The Gurl Girls Show You 6 Very Different Ways To Style One Black T-Shirt

I wanted to give you guys some more personal style tips on how to wear a black t-shirt, by someone who isn’t a style blogger with access to professional photographers or endless amounts of expensive clothing. I love fashion, and I love versatile pieces that I can play around with. It’s easy to buy one item of clothing, fall in love with it, and then immediately get stuck in a style rut with it. Back in college, before I was more style-savvy, I used to think I could only wear plain t-shirts with jeans or sweats. Now I know that you can wear them so many different ways!

I decided to enlist the help of my fellow Gurl co-workers because I thought that would be fun since we all have such different style. We picked a simple basic – the black tee – to show 6 different ways you can style it. The black tee we went with is from Target, and it’s awesome. At only $12, it’s super affordable, and it’s also very comfy and soft. Want to find a new, fresh way to wear your black tee? Here are 6 outfit ideas…

Three absolutely true things about each MBTI type personified

ESFP: Talks even when they do not. Has the best clothes. Secretly goth.

ISFP: Observing you always. Has a life degree in social psychology. Could kill you, but probably will not.

ESTP: Born from an explosion. Can use everything as a weapon. Hobbes include fighting gorillas in space.

ISTP: Built a space shuttle with dental floss and a cap gun. Lobbies new laws just to break them. The only person to break into Fort Knox AND Area 51.

ENFP: Can transform into a Pegasus at will. Is your friend, so deal with it. Grows hugs in their backyard.

INFP: Happiest kind of sad. Bleeds kittens. Disney princess by night.

ENFJ: Delegated peace between Star Trek and Star Wars. Does charity work after every meal. Requires no less than a ten-person audience when doing these kind of things.

INFJ: Knows things 45+ minutes before they happen. Reads minds. Travels dimensions when nobody is looking.

ESFJ: Knows what is best for you. Is the parent of everybody. Can absorb emotions through osmosis.

ISFJ: Has fresh cookies on stand-by. Cares for the children of their vanquished enemies. Hugs themselves sometimes.

ESTJ: Eats pain for breakfast. Makes flowers wilt by walking near them. Once made The Rock and Chuck Norris cry on the same day.

ISTJ: Actually married to Lady Law. Organizes their lint by color. Has friends, but does not know it.

ENTP: Is roommates with Satan. Plays golf as a contact sport. Punches stone walls for fun.

INTP: Can recite Pi to the Aleph Null. Can clone a banana, but not peal one. Would rewire an electrical system before changing a lightbulb.

ENTJ: Brushes their teeth with a chainsaw. Kills people with a single glare. Knocked out a train with one kick.

INTJ: Already knew that, and everything else. Is better than you. Allergic to feelings.

You are that moment right before the sun dips below the horizon and a cascade of colors is lighting up the sky like a masterpiece. You’re the moment you can still see the light of the sun and the darkness of the sky, the colors of a sunset and the light of the stars. You are everything that is good and bad in this world and somehow it is all still good and beautiful. And I’m forever sure you were my gift, even though it was your birthday. Never let anyone dull your shine.