Magnus lies wide awake at night and ponders over the fragility of their relationship.

Notes: Angsty af, but I love it.

Letters From Nowhere [T, 11/11]

Summary: A mysterious letter at the front door, with no indication who might have sent it. And if Alec wants to find that person, he has to solve the puzzle laid-out for him… 

Notes: Such a cute AU, I recommend this fic so much.

Kaleidoscope [T, 1/1]  

Summary: “At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.” Drabble-collection.

Notes: Drabble collection. Very cute and occasionally angsty


Finding Out by jennynivea [T, 1/1]
How the different people in Alec’s life find out that he is engaged to Magnus. Includes Izzy and Simon, Jace and Clary, Aline and Helen and Maryse and Robert. With a dash of fluff, humor and heartfelt feels. 

Notes: Very funny, especially the Izzy and Simon section

Instruments of Chaos by pissedofsandwich [T, 1/1]
It all started with, “Marry me today.” Or, the one where Alec and Aline kicked ass in the Clave meeting. Or, basically, all of the official pairings cramped in one fic and caused chaos. 

Notes: This one is a bit cheesy, but I still love it. Notice the use of the unidentified snippets.

A Soft White Damn by twahtohnedskee [K+, 1/1]
She bet he was waiting for someone. Boys like that always were. She hoped that the girl was pretty, at least. By now, the boy’s cheeks were starting to color due to the cold. It was kind of adorable. She didn’t understand why anyone would keep a boy like that waiting. 

Notes: A beautiful fic, told in an outsiders POV.

We Can Try by prodigaldaughter13 [T, 1/1]
Jace is causing trouble once again, plotting to get Magnus and Alec back together. 

Notes: Basically someone’s take on how Magnus and Alec were going to get back together, it’s an adorable fic and I love it so much.

The Other Side by saraubs [T, 1/1]
Alec finds an old trunk full of mementos in Magnus’s closet and is upset to find that there’s nothing in there to remind Magnus of him. Or is there? Inspired by the short story “Magnus’s Vow”. 

Notes: Where Alec finds Magnus’ box of memories and gets a vision of all the moments featuring him important to Magnus. Very good ff.

Ask Me by himekohimura [K+, 1/1]
A short of the City of Glass scene. 

Notes: Aaaaa so cute!!!! I love re-reading this one.

Bits and Pieces by Take_Me_To_My_Fragile_Dreams [T, 3/?]
A collection of 1000 prompts all centering around Magnus and Alec.
Practical: “Magnus, sliding down a rainbow to reach the altar isn’t really the best idea, it’d probably spook the flying horses you’re so keen on having.”

Notes: A lovely sentence fic, ranging from fluff to angst

Don’t Touch My Heart (I Was Taken From The Start) by Take_Me_To_My_Fragile_Dreams [T, 1/1]
In a world where everyone has a soulmate whose name is tattooed on their wrist, Alec and Magnus are just trying to find one another among the masses. 

Notes: This is SUCH a beautiful fic. Honestly. If you like soulmate AU’s, this is the fic for you. 

Some Day by Take_Me_To_My_Fragile_Dreams [K+, 1/1]
Some day he’ll stop blaming Jace. (But not today). 

Notes: Hella cute phone conversation fanfic.

Of Weddings and Surnames by fakeditfromthewordgo [K+, 1/1]
'“I’ve met a lot of men–“ Jace snorted, and Magnus’ eyes narrowed– “but I don’t think anyone could forget Will Herondale.”’ 

Notes: Jace is nervous on his wedding day, and Magnus tells him about his ancestor. Not really Malec, but a cool fic anyways.

Flicker by may10baby [T, 1/1]
Set during the main battle of COA. Magnus’ POV as he rescues Alec from drowning. 

Notes: I have nothing to say except :“(((.

The Memory Room by ElvenAvari [K+, 1/1]
Imagine somebody who’s immortal having a gigantic room where all the walls are completely covered up with photos. Each one is of a different loved one whom they have outlived. 

Notes: *violent sobbing*

Open Doors by gigi_marlee [K+, 1/1]
The day Alec moved into Magnus’ loft in Brooklyn was the day he told his mother he was moving out.
It was easier to do when he practiced with Magnus.

Notes: Cute Mayrse and Alec dynamic, I really like this one.

Across the Realms by KataraAlchemist [T, 10/10]
It’s happened before, a shadowhunter moved wrong or just didn’t move fast enough, and the next moment they were gone. Sucked into another realm. And they never came home, not alive or in one piece anyhow. Now it is happening again, Alec is gone. 

Notes: This is such an emotional fic, it says in first person POV though, so don’t read if you don’t like.

things we’re good at by alicelightwoodbane [T, 1/1]
Notes: Post-CoHF. This is such a CUTE AND ADORABLE FIC! I cannot recommend this more.

Day 6: "Take my strength” Day by Malteser24 [K+, 1/1]
Notes: This fanfiction made me bawl like a baby, it’s such a sweet beautiful fic. Malec weddings are the best.

Very Good News by Kimmy [K+, 1/1]
Never had a phone call at three in the morning spelled good news. 

Notes: This is an amazing fic, adorable and sweet. :“))

Kiss the Teacher by Aristola Gracewell [T, 1/1]
Rainy days makes for lazy mornings. Magnus tries, and fails, to bribe his boyfriend to take a day off work. Being the sweetheart that he is, he offers to make-up for lost time by giving a nearly-tardy Alec a ride to work.
(Or: This is what happens when Alec’s students catch him kissing Magnus in the entryway.)


Boyfriend’s Lesser Talents by Aristola Gracewell [T, 1/1]
You hate cooking” Alec blurted out.
“But that doesn’t mean I’m not any good at it.”

Notes: Super sweet and domestic, I’m in love with this.

The Descent by GiveUpResistance [E, 10/10]
He brought a splash of colour, of life, to him when he sat down next to him with a graphite smudged face when he was fifteen, and after seven years of being his friend, Alec loves him still, falling harder and harder with each passing moment, with every word and look, every fight and every apology, a steepening descent. Malec AU set over seven long years of falling. 

Notes: Oh god. This fic made me laugh, cry, and everything in between. This is my favourite fanfic at the moment. It’s super angsty, sweet at the end, and will probably make you sob. tw for self harm.

A Splash of Colour by irie_eerie [K+, 1/1]
Alec always felt invisible, an outsider watching from the sidelines. Then he meets Magnus, a street painter who lives his dream in a world of color. “It just takes one person to make you feel like you belong. To make you feel special.” AU-AH, Malec. Inspired by the movie The Giant Mechanical Man. 


Harder Things to Say by Diabolus_Invictus [T, 1/1]
Following the events of 'City of Heavenly Fire’, Alec returns to Magnus’s apartment for the first time to figure out how this is going to work in the aftermath of… well, everything. 

Notes: This is such an amazing fic, it’s so good I consider it canon in my mind. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

We’re Gonna Be Okay by Inrainbowz [K+, 1/1]
Isabelle observes Alec and Magnus and thinks that maybe, just maybe, everything will be fine. 

Notes: :“)))))))

Keep This Love in a Photograph by blushingkurt [K+, 1/1]
Magnus Bane, being immortal, had a hard time remembering things that have happened in his past. That’s why he turns to photography - to capture the more important aspects of his life so he can look back and remember them forever.

NotesThis is an amazing short fic, it’s a million times better than what the description says.

Frankly, Catarina by A_Graph_You_Look_At [K+, 1/1]
You are aware of the immense inequality in the dynamic of your relationship, aren’t you?”

NotesLovesick Magnus is one of the best Magnus’. Great fic.

Six Stages of Falling in Love by vulturemomen [T, 1/1]
Notes: This fic does not get enough credit. It’s so well written and beautiful.

They Go in Pairs by Inrainbowz [K+, 1/1]
All I want is the knowledge that I won’t ever have to chose between the two of you.“
Alec tries to understand the problem between Jace and Magnus. He is not asking them to be the best of friends, but he needs his boyfriend and his brother to get along a minimum.

Notes: A great fanfic. :)))))

Hold Onto Those by Inrainbowz [T, 1/1]

“Do you want to make a wish?” “Fuck off.” “Come on, it’s just a question. What would you wish for? If you could ask for anything.” “I would wish for this pain to disappear.” “Ah. A classic. My wish is to have the sentence "Be careful of what you wish for” tattooed on my forehead. But for now, it’s all about you.“

Notes: This fic doesnt get enough credit, and its so much more than the description. A take on post-CoLS

slow, steady and a little unusual by softlightwood [T, 1/1]

Isabelle blinks slowly.

"He kissed me, and i- i fell. Down the stairs”

Notes: tHIS IS SO CUTE, a take on the aftermath of malec’s first date, a little au-ish.

hold onto me by softlightwood [T, 1/1]

Is this the worst of it? Are you hurt anywhere else?" "I think I may have sprained my ankle” Magnus answers thoughtfully. “And my pride. But that’s the main source of the problem, I imagine”

Notes: Magnus gets hurt, Alec takes care of him :”) 

we’re good, we’re solid, we’re gold by softlightwood [K+, 1/1]

A rune comes to Clary in a dream. She knows exactly who it’s meant for.

Notes: If this doesn’t become canon, I’ll cry.

kiss me until the morning light by alicelightwoodbane [M, 1/1]

There are lots of different kisses.

Notes: post CoHF and adorable.   

Priorities by Pendragon2601 [M, 1/1] 

When Alec is badly injured after a routine patrol, Magnus is called to help save his life. Once he is cured, they then have a much needed talk about their prioities as parents. 

Notes: :”)


The Lightwood-Bane Chronicles by alecdvnpt
Three amazing stories following the life of the Lightwood-Bane’s. I would highly recommend this series, it’s so fluffy and adorable and great, I love it so much.

So that’s all! I’ll definitely add to the list when I come across, enjoy!

“Clarke,” she hears Lexa murmur from behind her, and just the simple sound of her name on Lexa’s tongue is enough to pull tears from her stinging eyes and a strangled sob from her throat. She clenches her eyes closed and wraps her arms around herself as she stands in the middle of the room, her back to Lexa and her heart in her throat, and despite how awful and messy this night has been, something feels like it is finally, finally, falling into place.

And when the warmth of Lexa’s breath suddenly ghosts across the back of Clarke’s neck, when Lexa’s hands timidly settle against Clarke’s waist and make her feel alive in a way nothing ever has, she understands what that something is.

Everything is turbulent and temporary and terrifying and so completely fucked up, but it is the middle of the night, and they are alive, and Clarke is in love with Lexa.

Clarke trembles in the quiet room, her back pressed to Lexa’s strong chest, and Lexa’s fingers braced atop her waist. She can’t seem to make it stop, the quaking in her muscles and bones, like she is crashing, crashing. Her adrenaline is leaking away, and all that is left in its wake is this consuming realization, too loud to ignore, too immense to keep inside. She feels like she is going to burst.

“Breathe, Clarke,” Lexa whispers, just as she had in the woods, just as she has since the beginning. The words puff against the back of Clarke’s neck, hot and soft, and send a shiver down her spine. She nearly buckles around it.

Her words vibrate between her teeth when Clarke draws in a fast breath and says, “I thought…”

“I know,” Lexa breathes, not even needing to hear the completed thought. She squeezes Clarke’s waist, holds her steady, and rubs her thumb over the swell of her hip over and over.

A throat clears from behind them, and they both jolt at the sound. They separate quickly and turn toward the intruder.

Octavia stands in the frame with her hand on the door. A small smirk graces her lips despite the slight pink of her cheeks. She clears her throat again, more pointedly, before saying, “I’ll just, um, go ahead and close this for you, Commander.”

Lexa’s nostrils flare and her jaw clenches, but she only gives a hard nod and says, “Octavia.”

Octavia doesn’t give either of them a chance to say anything more before she closes the door and leaves, and Clarke and Lexa can only stand there, staring, until Clarke lets out a sigh that sounds almost like a laugh. She shakes her head with it and runs a hand over her braided hair and down her face.

“I can go,” she says, but instead of moving toward the door, she heads shakily for the opposite wall. The surface is cool against her forehead as she braces her hands against the wall and collapses inward. “I should go.”


“I should,” Clarke says, letting out a staggered breath. “I should go. You need to rest.”

“I am fine,” Lexa says from behind her, and Clarke shakes her head again, her forehead rubbing against the wall with a quiet squeaking sound that makes her cringe.

“You haven’t slept in days, Lexa.”

“I will survive.”

Clarke closes her eyes at those words, feels them sting and stab at her. Survive. They barely survived the night. Clarke thinks she has been barely surviving since the day she landed on earth. Maybe she and Lexa are the same in that way, always just barely surviving but surviving nonetheless. She doesn’t know if it is a blessing or a curse. Perhaps both.

“You may stay, Clarke.” Lexa is closer now but not quite close enough to be touching, not quite close enough for Clarke to feel her warmth or her breath, be encased in her shadow.

Clarke stares at the floor, her heart thudding heavily in her chest, and she wants to say yes. She wants to say that, right now, staying here, staying with Lexa, is the only thing that feels right, the only thing that feels good. She wants to let go of every ounce of strength in her body, every inch of resistance and all that survival, and just collapse backward into Lexa’s arms. Hold me, she wants to say. Hold me. But instead, Clarke licks her lips and tentatively asks, “Is that what you want?”

She isn’t sure how she expects Lexa to respond, maybe a non-answer or something incredibly vague that leaves the Commander’s actual desires up in the air, because Lexa is so accustomed to pretending she has no desires at all. So, Clarke is taken completely by surprise when Lexa simply says, “Yes.”

That single, small word is enough to reach in and pull all her aching, needing, wanting pieces straight to the surface, and Clarke barely sucks in a breath before she is pushing off the wall and spinning on her heels. She crashes into Lexa, and they stumble backward as Clarke catches the back of Lexa’s neck with an urgent hand and swallows the small gasp on her lips inside a searing kiss.

It is messy and desperate and wet with the tears Clarke didn’t even realize were still washing her cheeks, but it’s the kind of kiss that says a million things in a single press. It’s the kind of kiss that latches on and tugs you in, tugs you hard, tugs you closer, tugs sound from your lips and the ground from beneath your feet. It’s the kind of kiss that demands to be felt, demands to be remembered.

It is a goddamned disaster of a kiss, and Clarke knows it will leave her, leave them both, in ruins, but she wants to crumble in Lexa’s arms. She wants to crumble against her lips. She wants to fall apart over and over until they are only rubble and remains, mixed together like wind-stirred ashes. They should get to choose how they are destroyed, and this, Clarke thinks, this is how she wants to break—on Lexa’s lips.

They fall into the heady explosion, and Clarke is intoxicated by the sudden rush of blood to her hands and between her legs, pulsing, pulsing, and by the thinning oxygen that barely makes it into her lungs with each quick gasp between wet presses. Her hands are at the buckle on Lexa’s chest before she even realizes what she is doing, but she doesn’t stop. She pulls back only enough to catch Lexa’s gaze, green eyes dark and beautiful, and when she receives a small nod, she tugs the buckle open.

Lexa’s shoulder guard falls to the floor with a thud and clatter, and Clarke thinks they are one step closer to absolute, divine destruction. Her fumbling hands jerk awkwardly at Lexa’s pieces, all metal and leather and ties, and when she looks up briefly to see the other girl’s lips painted with an amused smile, a hard, resounding laugh rips up from Clarke’s throat. She presses it against Lexa’s smiling lips like she wants to share the taste, and it is just as messy as the last.

Lexa makes quick work of her armor, weapons, and top as Clarke yanks her own shirt over her head, hissing a bit as the material rubs over the bandage on her wounded arm. She barely gives it a thought, though; pulling Lexa back in before the material has even touched the floor.

A hard moan claws its way up from Clarke’s chest when she feels Lexa’s fingers scratch across her bare lower back, down her still-clothed hips, and grip into the backs of her thighs. When her back hits the wall a moment later, Clarke yelps against Lexa’s lips. She hadn’t even realized they were moving. The sharp contrast between the wall’s cold surface at her back and Lexa’s heat pushing against her chest and stomach, though, is overwhelming, and Clarke wants more. She needs more.

Gripping at Lexa’s neck, Clarke pulls her in harder, sinks her teeth into a full bottom lip and tries not to come undone at the soft, quiet growl that rumbles in Lexa’s throat. She slides her hands down Lexa’s back, pushes and pulls at the material of her bindings until they are loose enough for her to easily untie and unravel.

When the material goes slack in Clarke’s hands, Lexa breaks their kiss. She pants heavily against Clarke’s lips, only an inch away, and presses their foreheads together. Her open bindings are caught between their heaving chests, keeping her covered, and she lifts her hands to cup her palms around Clarke’s cheeks as she remains molded against her.

“Slow, Clarke,” Lexa whispers breathlessly. “Slow.”

Clarke takes a deep breath and nods against Lexa’s forehead. Her hands shake against Lexa’s bare back, her palms sweaty, and she presses them down harder to steady them. “Sorry,” she mutters, slipping one hand up to anchor it in Lexa’s hair. “I’m sorry. I just—”

“I know,” Lexa says, her fingers sliding down Clarke’s neck and over her shoulders, down her arms like they are silently mapping every inch, “but you have nothing to fear here, now, Clarke. I will not disappear.”

Clarke’s breath releases in a stutter of a sigh, fresh tears squeezing free as she closes her eyes and pushes her forehead just a bit harder against Lexa’s. “You’re alive,” she croaks, and the way her voice breaks around the words only causes the tears to rush up faster, more relentlessly. She is amazed at how easily she breaks. She clutches desperately to Lexa, and she knows her short nails are digging into Lexa’s back, but the other girl doesn’t say a word or move a muscle. She only continues to hold Clarke steady. “You’re alive.”

“Yes.” Lexa nudges her nose against Clarke’s cheek, catching a stream of tears and streaking through it.

“It almost doesn’t feel real,” Clarke mutters with a sad, strangled laugh. She is a mess of melding emotions that don’t fit together but somehow manage to merge. “I thought … in the woods, I thought maybe it wasn’t. I went into that tent, Lexa, and everything was burning, and I thought you were dead, but then you weren’t, and you were there in the woods, and I thought I was imagining it, you. I thought—”

Her rambling words catch and die in her throat when Lexa shifts back just enough to let her bindings fall to the floor and leave her chest entirely bare.

“Touch me, Clarke,” she whispers, taking Clarke’s hand and pressing it against her chest. The thudding rhythm of her heart beats against Clarke’s palm, soothing and steady. “I am real.”

Clarke’s stomach clenches as Lexa’s strong heart races beneath her fingers. She swipes her thumb over the swell of a small breast and heaves out a wet sigh. Her insides are bubbling, full and alive, ready to boil over with all the things that demand to be felt, to be said, to be shared. Closing her eyes, Clarke pulls Lexa into her again, kisses the line of her jaw, the corner of her mouth, and thinks of Lexa’s quiet confession in the dark of their room in Polis.

“Lexa.” It is barely there, just a brush of sound against the air, but then Clarke opens her eyes, brings Lexa’s hand up to her own chest to settle over her heart, and says, “I’m weak, too.”

Dean Ambrose | under siege | Dolph Ziggler

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SUMMARIZED: You are the girlfriend of Dean Ambrose, who you have an argument with before Raw…  Dolph Ziggler over hears this argument and he thinks that he’d be a considerable upgrade and so on the night of the siege by Smackdown, he corners you up, gets fellow roster members Randy Orton and AJ Styles to basically attempt ganging up on Dean as if he’s trying to prove a point. The only thing he manages to do is prove to you – and Dean, exactly why you’re a Dean Ambrose kinda girl. Steamy makeout / a surprise announcement and you and Dean prove why you’re the best couple ever.

[ fanfictions ] [ jon moxley + randy orton ]

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Bright White Noise - aroceu - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
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Relationships: Zacharias Smith/Blaise Zabini
Characters: Zacharias Smith, Blaise Zabini, Hannah Abbott, Ernie Macmillan, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Filius Flitwick, Minerva McGonagall, Aurora Sinistra, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Theodore Nott, Gregory Goyle, Pansy Parkinson
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Blaise pursues Zacharias, Zacharias makes no move to stop him. Thus, lots of snogging, shagging, and awkward conversations occur.

The Rising of the Herbert Moon

Herbert Moon was having a typical day. He didn’t really like foreigners, and the band Foreigner wasn’t even invented yet, so it’s not like he could hum “A Girl Like You” either. He was in the middle of being xenophobic for the 8th time today. It was his only respite from being old. Then, as if out of nowhere, a young man came in. He was wearing a bandana and a U.S. Marshal uniform. “I need some Fire Bottles,” said the strange man. “All our goods are American made!” replied Herbert Moon. The man bought 5 fire bottles, as that was all Herbert Moon had in stock. He promptly left, saying, “That’s as good as a deal as you’re gonna get!”. No less than 5 minutes later, Herbert heard a large explosion, followed by people screaming. A simple look out the window revealed at least 12 prostitutes on fire. Herbert Moon knew this was serious business. He took a few seconds to breathe, looked out towards the horizon, and ran as fast as he could, screaming, “I’M HERBERT MOON. HERBERT ”. His plan to lay low wasn’t successful. The strange young man was standing at the broken doors of the saloon, having a shootout with some folks in top hats. “LANDON RICKETTS!” shouted the young man. “DON’T LET HERBERT MOON DIE!” shouted Herbert Moon. The young man seemed entranced by the Herbert Moon warcry. He switched quickly from his revolver to his lasso, and roped Herbert Moon by the feet. “LET ME GO!” exclaimed Herbert Moon. “Wow, you’re a heavy one” said the young man, as he hoisted Herbert Moon onto his shoulder. Herbert Moon didn’t know what to expect. For the next two hours, the townsfolk seemed not to notice as the young man fireman-carried Herbert Moon around and repeatedly used his legs to hit people in the face. “HERBERT MOON’D”, and, “GET OUTTA MY WAY”, the young man would cry. “I’M NOT A CHILI-EATER”, Herbert Moon would yell in hopeful attempts to confuse the man into letting him go. A few more hours passed, and the man still persisted in his Herbert Moon carrying. Now, the young man was waiting patiently at the train platform. “Look, Herbert Moon,” the young man said, “The train is coming!” Herbert Moon could not see the train, as he was facing the young man’s back and the ground. As the train rolled into place, the young man stepped onto it. Noone getting off seemed to notice Herbert Moon half-sticking out the train window. Herbert Moon wondered if he would ever see home again. The young man paced back and forth on the train, always with Herbert Moon on his shoulder. Herbert Moon had picked up from the young man that his name was “Jack”. “Isn’t the scenery nice, Herbert Moon?” the young man would ask. “I HEARD JOHN MARSTON WAS A SPY FOR THE JEWS” Herbert Moon would reply. This seemed to displease Jack. Jack walked out between the cars on the train, and accidentally fell off. Herbert Moon rolled and rolled. “GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHK” exclaimed the young man. Herbert Moon did not say anything. He lay there and half-wished he was dead. All Herbert Moon wanted was to stand in his store and be a xenophobe. “I HOPE I DIDN’T KILL HERBERT MOON” Herbert Moon heard the young man yell. This warmed Herbert Moon’s old heart. Only a little, though. The young man ran over, saw that Herbert Moon was in fact alive, and picked him up again. The train disappeared into the distance. The young man whistled, and started running. Herbert Moon did not know what was going to happen. Then, a white steed appeared. The young man carefully lifted Herbert Moon and placed him on the horses rump. Then they were off! “We are going on vacation!” the young man told Herbert Moon. “DO I LOOK LIKE A CORRAL BARREL? UNTIE ME!” Herbert Moon yelled at an unconcerned passerby. The young man would occasionally shoot the people who rode past. This concerned Herbert Moon, because he didn’t know if they were foreigners or not. Herbert Moon disliked foreigners. As the sun was setting, Herbert Moon noticed a change in the humidity. He smelled the ocean. He smelled tacos. “LOOK!” the young man said with a boisterous tone, “IT’S THE SAN LUIS RIVER!” Herbert Moon was hanging over the side of the bridge that seperated Mexico from the United States. Herbert Moon disliked foreign lands. Herbert Moon was very frightened. The horse seemed to ride on forever. Occasionally it would jump. This made Herbert Moon feel queasy. The young man would yell obscenities sometimes. “WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYADANAG” at some times. “LESSGO LAYYYYYYYYYYSGO” at others. “BASTARD BASTARD!” even once. Once, wolves ran up to the horses legs. This terrified Herbert Moon. But fortunately, the young man shot the wolves before any damage was done to Herbert Moon. “DON’T LET HERBERT MOON DIE”, Herbert Moon would yell in dangerous situations. More hours passed. Eventually, the horse slowed, and finally, it stopped. The sun was almost set. “WE’RE HERE!” yelled the young man. The young man took Herbert Moon into a small room with a mexican prostitute. He accidentally placed Herbert Moon’s head under an armoire. He lifted Herbert Moon and moved him to the front of the room. He crouched down and fiddled with the ropes that bound Herbert Moon. Nothing happened. “I’ve been thinking about getting me a woman… or a washing machine,” Herbert Moon said. The man later took Herbert Moon outside. It was sunny again. The man shot the Mexican stagecoach driver. Herbert Moon didn’t mind. The man seemed confused as he walked around the stagecoach with Herbert. The man left the stagecoach unattended, walked near the railway, and placed Herbert Moon down. Then, without saying a word, the man cut Herbert Moon loose. Herbert Moon’s leg was in pain, but he ran as fast as he could towards anywhere. The young man followed slowly behind with his lasso out. Herbert Moon was terrified, but kept running. The young man stopped and looked away for a second to shoot a bird. Herbert Moon did the only thing he could think of and transformed instantly into a small cactus. Upon looking back, the young man cursed a curse so vulgar, it didn’t even make sense. He ran wildly, looking for Herbert Moon everwhere. Eventually the young man gave up, and threw his last fire bottle near Herbert Cactus Moon, but it did not hit him. The young man ran into the flames, screamed, rolled around, and then walked away, never to be seen again. At least not anytime soon, good for Herbert Moon. “HERBERT MOON ISN’T GONNA STAND FOR THIS SHIT ANYMORE”, sighed Herbert Cactus Moon. - by herbertmoonlover