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You didn't answer my question what is this whole arctic monkeys Olympics thing?

Arctic Monkeys. They were at the Olympics once. It was the best day ever

The most attractive member of the Suicide Squad is definitely Harley Quinn. I don’t think The Joker has eyes for anyone else except Harley. The other girls are cute, but Harley’s just got that special something.
—  Jared Leto (x)

byun baekhyun | sweetest downfall

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You can just see the moment it clicks for Quinn that not only does he get to jump off the platform into the water, he gets to push Chaos in too. And he just gets this amazing happy grin on his face.

Gillovny Con was a blessing! Thank you, Gillian ‘Moist’ Anderson & David ‘Avocado’ Duchovny for your time and bless you for all these incredible stories, pictures, and amazing experiences everyone had over the last 2 days! 

I’m with Schmoopie, Marriage jokes, Dick joke, David tastes like avocado, David will lick it…sign it….with a different pen, CHEWIEing on Gillian’s T-shirt, Room Service, Gillovny Shame Walk to the Comic-Con, At least someone is moist, and HEART EYES

 We keep saying it, but we really don’t deserve YOU! So we will keep saying thank you, forever! ❤️❤️

And thanks to All of you, who shared your stories and made us be a part of this madness! 😃