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Favorite platonic Sonic and Amy moment then?

 ooc :// it’s late & i’m tired but i’d have to say one of the few i like is from sonic unleashed where you meet up with amy again. many can interpret it as something ‘shippy’ ( and i can see that also ) but it also shows certain other aspects of their friendship. it’s important to note that amy completely disregards sonic and leaves him alone after not recognizing him. something she’s never done before and is entirely foreign. and after that we get chip telling sonic about his appearance and why she may not know it’s him which does seem to entirely BUM OUT the hedgehog. he does walk with shoulders slumped and seems upset.

now why is this a good platonic moment: it shows that genuinely sonic does care about what amy thinks. knowing amy didn’t recognize him ( when she always has before ) and pretty much push him away and apologize without a second thought has to be…. well, awful tbh? she’s known him for a long time. and in a way it’s almost like he’s ashamed of his newer form even more that when they meet again and she turns to face him he immediately turns his head so she can’t see his face and runs off. he’s not running off like the usual ‘i’m out gotta go before she hugs me’ but rather it’s almost like he’s??? feeling he HAS to go.

and amy then realizes it is sonic. she sees something in him when she turns to face him and when it’s confirmed she’s not??? upset or disgusted or shocked??? she’s genuinely concerned and grabs the mans hand and wants to know what happened and is worried and confused.

i think deep down finding out someone he’s known for so long ( who always finds him ) has suddenly not recognized him and when chip attributes it to his ‘scary features’ he doesn’t??? feel like himself tbh. he seems to hide himself from amy’s gaze after and hurries off as her eyes try to meet his. 

& while it can be seen as shippy i like to also imagine it as being sonic genuinely seen as caring what amy thinks and showing that her feelings do matter and so does she??? he’s not annoyed or aggravated or ‘gleeful’ she can’t recognizes him. he’s bumed out and runs from her gaze. like their friendship must be important for him to be able to be that upset and down in the dumps and avoid one of his friends gazes. and amy recognizes it afterwards and wants to know what’s wrong !!! she doesn’t hunt him down. she goes to the person who knows and wants to be told everything.

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How do you make Lalas look as rad as you do?

First off, I’m flattered!  I honestly don’t think my screenshots n’ photos are all that good, so hearing that does perk me up a bit ^^;

That said, I have a few things in my head when I’m taking photos: /gpose, my garb, and rp.  Before the update, /gpose helped out REAL well when setting up shots XD  It usually comes down to finding the right pose n’ emote for what I want to do, but sometimes, I snap photos from cutscenes as best as I can…it’s prolly why I have SOOOO many screenshots XD

The outfit usually depends on where I am with my Lala, dragoon wise; I’m still a MAJOR GLAMOUR NOOB, so I haven’t gotten into that meta yet ^^;

When I do get into those, tho, that’ll make those RP moments with those shots absolutely worth it!  

Another bit tho is that I have inspiration from a lot of awesome n’ lovely Lala’s when it comes to their photos, so it’s a good way for me to push for better pics (N’ a better lookin Lala XD)


Easily one of the best cutscenes in Halo history, and one of my favorites.