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(Arena tour outfits) Key was talking about how each set of clothes best suits a different member best. Like the old style suits matches Onew best. The military jackets were Taemin and the Go Taeyong collab outfits were Key style and the ‘university’ varsity jackets best suited to Minho.
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when you see louis game room and spray painted walls and remember that harry has penis paintings and wears hawaiian dad shirts and you start to realize that their kids are going to be raised by two big ass nerdy kids lol their future kids are so lucky.


The Gurl Girls Show You 6 Very Different Ways To Style One Black T-Shirt

I wanted to give you guys some more personal style tips on how to wear a black t-shirt, by someone who isn’t a style blogger with access to professional photographers or endless amounts of expensive clothing. I love fashion, and I love versatile pieces that I can play around with. It’s easy to buy one item of clothing, fall in love with it, and then immediately get stuck in a style rut with it. Back in college, before I was more style-savvy, I used to think I could only wear plain t-shirts with jeans or sweats. Now I know that you can wear them so many different ways!

I decided to enlist the help of my fellow Gurl co-workers because I thought that would be fun since we all have such different style. We picked a simple basic – the black tee – to show 6 different ways you can style it. The black tee we went with is from Target, and it’s awesome. At only $12, it’s super affordable, and it’s also very comfy and soft. Want to find a new, fresh way to wear your black tee? Here are 6 outfit ideas…