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Day 2 for the  Mabel Pines Appreciation Week! (i’m trying to keep up, since it was two days ago sob)

For Day 2, you needed to pick an AU for mabel, and i’m in love with Time Stuck AU *^* so i decided to do some parts from @thesnadger and @the-subpar-ghost‘s Fan Fictions.

The first is from @thesnadger –>

The others two are from @the-subpar-ghost –>

If you havn’t read ‘em, go do it!! ** 

The Rising of the Herbert Moon

Herbert Moon was having a typical day. He didn’t really like foreigners, and the band Foreigner wasn’t even invented yet, so it’s not like he could hum “A Girl Like You” either. He was in the middle of being xenophobic for the 8th time today. It was his only respite from being old. Then, as if out of nowhere, a young man came in. He was wearing a bandana and a U.S. Marshal uniform. “I need some Fire Bottles,” said the strange man. “All our goods are American made!” replied Herbert Moon. The man bought 5 fire bottles, as that was all Herbert Moon had in stock. He promptly left, saying, “That’s as good as a deal as you’re gonna get!”. No less than 5 minutes later, Herbert heard a large explosion, followed by people screaming. A simple look out the window revealed at least 12 prostitutes on fire. Herbert Moon knew this was serious business. He took a few seconds to breathe, looked out towards the horizon, and ran as fast as he could, screaming, “I’M HERBERT MOON. HERBERT ”. His plan to lay low wasn’t successful. The strange young man was standing at the broken doors of the saloon, having a shootout with some folks in top hats. “LANDON RICKETTS!” shouted the young man. “DON’T LET HERBERT MOON DIE!” shouted Herbert Moon. The young man seemed entranced by the Herbert Moon warcry. He switched quickly from his revolver to his lasso, and roped Herbert Moon by the feet. “LET ME GO!” exclaimed Herbert Moon. “Wow, you’re a heavy one” said the young man, as he hoisted Herbert Moon onto his shoulder. Herbert Moon didn’t know what to expect. For the next two hours, the townsfolk seemed not to notice as the young man fireman-carried Herbert Moon around and repeatedly used his legs to hit people in the face. “HERBERT MOON’D”, and, “GET OUTTA MY WAY”, the young man would cry. “I’M NOT A CHILI-EATER”, Herbert Moon would yell in hopeful attempts to confuse the man into letting him go. A few more hours passed, and the man still persisted in his Herbert Moon carrying. Now, the young man was waiting patiently at the train platform. “Look, Herbert Moon,” the young man said, “The train is coming!” Herbert Moon could not see the train, as he was facing the young man’s back and the ground. As the train rolled into place, the young man stepped onto it. Noone getting off seemed to notice Herbert Moon half-sticking out the train window. Herbert Moon wondered if he would ever see home again. The young man paced back and forth on the train, always with Herbert Moon on his shoulder. Herbert Moon had picked up from the young man that his name was “Jack”. “Isn’t the scenery nice, Herbert Moon?” the young man would ask. “I HEARD JOHN MARSTON WAS A SPY FOR THE JEWS” Herbert Moon would reply. This seemed to displease Jack. Jack walked out between the cars on the train, and accidentally fell off. Herbert Moon rolled and rolled. “GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHK” exclaimed the young man. Herbert Moon did not say anything. He lay there and half-wished he was dead. All Herbert Moon wanted was to stand in his store and be a xenophobe. “I HOPE I DIDN’T KILL HERBERT MOON” Herbert Moon heard the young man yell. This warmed Herbert Moon’s old heart. Only a little, though. The young man ran over, saw that Herbert Moon was in fact alive, and picked him up again. The train disappeared into the distance. The young man whistled, and started running. Herbert Moon did not know what was going to happen. Then, a white steed appeared. The young man carefully lifted Herbert Moon and placed him on the horses rump. Then they were off! “We are going on vacation!” the young man told Herbert Moon. “DO I LOOK LIKE A CORRAL BARREL? UNTIE ME!” Herbert Moon yelled at an unconcerned passerby. The young man would occasionally shoot the people who rode past. This concerned Herbert Moon, because he didn’t know if they were foreigners or not. Herbert Moon disliked foreigners. As the sun was setting, Herbert Moon noticed a change in the humidity. He smelled the ocean. He smelled tacos. “LOOK!” the young man said with a boisterous tone, “IT’S THE SAN LUIS RIVER!” Herbert Moon was hanging over the side of the bridge that seperated Mexico from the United States. Herbert Moon disliked foreign lands. Herbert Moon was very frightened. The horse seemed to ride on forever. Occasionally it would jump. This made Herbert Moon feel queasy. The young man would yell obscenities sometimes. “WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYADANAG” at some times. “LESSGO LAYYYYYYYYYYSGO” at others. “BASTARD BASTARD!” even once. Once, wolves ran up to the horses legs. This terrified Herbert Moon. But fortunately, the young man shot the wolves before any damage was done to Herbert Moon. “DON’T LET HERBERT MOON DIE”, Herbert Moon would yell in dangerous situations. More hours passed. Eventually, the horse slowed, and finally, it stopped. The sun was almost set. “WE’RE HERE!” yelled the young man. The young man took Herbert Moon into a small room with a mexican prostitute. He accidentally placed Herbert Moon’s head under an armoire. He lifted Herbert Moon and moved him to the front of the room. He crouched down and fiddled with the ropes that bound Herbert Moon. Nothing happened. “I’ve been thinking about getting me a woman… or a washing machine,” Herbert Moon said. The man later took Herbert Moon outside. It was sunny again. The man shot the Mexican stagecoach driver. Herbert Moon didn’t mind. The man seemed confused as he walked around the stagecoach with Herbert. The man left the stagecoach unattended, walked near the railway, and placed Herbert Moon down. Then, without saying a word, the man cut Herbert Moon loose. Herbert Moon’s leg was in pain, but he ran as fast as he could towards anywhere. The young man followed slowly behind with his lasso out. Herbert Moon was terrified, but kept running. The young man stopped and looked away for a second to shoot a bird. Herbert Moon did the only thing he could think of and transformed instantly into a small cactus. Upon looking back, the young man cursed a curse so vulgar, it didn’t even make sense. He ran wildly, looking for Herbert Moon everwhere. Eventually the young man gave up, and threw his last fire bottle near Herbert Cactus Moon, but it did not hit him. The young man ran into the flames, screamed, rolled around, and then walked away, never to be seen again. At least not anytime soon, good for Herbert Moon. “HERBERT MOON ISN’T GONNA STAND FOR THIS SHIT ANYMORE”, sighed Herbert Cactus Moon. - by herbertmoonlover


Fandom: Chicago PD
Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: Set after S3
Genre: Angst with Happy Ending/Romance/Smut
Prompt: “Hi! I loved your most recent one shot :) Was wondering if you could do one where Linstead had an argument and are giving each other the silent treatment at work then like a day later they give in and have angry make up making out somewhere in the district during lunch break”

A/N: Thank you so much for sending this prompt in. I had a blast wiriting it. I am sorry about the turn this took. It might not be exactly what the prompt asked for. I hope you’ll still like it anyway!

I don’t want to beg for feedback, but it would be nice!! It would be more than nice. It would make me so happy.

My beta is the best ever <3 I love her so much I can’t even. @dylanobrienstyler


Their fight happens on a Tuesday. It’s a normal Tuesday, like any other day. Except it isn’t.

They don’t fight often. In fact they have never had a big fight. Sure, they bicker about stuff all the time, like how he never gets to drive or how she leaves her clothes all over the place. But that doesn’t really count as fighting, since it usually ends up in a fit of laughter, or even better, between the sheets. Sometimes they have a bad day and they tell the other one off, but by now, they know when to give each other space and when to push the other to let them in.

This time is different. She thinks he’s being unreasonable. Hank is her family, and of course she’s going to worry about him and help him in any way she can.

“He’s dragging you down with him!”

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Bright White Noise - aroceu - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
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Relationships: Zacharias Smith/Blaise Zabini
Characters: Zacharias Smith, Blaise Zabini, Hannah Abbott, Ernie Macmillan, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Filius Flitwick, Minerva McGonagall, Aurora Sinistra, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Theodore Nott, Gregory Goyle, Pansy Parkinson
Additional Tags: Post - Deathly Hallows

Blaise pursues Zacharias, Zacharias makes no move to stop him. Thus, lots of snogging, shagging, and awkward conversations occur.



I made my peace with this ship a long time ago but sometimes you can’t help being nostalgic.  Sometimes the feelings don’t ever really go away.  Even if it was all just scraps and never really meant anything, when it does to you it’s hard to shake.

So one last, proper sendoff to one of my first real ships?  A last moment in an epilogue that even in a post-Korrasami, post-Steven Universe world will still linger somewhere in the back of my head, or in some parallel universe.
The Assumption of the Winchesters (Plus Bobby)


This fic has got to be the single most amazing thing I have EVER read.  Like, first of all, it makes up for any sad feelings Supernatural has given me.  It is ridiculously happy, yet I am not disgusted by the mild sappiness because I have just needed something like this so badly.  And secondly, this made me laugh so hard I was choking and sobbing.  Like, I almost DIED reading this.

It is cracky in the best imaginable ways.  Every time I thought it couldn’t get more awesome, BAM, IT DID.  I was alternately melting into happy mush and in hysterics.  Mostly I was just sobbing with laughter.

It’s been a while since a fic has given me this much joy

“Harry we did this before at the restaurant!” I grinned, punching his arm lightly. “You had me worried then, I thought something was wrong and we’d have to leave early, therefore never giving me the chance to seduce Nick Carter! I love you too, Hazza!”

“No, you don’t understand,” Harry shook his head, grabbing hold of my arms to stop me from moving. I stared up at him a confusion, a look of desperation on his face and his eyes wide. “I’ve tried, I really have, but nothing I do works and sometimes I hate myself for it. Cassie…” he paused, his eyes flitting to my lips quickly before he looked back into my eyes. I feel my mouth go dry as I waited for him to continue and, somehow, I knew what he was going to say. “I’m in love with you.”

↪ Sparks Fly, chapter 15 by cherrycola_x on onedirectionfanfiction