Alexander Siddig in Big Finish (Vortex #15)

Hello, Sid. This is your second Doctor Who story for Big Finish, after you were in two Paul McGann episodes…
Yeah, although I never saw [Paul]. I did see this amazingly beautiful other Doctor Who girl, Sheridan Smith. She’s gorgeous. Brilliant. She was fantastic, so brightened the whole day when she was here, just as Miranda is shaping up to be brightening the whole day being here today! Which is amazingly misogynist, but what the hell!

You did a pretty controversial guest spot on Spooks – the show that Miranda [Raison]’s best known for.
Yeah. I haven’t seen a lot of Spooks, but I know she’s done that for ages. I did an episode with Matthew MacFadyen, but I don’t think she was on the show then – though I do know she’s a household face. I don’t really know much about anybody else, because I don’t work here much – I’ve just finished an English movie, but it was the first I’d done for 20 years! I’m really just not in the loop!

You were saying in the green room that you watched a lot of Doctor Who as a child…
I watched it like, you know, proper! As kids, we’d wait for that show to come on every week. I started off with Jon Pertwee and then Tom Baker – they were my Doctor Whos. And I loved them both – we had long discussions about the various benefits and coolnesses of each Doctor, like we would about Sean Connery and Roger Moore as James Bond.

You also mentioned that your family were friends with Tom Baker…
Yes, so he was a bit of a hero! But I was kind of blasé about it, when he came round. I was like, ‘Hi, yeah, hi, I’m Sid, nice to meet you, yeah, whatever…’

You famously spent seven years on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Are you a fan of Sci-Fi, or is it something that’s just happened to recur in your career?
Yeah, I love it! I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation before I got the job on Deep Space Nine, and as I say, I watched Doctor Who, so I must love them, even if I’m not always prepared to admit it! I think they occupy a really great place, especially since the 1960s when kitchen sink drama became the norm, and I think it all became a little bit boring. I quite like the craziness of Sci-Fi, and the imaginative capabilities of it.