ask and ye shall receive

sparkly bfs

so dapper

remember how many times they said “our wedding” bc i do and it keeps me up at night

bc how could i not include the most iconic look™

the best day ever aka Speckle Suit Day

plus a bonus bc loOk AT THEM

in conclusion: they like to coordinate, they look good in suits, and their wedding pictures are gonna kill us all. thank you for your time.

anonymous asked:

I have the biggest crush on you! 💘 please have the best day ever! P.s you have the prettiest and sexist feet ever and I would kill to chat about them with you! 😆

amazing! It turns me on knowing that people have a crush on me 

in other news i found out today i’m getting paid over £2k at the end of the month bc my temping hours and salaried work overlap, this is the best fucking day ever

so in a skit today i called my crush a pretty ginger boy in front of everyone. and he turned beet red and so today. is the best day ever.