joetrick is a good ship man bc joes always fairly sarcastic and smarmy and patricks such a sweetheart and u can kinda tell that joe had/has/always will have a soft spot for patrick when patrick is talking abt something he loves or bouncing in his seat or just bein cute and u can see joe melt

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hey hey can u help me out?? i dont know whats so problematic about lucaya? like im rilaya all the way and the lucaya stans are HELLA PROBLEMATIC but idk whats wrong w the actual ship ??

most of anti-LM’s reasoning is the fans but tbh their relationship is so generic. i’ve seen it so many times where the guy doesn’t take the Protagonist Girl but instead dates the Protagonist Girl Best Friend and it wouldn’t be revolutionary if suddenly this pairing was canon it would just be Another Het Romance and tbh i’m too old, too gay, and too tired of seeing tropes like this

LM has never been romantically involved. agree to disagree but maya does not have romantic feelings for l*cas in any way, shape or form. in gm world she saw l*cas first but if that is a way to validate a ship then all ships should start out like that like damn

and before people come for me with the Triangle™: the Triangle was a mess from start to finish. it has not made sense. no one decides to go full-on rileytown just to understand a boy it’s unrealistic af and I refuse to accept those reasonings as to why maya “wasn’t herself”. even mj the literal Lin Manuel Miranda™ of this shitshow doesn’t understand the triangle if the gmw writers twitter account has anything to go by (and yes I don’t like lmm)

their ‘chemistry’, to me at least, doesn’t seem genuine either. texas boy called maya a Short Stack of Pancakes and she flipped out for no apparent reason, even fighting with her best friend about it. not only that, the only thing LM stans have to back up LM is those moments in s1 where maya says that l*cas doesn’t want her instead he wants riley like those weren’t even that serious left swipe

also we have to realize that this was brought on by the Triangle™ in no way would this happen if there was no triangle in the first place. we would’ve never had any mention of LM we would’ve been happy with the ot6 becoming friends

tl;dr this is all over the place ik but LM isn’t a good ship because they have no chemistry, it’s generic af, and op is Tired™ of seeing girls with compulsory heterosexuality throw themselves at the first boy that looks plain af.

Am I just missing something?

Almost all of my ships/OTPs don’t become canon. I need to stop shipping characters in shounen mangas cause those never work out. I feel like I picked the wrong manga to dedicate my time to because the ship I would be interested in (Gruvia) in Fairy Tail seems like it actually has potential. But hey out of all my ships I was pretty damn sure IchiRuki was a given but look what happened. 

But you best believe I’ll still be shipping those idiots in 50 years. I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP. And I’m glad IchiRuki is like the most popular ship in manga history cause there’s so much fanart, fanfic, headcanons, etc that we have created our own better world. Thanks fellow IR! I’ll still be following the tag to view all your wonderful creations. 

It’s fanfic author appreciation day so it’s only fair that I give some of my fav writers a shoutout:


Your oc’s are the best thing in the entire world. Elsa admitably is one of my favs and your writing is phenomenal and I know we never talk but I really do love your fics and the gifs you make for them.  


I love you, your account, and your head canons. I also love and appreciate how much love you spread with your account.


You’re actually the person who made me ship Saphael and now it’s happening with jeliorn but I’m okay with it. All your damn head canons are amazing and brilliant.

No Other Choice

The ports were closed. The seas were calm but were soon getting crowded with ships unable to dock. Business was suffering. There was no other choice. The Captain ordered both ships to return to Pandaria, and while his goblin friend screamed at the Captain’s choice, Seawolf ignored him.

“It’s that damn woman of yours, isn’t it?” sneered Ziggly.

“Watch your damn tongue, Zig. Hell’s breaking loose in the world and the best option is to go back home. I will not risk my family’s life during these hard times. We’ll let their fel and demon storms settle and then we’ll see what our next course of action will be.” Seawolf turned to look at his friend, who was already grumbling. “It’s been a long time, Zig. You need a rest too.”

“I need fucking whores and alcohol, that’s what I need.” Ziggly moved on to give the orders and Captain Seawolf smiled. Taking a deep breath, he could smell the sea around him and it felt right. Going home was the only option.

“I’m coming home, lovely,” he whispered into the wind. The thought of going back to his wife and children only made him wish that the ship would sail faster and that his journey was finally over.