i’m crying bc everyone does beautiful fanart of woy meanwhile i just
also this takes place in the party they do when they save the galaxy
i just wanted 2 draw some drunk wander dontlookatme

also bonus:


The Gurl Girls Show You 6 Very Different Ways To Style One Black T-Shirt

I wanted to give you guys some more personal style tips on how to wear a black t-shirt, by someone who isn’t a style blogger with access to professional photographers or endless amounts of expensive clothing. I love fashion, and I love versatile pieces that I can play around with. It’s easy to buy one item of clothing, fall in love with it, and then immediately get stuck in a style rut with it. Back in college, before I was more style-savvy, I used to think I could only wear plain t-shirts with jeans or sweats. Now I know that you can wear them so many different ways!

I decided to enlist the help of my fellow Gurl co-workers because I thought that would be fun since we all have such different style. We picked a simple basic – the black tee – to show 6 different ways you can style it. The black tee we went with is from Target, and it’s awesome. At only $12, it’s super affordable, and it’s also very comfy and soft. Want to find a new, fresh way to wear your black tee? Here are 6 outfit ideas…