i cannot believe i just witnessed, with my own two eyes, the whitewashing hollywood self-worshipping movie win best movie, give a bullshit speech from ab unch of white people on “diversity”

and then turn out to be w RONG. TURN OUT TO BE THE WRONG ENVELOPE.


Black moon Lilith

What is Black moon Lilith? Black moon Lilith is the nothingness, the empty space that’s fills the void between the earth and the moon. Knowing your BML will help determine your subconscious side, secretive behavior patterns, sexual wants and needs, seductive traits, repressed anger and possible reason for death. It’s the energy who makes us feel empowered and vulnerable at once.

Who is Black moon Lilith? To sum it up, BML is a bad ass angel who took a stand for her sexual desires, and because of this, she was cast out of Eden for upsetting the dynamics between male and female power. Black moon Lilith is the feminine sexual energy that we are told to hide, uncontrollable lust, dirty thoughts, obsessions, kinks, anger and impulses.

Black moon Lilith in…

Aries Lilith in Aries feels the need to look powerful. They attain this by working out and eating clean. They need to burn their excess energy out in order to relax, by internalizing their abundance of energy this can cause suppressed anger, anxiety, depression, and lack of will power/motivation. They don’t listen to rules and regulations. They come up with the rules. BML in Aries people are usually talented and fast learners, but they can also be fickle. Instead of changing their mind they should learn to focus on one thing at a time and conquer it before moving on. Sexual energy is high, with a need for control and domination, they prefer BDSM, rough sex, adventurous and impulsive sex. Too much of this can lead them too dangerous situations, lack of this can cause unsatisfaction. Find a balance and you’ll be a bedroom god, oh and mind your head as there’s a chance of severe injury in that area.

Taurus A strong attachment to possessions, money, power to attain security. There’s seductive way about BML in Taurus, they have lustful eyes, soft skin, soothing voices and cupids bow lips, because of their pretty features there’s a connection between this sign and sexual/physical abuse, unwanted pregnancies, stuck in bad relationships especially in their youth years. This placement indicates a need for raw, natural connections, they can immerse themselves in music as they’re very in touch with their bodies and rhythm. A few bats of their lashes could leave anyone melting. Sex can involve domination, abuse, drugs, alcohol and money.  They shine in bed with someone who they feel comfortable with, and have a love for kitchen counter top intimacy. They have a tendency to have people obsess over them, perhaps even break a few hearts in their younger years. Remember, familiarity isn’t always right… jump into the unknown once in a while.

Gemini A difficult connection between mind, body and soul. Split personalities. Problems with communicating and expressing their true feelings, emotional blockages and dissociate personalities. There’s a strong sexual urge in this sign, when controlled can lead to satisfying sex, when uncontrolled can lead to suppression, anxiety about sex and relationships/intimacy; resulting in prostitution and drug use later on in life. When mind, body and soul are in balance, expression, verbal communication and tech skills are at an all time high. Their words are powerful weapons, and they possess and sharp tongue in conjunct a restless mind. Tendency to combine communication and intimacy… dirty talk, phone and cyber sex. Promiscuity and lies can happen when the mind and heart aren’t working together. LGBTQ’s are higher in this placement. 

Cancer Intuitive nature. Seems trust-worthy and kind, gets you to expose your secrets to them and stores them away for later use such as blackmail and emotional manipulation. Can indicate problems at home or feeling like an outcast in their own family, a difficult/distant relationship with either parents and siblings. These people have outstanding memories, able to easily access their past life and reincarnation through meditation, day/night dreaming or intuition. They fear loneliness but find it hard to become emotionally available out of fear of being betrayed. When this placement is channeled at a lower frequency, someone who strives for a peaceful trusting home life might choose to be with someone that won’t make that’s happen by choosing a partner who’s distrusting, abusive, loud, they may have a problematic child, or they themselves cause the chaos at home. Nevertheless, they protect and love their family with their entire life. They love in abundance, and this shows under the sheets. Sex with a Cancer in Lilith will probably leave you falling in love.

Leo Strong need to feel admired, looked up to, frothed over. Will unconsciously run away or close off when they sense rejection. Obsession with creating “meaningful moments” by travelling, communicating, giving, having countless friends.. this obsession can be ego driven to make it seem like they’e living an exciting  life; even if the friendships are fake and the travels rip a hole in their wallet. However living life on the edge is what makes them happy. empowered, charismatic, eccentric, magnetic. These people make great artists, actors, musicians or something along the lines of channeling their creativity to an audience. Their love of a good thing can be self destructive if not controlled, tendency to become sex and money addicts, homewreckers, chronic drug users, Most Leo Lilith’s discover their sexuality at a young age and stay sexually active their entire life. They have no problem jumping from one partner to the next… many have multiple partners. There’s a chance they’ll cheat if they aren’t receiving enough attention from their other half.

Virgo A good placement to have Lilith in. These people possess sharp analytical minds… when used at their fullest potential they’ll go far in terms of career and finance. Prone to using work as a source of escapism. Tends to think and analyse their emotions rather then “feel” them. Excels in psychology, medicine, law, teaching and cooking. Fear of vulnerability and letting themselves go. They can appear “up tight” or very prim and proper, when really they’re free spirited and open minded individuals, able to see between the lines of everything, recognize patterns and reasons most people can’t. This leaves them feeling like an outsider or loner. trichotillomania, OCD and eating disorders are common in this placement; there’s a need for systematic control otherwise they become extremely anxious and fidgety. In bed is where a Virgo Lilith really relaxes and goes wild, sex is a way to release tension and they aim too please.. by taking into account of what turns you on and what you enjoy, they’ll make sure to incorporate it into sex. Advice would be too let feelings happen without creating a reason for them, take some risks, and don’t suppress your emotions.

Libra They mirror the actions of those surrounding them, they can be the sweetest person or the coldest person you’ll ever meet… depending on you. They are proud of their fluent  allure and charm, they’ve mastered the techniques of seduction and use this to their advantage, possible using it to get something out of someone. These people are often geniuses in many areas… arts, music, law, criminology, and language to name a few. Co-dependency and a need for the perfect lover is strong… leading to abusive/problematic relationships especially in their younger years, as they grow they’re more choosy with whom they give attention too, but their flirty nature and need for attention can cause love affairs in their relationship. Their father tends to be detached or overly protective. As mothers, these people can be verbally abusive, particularly pointing out their children’s flaws.. they have an aloof way of showing their love. In bed, they love BDSM, role play, wine, whipped cream, pretty lingerie and love bites.. spank their ass too lol. If this is your placement, remember not to let anyone else’s thought’s or words affect how you feel. You’re all that you need.

Scorpio REBIRTH is frequent in this placement.. strong, intense relationships with their parents, friends and lovers. They feel the need to completely deteriorate themselves and their SO, mostly driven by passion and emotion. When channeled at a lower frequency their personality can become self destructive, they’ll have their perfect job, partner, and finance one second, then find themselves bankrupt, single and depressed the next.. they need to fall into the depths of rock bottom in order to rise up even higher then before. Sex is their favorite weapon.. they usually posses some fire genitals too ;) Don’t be surprised if they’re throwing you against a wall right before they’re in your pants. Most are fascinated by the occult, black magik, astrology, hypnosis, metaphysical subjects and psychology. They possess the best bullshit detectors, and can sense a good idea of a person within 2 seconds of meeting them. Not by analyzing what they say.. but how they say it and what they don’t say. To them, love isn’t love without jealousy, truth, lies, passion, and extremely kinky sex. All the time (sometimes even involving blood)  Chances of anxiety, paranoia, psychotic depression are high. Their ex partner will constantly compare their new spouses to them, because no one will make you feel passion, love, lust, and hate all at once like a Scorpio Lilith

Sagittarius Relies on “luck” to make it in life… and these people are usually quite lucky surprisingly. Rash, gossipy, fickle. Due to their “wanderlust” mindset, there’s a fear of being held down, these people unconsciously try too escape from anything they fear will confine them. This becomes a big problem when the thing they’re trying to escape from is themselves. Escapism outlets include… drugs (especially weed/acid) alcohol, fighting, video games, drawing, fashion, social media. This becomes apparent in relationships. Go travelling with a Sag Lilith. They’ll make the experience the most mystical and eye opening adventure you’ll  have. They prefer raw experiences and travels instead of fancy resorts and restaurants. They’ll be the one’s eating what the locals eat, with the locals. They often feel a little different from everyone else,this can lead to depression and/or anxiety. It takes a while for them to realize the rare gifts they have. How connected they are with the universe as a whole… I bet a Sag Lilith has the most philosophical dreams.  Prone to being boastful , full of themselves, know-it-all’s though. They need to understand that they’re not always right, and not everyone is out to sabotage them. Sexual partners are usually a different race to them, with a completely different background too. Sex while travelling and meeting their soul mate in another country is high.

Capricorn Someone with Lilith in Capricorn has the mindset of a CEO. They get shit done without help from anyone. And they know it. They can appear extremely intimidating, cold and they pretty much invented the resting bitch face. Many have high positions in terms of career, or they’re self employed. Like the other Earth Lilith’s, there’s a need for financial security, control and empowerment. Infact, they’ll do almost anything to get to the top, even if this includes sleeping with their married bosses. They’ll barely ever let their guard down, and if they do… they’ll beat themselves up for it later on. Their mysterious secretive nature can allure many kinds of people in, it doesn’t take long for you to be trapped under their spell. They like to control or be controlled during love making, and they prefer sex after a few glasses of champagne in a big beautiful bed with expensive bedding, some scented candles and erotic music… then their “other side” (think Christian Grey from 50 Shades) comes out to conquer you. Capricorn Lilith’s are notorious Power trippers… they’ll humiliate their best friend in a crowded room to make themselves feel better and wont give a shit. Prone to acting out in cold ways when they don’t get what they want; the one’s they love the most usually take the brunt of their bad moods.. when their frustration is suppressed it can cause sickness, depression, OCD and paranoia. They might have a few run in’s with mean bosses, jealous friends who use their superiority and success to help them. As children they may have been neglected and abused. As parent’s they’re surprisingly warm, cuddly and protective.. they want their children to have the childhood they never got.

Aquarius These people need freedom. They discover their independent streak from a young age and usually worked for their own money and assets from a young age too. They’re drawn to humanitarian subjects, astrology, numerology and tarot. Tendency to have odd behavioral patterns.. they might have a quirky laugh, a potty mouth, they mutter things under their breath to “make a mental note” something about them is different and it’s this why people are so fascinated by them. Aquarius Lilith’s are extremely charismatic. They’re the masters of influencing, convincing, spreading a message to a large crowd.. most Aquarius Lilith’s had the opportunity to travel from a young age; enlightening them to the world and differences in humanity, this makes them more wiser and brainier then most, but they keep that a secret. They have very active minds, this makes them prone to insomnia and depending on the other placements in their birth chart; Schizophrenia is more common here. They fear losing their independence and self identity, so they need someone who’ll let them roam and explore without being clingy or emotional.  Emotions aren’t a huge deal here, they’ll come up with a logical reason for almost every emotion they feel. And if they can’t, they’ll let it go. Among the more sexually open, these individuals value every kind of sexual kink, desire and fantasy’s, they prefer exciting sex to mundane. Most are chronic masterbators because they’re capable of having multiple orgasms. Dark side includes detachment, disassociation, suppression, alienation, and escapism. 

Pisces Among the more higher frequency’s of BML, Pisces is an intuitive Lilith, capable of interacting with the other side, as they’re easy channels for the spirit realm. They receive messages in dreams, they’ll determine whether someone had a bad childhood just by feeling their energy. Being around negative people and situations heavily drains a BML in Pisces, they’ll need a while to come back from a traumatic experience.. counselling is also preferred. The problems of other people affect them more then anyone else, sometimes using drugs, alcohol and sleep as a way to escape the realities of this harsh world, if they channel this energy into a creative outlet they’ll create magic. Very naive, some in this placement got bullied or taken advantage of as children, and they usually had a bad relationship with one or two siblings because of their innocent kind nature, this progresses as they get older and learn to stick up for themselves. They seduce by sub-missing themselves, appearing innocent and cute , like a little school girl (every dom daddys dream lol) sex is slow, passionate, with gentle touches and lots of foreplay/teasing. They play the victim card a lot though, and emotionally manipulate to get what they want. They’re not as innocent or caring as they may seem. There’s an inability to take charge and confront others here, and will often end up in abusive partnerships most likely with a possessive or controlling partner. Meditation, walking in nature, deep breathing, positive people, cuddles, crystal healing, lucid dreaming, writing, drawing, creating music helps a Pisces Lilith out of their depressive episodes. In their darkest state, they can be psychotic and completely out of touch with reality.. leading to a downward spiral of self destruction. In their superior level, they can heal anyone with their calming energy.

It’s so funny how Trump gives one speech that is considered “presidential” and people are fucking falling over themselves to praise him. Y’all will praise his tone and presentation and say “finally Trump shows himself to be presidential enough for the job,” while ignoring that his speech was filled with inaccuracies and basically everything he’s said leading up to yesterday has been fucking awful. But what do I expect from people who paint a war criminal POS like George W. as just a cute, funny old man who did his best or whatever apologist bullshit you have for him now. 

Fed Up

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Anonymous Requested: Loki x reader where the reader is Thor’s best friend and hes incredibly jealous. He starts acting really cold towards her and when she confronts him it’s a big fight and they both say harsh things but quickly regret it but make up and admit their feelings for one another. Thanks love ❤️

Warnings: fighting?

requests open for Loki, Thor and/or Bucky for angst or Christmas fluff only.

please don’t plagiarize my work - I spend a lot of my time writing, copying and pasting destroys that. If you’d like to repost, please ask first - but even then I might say no.

You were absolutely fed up.

Smacking your fist against the door before you, you didn’t care how much noise you made. You continued to bang your fist against the door, wish must of lasted at least half a second before the door finally swung open. Glaring at Loki who held the door open, you shoved your way past him.

“Well, hello to you too.” Loki smugly said, shutting the door behind you.

Rolling your eyes, you spun around, crossing your arms over your chest and turned to face Loki. You didn’t say anything at first, only stood there, glaring at him like he was just suppose to know - which he absolutely was suppose to know.

Only Loki wouldn’t admit it.

“Can I help you with something?” Loki asked, clasping his hands behind his back like the ever-lasting gentleman he was. 

“Yes, actually.” You spat, walking over to the slightly taller man and slamming your hand against his chest. “You can explain why you ignore me. Why i’m now apparently some kind of villain now. And you can explain to me why you’ve been acting like a idiot.”

Loki paused for a moment for effect, remaining silent for dramatic effect before smirking. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He calmly replied, grasping your wrist and gently taking your hand off of his chest, But you only kept it there, snarling your lip dangerously. You were fed up with Loki’s games and refused to let him get the best of you.

“Don’t bullshit me, Loki.” You spat, shaking your head. “I’m tired of your games. What did I do to make you hate me?”

Loki only laughed, shaking his head as he pushed himself away from you. “I don’t hate you.”

You scoffed; “well clearly you do, considering you haven’t spoken a word to me since Ragnarok.”

“It’s not what you think,” Loki explained, calm as always. But your calm attitude had left long ago and your patience was wearing thin. “Explain it to me then,” you countered, watching him as Loki spun and walked around the room. Turning to face you, Loki said nothing and you held your hands at your side in question. “I’m waiting! What is it that you can’t tell me, if it’s so important that you completely shut me out of your life?” As you spoke, you grew closer to Loki, all the way until you were up against his chest again.

The moment you reached him, it seemed all had snapped for Loki as well.

“It’s because your overbearingly annoying!” Loki spat, his voice raising and you felt your eyes widen in shock. “You’re nothing but a human that has caused me needless frustration and annoyance.”

You remained silent for a moment, trying to hold back the emotions that threatened to spill. “Is that what you really think about me?”

“Yes,” Loki laughed incredulously. “I just never wanted to hurt your feelings.”

You scoffed, shaking your head and shoved your way past Loki. Reaching the door, you felt Loki’s eyes on your back as you gripped the door knob with a tight grip. 

“What are you doing?”

“You don’t have to worry about me being an annoyance anymore, Loki.” You slowly explained, glancing back shortly at Loki. “I won’t bother you anymore.” With tears in your eyes, you swung open the door, taking a step out. Just before you could leave though a hand caught your wrist and you were pulled back. Tripping over your own two feet, you fell into Loki’s chest, him having turned you around and felt your breath get caught in your throat as you met his gaze.

Not a moment later his lips were pressed against yours in a heated kiss, his hands cupping your cheeks and pressing you against him. 

And with a breathless whisper, Loki pressed his forehead against your own. “None of it’s true.”


“I was jealous.”

Stepping in tune with Loki, you clutched your hand against the cloth of his attire. “Of who?”


You met his eyes, shocked beyond comparison and part of you wanted to laugh - but then you saw the vulnerability in his eyes and thought better. Cupping his own cheek with your free hand, you smiled gently; “I only have eyes for you.”

“As do I.”

Steve Harrington Headcanons: Semi-Public Sin

Request (anon):  can I request steve hc’s abt hooking up at school in the bathroom or like in semi-public place like his car? where they have to be decently quick and quiet omg steve sin gets me every time jfc

Yesss, semi-public Steve sin always good lord

(I wrote this at my grandma’s house I am such a sinner I am going to hell)

Warnings:  I am dirtying the pure name of Steve Harrington (but only a little)

  • Steve Harrington is all for semi-public fooling around
    • making out in the hallway until a teacher has to put a stop to it
      • grabbing you and pulling you into a nearby empty closet/bathroom/anywhere when a teacher doesn’t come along quickly enough and he just can’t stop now
        • there was one time you were in the girls’ bathroom hooking up in a stall (all back-against-the-wall, legs-wrapped-around-his-hips, lips-on-your-neck) when you heard someone walk in
        • you both froze and stared at each other wide-eyed as the girl went into the stall next to you
        • Steve had to put his hand over your mouth
          • (at first to cover up your giggling but then to quieten your moans bc he’d be damned if he was going to stop now just because some girl decided to use the bathrooms that were usually always empty)
    • messing around in the backseat of his car
      • because you just look so goddamn good in that outfit and he can’t wait until you get home
        • once he’d just pulled over on some long, winding, deserted road and you’d almost gotten caught by Hopper
          • “you kids alright?  having trouble with your car, Harrington?”  You could see by the smirk on his face he knew damn well what he’d interrupted
          • you bullshitted as best you could “actually, sheriff, I just wasn’t feeling to well so I asked Steve to pull over, but I’m fine now”
          • but the smirk didn’t go away - he even winked before he walked back to his car, chuckling and shaking his head
    • fingers sliding into dangerous territory as you sit at the back of the movie theatre
      • You both know it’s a cliché but you love it anyway
        • one time you were practically in his lap at the showing of some horror film
        • and almost ended up on the floor when he jumped half a mile when the music suddenly got really loud after a moment of silence
          • (he’s so jumpy when it comes to horror films, like he tries to act the big man but you know that really he’s just a big scaredy-cat)
    • damn near inappropriate makeout sessions at parties
      • Literally up against the wall grinding
      • (this is after you get him over his fear that every time you attend a party you’re suddenly going to break up with him - in fact this seemed to help with that)
        • Billy Hargrove once threw a drink over you, yelling that you obviously needed to cool down
        • obvs Steve went straight after him
          • you only managed to stop him from punching Billy right in his smug little face by telling him that now you had to shower.  And you had to shower together
          • he wasted no more time on Billy

It’s 6:45am, I haven’t slept and typed this up in 20 minutes whilst listening to HSM2 music (why? idk) pls forgive me if it isn’t as good as I currently think it is

I really enjoyed this, I wanna do more headcanons - send me some pls.

How The MBTI Types Know What Others Think or Feel or WTF Going On With Them

[ Maternal Instinct/Paternal Instinct/Sisterly/Brotherly Instinct ]
No one can truly fathom this metaphysical power they possess. So omniscient and ambiguous. Like the Force. And the power of love. Or some stupid shit people make up. For some absolute reason, they just KNOW. Might even know you more than you know yourself. Probably even watching over you from a distance, regardless if physical or not, (supposedly via Facebook stalking or Twitter) like a guardian angel or like family. Family that bakes you sugar puffs and heals your booboos while secretly applying reverse psychology against you so you’ll unconciously tell them what’s wrong without you being aware of it. You can’t simply fool them for nothing escapes them, they will know sooner or later, ‘cause that’s love, bruh. Not necessarily have to be your mom but applies to a friend acting like a mom. Perhaps, the team mom/dad/babysitter. They are the ones people approach to vent out and seek solace, love and comfort. To give a healing space to the emotionally damaged and be harsh when the situation calls for it, probably to stop you from doing anything stupid. Might even be the reason you haven’t got yourself killed yet. They don’t need a superpower (despite my exaggeration of calling it a metaphysical power), to know whats in your heart because they trust you’ll always tell them. And you always trust you can rely on them to protect your deepest darkest secrets until the end of time.

[ Sherlock-Scan ] -
With their powers of deduction and clear observation, these types get terrifyingly good at reading people by noticing minor details not immediately obvious to others. From the state of one’s clothes to the subtlest of verbal cues and body language - they can apprehend the motivations, state of mind and even the life story of their subject. Sometimes, to people they just met. They’ve sharpened this ability through sheer experience and hard work, enough to impress anyone. An archive of random information in their head allows them to interconnect completely unrelated things in order to give accurate predictions on behaviors. Its as if they’ve been hardwired to scan people around them and understand them. However, these types may give less regard to “feelings”, because really, who gives a shit? Emotions can interfere with introspection and rational reasoning, which could throw off necessary data. Feelings? ‘Ain’t got time for that.’ ( Okay, maybe like 5 minutes but thats it. ) This could make others view them as skeptical assholes but out of all the types, they make the best bullshit detectors. They sense bullshit from a mile way.

[ Empaths ]
Whether its a science fiction power or not, empaths know how to get into people’s heads. Like psychic mind reading, its a creepy and eccentric ability possessed by specific people, either developed or in-borne. These empaths synchronize with the mental or emotional state and energies of others, sometimes unconconsciously and consciously. Weirdly enough, even with fictional characters. Courtesy of their ability to put themselves in other’s shoes and due to their their inquisitive nature to be curious about people - empaths have this heightened intuition, often acting like a telepathic radar, which allows him/her to read into a person’s situation and get on the same wavelength and frequency. Being great and inviting listeners, they sense the words behind words, and can even sense hint of sadness in one’s eyes. By accessing relatable past experiences and their own knowledge pool, empaths get a good grasp on how another person perceive things and mirror it. If you’re one. Its about to feel what they feel. To tap into their past, comprehend their desires and motivations, then simulate in your mind what the experience is like. Sometimes, even mistaking the emotions of others as your own and turning into a sobbing mess, if one doesn’t learn how to filter and gauge the unneeded negativity. Whatever empath you are, either cognitive or emotional, you have a way with connecting to people. This mystical intuition is both a gift and a curse. Otherwise you’re just an asshat who loves to mindfuck people and act like a nosy bastard.

These types get hunches but instead of believing them like the idiots above who rely on ‘feelings’ and educated guesses, they actually research to validate and confirm the acquired data yourself. For field research is their preferred area. They question. They interrogate. They investigate. Do background checks. Get skeptical. They connect the dots and do their research for the sake of unraveling the truth. Thanks to their cleverness, whether its street smarts or knowledge acquired from past experiences, they know their way around every crack and crevice in this world. All the patterns and how certain situations plays out. Thats not even mentioning their vast network of connections. They know people. And if they don’t know people, they’ll seek them out. There is a need for clarity and direct confrontation to every mystery, that is, the person they want to know more about. A certain thirst for the truth, to know things themselves and get to the bottom of it. If these people feel like being badass, its shoot first, questions later. If not, ‘cause shooting people is actually illegal, there’s always the internet to know whats behind a person’s actions and words (I’m looking at you, INTP.) In the end, they will always sniff out the truth. Did also mention they’re pretty persuasive?

Despite falling under one of these categories, it doesn’t mean you can’t be the others too. With enough practice and creepy obssession with psychoanalyzing people, you’re on your way.

Seventeen Hip Hop Unit Reaction: “Falling For Their Friend With Benefits...”

Anon: Hi! Can i request a hip hop unit reaction to having feelings to their friends with benefits who are also their best friends? Thank you ^^ x

HEY! Here you go! Hope you like it! Sorry it took so long! ^.^ Luna <3 Also, kinda smutty I guess (well not really but I don’t know what to say other than it mentions sex…)

*And as always! This is just a reaction, it is in no way real, not made to offend anyone and should not be taken as being in any way serious! gifs are mine!!*


“Hey, Y/N,” Coups whispered as you laid across the bottom of the bed. He was too busy staring at the line of your back that he forgot what he was going to say. You were wearing nothing but his shirt, and was struck. 

“Hmm?” you asked turning to look at him.  “Why are you staring at me like that?!” You threw the closest thing at him. That was the moment he remembered you were his best friend before anything else. 

“I can’t do this anymore,” he suddenly blurted, unable to look at you as the laugh left your lips. 

You sat up, staring at him with your head slightly cocked. An eyebrow raised. Your eyes sparkling at him teasingly. “What can’t you do Seungcheol?”

His heart was in his mouth as the words finally left, “I can’t pretend I don’t have feelings for you anymore. I mean you were my best friend. Now, this…I mean what is this! It hurts Y/N, it hurts because I’m scared I’m going to hurt you like every other guy…”

You sighed, brushing your hair ever so slightly from your face. “I know. We should have stopped before it got this far…” 

Your words stilled him as you jumped off the bed. But then, he could feel his heartbeat in his mouth as you walked over to him. “I mean, we should have stopped when I fell for you too.”

He quickly grabbed your hips, a smile creasing every part of his face as he threw you onto the bed beside him. Your squeal made him laugh as he leaned over you. Brushing his hand down your face. “And you didn’t tell me why!? I promise I’m not going to hurt you…”

“I know. Now, are we going to…” His mouth was on yours without a second ask. 


Wonwoo was hiding from you. He couldn’t face you. It had been the wrong decision at the wrong time. He was hurt and came to you. Then, little did he know his relationship with his best friend would become something far more complicated. 

Except you knew where to find him. “Hey! Why aren’t you answering my calls?” you asked as you burst through his door. “I thought we were supposed to meet up?”

Wonwoo couldn’t talk. He wanted to tell you that this ‘friends with benefits’ scenario wasn’t going to work anymore. But, he didn’t want you to leave without knowing how he felt. The words just wouldn’t come out.

“What is it the silent treatment now?” you laughed taking off your jumper and throwing it onto the chair. “What aren’t you telling me?”

He raised his eyebrows at you. A small smile forming on his lips as you hurried over to him. Your eyes wild with the teasing gaze you settled on him. “Look, you were my best friend before all of this. I know when you’re upset. Now, spill!”

You sat cross legged on the sofa staring at him with a stubborn look he knew would never budge unless he told you the truth. “You and I have been friends for years Y/N…” he started but the look you gave him spoke wonders. He could almost hear you saying, “Just get to the point.”

“I don’t want to ruin our friendship by meaningless sex. I mean - well. It…meant something to me…” Wonwoo’s cheeks flushed red at his words. He couldn’t look up, he didn’t dare breathe as he left those words out in the open. 

Then you were kneeling in front of him. Turning his face to look at you. “It was never meaningless to me Wonwoo…” you finally confessed, burying your face in your palms. “I just didn’t think you’d ever want to be with someone like me…”

He dropped to his knees holding you in his arms, and for once it felt right. Not forced. “Only issue was Y/N, the one I wanted to be with was right here. I was just too blind to see it.”

“That’s why you need glasses,” you teased nudging him playfully.


“We have rules for a reason Mingyu. We can see other people, we don’t fall for each other, and no kissing.” 

Mingyu had agreed to your terms. Mostly because he thought it would be fun. Except, he was never one to brag about it. If anything he was unsure as to how his best friend had ended up in his bed like this. Before it was different, cute. Now it was right, and yet so wrong.

In the middle of the night he had heard you get up. Mingyu was surprised you had even agreed to stay the night. But, when you didn’t come back he left in search of you. “Y/N?” he whispered quietly hoping nobody would wake at the sound of his voice. 

He found you in the shower room. Fully clothed, just sitting on the floor with the water pouring all over you. He didn’t even hesitate. Instead he dropped beside you and  wrapped an arm around your shoulder, a sigh forming on his lips. 

“Agh, its cold,” he said reaching up and changing the temperature. “What’s wrong Y/N? Did I do something?”

Mingyu hadn’t seen the tears until you glanced over at him with red eyes. “I messed it up Mingyu. Messed me and you up…I mean, why are we doing this…I’m not even seeing anyone else…I mean I didn’t even follow my own fucking rules.”

“I’m not seeing anyone else either,” Mingyu said resting his chin on your shoulder as he spoke. “I thought this was what you wanted. Rule number two Y/N, we don’t fall for each other.”

“I broke the second rule,” you whispered ever so slightly turning to look at him. It was then for the first time in a long while he saw how much you meant what you had said.

“Then let me break the third,” he breathed turning your face to his and placing his lips on yours. 

He pulled away first, a smile gracing every part of his face as you mumbled gently, “What’s the point of us making rules? We never were any good at them.”


“This is the last time,” you had said a week before. And now, because of the way he had looked at you from across room you were back. Hansol knew exactly how to make you swoon, and never hesitated to show you.

“I’ve heard you say that before,” Hansol sniggered bumping into you purposely as you tried to fix your hair. “You look beautiful Y/N. Stop worrying.”

He hadn’t meant for those words to come out. Ever since you two had started this whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing he had stopped calling you beautiful. And, Hansol knew you’d call him out on it instantly. 

“Beautiful eh? Look you don’t have to sweet talk me for round two,” you teased, and he felt the confidence exude from you. That was all he wanted you to feel. Confident because of him. Loved because of him.

“Just forget I said that…” he stammered quickly brushing his hair from his face as he buttoned up his shirt. 

“You’re such a dork Hansol,” you laughed throwing him that look that made his knees buckle. “So, when you taking me on a date?”

He stopped mid button as his eyes darted everywhere but at you. “What?”

“Stop playing games. I know you like me.” As he stared wide eyed around the room you took the initiative to start buttoning his shirt for him. “I mean, I wouldn’t have agreed to this unless I liked you too.”

Hansol hadn’t said anything for a whole three minutes. “Look. If you don’t say something soon the offer is off the table!” you grumbled dropping back onto the bed with a ‘humph’. 

“I didn’t know I was so…” You shrieked loudly as he grabbed your hands pulling you to him. “What are you…?”

He planted his lips on yours quickly, shutting you up instantly. But, his smile still tingled on your mouth. “I’m taking you on a real date Y/N. As a couple, not this stupid ‘friends with benefits’ bullshit, or best friends, but as you and I.”

“Ehh, I don’t feel like it…” you teased, quickly wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him deeply.