My friend from college and I had to go on a road trip to Santa Fe for an engineering conference. She was very insistent that she bring along her friend, who was not an engineer but worked as a clerk at Best Buy. Her friend was really Oscar Isaac but everyone believed he was just Fred, the Best Buy guy. I was grumpy that I had to sit in the backseat.

Why are baby boomers like this.

Just went and bought a new TV since mine decided to explode last week.

Since my car is roughly the size of a small hamster wheel the box wouldn’t fit. Nbd, I am industrious. When it still wouldn’t fit after a few minutes of me and the shop clerk guy rearranging some of things and playing with angles and leverage, I decide to just take the tv out of the box. The actual tv is more than small enough, it’s just the box that won’t fit.

So here I am sitting in front of Best Buy prying a large cardboard box open. I told the shop guy he was good to leave me to it, since I know they’re not allowed to do that kind of thing, and if anyone is going to break my new TV on the pavement it’s going to be me.

Oh and did I mention I just got out of a job interview, so I look nice and classy, hair done, nails done, wearing pearls, with my trendy baby pink hybrid car, cussing at a cardboard box and ripping it apart with my teeth because it’s fucking bolted together with huge fuckoff staples.

The staff keeps peeking out the doors at me. I think they’re cracking up. I would be too. Two different guys stop and offer to help. Chivalrous. But I got this- this box is going the fuck down.

I finally pry this bitch open and I’m carefully easing my new 55" TV out of the box, maneuvering it into the back of my tiny baby hatchback. I’m bleeding where the box tore my cuticle. I stop. Pull it back out and flip it over b/c I decide I want it screen-up just in case I hit a speedbump-

And behind me I hear this lady.

“No, there’s this girl just sitting outside Best Buy trying to put a tv in her car, and they’re not helping her or ANYTHING. Like… She’s out here all by herself, struggling. The staff is right there, they don’t even care.”

It’s some bleach-blonde, overly tan older woman talking on her phone and just standing there gawking at me. Not offering to help, just sitting there absolutely trashing the Best Buy staff on my behalf.

Who seriously stands there and bitches about a total stranger’s customer service experience?

After listening to it for a couple of minutes I finally turn around.

“Hi. Hey. I’m fine. I told them I got this.”

She stares like it never occurred to her I could hear everything she’s saying.

“They should be helping you. You’re doing this all by yourself.”

“They’re fine. They were helping earlier. I told them to go back in, because I had to take it out of the box to fit it in my car.”

“They couldn’t help you?”

I blink. “They aren’t allowed to help with this stuff, they’ll get in trouble. And I’m not going to waste a delivery just for the box. It fits fine like this.” Pat pat the snug, happy little tv just to prove my point.

“But- you’re struggling.”

She says it like I am a soft delicate baby bird trying to lift a brick (instead of a grown-ass woman in heels and pearls who just called a cardboard box a ‘fucknugget’). Like the very concept of struggling with something alone is the stuff of Lifetime movies.

“Yeah… So?”

She looks deeply confused.

It occurs to me that women like her are not used to solving problems on their own. Someone always helps them. Someone has always been there to help them. And when they don’t, she just has to pitch a fit until they do. I’m used to being left to do things on my own. It’s second nature now. I remember my first job, and getting heatstroke on my 18th birthday from carrying dozens and dozens of folding chairs up a hill in 90+ degree weather.
The older couple whose party I was catering (only supposed to be doing the food setup, but they told me to bring the chairs in and I was too young to put my foot down and say ‘that isn’t my job’) stood there watching me, drinking cokes from the personal vending machine in their garage.

I think about asking this lady why, if she’s so concerned she doesn’t grab an end and help me lift, instead of taking her vicarious ire out on the poor customer service people. I wonder if she would have cared if I wasn’t wearing my designer pants or my White Room top (both thrift store finds). But I’m happy for her to just go away.

As soon as I’m done, the Best Buy guy rushes out and offers to throw away the empty box for me. I tell him about the lady and what just happened. He was super sweet and absolutely didn’t deserve to be dragged by that lady.

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best buy v headcanons…..

what hte fukc

- his best buy is the best in town cos everyone loves to see him
- so many emails from customers talking about how great v is?? so he gets a lot of rewards for that
- v has cute stickers on his name tag, most are given to him from coworkers. hearts, cameras, etc
- you can always find him in the cameras section, therefore a Lot of cameras sell

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I work at a Best Buy and a guy just randomly approached me and asked if a $1,100 open-box washer that had already been marked down to like $329.99 could be marked down any more for no apparent reason other than making it cheaper.

When I told him no he asked for a manager.

So, I graduated and got my diploma this weekend! Plus, with my graduation money I was able to purchase a new laptop! It’s a Dell Inspiron 15 and has a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 graphics card which is not the newest but is pretty beast. I got it for $870 when it probably should have been around $1200 (even the Best Buy guy was shocked). So pretty good weekend I have to say!!

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what did best buy guy look like? I assume he was in a best buy uniform?

He was a black guy with short hair, a pretty smile, and a necklace that I couldn’t fully make out