How you meet

hey guys, so this this going to be horrible probably gross grammar and everything. But I will be updating it to fix the errors and everything. Sorry. 


Walking quickly across the parking lot you searched for your best friend’s car. ‘Where was she anyways’ you asked yourself, something in your peripherals caught your eye and you stopped right in your tracks. The fact that he was so handsome would have knocked you off your feet if it was any other situation. But not with him not today, he was walking towards you playing air guitar completely oblivious to the whole world. You couldn’t help but stare at him and wonder what he was playing. You followed his fingers and it was like nothing you had ever read or heard. You needed to hear the music to the amazing notes. Just as he was about to reach you your best friend came driving up laying on her horn with your other friends whistling out the windows. The blonde looked up just in time to see you doing a model walk and flipping your hair. “Dance for us” one of your friends yelled out. You quickly did a jazz number and bowed. There was clapping behind you and you froze, someone had actually been watching. You were pleased to see that it was the blonde and you knew you had to take this time to ask. “what were you playing” you spat out quickly. He looked confused. You realized he would have no idea what you were talking about. “I’m sorry, I was um. Well. I had. Um. When you were walking earlier you were playing something and I hadn’t heard it before. Some of the notes were a little difficult to understand: you rambled. “It’s untitled, I’ve been working on it for weeks. Something isn’t right” he answered. You frowned, “but I wanted to hear it” you pouted. He smiled, “well if I finish it you can” he smiled. Then it hit you. “Niall Horan…?” you questioned. He smiled at you. “Well I guess I will hear it” you said disappointed. “Wow don’t sound so disappointed” he looked confused. “Sorry” Your friend blew the horn and you knew that was your cue. You started to back away you smiled before you turned around to let him watch you walk away. “He was cute y/n” your friend nudged your arm. “but he’s Niall Horan” you smiled.


You always wanted to have a one night stand, but all you really wanted was to be in love. And just like clockwork your reality triumphed over fantasy. You were not comfortable enough with your body and completely too inexperienced to bring a guy up to your flat. But that didn’t stop you from going out every Friday with your best friend, to pick out the guy you would take home, IF you had the guts. The second he walked in the club you knew that not only was it Liam Payne but he would be the one, if she had the guts. Her and her friends laughed and took another shot. She didn’t know when her words started to slur, her feet started to get heavy or when she started to dance with Liam.

Waking up the next morning you hated yourself, you had no idea why you thought drinking so much was a good idea. It wasn’t until you opened your eyes did you realize you weren’t in your room. You started to panic and looked under the covers only to realize that you had on all of your clothes. You breathe a sigh of relief. And look around the room for whoever had brought you home. After several minutes you heard noise downstairs so you walked slowly down the stairs. The stranger had his back to you, he didn’t have on a shirt and you stood to admire him. “Goodmorning” he said without turning around and you automatically knew who he was. “Goodmorning” you replied softly as he turned around. “Thank you” you smiled. “For what?” he asked. “Not taking advantage of me.” You said he smiled back at you. “I knew you’d say that, but last night you hated me” he chuckled.


Recently you realized you hated bugs, you hated the heat, you hated being outside, so when your cousin asked you to play soccer with him because he wanted to talk to you, you almost said no. And after 30 minutes you were pissed at yourself for agreeing. “…what do you think?” he asked pulling you out of your thoughts. “sorry, come again?” you chuckled nervously, hoping he wouldn’t notice you weren’t paying attention. “y/n, were you not listening” he asked you annoyed. “I’m sorry!!! It’s so hot out why didn’t we just do lunch” you asked lining up your club with the ball, you swung and missed. “and I stink!” you pouted. “That’s because you aren’t focusing, golf isn’t a woman thing” you heard from behind you. You swung around to see who had insulted you. “Excuse yo….” You stopped midsentence when you realized how attractive he was. You starred at him a little longer, “that was extremely rude of you to say, and sexist” you hissed. He lifted his hands “hey, hey, I was agreeing with you, you said you stunk, we all can see that” he said. You rolled yours his and turned back towards the green. You swung and came full contact the ball, getting it closer than your cousin. You turned back and smirked at the blond. What mister smarty pants didn’t realize is that just because you were now girly and prissy, you had learned to golf from your grandfather and you were on your high school team. “I guess you’re right” you smiled at him. “you should join us” your cousin offered to the blond. “I’d love to” he smiled cheerfully, you rolled your eyes and waited for him. On the last hole you made a hole in one creaming both of the boys. The blond looked defeated but impressed. “You owe me lunch y/c/n” you smiled. “I knew you weren’t going to let me win” he pouted. “Y/n just emasculated your boyfriend” Louis laughed. You and your cousin stopped mid-laugh. “he’s my cousin” you said with a disgusted look on your face. “Hey! I’m a catch you should be honored someone mistook me as your man” “no I am the catch” you bickered back. You both giggled and you looked back at Louis “he knew I was going to do better than him, no matter how much I didn’t want to be out here” you explained to Louis. “And why wouldn’t you want to be on the green, best place to be” he said looking around. You frowned thinking about all the summer you had spent out here with your grandfather. You shook your head signaling you didn’t want to talk about it. “Well listen I’d love to get back out there with you, what do you say?” he asked sounding hopeful. You looked at y/c/n, assuming he was talking to him. “y/n, he’s flirting with you not me” he laughed. You looked at Louis confused, and he raised an eyebrow and smiled brightly. “okay” you agreed.


“Harry’s having dinner here as well” your mom said smiling and nodding towards the direction he sat in the restaurant. Your stomach did a whole bunch of flips. “Shut up mom!” you freaked. “No, I can see him” she laughed. After several minutes you decided that the dropping a fork on the ground would give you enough time to look his way. You slightly knocked it and the fork, spoon knife and your cup went flying to the ground. You turned a bright red and wanted to sink into the chair. Your mother couldn’t help but laugh. You started to pick up the utensils when the waiter came to assist. Lifting your head up you noticed that his arms were flooded with tattoos. All the air in your lungs were knocked out. “You okay love?” he asked. You couldn’t form any words but you smiled and nodded. “You didn’t have to come and help” You finally smiled. “No problem, I didn’t want you to be embarrassed alone, I almost knocked mine over as well but I figured this would be just as good” he offered. “This was perfect you smiled. “Thank you, by the way” you said standing up and offering him your hand. He stood as well and shook it. “Anytime love” he said winking and walking away. When you sat back down there was a new cup and silverware in front of you. Your mom was smiling brightly at you “he liked you dear” she giggled. You rolled your eyes, leave it to her to think Harry Styles wanted you. As your dinner was wrapping up dessert was served without either of you ordering and your waiter informed you that the bill had been paid. You looked over your shoulder to see Harry talking with his friends, like he hadn’t just done the sweetest thing. You cut a piece of your cake and placed it on a saucer and asked the water to deliver it to him. The biggest smile broke out on his face when he saw it but you quickly looked away. “he’s looking at you” your mom said discreetly. “good” you giggled continuing to eat your cake. “Excuse me miss…you didn’t even give me a berry” he said. You both were smiling brightly and you slid over in your seat so that he could fit as well.

Our Zayn (even though I’m hurt right now)

When you first met Zayn you never thought you would end up here. You had fallen in love with him the second you saw his face on X-factor, he had fallen for you the night you walked into the room tagging closely beside your best friend. It started with One Direction but you didn’t want it to end with it, if he needed a break from them could he need a break from you. He was spending an incredible about with naughty boy and perrie and he never had time for you.


You and your best friend were waiting patiently in line to meet the boys. After several arguments you both decided to take a picture together so you would both be more comfortable. As the line dwindled down you both became anxious. “Next” You lost all locomotion and your best friend had to pull you to the boys. She introduced both of you and just because she was y/b/f/n, because all the boys seemed to flock to her. Niall won the position to be wrapped in his arms but most of the boys weren’t far away. Louis and Zayn came over to you and Louis threw his arm over your shoulder. You had turned so that your good side was showing and waited for the camera to flash. After the first picture you felt Louis start to shuffle as well as everyone else changing positions but you stayed the same way. Right before the camera flashed you felt Zayn moved “Wait. Wait. Wait!” you said louder than you had ever heard him speak. Everyone turned to look at him including you. “Why do you continue to pose like that?” he asked you quietly. The only way anyone could have heard him is if they were standing as close to y’all as b/f/n and the rest of the boys. “Because this is my decent side” you whispered. Everyone realized how serious this conversation could get and just like that Niall was grabbing y/b/n by the waist and spinning her around. Zayn didn’t break eye contact he looked confused, “nonsense, you are beautiful” he smiled. Your face turned a light red and you the words couldn’t form. “I don’t think you realize just how beautiful you are, and it makes sense because…look at you best friend, why would you think you stood a chance against her…but you do” he said sincerely. “I’m going to cry” your voice was thick with tears. “If you cry, I’ll cry” he teased. ‘Then I’ll be dead’ you thought to yourself. You cracked a smile. “What’s so funny?” “you crying” “wow, that hurts” he laughed with you. “Now, come on and let everyone see that whole smile” he urged. The rest of the group got in the frame and Zayn wrapped his arms around her his chest was on side and you were facing the camera with a huge smile on your face. Zayn couldn’t take his eyes off of you. “thank you Zayn” you smiled walking towards the door you still to this day had no idea what he was thinking when you walked out that door but when he chased you down the stairs and asked for your number you knew, you couldn’t go another day without him.

Present Day

Picking up your phone you text him.

You: What was going through your mind as I was walking out the door that night Zayn, Why didn’t you let me leave.

Not even 10 seconds after you sent it your phone started to ring.




Who am I imitating!?

Yup, it’s Rio…


Eh!?  Isn’t this! Weird! Take Ryou! Our faces may look similar…! 
But this face isn’t so dark!


Certainly there maybe a bit of similarities…LOL

I’ll try a different version again


bunnikkila asked:

Do you suppose either Wirt or Dipper are fans of Elton John? I was listening to I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues yesterday and I can't stop imagining those two gettig ridiculously dramatic/emotional over it!

Wirt definitely is. He appreciates himself some Elton John.

I Guess That’s Why They Call it the Blues, Skyline Pigeon, Something About the Way You Look Tonight, Can You Feel the Love Tonight (because of course, it’s Lion King, man), Your Song, Sad Songs (Say So Much), and Crocodile Rock are some of Wirt’s favorites by him.

But it’s not just Elton John, he gets super dramatic over all his music xD We’ve actually had Wirt and Dipper exchange mixtapes several times and they both get really emotional over them. Not sure if Dipper’s an Elton John fan, I’ll leave that to syl-writes-stuff to answer, but I know he has a really wide variety of musical taste and he does like BABBA so anything’s possible!