Dalish Inspired Skyhold outfit for Male and Female Elves // Available on Nexus

Okay, I have two Skyhold outfits being uploaded tonight, but to cut down on confusion I’m going to post them in two separate posts. 

About this Mod

  • The metal is highly reflective. It can look strange while running around Skyhold.
  • The Male version looks best in cutscenes. 
  • Male File is title: NehasJammas because it was a personal project I wasn’t originally going to share.
  • Male file is NOT tintable. 
  • Female file’s arms ARE tintable. 
  • Both models have been altered so the bumps on the chest are gone. Female version also had the cleavage pulled in to accent the design. 
  • Three keyhole skin colours available for female file. May not match all skin tones and I apologize for that. 

Other Mods Shown

Smooth Retexture By Skaramoosh
EYES by Ramccoid
Minimalist Vallaslin by bees-bees-fear 
Isabela Complexion M/F by Me 
Wavy Hair and Wavy Sidecut (Present but not visible) by me 
Undercut Ponytail by me paired with mod below
Alternate Sidecut by Lycotheuthis

I arrive in the Alienage

dick: out

elves: annoyed

bottle: hits me right in the fucking head

i am carried out of the Alienage unconscious by my companions


Easily one of the best cutscenes in Halo history, and one of my favorites.

turlessenpai  asked:

We all know that Sonic Unleashed is the best-looking Sonic game to date, and has the best cutscenes. But, I'm curious. Despite their lower graphical quality, what do you think of the cutscenes of the first 2 Riders games? I think those were good, too

Thy had really appealing visuals and the settings were amazing. Especially Aquatic Capital.

However, the character models left a lot to be desired.

I mean Sonic here looks like bleedin’ Popeye the Sailor-Hog with those thick forearms.