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Okay what is kic I don't understand please

Kings in Couture, also known as the best Yuri!!! on Ice fanfiction ever written (fact), is a WIP Devil Wears Prada AU written by Tumblr user @forovnix and ao3 user slightlied. Here is the summary for Kings in Couture:

“Okay, okay. Ready.” Yuuri starts scribbling as the voice on the other end, someone from the Style and Trends department, relays instructions. “Sorry, can you please spell ‘Gabbana’?”

The person on the line promptly hangs up on him.

Awkwardly, he sets the phone back on the receiver. “Guess not.”

(source: Kings in Couture)

If you haven’t read Kings in Couture and cried over Kings in Couture, I ask you: what are you doing with your life? What are you doing right now? I guarantee that whatever you’re doing right now is not as good, productive, or worth it as reading Kings in Couture by Tumblr user @forovnix and ao3 user slightlied. This writer also has a fan-blog called @forovnix-daily.

Features of this fic, Kings in Couture, include: The Jeans™, plot twists, good writing, lots of fashion references (some of which I understand and some of which are over my head because the author is e x p e r i e n c e d), The Jeans™, and, of course, The Jeans™. All of these features are, in fact, found, in Kings in Couture by @forovnix or slightlied.

(references: Kings in Couture, slightlied, @forovnix, @forovnix-daily)

i just want to say to fic readers that big long rambly comments on fics, where you say the things you loved about it and sometimes get capslocky and squeal and use exclamation points and quote parts and praise the smut or the characterizations or the world building or the chemistry or all of the above, comments like that are fucking incredible and every fic author loves you, thank you


My photos are really shaky because I’m so excited.
With permission from LM / Footloose herself and with art from magicalmuggle3791.tumblr, katiemcgrath.tumblr, and Tayathestrange (on AO3) I have formatted the much beloved fanfiction Loaded March and some fanart into 6 Volumes.
After 150 hrs of work and 2 weeks of waiting I burst into tears when I opened this package.
Thank you so much oh writers and creators (mentioned above)
Thank you so much to the BBC that created the show behind the fandom (Merlin).
Thank you so much to tumblr who seduced me into first watching the show and then into fanfic.
After 3 years of reading this fic multiple times each year, I finally have hard copies to hold and cherish.
Merry Christmas everyone! I know mine will be.
Queen of Hearts Chapter 16: Rise, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction

IT’S DONE!! What a journey this story has taken me on. I’ve learned so much about the writing process, the commitment it takes and the love one needs to feel to put words to screen. I couldn’t have done it without all of you supporting me along the way. There’s an epilogue after this final chapter so please make sure to read that as well. Thank you all so very much…love you guys!
To the Sticking Place - blueink3 - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Okay guys, you have to read this.

As someone in the theatre industry this was absolutely bloody brilliant. My god. If you’ve read Performance in a Leading Role this is the Broadway equivelant. I talked my mate’s ear off about this fanfiction so it’s only fair I do this to you guys too.

First off, I would kill to be opposite John Watson in Kiss Me Kate, my favourite golden age musical. Plus having an all male Macbeth is probably one of the best Shakespeare ideas I’ve ever read. Lady M always talks about how if she was a man she could do all of these things like murder and she curses her womanly nature and having her played by a man just helps to show this. Mentally she believes she is male but because she is confined to a ladies role within her society she can’t do anything.

I really don’t have the words to do this fic justice, you just need to read it.

Three hankies at the end but they are happy tears, mostly because it’s over. 


Throwback to the most iconic Narry moment that happened during OTRA

Dating George Weasley Would Include:

Originally posted by nellaey

  • He stole your heart the first time he hexed a boy who made fun of you in first year
  • Gentler then his twin, he makes you laugh and loves to read to you when you’re sad
  • He is incredible at reading your facial expressions, and always knows what to do
  • “Bad day love? Did someone hurt you, I’ll turn their dorm into a swamp”
  • You always encourage his pranks and hi jinks, just because it’s a little destructive, doesn’t mean he isn’t good at it, the boy is a downright genius.
  • You love sneaking up to the astronomy tower to get a little alone time together
  • He is the best big spoon, his entire body can wrap you up whole
  • You never quite completely escape the pranks, there;s always a few thrown in there for you. Although they are usual harmless, like the kissing junks he pulled last valentines day where random kisses would come out of nowhere and catch you off guard.
  • “I really hope those were your lips all day, and I gotta say I miss the real thing”
  • “Awe c’mere love, I’m never too far away”
  • The teachers had to split the two of you up in class after causing disturbances. It wasn’t your fault he cracked the funniest jokes in class
  • He still sends you notes from across the room when the teachers’ backs are turned
  • He is a big ol teddy bear half of the time and loves nuzzling his head into your lap
  • He likes being read to, as an alternative to reading
  • “Everything just sounds better in your voice love”
  • “George I’ve practically read this entire text book to you”
  • “Please…”
  • “…Okay”
  • You couldn’t say no to that face and those little freckles and dimples
  • He can be entirely too romantic sometimes, like the time he took over the Quidditch pitch to fly you around on your birthday.
  • “You’re too good to me”
  • “I’m the one getting the better end of this relationship darling”
Best diagnose ever

Note: So this is my first fic/imagine ever and I worked my butt to make it perfect! Please keep in mind that i am not a experienced writer and I really am sorry if it’s some mistakes in the imagine. PS I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THIS CHARACTERS OR THE SHADOW WORLD. The owner of the shadow world and it’s characters is the one and only Cassandra Claire.

About Alec’s sexuality he is bi in this imagine. If you feel uncomfortable reading Alec x female imagines please do not read this imagine. I respect Alec’s sexuality to 100% but this is a imagine and I chose to write about this idea so please respect that. I totally ship Malec and would not want a girl to replace Magnus. (Irrelevant but we need more DADDYKINK MALEC) This is just for fun and enjoyment to read this and I hope you understand and respect anyone whom writes and/or reads it.

Words: 3 356. WOOPS I got a little carried away.

Paring: Alec x reader (fm)

Triggers: blood (lol)

Warnings: SMUT, fingering and over excited Clary.

Summery: Y/N has a secret that needs medical help but
Is to afraid to tell her overprotective boyfriend, Alec Lightwood. Spilling the secret will turn into something truly unforgettable for

The smell of spring filled the newly brought apartment. A very tiny smile appeared on your mouth because spring reminded you of the first time you met Alexander Lightwood. He certainly was and still is, something out of the ordinary, in fact he was a Shadowhunter just like you. Fighting demons at night and cuddling in your fluffy sheets in the morning was basically his everyday routine. You couldn’t exactly pin point the way he made you feel but you knew a few things. He made you feel like a thousand butterflies filled your entire body making you feel nervous, at the same time light as air. He made your heart pounded intensely, slowly picking up its speed as he smiled, and you were almost sure that everyone could see your sharpened vines move up and down aggressively when he smiled towards you.

Whilst you laid on the extremely dark colored, navy blue sheets, You were tapping the back of your phone. Your teeth dug into your bottom lip and pain ran through your mouth up to your brain, sort of like a electricity. A familiar taste started sipping out of the corner of your mouth. Blood. You took your index finger and wiped it of with a napkin from the tissue box beside the laptop. Still unsure of if you would pick up the phone and actually tap in the right numbers or continue to live the same lie you were breathing and talking. Whiteout even glancing over to the screen you tapped in Alec’s number and soon he picked up. A familiar voice started speaking but it wasn’t Alec’s.

“Hi Y/N! Did you watch last nights episode?! It was insane! Simon, Izzy and I drank sooooo much energy-drinks that I can’t really feel my tongue!” Clary said.

Whenever she spoke her tongue absorbed some of the words. Almost as if a bee has stung her badly on her tongue.

A small giggle made it out of your mouth and you forgot about calling Alec for a moment. Time flew by and you felt warmth inside of your body. It was amusing to talk to Clary when she was all hyped up and pronouncing all of the words that came out of her mouth wrong. But deep down you knew you had to gather up all of your strength and confidence to tell someone about your well kept secret.

“Uhm, Clary..? Can I ask you something?” You said shyly.

As soon as the words had been spoken you immediately regretted them. Pure embarrassment washed over you. The currently flowing blood in your face decided that they would go to the surface. Which led to you looking like a tomato. Your glowing cheeks radiated het, you were a living and breathing light source.

“Sure!” She said unaware of the secret that was about to be spilled.

“I-I-I.. Eh.. Well.. It’s hard to explain…” You trembled. Then you remained silent and took a deep breath.

“I sort of haven’t gotten my period in a month. First I thought that it was late but then it never came. I know that I am NOT pregnant because Alec and I haven’t done.. You know.. "The thing”. But what if I’m fertile? I mean, I’ve had my period but what if it’s a virus of some kind? I’m to embarrassed and unconfident to actually tell Alec and look into his eyes. Who freaking wants a girl that’s unable to carry their child. What if he leaves me because of this..?“ You said while tears were welling up
your eyes then slowly rolling down on your radiating cheeks.

” Wow.. Why haven’t you told me or anyone about this?“ Clary said in a concerned tone.

” I was to afraid to tell anybody..“ You said whilst a clump down your throat started to form.

” Everything will be okay. You are a badass woman and you can conquer everything in your way. Plus, even though Alec is an ass, he would under no circumstances leave you for this! Any sane person would love you no matter what, so gather up all of your confidence and tell him that you haven’t gotten your period for a while. Okay?“ Clary said in a calming tone

You wanted to thank her but the tears was overwhelming and you could only make a small, almost silent, "okay”. Then you hung up the phone and prepared for Alec’s entrance in the new apartment.

Little did you know that Alec had overheard the conversation and rushed home. Of course was he looking for answers about this new dilemma but the main reason why he left Jace, Clary, Izzy and even Simon at the institute was because he was afraid and concerned about Y/N wellbeing. Since Clary controlled Jace like a marionette Alec hadn’t left the institute because he was suspicious of Clary’s impulsive behavior that put all his loved ones in danger. But this was certainly a acceptable cause to leave the institute.

Y/N sat on the bed with your legs crossed, going over the well planned conversation in your head. From start to end over and over again. You looked at your bare hands and started to roll your thumbs, the barley touched each other but it was calming. On the sheets were there tiny wet stains which were the result of your tears earlier. Your eyes were still red and irritated and they were a visually evidence of your previous cry. No matter how much concealer or foundation you put under your eyes, it was still transparent and the traces of your latest cry were still visible for the world to see.

The door was slammed open by the one and only, Alexander Lightwood. His hair was messier than usual and his eyes seemed more focused than normal. His actions were aggressive and he seemed to be looking for something, maybe even someone. Whiteout hesitation he impatiently rushed over to you. Your pulse accelerated and you felt thoroughly uncomfortable. You glanced up up into his hazel eyes and used the confidence you had gathered up before.

“ What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be at the institute with the others?” You said with as much confidence as possible.

“Well, I should but it doesn’t matter. What matters now is what’s happening with you.”

He’s eyes burned into yours but only up till now you noticed another emotion, sadness. Maybe wasn’t he angry, maybe he only felt betrayed that you hadn’t told him but Clary. Suddenly you felt guilty and you couldn’t stand the look on his face so you cupped your own in order to restore confidence.

“ it’s embarrassing, okay!? What if I’m.. I’m.. Unable to..” You were caught of by his lips colliding onto yours. He placed a few hair strands behind your ear still not breaking the kiss. Sparks were sparkling around you and Alec, everything felt okay as if you could tell each and ever dark secret within your mind.

The kiss was broken by Alec whom muttered “ No matter what, I will always, always, stand by you. So please whenever somethings on that beautiful mind of yours tell me” He said whilst our foreheads leaned on each other.

“ I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you or keep secrets from you. I was just to terrified. I was a fool..” You signed

“Don’t. Now and then we all do less smart choices. Besides you’re totally my cute fool” he said while he smirked which you happily returned.

(You get an appointment at the doctors office) Fast forward ~

Hand in hand both of you walked in to the hospital. Later on you were directed to a room close by to wait in.

Unaware of your actions caused by nervousness you tightened your grip on Alec’s hand that released pain that traveled throughout his entire body. Even though you where pretty tiny you sure as hell was strong.

Y/N, Y/N… My hand. You. Crush. He said in pain.
Immediately you loosened your grip and apologizing to your loving boyfriend. You two exchanged two forced smiles and you began eagerly tapping the wooden chair that you sat on. Time was killing you and you started to become impatient. Alec must have noticed and soon he begun to talk.

“ Hey, Y/N everything is going to be fine. You have nothing to worry about. Even if it’s something we will get through this, like we always do” He said while laying his muscular arm around your shoulder.

You leaned on his shoulder trying not to cry. You felt you bottom lip twitching and you were close to the edge of bawling your eyes out. As always he read you like a book. Several kisses covered your forehead and even your nose. He had a unique talent to comfort the ones he loved and cared about very deeply. As before you felt safe in his embrace. A weak smile appeared on your lips and you tilted your chin upwards to look into the pretty boy’s eyes.

“ Y/N, we are ready for you now” said the doctor down the white hallway. Both of you begun to making your way over to the doctor ready to figure this mess out. With your hand you made a gesture towards Alec, begging him to stay and wait. Not in the mood for arguing he lowered his body, once again, into the wooden chair. With his index finger and thumb he dug into his back pocket and reached for the phone. It was probably Jace or Clary calling for backup. You didn’t bother to be honest, as always you were concerned about Alec getting hurt or even worse, but the only thing that you had to focus on was the doctor in front of you.

Shakily you shook the woman’s hand. Your eyes widened and your hearing picking up every sound around you. The room seemed to perfect, to clean to be real. Everything was placed in way as if it was all planned out. A cute drawing possibly from her children hung on the paper white wall beside a shelf full of books. The books were coordinated after the color spectrum making you feel like your heart was about to jump out of your chest. It was the typical horror movie beginning and you were soon to be killed. “Paranoia” echoed in your head before you came back to reality.

The women gestured towards a military green chair beside her desk. Placing your sweaty palms onto the chair and slowly lowering yourself into the chair you waited nervously for the lady to engage in a conversation.

After describing and telling the doctor about your issue she came to a conclusion.

“Well, I believe this is caused by stress or sexual frustration. Something that happens to a lot of woman and should be taken seriously” She said while intertwining her hands together and giving a fake smile to me.

The previous smile one your face turned into a a expressionless stripe. You furrowed your eyebrows and felt your cheeks turning red. Obviously you were speechless. Was I so horny that my period had discontinued? You actually giggled like a 10 year old when that thought had popped up in your head. Still you weren’t completely sure why you giggled. But the giggle was short lived, you begun to seriously questing your doctor’s diagnose. Leaning on her desk you tilted your head slightly and stared into her intense green eyes.

“ So you’re saying that I need to have sex to get my period back?” A forced laughter came out of your mouth before the doctor had a chance to answer.

“ Y/N, I understand your doubts about this diagnose. But I would recommend you to be open about suggestions to your partner and to try new things that both enjoy. And Why not go solo?” She said before leading you outside of the office.

By the time you were out of the doctor’s office you were paralyzed. Still not sure if she was joking or not. You didn’t want to push or rush Alec into something that he wasn’t ready for. Commanding sex by your boyfriend/girlfriend was something that neither you or Alec felt comfortable doing. To make it even worse you were still a virgin. People usually felt pity for you being a virgin but you never really bothered because it wasn’t a big deal. But Alec was “experienced” even though he is shy and sometimes awkward (Let’s not forget about sassy at times with his comments and eyerolls) he had done it which made it even worse. Now everything came crushing down and you couldn’t hide behind lies or secrets anymore. You hade to own up to the knowledge you hade been given and tell Alec back home.

TIME JUMP (((: (at the apartment)

Unlocking the apartment with a key you open it and surprisingly, you see Alec sitting on the black couch. Faster than a tornado you remove your outdoor-clothing and collide beside him on the couch. Laying one leg on the couch and the other hanging over the edge you begun to stumble on your words. Unable to met his facial expression that probably were mixed with concern and hopefulness you gradually lowered you vision until it hit a focus point on the couch.

“ You okay? Did you solve the mystery of the missing period? He said in a jokingly ton.

You rolled your eyes then smirked whilst looking into he’s astonishing eyes.

” Hey! That’s my thing! You don’t get to roll your eyes at me!“ He said playfully and then rolling his eyes to show how the "pros” do it.

This boy might be the death of me you thought to yourself and at the same time smiled like a mad person. You giggled after he joked and Alec did as well. After a while of a jokingly and easy conversation you didn’t feel weird talking about what happened early at the doctor’s office. In his lap you laid facing the sealing above your heads. With your fingers you danced on Alec’s arm covered in runes creating shivers down his spine. As a transparent pen you “filled in” his runes one by one meanwhile he ran his fingers in your silky hair.

“ Promise not to make fun of me if I tell you what happened?” To be sure he didn’t lie you raised your little finger.

“ Are you making me "pinky swear promise?” He said with a hint of sass in his voice.

He barley intertwined his little finger with yours before letting go. With you he is like a five year old. Impatient and demanding, at the same time playful. Only few persons got to se Alec like this, usually he was strict, worried and detriment back at the institute. It made you feel special and wanted. Something that we a crave.

“ it might be stress or.. Ehh.. How do I put this?” You were trying to find the right words so it didn’t sound like you were demanding sex.

“Sexual frustration..” You mumbled into his black shirt.

He’s eyes widened and eyebrows furrowed when he heard the words traveling out of your mouth. Removing his hands from your hair he begun to lift you up. He wanted to see your face. With his hands he begun to cup your face and then creasing your cheek.

“ That isn’t to bad. I just might be able to fix this. But only of you want to” He said while smirking and then looked deeply into your eyes.

You nodded and closed your eyes. He begun to trace kisses from your neck up till your jawline. Not leaving an inch untouched. His arms wandering all over your body to explore all of your curves and left you with shivers down your spine.

You begun to remove his black shirt then tossed it on the floor. Not aggressively but urging you dug into his back making him groan. Hovering over you he begun to unbutton your shirt effortlessly.

“It looks better on the floor” he said while smirking.

You collide your lips on his and you felt a warmth entering your mouth. Just as before Alec explored every inch of your mouth and you did the same. Slowly he separated your mouths and kissed you all the way down to your pantie-line. His touch made you arch in pleasure and small moans sipped from your mouth. He hadn’t even entered your panties and you were already obsessed with his touch. Even obsessed was a understatement.

Carefully he begun to pull down your panties the placing them on the floor. Whilst doing this he did not break eyecontact with you. You had never been this exposed, vulnerable and bare in front of anyone before. Like a gate you slowly opened your legs and exposing the most private area of your entire body. He mumbled “wow” and smirked as he glanced over the open gates. Weirdly enough it made you feel confident when you were laying in front of this wonderful person. You kissed him passionately once more but this time you felt his fingers entering you. Fairly new to this experience ,since you were a new couple, you felt a not-so pleasurable feeling inside of you. Pain wasn’t the feeling, neither pleasure. But once he started moving his fingers up and down inside of you, you felt this pleasure wave taking over you. Moans filled the room as Alec started to pick up his speed. This lump of warmth inside your stomach begun to form, it was your body getting ready to climax. Just as you were seconds away from reaching your high, he stopped and pulled out his soaked fingers.

It was only until now you noticed that he hade removed his pants. A very visible large bulge were now touching you inner-thigh. Surprisingly he did not take of his boxers and when you tried to, he refused and whispered “ This is about you not me ”. So unbelievably much you wanted to touch him but it only resulted in him pressing your wrists down into the couch. With his right hand he collected both of your hands and placing them above your head then telling you to look into his eyes. Before he went down once again he unhooked your bra revealing you breasts for him to see. Suddenly you felt the urge to cover yourself up. You were self-conscious about the size of them, making you slip from Alec’s grip so your arms to cover them.

“Look at me, you are extremely beautiful so there is NO need to hide them” He said as he removed your arms.

You remained silent but smiled at Alec as a “Thank you” and “You are the absolute best”.

He grabbed the left breast and begun to circle his sharp yet soft tongue around your nipple. He made them harder and harder by every second. Still unable to touch him you used your legs to lock him in. Impenitently you begged him to use his tongue to please your needs even more. Unlike Alec usually acts he actually listened without making you beg even more. Now he loosened his grip around your right breast making you able to run through his dark-thick hair. His eyes were focused on one target, you. Seeing you moan in pleasure and your back arching was his main goal. Hungry he licked your wet folds covered in your fluids. Even Alec were surprised by your wetness dripping out of you. He grabbed onto your left breast then making circular motions with his index finger made you crazy. In combination of licking you so passionate it weren’t long until you felt the familiar clump form in your lower stomach. Arching in pleasure and grabbing onto the couch as you reached your high.

Alec collapsed onto your panting body proudly after he made you climax. Still recovering from your high you heard Alec say “ Best diagnose ever” as he smiled and leaned in for another kiss.

Best. New. Year’s. Ever.

For @katchyalater, my fellow New Years Baby.  Happy Birthday, and happy 2017!  Special thanks to @bgonemydear for the idea.

Clarke shuffled out of her bedroom a little after ten.  She swung by the kitchen and filled up a mug the size of her head with coffee before flopping down on the couch next to him, just a little too close considering they were just roommates.

“Rough night?” Bellamy asked idly.

“No worse than usual,” she said, but her voice was a little hoarse.  “Happy New Year’s, by the way.”

“Happy New Year’s to you too,” he said, turning a page.  He wasn’t ignoring her— not deliberately.  He was just sticking to his resolution.  In a way.

“What did you do last night?”

“Went to Miller’s.”

“So you were home by 12:15?”

“12:20,” he replied with a grin, not looking up.

“You should have come out with us,” Clarke said and slurped her coffee.  She curled her legs underneath her and he reached over the back of the couch and pulled out the blanket Miller had knitted for him last year.  He tossed it over her knees, but she rearranged it to cover his lap too.

“Bars aren’t my thing,” he lied.

“By the way, I’m pretty sure Monty has a crush on Miller,” Clarke continued, shifting so her thigh brushed his.

“Miller definitely has a crush on him too,” Bellamy said, steadfastly not looking up.  This was safe territory, after all.

“Make any resolutions this year?”

Bellamy shrugged.  Officially, he had: no new relationships, at least not until he got his raging crush on his roommate under control.  Between Echo, Roma, and Gina blowing up in his face since he started grad school— and moved in with Clarke, something Octavia insisted wasn’t a coincidence— he’d decided he needed a break.

Granted, a large part of why he was terrible at relationships these days was currently inching closer to sitting in his lap, which was making the “control your stupid crush, you’re not fourteen” part of his resolution a little harder.

“You make any?” he asked, hoping she wouldn’t notice he hadn’t answered her question.

Clarke set her mug down on the coffee table.  “Just one, actually.  And you sort of screwed it up.”

That made him close the book— he hadn’t managed to take in a word since she sat down next to him anyway— and push his glasses up the bridge of his nose.  “I did? How?”

“By not coming out with me last night,” she laughed, but when he looked at her, she glanced down at her lap.

“And what was your resolution?  Convince your roommate to be less lame?” he teased.

Clarke chewed on her lip and looked up.  “No.  This,” she said, and leaned forward and kissed him.  It took his brain a minute to realize what was happening, and by the time he did Clarke had pulled back.  “Fuck, I’m sorry, I thought—never mind, let’s just…let’s forget that ever happened,” she said, her cheeks turning red.  She struggled with the blanket, but Bellamy reached out and stilled her movements with his hand.

“Wait,” he said.  Her eyes met his, and he barely had time to smile before he was leaning forward and kissing her back.  This was probably a record amount of time between making and breaking a resolution, but he didn’t give a damn because Clarke tasted like coffee and sugar and her hair was soft under his fingers, and she was laughing and climbing into his lap to kiss him properly.





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What is KIC?

Kings in Couture, also known as the best Yuri!!! on Ice fanfiction ever written (fact), is a WIP Devil Wears Prada AU written by Tumblr user @forovnix and ao3 user slightlied. Here is the summary for Kings in Couture:

“Okay, okay. Ready.” Yuuri starts scribbling as the voice on the other end, someone from the Style and Trends department, relays instructions. “Sorry, can you please spell ‘Gabbana’?”

The person on the line promptly hangs up on him.

Awkwardly, he sets the phone back on the receiver. “Guess not.”

(source: Kings in Couture)

If you haven’t read Kings in Couture and cried over Kings in Couture, I ask you: what are you doing with your life? What are you doing right now? I guarantee that whatever you’re doing right now is not as good, productive, or worth it as reading Kings in Couture by Tumblr user @forovnix and ao3 user slightlied. This writer also has a fan-blog called @forovnix-daily

Features of this fic, Kings in Couture, include: The Jeans™, plot twists, good writing, lots of fashion references (some of which I understand and some of which are over my head because the author is e x p e r i e n c e d), The Jeans™, and, of course, The Jeans™. All of these features are, in fact, found, in Kings in Couture by @forovnix or slightlied.

(references: Kings in Couture, slightlied, @forovnix, @forovnix-daily)