Dalish Inspired Skyhold outfit for Male and Female Elves // Available on Nexus

Okay, I have two Skyhold outfits being uploaded tonight, but to cut down on confusion I’m going to post them in two separate posts. 

About this Mod

  • The metal is highly reflective. It can look strange while running around Skyhold.
  • The Male version looks best in cutscenes. 
  • Male File is title: NehasJammas because it was a personal project I wasn’t originally going to share.
  • Male file is NOT tintable. 
  • Female file’s arms ARE tintable. 
  • Both models have been altered so the bumps on the chest are gone. Female version also had the cleavage pulled in to accent the design. 
  • Three keyhole skin colours available for female file. May not match all skin tones and I apologize for that. 

Other Mods Shown

Smooth Retexture By Skaramoosh
EYES by Ramccoid
Minimalist Vallaslin by bees-bees-fear 
Isabela Complexion M/F by Me 
Wavy Hair and Wavy Sidecut (Present but not visible) by me 
Undercut Ponytail by me paired with mod below
Alternate Sidecut by Lycotheuthis

I’m sad that Ishin! will probably never be localized in the West because it has some of the best cutscenes. Highlights include Kiryu having a naked fight with Goda in a bathhouse, Majima nearly blowing up Kiryu with a cannon because he was bored with him having cool guy dialogue with some castle guards, and Kiryu rolling out on a sad drunk night out with his boy squad of Akiyama and Goda that ends in a threeway fight.

But my absolute favorite is after Saejima and Kiryu first meet and have a casual “getting to know you” fight, they reach out to clasp hands to show their manly new respect for each other and Majima throws his sword at them before dragging Saejima for going too easy on the new guy. And then Kiryu basically calls Majima ugly and you can see the exact moment when Saejima realizes that this is his life now, this fresh hell.


Easily one of the best cutscenes in Halo history, and one of my favorites.