The idea of giving an “adventure” for a gift has taken hold lately, with people no longer requesting mere baubles but also hinting mightily for fully funded, full-on “experiences.” Now, instead of a lavaliere or pair of Louboutins, you try to convince your nearest and dearest to provide you with, say, a week at a ski chalet, or a detoxifying sauna treatment, or maybe even sashimi lessons.

But who says you can’t look adorable sharpening a sushi knife or careening down a mountain? Shouldn’t the gift of a fetching zip hoodie accompany a wilderness trip? Why not throw in a dressing gown along with that spa sojourn?

Here, explore’s guide to the best experiences, with irresistible accessories to match.

Photographed by Tim Walker, Vogue, April 2012; Photographed by Mikael Jansson, Vogue, July 2016.

i just had the best overwatch experience ever…. i played a competitive match with this native korean guy and talked to him over voice chat in korean and ended up adding him after the match since he was super nice and we played really well together (even though we lost). we ended up queueing together for the next five hours and just chatting on discord in broken english and korean…. it feels like i have a real life pen pal in korea 

My 5 Top Study Tips

1. Turn off any distractions

This would definitely be my top tip - I can’t stress how much more you get done when you have no distractions! I turn both my phone and my iPad off when I’m doing work, so I won’t be tempted to go on social media.

2. Find a study method that works for you

For me, rewriting my notes makes me retain more information, but not every method works best for everyone. Experiment and see which method you like best. Is it mindmpaps, flashcards?

3. Go over your notes

If you find yourself with nothing to do, try to go over your notes. This means you will remember more information, and is a much better use of your time than going on your phone, watching tv, etc.

4. Quality, not quantity

If your notes are scruffy, or you can’t read them, or you don’t like the way they look, you won’t want to use them. Try to make pretty notes with the key information that you will actually want to read, meaning you will learn your stuff much better!

5. Pay attention in your lessons!

This is really important. The number of people at my school who have no regard for the fact that if they don’t pay attention in their lessons, they’re not going to pass their exams. Make neat, readable notes, and if you don’t understand, ask questions, or arrange to meet with the teacher to go over the topics you don’t understand.

I hope that gave you some inspiration. I actually wrote this as part of the #decemberstudychallenge on instagram!


[VIDEO] 161127 Aidan Turner at the Subtitle Film Festival in Kilkenny on how to start out in the industry, his best casting experience, and more

Source: Spotlight / YouTube

Hey, y’all! It saddens me to see Wesley leave imaginedaredevil but I wish nothing but the best for Wesley and her endeavors through life. Thank you for being a part of this wonderful blog!

I, Angel, have decided to step up as head admin of imaginedaredevil! I can’t wait to work with y’all to provide the best imagine experience possible!! With that being said, I need your honest opinions.

The creator of this blog, doodnoice, started off this blog because of her love for Daredevil. The imagine blog grew into the great community we have here today. Overtime, the blog has gone through some changes, both good and bad. As I step up to the plate, I want what is best for this blog’s future. Please answer honestly or send in an ask about any concerns you have about this blog. I am ready to listen. 

Thank you so much for following and I hope I will fill these big shoes left by past head admins.

I ask you all two questions:

  1. Do you mind if I change the format of the imagines that is much different from the original style we have now? I will provide a sample in the days to come.
  2. What do you think of imaginedaredevil becoming an imagine blog for the Defenders?

but an American version of Skam just… Wouldn’t work? One of the best things about the experience has been learning about the Norwegian culture, not in a way like you’d find in a text book or a tour guide but in the day to day lives of people who feel real and relatable. Whilst the youth culture has some similarities, I can’t see any easy American equivalent to the russ stuff, which is one of the lynchpins of the series?? and partly why the girl squad originally formed? And the American school system is very different, as far as I’m aware

If they’re that keen on capitalising on the success of the show, I don’t get why they don’t just borrow some of the formatting ideas. What’s the actual point in calling it Skam???


Interview: Lucy Blundell of Kinmoku Games

Quite honestly, the best experiences that I have with games are with  the ones I have no expectation of liking, but that I find myself getting completely drawn into and really thoroughly enjoying.

One Night Stand was one of these games, and was a real surprise for me. I was initially intrigued by the art style, which uses a technique called rotoscoping I hadn’t seen used before in games, but I was unsure of how engaging the story would be.

I was delighted not only to be engaged, but really pulled into the branching narrative of the game. Lucy Blundell’s decision to make the game a series of short stories that can be discovered and played through in only 15 to 20 minutes is beyond brilliant. It means that in this awkward choose-your-own-adventure story of a forgotten night and a chance encounter, you’re free to make different decisions and see where they take you.


One Night Stand is available for purchase on and Steam for 2.99 USD.

Things that happened at the TOP concert last night

(Because I went to the Emotional Roadshow kickoff show and it slayed me.)

- they introduced josh as “joshua spooky jim christmas”

- the first song ended. the stage went dark. fifteen seconds later the lights come on and tyler joseph is halfway down the venue standing in the middle of the stands. i still don’t know how he got there so fast.

- literally tyler couldn’t stay still the whole time he was all over the place how


- tyler introduced josh at least four times throughout the course of the show, he was so proud of his fren 

- seriously tho “this is my fren josh on the drums, he’s great” 

- tyler got into a large red ball and bopped around in the pit. so ungraceful. so delighted. it was so fun. 


- “wherever we go on this tour, whatever happens, we’re taking this room of people with us”

- he started Car Radio on the piano except people were cheering and yelling way longer than necessary so he stopped and just started giggling and got all teary his voice cracked all through the song 

- they played holding on to you and i sobbed like a small child and screamed the lyrics with tyler and i feel emotionally cleansed now 

- basically they were dorks and they’re so important they SLAYED Trees at the end


I made a lot of people uncomfortable with this post but some of you wanted more so I decided this was the easiest way to satisfy everyone and answer even more important questions

but really this is just me doing an experiment

Free! colour swap 1/10

Haruka - Makoto - Nagisa - Rei - Rin - Sousuke - AiMomo - Kisumi -


Bokuto’s bed-head is probably atrocious.