Random hijinks in episode 3x22 “There’s No Place Like Home”

While not a heavily angsty episode for Killian, there’s certainly enough mini-angst to go around. First pic is his heart-to-heart with David at the campfire. Second pic is his failed “dashing rescue” of Emma. Second row is him comforting Emma when Snow White is burned at the stake. Fifth shot is from him trying to comfort her afterwards. Next three pics are just some general annoyance, haha. Last row is him brandishing his sword at Rumple, and moments later finding himself swordless in a totally different place. I have a weakness for dual “WTF” moments. I don’t know if you’ve noticed.

Screencaps from, brightened by me.

I was asked about who in Teen Wolf would be who in the MCU.

This is a very simplistic overview (and a very, very rough guideline to how I’m viewing the characters in Winter Wolves, though by no means absolute or thorough):

Scott - Captain America (leader, righteous, somewhat serious, went from sickly to superpowered overnight, went from a “normal” world to batfuck crazy insanity and dealt with it as it comes, perception of perfection even though he isn’t, which might be why we see the occaional hints of depression and self-doubt carefully hidden away, his narrative constantly taken/used by other people to serve one agenda or another)

Stiles - Winter Soldier (an extraordinary human, who then got his mind taken over by an evil force; best friend to Captain America/Scott; ultimately thrust into circumstances beyond his control, but does his best to handle it as it comes; known for “hitting the mark” - Bucky literally, as a sniper, and Stiles metaphorically, with perception and snark)

Derek - Iron Man (caustic but ultimately caring relationship with Captain America/Scott; rich jerk with a heart of gold; has to contend with a complicated family legacy; keeps fucking up and/or having to deal with past mistakes, but generally does his best to do good and make the world a better place; narrative started with the death of someone he cared about and felt responsible for)

Allison - Black Widow (child soldier/started training to kill as a kid, brainwashed/manipulated for much of her life, broke away from the dark side to fight for the side of the angels; has to contend with coming from a “family”/group that’s done a lot of damage to a lot of people, has to atone for past sins, and whether or not she has depends on who you ask)

Lydia - Hulk (extremely destructive powers that she doesn’t know much about, started off her story by waking up very far away from where she started and in significantly less clothing; perceived as something “simple” - brute strength for Hulk, beauty queen for her - but fiercely intelligent underneath)

Kira - Thor (lightning powers, family member brought down strife upon her friends and yet she’s still one of them, leaves after an important story involving the entire group to go deal with her own shit)

Malia - either Falcon (kinda late to the party, does what everyone else does but slower - except instead of “physically” slower, it’s slower to catch onto their morality or reasoning), or Vision (new to humanity and sometimes struggles to understand it as well as struggling to understand herself; late to the group but just as devoted)

Jackson - Hawkeye (jerk with a heart of gold - assuming the stronger Ultimates influence on MCU!Clint; history of mind-control/issues with it; not superpowered (for most of his existence on the show) yet often still crucial to the plot and/or overpowering the antagonist); though Jackson may also connect to the Ghost Rider (pursues superpowers to solve an immediate problem, gets dragged into something bigger and used as someone else’s murder weapon), but I’ll have to wait until we see more of Agents of SHIELD S4 to know for sure

Boyd - Agent Coulson (down to earth, perceptive, kind of in the background and not really noticed, yet also very important to the group; critical yet supportive of Iron Man/Derek)

Isaac - Jessica Jones (history of abuse; not really interested in doing the right thing so much as survival, but ultimately cajoled into being a hero)

Erica - War Machine (strong relationship with Derek/Iron Man, very supportive of him; and this is more of a fandom thing, but her narrative and character keeps getting twisted into something over simplitic and stereotypical to support one agenda/narrative or another, a la Iron Patriot)

Danny - Quake (hacker who develops a crush on a psychopath :P) or Happy (background character whose very supportive of everyone else, but also a bit in over his head :P)


#i can’t ever get over how far emma has come#how she let her walls down#opened up her heart and fell in love#her love for killian has absolutely made her better#she’s grown so much because of it#and it has definitely made her a stronger individual#more hopeful#and determined#willing to trust etc#all it took was meeting the right person and everything changed


under appreciated films challenge - favourite character
captain amelia (treasure planet)

- I … don’t much care for this crew you hired. They’re … how did I describe them, Arrow?   I said something rather good this morning before coffee.
- ‘A ludicrous parcel of driveling galoots’, ma’am.
- There you go. Poetry.

That’s the perfect description of what happen to all of us after watching a marvel movie. 😂


I made a little compilation