Expectations can kill a simple man


Like what if Tadashi couldn’t work a washing machine do you know how funny that would be? An engineer student from one of the best engineering programs ever is yelling at a washing machine at the laundry mat. He can’t even cuss because Hiro is there so he’s basically yelling “FREAKIN…TRASH HEAP” while Hiro’s giggling on the side lines and everyone is staring.

I got that job, my dream job, the one with the pool table for a conference table, that job, a full time audio engineer for one of the biggest production companies in Seattle. The company is actually only six people including me, but they contract everyone else. I’m so stoked. This is a job I shouldn’t have gotten or been qualified for until at least five years or so down the road, but crazy miraculous circumstances and two killer interviews led me to this opportunity, and I feel beyond blessed, and completely terrified, as I sign paperwork tomorrow, and I start training on Tuesday, and run my own event on Wednesday. Talk about jumping right in.