Happy Ryland in the stroller as proof that I walked Friday.

All my miles for the week:

Really, it’s 5.5, 5.5, & 2.2, but daily mile rounds.

I also had 1 strength workout and one active rest day in there, so I got my 5 days of working out.

I did my 2 other goals (flossing & vitamins) 6 days, so I meet those goals.

My goals for the next 2 weeks will be to continue the vitamins and to drink a whole pitcher of water each day.

I actually did the scheduled workout on the scheduled day

links: One Leg Deadlfit - DumbbellPlank with One Arm RowShoulder External Rotation , Reverse Lunge with Leg LiftDeadlift with RowCross Body Curl

 I did 10 reps/side for all the moves except the cross body curl I did 12. I used 5 lb weights for everything but the 1 leg dead lift was 10lbs held with both hands. I’ll probably go up in weight for some next week. I did each circuit for 10 minutes.

Circuit 1 I completed 2 full rounds + 1 more set/side of deadlifts.

Circuit 2 I completed 2 full rounds up to 5 reps/side of curls, so almost 3 full rounds.

I like short workouts like this one.

I also had a successful day of honoring my fullness. There were a couple times when I could’ve probably stopped eating a but sooner, but I never got even close to being too full and never started eating when I wasn’t hungry.

Another Ryland picture to recap my week & weekend- this time a gif of him scooting under the pew at church.


Best Body Bootcamp Week 7:

  • drank full pitcher of water 6/7 days
  • took multivitamin 6/7 days
  • Did some kind of workout 5/7 days: 

    2 times on the bike & 3 strength workouts of varying lengths (mostly ab stuff this week because that’s what I felt like doing.)
  • so goals=met.



  • I spent most of the day Saturday working on inputting items for an upcoming consignment sale, printing the tags, and putting them on the items.
  • Internet has been extra spotty lately, which made inputting those tags a big  pain.
  • and lastly…
  • 1 more week until I can run!!!!! (If the weather is nice)
Best Body Bootcamp recap

Last week was the final week of BBB. First, last week’s recap:

  • 5/7 working out- walking & cycling miles:

    + 2 strength days.
  • 7/7 drinking full pitcher of water
  • 6/7 taking multivitamin

Now for my fitness test progress:

I had pretty big improvement jumps between the start and the halfway point because then I was mostly following the workouts Tina gave us. For the last 2 sessions (4 weeks), I was mostly doing my own thing because I was still trying to avoid high-impact (until today!!!). I still improved in all 4 tests, so that’s great!

I’m really happy that I was able to get faster on the bike because that means that I hopefully haven’t lost too much cardiovascular fitness in the 10 weeks I took off of running.

Thanks to Marie for doing the giveaway so that I could be a part of this challenge. It really kept me motivated to work out at least a little bit in this break from running.

I've failed to mention before now...

I won an entry into Best Body Bootcamp from mariesante!

I really like that it’s flexible. A schedule with workout is provided, but you can adapt it to your ability/goals/time.  Each week there will be a $100 winner from those who workout and meet their 2 goals 5 days/week.  I’m going to split my strength & cardio so that I’ll actually get 5 days in. 

You also get a weekly entry for blogging about it, so I’ll probably have 2 posts a week: 1 stating my goals at the start and 1 recapping it.

There’s a progress test for the beginning, middle and end. I’ll probably do it tomorrow.  There’s a chart for measurement progress, too, but I’m resisting using that because I think it will be counterproductive in my efforts to implement the principles of intuitive eating and not base my worth on the appearance of my body.

On that note, don’t be surprised if I post more things like the quote that I reblogged this morning that promote freeing yourself from food guilt and trying to fit your body into a certain mold.  

Best Body Bootcamp Week 4 Recap
  • I got my 5 days of working out in.
  • I didn’t respect my fullness 5 days (more on this later).
  • I did floss every day.

I retook the fitness test on Friday. I improved on everything!

  • wall sit: 1:42 to 2:16
  • 60 sec. push ups: 19 to 24
  • plank: 1:31 to 1:55
  • 2 miles on bike: 6:23 to 5:52

And my goals for the next 2 weeks:

  • floss (again- I need to turn this into a habit)
  • take multivitamin

Why I’m taking respecting my fullness out of my goals:

After talking a little with Jasmine, I realized that making that one of my goals means I will not be doing it intuitively, which defeats the whole purpose. In a nutshell, I need to learn to do this on my own, not because I’m forcing myself to do it for a challenge.

Best Body Bootcamp week 2 recap

I did much better with working out this week, owing to Ryland & Jeremy being over the worst of the flu (they both still have coughs). I did 2 of the BBB workouts and 3 days of cardio (1 on recumbent bike & 2 walks). 

I got in bed by 10 5/7 nights, so I make that goal, too.

I didn’t do so well with respecting my fullness, so I’m going to keep that goal for the next phase (2 weeks) and keep working on it.

My other goal is going to be to floss! (I don’t know if that’s the kind of goal they have in mind, but I don’t care- my teeth are part of my body, so it should count.)

That’s really all I have to say on that front. More details of the weekend coming later.


I didn’t do my first Best Body Bootcamp workout because a rough night + hours of a headache. For the challenge, we have to work out 5/7 days, so I still have one more skip day available this week. Ryland slept until 6:40 this morning (though I did have to get up and stick the passy (paci?) back in his mouth twice, and I was in bed before 10 (Jeremy puts him to bed if Ryland’s still awake so I can get more sleep- greatest husband ever), so I feel a lot better today. This means I will workout, probably during Ryland’s next nap.

I also didn’t eat intuitively/respect my fullness yesterday. I think this was partially related to the tiredness/headache- like eating random foods when not hungry will fix either of those. At one point, I was even eating during Ryland’s long nap- my opportunity to get a nap in. Sigh.

But still, 5/7 days is what I’m working for. I don’t have to be perfect. Even after the challenge and after I’ve been trying to eat intuitively for years, I’ll still have days like that. 

And it’s okay.

Food is not bad. Eating less nutritious food doesn’t make you a bad person. Eating when you’re not hungry doesn’t make you a bad person. Food has no bearing whatsoever on your “goodness” or “badness.”

Best Body Bootcamp Week 3 recap

Heck yes, look at all those x’s!

I only had one day where I ate when I wasn’t hungry/ didn’t respect my fullness. Now to work on stopping eating a little sooner- learning that “last bite threshold.”

I also only missed one day of flossing.

I still have DOMs hanging on my upper body from Friday’s workout, but they’re very slight.

I don’t really have much to say about this week except that when you stop fretting about things, they tend to work out.

My progress test results. I used to be able to plank for so much longer, but my shoulders started to give. They’re tight & tired all the time from holding Ryland. I had to quit the wall sit because my back hurt.

I didn’t do a power exercise because in addition to taking a running break, I’m not going to do any high-impact exercise until my foot heals. Or until March because if it’s not healed in 2 months, then it will probably hurt forever.

My goals for the next 2 weeks:

  1. Respect my fullness. This means stopping eating once I’m satisfied and waiting until I’m hungry before eating again. 
  2. In bed by 10 pm unless caring for Ryland. Caring for Ryland also means that if I’m feeding him at 9:45 and hadn’t had a chance to get ready for be yet, then I’m also in the clear. If I’m not in bed because of TV or computer, then I don’t make the goal for the day.

I chose these 2 goals because #1 is the biggest food thing I struggle with, as I’ve said many times, and #2 is just something I really need to do.

My workout from last night. As you can see, I only did 2 rounds. I used light weights (not that I have many weight options at home) so I could get the hang of the super slow reps. 5.19 mi. total cycling + the 1.2 mi. walk.

I did make my goal of respecting my fullness. I was also ready for bed before 10, but Ryland woke up and needed to eat. Ryland was my exception to the bedtime, so I’m good there, too.

Ryland’s fever went quite a bit higher last night, but fortunately I had already talked to a friend who said the doctors can’t really do anything but give babies Tylenol if it’s below 104. It’s a little lower this morning, but I think I’ll call if it doesn’t drop more soon.

Jeremy came home from work yesterday (but not early) with a low fever and mild aches. He called in this morning, but his fever went away, so he’s working now.

Best Body Bootcamp week 1 recap

Workout-wise, this week was a bust because of Ryland being sick. After taking care of him, getting enough sleep to keep my immune system strong was priority.

I did well on my goals. I respected my fullness every day but Monday and Saturday. Saturday was a close one, but to be honest, I did eat a little more than I needed to. I also was in bed/ready for bed but caring for Ryland by 10 every night. 

I’m glad I have this challenge to help me do the things I should be doing anyway.

I’m excited to try the workouts this week. I’ll probably stick with the fairly light weights to work on form.