Why I don't play Support in League of Legends

I looooove playing Lulu in League of Legends and seeing people think she’s a healer support like Soraka. They think, “Oh hey, a pocket healer, time to be aggro as hell and carry the team with them,” when Lulu is a buff/debuff/CC support with one of the best initiation combo ults in the game. It irks me as well because I run Heal to compensate for my lack of direct healing, knowing full well that it’s in my best interest and in the best interest of my lane partner, and then they complain “why aren’t you running Exhaust?”

It’s those “Insta-Lock Ashe Mains” and people who don’t bother to learn about the support they’re laning with that make me all the more satisfied with myself maining Teemo and smashing them with my Blinding Dart.


So me and @slothesaurus were talking about Kyoutani having a little sister that was tough as nails and cute as hell, and this happened. These are for you <3

  • Lily:So, how are you feeling lately?
  • Kuro:Well, I've got this headache that comes 'n goes...
  • Mahiru:*enters the room*
  • Kuro:There it is