its been said before but this is a daily reminder that mental illness does not excuse toxic behavior

it can offer an explanation, but you cannot treat someone with cruelty and then just like “well sorry it’s my mental illness i can’t help it”

i don’t have a solution, because i know that mental illness by nature can be difficult or impossible to control, but do not let a friend or partner or parent or anyone be a dick to you and say that you have to put up with it because that’s just how they are

or even worse, guilt trip you about being upset with them

i am saying this as someone with a diagnosed mental illness that im on medication for:

mental illness does NOT give anyone the right to treat you badly

and if someone tries to excuse their toxic behavior by claiming it’s mental illness and they cannot help it, that’s a red fucking flag

“It’s just a phase.” All right, let’s go with that fucked up logic for a minute. You know what good parents do when their children go through phases? They do everything they can to support them and make them happy. You know what Leelah’s parents did? Isolated her from everyone and made her miserable. 

So even if you believe that Leelah was just “going through a phase” (which she wasn’t), don’t you dare try to defend her abusive, pathetic excuse for parents. 

Look, if i ever looked at CM for story quality or things that make thematic sense anymore i’d probably be irritated, but i don’t care. Paget is now, effectively, the show’s lead. Which tbh, would be somewhat incredible for a CBS show anyway considering their ‘too female’ line, but add that to the fact that six years ago, at this point, the fandom was up in arms because she had been cut from the show (along with AJ) after being deemed unnecessary to the story, this is?? Incredible??

This is the world’s biggest middle finger to their own actions, and really, it’s also great /because/ it was so tactical of a decision. After firing a fan favourite for his actual shitty actions (as in, violence at work is more than grounds for dismissal, it was not a bullshit reason for getting rid of him) I’d put money on them thinking ‘hey, to salvage this we have to get somebody really popular and well known to keep our viewers around’ (note that whenever a long running show loses their lead, they always hire a well known popular replacement hoping to draw their fans to the show, think about how CSI hired Laurence Fishburn and Ted Danson).

And, when CBS looked to this show, when they looked at who they thought would bring in the viewers, look who they picked.

the woman they fired as unnecessary to the story six years ago. 

this is music to my ears. 

Nico scowled. “It’s none of your business, but I don’t belong. That’s obvious. No one wants me. I’m a child of—”

“Oh please.” Will sounded unusually angry. “Nobody at Camp Half-Blood ever pushed you away. You have friends— or at least, people who would like to be your friend. You pushed people away. If you’d get your head out your brooding cloud for once—”

—  Blood of Olympus, page 429