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hi ive been finding alot of accounts saying theyve met brendon and that hes an ass hole and i keep finding stories of him being rude to people but i dont know if theyre true and its really making me sad because i truly truly look up to panic alot and i dont really have any people who love me in my life so i kinda have panic and i was wondering if you have some examples of him bein a good person like ive always thought he is?

there’s a really long post of like nice/sweet encounters/etc with him but I tried looking and couldn’t find it so if anyone wants to add that onto this post, feel free, because that’s like the best masterpost esque thing of good brendon things!. (it’s got like 60k+ notes). But moving on, obviously not everyone is gonna have the best experience with meeting him, but that doesn’t mean he’s a horrible person all around, just human, yknow. Sometimes you fuck up.

But anyways! Here’s a few sweet stories I collected from my band stories tag on my blog, and I’ll even throw in a firsthand experience! When I met him for the first time I was a fucking mess, I was literally 2 seconds away from a panic attack. I’m like 90% sure he could tell how freaked I was and he was the nicest dude, just incredibly chill and so thankful [for the gifts I gave him] and happy to talk to me, he was genuinely interested in what I was saying, looked me straight in the eye and hung to every word I said whenever I talked. Joked around with me and Kenny. In my book it’s been the best experience I’ve had meeting someone Famous, he was just so goddamn nice and just such a fucking lovely guy.

and my personal all time favorite

Dear Diary,

I’m enjoying my vacation more than I thought I would. Sam is running L-Corp beautifully, based on the lack of news I’ve seen; James is still doing fantastic work over at CatCo, and Kara is, well, to be honest, she’s the only thing I’ve thought about for the past three days. She’s just so… beautiful? And strong? She kinda reminds me of Supergirl, but they’re also really different.

Don’t get me wrong, Supergirl is amazing, and super (ha!) hot, but there’s something about Kara’s soft smile and her endless belief in me. She’s something else.

Anyways, I’ve been having a fantastic time in the Keyes! I got to swim with some dolphins yesterday. As soon as the people read the name on the reservation, they suddenly became very interested in making sure I had the best experience possible. I could start using a fake name, but as long as I can’t hear what they’re saying behind my back, the treatment isn’t bad. 

Since I’ve still officially left both of my companies, there really isn’t a point in me returning any time soon! I think I’ll go to Chicago next, I hear their beaches are really nice.


Six Ryder & Vetra Nyx

“Hey, I just shoot the guns.”
“You know that’s my line, right?”

Tol meme Pathfinder with her tol turian gf :’) How Vetra puts up with all of Six’s crazy shenanigans, we’ll never know…

I got the chance to commission the awesome @projectnelm for this gorgeous art of Six and Vetra! Ahhhhhh! ;A; Thank you so much <3 She was such a pleasure to work with! Please consider commissioning her if you get the chance!!

About Us:

ThankYouCheritz is a humble project imagined and brought to life by Mystic Messenger fans in order to show our appreciation of the Korean gaming company Cheritz. Over the span of just a few years, they have constantly and continuously proved their respect and love for their fans through gifted free hourglasses, the serious consideration of our feedback, the addition of entirely new content, English translations of voiced lines, fan-chosen merchandise, special events, etc. etc. and so much more, truly going above and beyond the industry standard in order to provide us with the very best experience that they can. This is a response to that kindness- just our small way of trying to pay even a piece of that love and appreciation back to them.

Our main goal for the fall/winter season of 2017 is to collect a number of your fan submissions (letters and art) and compile them into a physical book to mail to the Cheritz Mystic Messenger staff as a gift of gratitude.

Submission Guidelines: 

1. There are two ways to submit art/letters: posting in the #ThankYouCheritz tag, or via our submission box (here).

2. If you use our submission box, your submission will be posted with credit to you unless you specify in your submission that you would like to remain anonymous.

3. If you use the #ThankYouCheritz tag, we will reblog your submission.

4. By submitting anything to us, you are giving us permission to A) reblog/post your submission B) include your submission in a physical book that will be sent to Cheritz Mystic Messenger staff (with credit to you).

5. Submissions must have a theme of “Thank you Cheritz”. If you submit art, we recommend including the Cheritz mascots (Cherrie, Ritz, Byul*), Mystic Messenger characters in Cheritz attire, etc.

6. Submissions may NOT include: violence, foul language, nudity/sexual content.

7. Submissions may be in English or Korean.

8. SUBMISSIONS WILL BE CLOSED ON DEC 1ST 2017. After this date, no more submissions will be accepted.


Hi, this is the ThankYouCheritz team! Thank you for all your submissions so far! The volume of submissions we’ve received in this short amount of time has brought to our attention the fact that we will not be able to fit each submission into a physical book to send to Cheritz staff like we’d originally planned.

Our solution: we will send not only a physical book with selected submissions, but also a digital book on a flashdrive with every single submission.

Please do not be discouraged from sending a submission; they will all be sent to Cheritz. We hope you continue to share our project with your friends and create your own submissions.

Thank you for your hard work so far!

-the ThankYouCheritz team


We have changed our art submission guidelines to only include the mascots Cherry and Ritz due to a request from Cheritz company. No other mascots besides Cherry and Ritz will be accepted in any new art submissions past 10/23/17. More information on this change can be found here

Thank you all for your submissions, please keep up the good work!

-the ThankYouCheritz team

Gemstone Divination Technique

There are many forms of divination, as outlined in the below image. This article focuses particularly on sortilege.

Sortilege is the practice of divining information through choosing objects “at random.” This form of divination includes Tarot, runic practices, and many other practices that witches commonly use. 

The thing is, while it is without a doubt traditional to use cards, runestones, or other similar paraphernalia for sortilege, it can really be done with most anything. In other words, to practice sortilege, all you really need is a small bag of objects, each with a particular significance.

I’ve had several witches write to me asking how they might use a gemstone collection for divination. Sortilege is an ideal way to do this. 

To practice sortilege with gemstones, I recommend a collection of at least ten small or medium-sized stones. Chips work well, provided they’re not too small, and I personally use chips when I do this. 

You also need something to hold (and hide) the stones. An opaque cup or small bag works well for this. I use a small jewelry bag, because the chips I use are quite small.

To do this with gemstones, or any other object, you must both a) be able to identify each object by sight, and b) have an existing understanding of the object’s symbolism. 

In the case of gemstones, it is important that you know, for example, what the rose quartz looks like so that, if you draw it, it is not confused for the sunstone, etc. You’ll also need to know what it symbolizes - you should know that rose quartz (again, as an example) is associated with love, whereas sunstone is more aligned with personal power, etc. 

Naturally, your own associations for the stones will vary, and of course, that’s okay. The point is, you need to have an assigned meaning for each gemstone or object. It’s good to write them down, too, just to help solidify them in your memory or, if necessary, refer back to the written meaning.

To begin, place all the gemstones in the bag and give it a gentle, but thorough shake. This is, in my experience, best done while focusing on the question you wish to answer via the divination. 

If you’ve worked with runic divination, you can likely guess what to do next. Reach into the bag, and draw out a “random” gemstone! Or several. Then, you interpret your results based on the existing meanings you have for the stones.

I’m not going to list a bunch of gemstone meanings, though, because those tend to be highly personal to the individual, and also, the traditional associations are well-documented elsewhere. 

If you’d like to learn more about gemstone lore and traditions, I recommend the book Dunwich’s Guide to Gemstone Sorcery to get you started. I will, though, include the image below, which outlines my own approach to certain gemstones magically. 

It’s based on the seven classical planets, like a lot of the work I do.

This form of sortilege is a good way to familiarize yourself with gemstones and get the most out of the stones you might run across. It’s also a good thing to do if you’re a witch that typically uses gemstones, but haven’t leapt into divination yet and want to try. 

I hope you enjoyed this article and that it inspires you to give this a try! I promise, it’s quite fun and useful! I’m working on a second article on this subject, which features a sort of techwitch riff on the concept!

Why Dungeons and Dragons will Help your Novel

Alright guys so lets be real, raise your hand if you’ve ever played DnD? Now put it down. Ok, now raise your hand if you write and want to be published one day? See? Waaayyyy more of you are here. “But what does DnD have to do with my writing career?” you ask? Well my friend, DnD is a great writing tool that I think is completely underused in the writing community. This is especially true regarding ~helping~ underdeveloped characters and worlds. 

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you can (not) redo || an ongoing NGE playlist
“the infinite space, alternate realities, crippling voids,
lonely young hearts, & apocalyptic skies.”

I. How by The Neighbourhood
II. Asido by Purity Ring
III. My Sister Says The Saddest Things by Grimes
IV. Major Tom (Coming Home) by Shiny Toy Guns
V.  Earth Intruders by Björk
VI. Clair de Lune by Flight Facilities
VII. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
VIII. Sign of the Times by Harry Styles
IX. Glory and Gore by Lorde
X. Wrath of God by Crystal Castles
XI. It’s Only (feat. Zyra) by ODESZA
XII. Shine Acoustic (feat. Cate Ferris) by Nordic Giants
XIII. Voyeur by Baths
XIV. Decks Dark by Radiohead
XV. Insane (feat. Moon Holiday) by Flume
& many more. || 
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tom.hopperhops: 9yrs since Merlin began on your screens. Wow. So, this photo was taken on the day we shot the scene where Arthur knighted us all. It was also one of the first scenes I shot on the show. This was a momentous occasion in my eyes. This was the first time all the knights had come together on set. An instant brotherhood was formed. We bickered from day one. We took the piss out of each other from day one. @eoincmacken napped from day one. @tomiwa.edun imported wisdom from day one. @santiagoc made us all feel less good looking from day one. @rupertfyoung gave me tips on how to drink coffee and chat from day one. @bradleyjames led us from day one. And of course……. I was was sleeveless from day one. Being a part of Merlin was one of the best experiences of my life. And the people in this picture (plus a few others who weren’t there for it) were a huge contributing factor. They remain, and will always remain a part of my offset, real life brotherhood. As this photo was taken, I realised I had just become a member of this bizarre medieval boyband. “Arthur and his Knights”. And it was the first of many to come just like it. Now to you guys, the fans. I was welcomed in to the Merlin fandom with open arms. I owe so much to the fans of this show. You’ve always been incredibly supportive during the show and of all our on going careers since Merlin finished. I personally can’t thank you enough for the love. So here’s me giving you a huge amount of Hopper love back to say thank you for making this such an awesome chapter in my life ❤️ Never change Merlin fans 👊🏼

Current mood: The one and only teen who chose to be mentored by Griffin and was ushered into a world of terror and confusion.


Summary: Dan just really wants to put flowers in Phil’s hair.
Word Count: 2,498
Warnings: none
A/N: Hello! I’ve had this image in my head of Phil with flowers in his hair for like 2 months straight and obv i needed to write about it since I can’t do art. This whole fic is basically just me gushing about how beautiful Phil is and I’m not even ashamed. See art for this fic here, here, here, here, and here

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There is a boy that makes Dan yearn to weave flowers into his hair every time he sees him. There is a boy with pale skin as white as snow and pretty blue eyes the colour of Bluebells. He has hair like the night sky and it sometimes glimmered in the light to form little galaxies. He wanted to thread Baby’s Breath through those pretty raven locks until his hair matches the colour of his eyes.

It was an addiction, an anomaly, something that does not normally cross Dan’s mind. Usually, he doesn’t see someone and want to thread flowers through their hair. Usually, he doesn’t think about flowers at all.

But then he saw him and he couldn’t stop himself from going home and studying the names of flowers that reminded Dan of him. Hyacinths and Marigold and Sweet Peas and Lavender, all melding into one to make the most beautiful man Dan had ever laid eyes on.

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Notes I took from my Daddy as advice for ALL Caregivers

I asked my daddy, and he says “the best way to make them feel good is attention. Not too much to oversaturate them, but you don’t want to make them feel like they’re not needed or wanted. Give them as much as you can, but give them space when they want. Every time you can, give them time. But when you need space, you have to tell them too.”

“Find out their interests. See what you can do to help them get into little space, and what works best. Experiment with them to see what makes them feel happiest in little space.”

“Set rules. Make them achievable, but not overwhelming.” (Also punishments, but not all spankings -me)

“Interact with them when they’re little. Get involved. Listen to them talk about their drawings, and tell them how much you love it. Put it on your fridge.”

“If they ask you to name stuff for them, such as a stuffie, do it. It’s a huge honor. It means you’re really important to them and you matter so much to them.”

“Read stories to them (via Skype if you’re ldr). And find a board game, like battleship that you can play ldr, if you are.”

“It all boils down to finding a happy medium for the amount of attention she wants and you want to give.”

“Never expect a relationship to be 50/50. Always be sure to put more in and be ready to get less out, just in case. Once you expect 50/50, you’ll always be disappointed. It doesn’t mean the partner is a bad person, but we’re all only human, and we can only do so much.”

(From me) If they fall asleep early, send them a cute paragraph for them to wake up to. It’s super fun to wake up to something sweet from Daddy.

Not his exact words because I was typing fast and didn’t reread anything until now, but take this stuff to heart. Sorry it’s not extravagant, these are only notes, not his exact words. He sounded much more exhilarating.

If you’re a person who needs that extra motivation to start doing your work, or to work just a tad bit harder, this might be the post for you! I’ve made a special list with beautiful movies with mixed genres that will surely give you that motivation you need to get where you want to. I hope you’ll have fun watching them!

1. Legally Blonde (2001)

A classic. Most of you have probably already watched this, but for those who haven’t, you won’t regret it! The movie tells the story of Elle Woods, who after being dumped by her boyfriend for not being “serious enough” decides to follow him to law school - to Harvard Law School! There she discovers she’s much more than her looks, and that she doesn’t really need a boyfriend to be the best version of herself.

Even though I consider the film very inspirational, it is also very light and funny, so you won’t even notice the time passing by as you watch it. Really worth watching it if you’ve recently been through the end of a relationship. Watch this, get your head up, and get back to work!

2. Monsters University (2013)

This one might be originally made for children, but who doesn’t love Pixar movies? Monsters University is the prequel to Monsters, Inc., which let us know how the loved characters Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan became best friends, and their experience at Monsters University. There, we follow Mike as he follows his dream of becoming a professional Scarer, despite of what everyone thinks of him.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys animation, it will be very fun to watch and, at the same time, make you think about what you’re doing. Will you really care about other people’s opinions about you or work hard for what you want to become?

3. The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)

This highly emotional biographical movie, based on Chris Gardner’s struggles while being homeless, will certainly tell you a lesson about not giving up on what you believe in, and work hard. Like mentioned, we follow Chris Gardner as he tries in whatever way he can to build a better future for him and his son, while having no place to live and a position as a intern that pays no money. 

I admit I teared up several times while watching this one, but it gave me a totally different mindset. If I’m a person who has everything to follow my dreams and work hard, why am I not doing it? 

4. The Great Debaters (2007)

This movie shows us the story of how a black debate team, led by professor Melvin B. Tolson managed to become the first black debate team to go against Harvard’s own debate champions in the national championship. It’s based on a real article written about the Wiley College debate, which makes everything even greater! 

My opinion is that everyone should watch this movie, and understand the wonders you can do if you believe that all the things you want to achieve are possible if you work hard enough!

5. The Internship (2013)

This is the story of two old-school salesmen Billy and Nick that, after being downsized because of the digital age, decide to work for Google. Then, during the internship, they must work together with a group of young college kids to complete a series of tasks to finally be officially employed.

Other than the fact it’s a hilarious movie (well, at least that’s my personal opinion), I find this movie highly motivational because we see the two main characters managing to contribute to their group with what they can even though they know nothing about technology. They still manage to do well, so I think it has a really amazing message!

6. Good Will Hunting (1997)

This is movie is about Will Hunting, who has a really high IQ, but works as a janitor at MIT. Professor Gerald Lambeau finds out about Will when he manages to solve a very difficult graduate-level math problem, but he doesn’t only help Will with his academic life, but also with psychological problems he faces as he thinks about his relationships and his future. 

This movie is really redirected at thinking about your academic life, but also about what could be holding us back - sometimes we might need the help of others to overcome our problems, and see the better way out. 

7. The Social Network (2010)

Here we find out the roots of Facebook and the story behind it - who was Mark Zuckenberg and how he managed to create such a huge network? This is his story, and how exactly he managed to go from a college student to a multi-millionaire. Even though being rich isn’t and shouldn’t be everyone’s ultimate goal, this movie might be the right thing to really inspire you to turn the ideas in your head into concrete things. 

As of now these are my favorite movies I go to when I really need that extra motivation. I really think it’s a great idea to try and watch them before your exam season, before the start of a new term, or at any time of the year really! 

Good luck on your exams and happy studying! x

It’s the 15th somewhere in the world.

A big, enthusiastic happy second birthday to Undertale!!
I’m a latecomer to the fanbase, but I’ve been a devoted fan ever since I tumbled into the world of this fantastic game.
I was originally very reluctant to have anything to do with it, but slowly it started to draw me in and finally I caved… and had one of the best experiences with a game that I’ve ever had in my life so far.

The message, the characters, the music, the EMOTIONS… I’ve played many games that have resonated with me, made me cry, made me HAPPY, all these things, but Undertale is REALLY special.
Special enough that I wanted to show how much it touched my heart by adapting the whole thing into a graphic novel.
It is absolutely fantastic.
And I know that even after the Undertale graphic novel project is over, Undertale will always have a special place in my heart.

Thank you for creating this wonderful game, Toby. You changed my life, and changed it for the better!
Happy birthday, Undertale.