I’m going out of the country for vacation for a while and since my summer holidays are about to end I decided to make tumblr awards.

+ mbf your local marvel and sebastian stan trash
+ reblog this post - likes are bookmarks
+ must reach 30 notes or I’ll cry myself to sleep
+ winners are picked on september 10

there will be: 1 winner & 1 runner-up

+ iron man personal favorite
+ quicksilver best url
+ black widow best desktop theme
+ vision best mobile theme
+ captain america best original content *
+ winter soldier best multifandom **
+ spiderman rising star ***
+ scarlet witch best icon

* send me the link to your original content
** let me know if you’re multifandom, and which fandoms you blog about
*** send me a screenshot of your follower count - must be under 500

note: if you have a preference on the award(s) you want, feel free to tell me which one(s) you’d like to run for.


winners will get…
+ a follow from me if I’m not following yet
+ a spot on my updates tab until october 10
+ to choose between: a custom theme, a blog moodboard, or an icon pack [5 icons]
+ unlimited promos until october 10

runners-up will get…
+ a follow from me if I’m not following yet
+ 7 promos until october 10
+ to choose between: a blog moodboard or an icon pack [3 icons]

heres one of the other 234832 ideas i have for sam groups and with my recent bitterness™ i thought it was time,,,

do you love sam wilson? do you really really want him to get the sheild in mcu? do you think that sam wilson is the best captain america in general?? then hmu pal cause i got the group chat for u

this will be a group chat on kik for people who love sam wilson and think he deserves that shield and better

rules ➝

how to enter ➝

  • reblog this post
  • send me your kik + why you wanna join


  • a follow from me if not already ;^ )
  • cool new pals!!
  • people who understand™ the love for sam
  • track “#sam > cap squad”

other  ➝

  • ends when i get enough people,,,
  • 3-10 members (depending if this flops)
  • any questions? ask me !!!

A much needed study of Captain Swan Kisses. (▰˘◡˘▰)   +bonus hand kiss