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While this blog exists pretty much as a stand-alone, no blog is an island! (Most blogs are actually made of computer code, not landmass.) If you’re interested in finding other character blogs like this one, there’s bunches! The links listed below are hardly exhaustive, but with most of them, you can follow through the character listed to a masterlist of all the players.

Please note that while I do try to keep this blog ship-free and teen-rated, I can’t speak for all these other people, so peruse at your own risk!

The MemeVengers

This group includes the Avengers, SHIELD agents, some X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, assorted side characters, and pretty much everyone on the Marvel roster. The best blogs to check out for masterlists of characters are listed, and there’s loads more characters if you go to their blogs:



The Justice Meme:

There’s subdivisions in this group like there are in the Memevengers (think Rogues Gallery, JLA members, Batfam, etc) but your best bet will probably be checking out this blog to find everyone:


BBC Memelock:

The Sherlock crew doesn’t seem to have a single character roster, but I’m sure you can figure it out. If you can’t, I recommend you consult:


Meme Wolf:

There’s a werewolf pack running around Beacon Hills, and their boss is


Wibbly-Wobbly Memey-Wemey…Stuff:

I hear their blogs are bigger on the inside:


Saving People, Hunting Memes: the Family Business:

The Winchesters are on Tumblr. God, please nobody make a Tulpa.


You’re a Meme, Harry:

Ironically, the Head Boy seems to be one Draco Memefoy.


Meme The Force Be With You:

She’s beauty & she’s grace, she legislates in space:



To Boldly Go Where No Meme Has Gone Before:


Fellowship of the Meme:


I don’t have any usernames for these ones, but if someone wants to step up I’l add them in:

Game of Memes:

 Avatar The Last Memebender, 

Percy Jackson: The Last Memelympian:

Alexander Hamilmeme:

If any of these links are not working, please just paste the username in the address bar and add

Meme-people, if I have the wrong person listed for your group, if I’ve missed you entirely, or if you’d like a title change, please just let me know! This list can always be found on my Other Avengers page.

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pt1/5 y'know sometimes i think abt ym and the eras... like you've got pre-debut and you could already see yg was so fond of jm and jm looked up to yg alot and loved his attention, then into debut 2013... yg with a little crush, maybe, not that he'd admit it and so gentle w/ jm but not being able to stop himself sometimes (*cough*rookieking*cough*)... then into 2014 and jm starts realising his feelings abt yg go beyond a dongsaeng looking up to his hyung... both a little confused and excited

‘Why am i so proud?’ and ‘suga-hyung, do you want to kiss?’… also those selfies jm tweeted about yg’s teddy bear liking him and the kissing the bear looking… kinda drunk and h*rny ngl… then early 2015… i need u… both of them realising their feelings fully and that their mutual and the flirting/playfulness just goes through the roof but still they’re dancing around each other… but then later half of 2015… mint and orange… run… smth Happened cause the trepidation/slight awkwardness (rooming together in kota anyone?) disappeared and they were honestly All Over Each Other (isac, mama, end of year awards, esp the one w/ perfect man)… then into 2016… young forever… that moment in the yf bts where jm looks at yg like he’s dying… like he’s finally realising how goddamn in love he is… ntm yg’s bday and all that Happened w/ that… yk/ik… the sweater… ‘ is it smth small but twinkle’ (??? confirmed yg wants to elope w/jm)… the way jm acted throughout that entire v live tbh and the now infamous ‘i stayed up all night talking with jiminie’… smiling like it’s hands down best thing to ever happen to him and then further into the year…wings.. Ym in the bst mv… interesting how ym were probably one of the most explicitly coded romantic/sexual pairings in the storyline yet yg and jm are famously known as the ones that can’t act…then the Revelation of jm going’s yg’s house for chuseok break… all award shows where they were, tbh, Obviously Together… all of yg’s obvious staring when jm’s speaking…. The flower vases @ yg’s mum’s restaurant… the comfortable and intimate boyfriend poses in pictures… and so concludes our trip down yoonmin memory lane thanks for being one of the best blogs/people out there and keep doing you

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Do you have any blogs you recommend?

Yes I do have blogs that I could recommend.  Most of these are blogs that I follow and I recommend their content. Do check these awesome blogs out!! 


@gotjhope @hoshikio @bwipsul @sugaa @rapdaegu @jminies @junqkookied @daegucrew @bts420 @apgujeon @bangtan @kthspjm @bwinkook @jeonbegins @yoonseok @kookmint @jjeonguk @jiminrolls @bangtanroyalty @bfjhs @nakamotens @allforbts @nctaezen @nctaeyonq @taenuts @nctinfo @nnct @nctsjeffery @tahyungs @jaayhope @junghoseok @kookiebuff @bangtoori @nochuie @gifsmonstax @minhyuq @sweaterpawsjimin @seokjinies @gifsbangtan @bangtan-boys-gifs @monstagifs-blog @minqhyuk @bwisou @kimdaily @taehyungdaily @jungkookdaily @bitchwonho @baepsaeboyss @dazzlingkai @2honeyboy @parkjizzmin


@kpop-stole-my-lyfe @kships4you @rdy-2die @reactingwithexo @diannajasanders-love @passionately-shipping @y3h3t-ohorat  @blogmarareactions @got7reactions @oppamakesmewetter @kpopreactionetc @teamworkmakesdreamwork @gotmonstabangtantrashmelanin @bts-ships-heck-yeah @fantastickpopshiptrash @mx-reactions @frickyeahbangtan @frickyeabangtan-ships @loveablebangtan @bangtan-text-snaps-scenarios @t-r-a-p-monster @kpopfaketexts @kpoopfaketexts @sugaswagboy @btsbitchesss

These are just some of my personal favourites that post really great content!! Not only are the blogs good, but the people who run these blogs are AWESOME people and total angels ❤️ Some of you dont know me, but I really do like the content you post!

Please do check all of them out when you get the chance. I am sure there are many other blogs out there, so recommend some to me too you guys!! 



i reached 3k!!!! (several days ago but i’m lazy and i procrastinate like a mf boss so this is late) kjahsdf this is so exciting guys i’m literally crying a little bit okay so i just wanted to thank every single one of my followers?? and i wanted to show appreciation to my favourite blogs so what better way to do that than a follow forever <3 this is a lit of everybody that makes my dash so entertaining that i spend hours scrolling through it. i love you guys so much and ty for sticking with me!!!

my besties and longest mutuals


@aeryastark, @aryaestarks, @aryastrks, @ashara, @ashavgreyjoy, @bbrienne, @blakeilvely, @brienneoftarth, @cerseilainnister, @cerseilanniser, @chochxng, @daeneris, @darylvdixon, @denerystargaryen, @dragonsqveen, @durmstranqs, @goodqueenalys, @historrias, @jyneros, @kctiebell, @kissedmequiteinsane, @ladvystark, @lahnister, @lordstark, @lordsttark


@manbunjon, @margaevytyrell, @meerareeed, @myrceiia, @myreclla, @ohmargaery, @ohmelisandre, @princessdany, @queeenpersephone, @robbstark, @roosebotlons​, @ryastrk, @samtcrlys, @sansarya​, @sevenkingdms, @staerksansa, @swearwolvs, @theonbaejoys, @tommenbaratheon @weasleyrose

lovely people i follow but that i’m not close with


@bellhound, @chrisevan, @crannogman, @daenerya, @daensas, @delacours, @expelumos, @gamlen, @gendryatrash, @greatestview, @greyjoyys, @haarley, @hermiione, @hermioncgrangr, @housebaratheon, @jaimclannisters, @jaimelainnister, @jamespottes, @jonbonsnowvi, @jonnerys, @jontargaryien, @kingdowney


@maisieswilliams, @mione, @missahdei, @njmphadora, @nvmeria, @occlumency, @petyrbaelish, @princessarya, @queen-daenerys, @queeniegoldstein, @robertsrebellion, @susiephone, @tvrionlanister, @yragreyjoy, @zhavorsa

some of the best blogs out there that don’t follow me

@bb8s​, @bellefrenchs​, @brandonstark​, @catellynstark​, @davineclaire​, @dreamofspring​, @emmaawatson​, @gilmoresgirls​, @goodqueenaly, @grahamewill​, @greyjoyvs​, @jaimelannistre​, @lyannas​, @olennnas​, @r-chelberry​, @rhaella​, @soapieturner​, @stormborn​, @tywinlannister

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did you ever write the fic rec ? 😮


prairie town by applecrumbledore  

The auto shop mechanic knocked the kickstand of his motorcycle down with the heel of his sneaker. He had pale blond eyelashes and a full mouth, wrinkled white t-shirt tight around his arms, jeans over big thighs. No edges. Loud in both volume and presence. Sasuke fidgeted with his hands inside his pockets.

this is an sns fic that i swiped from anges blog the author is like kinda cursed tho but it’s really good and has naruto and sasuke riding a motorcycle together. small town vibes and a really cool interpretation of how naruto and sasukes trauma would translate to a modern au

Monogatari by superpol 

One day he quits the Kazekage position, looks to the horizon, and disappears.

by far the best narugaa fic ive read! gaara is a farmer and i defs rec this to anyone even if ur not super into narugaa. an amazing character analysis on gaara and a really great fix it fic that handles his trauma and healing well! i think this is the only fic on this list rated M btw! 

houses swallowed by the earth by cambion 

In which Sasuke leaves Konoha still, but this time not alone.

i dont like this author that much but they also have objectively the second best naruto blog out here @yondaiime. (jk i love ange) a really cute and quick fic with really fun interactions between sasuke and taka and nart and sakura! 

Baby Animals, Weddings, and Other Things Not Normally Associated With Sasuke Uchiha by prettypriestess 

In which Konoha needs to upgrade their plumbing to be more resistant. (Or, the one where Sasuke and Naruto get genin and maybe someone buys a house.)

this was a really fun and cute fic! its written in like 2k12 so like it still has some tropes and shit im not a fan of and ~sexy jutsu~ use that im p critical of. but! naruto and sasuke adopt kids basically and i love that

Baker’s Dozen by mylilchickadee 

In the aftermath of war, Sasuke struggles to deal with his new life while Naruto struggles to deal with him. Love, friendship, and baking. Mangaverse COMPLETE

i really really enjoyed this fic and think its one of the better ones for portraying sasuke being depressed and suicidal in a way that doesnt make my skin crawl. i thought they handled some p interesting themes and topics in a really good and thorough way and it made me really emotional. trigger warnings for: suicidal and violence tho! 

The Spaces Between Us by stripeypirate 

The year is 1985. Sakura Haruno waitresses at a local diner and wonders if dropping out of nursing school means she’ll be stuck in sleepy, small-town Bedford Falls for the rest of her life, forever in her best friend’s shadow. Sasuke Uchiha’s a man on the run, thrust into a world deeper and darker than he ever anticipated.

The chilly Northwestern wind brings change as lives collide, and hearts are bared (as well as broken). The Double R Diner sits at the center of it all- but its foundation will need to be strong enough to weather the storm

(Falling in love with your best friend can be just as bad as falling in love with your worst enemy).

objectively the best naruto fanfic ive read. this is an inosaku and sns one! its a small town diner fic and is really well written and updates p regularly!! 

What About You by cambion 

“No one knows they’re gay when they’re twelve, Sasuke.”
“I did.”

Or, the fic in which Naruto’s best friends are both gay and he has a lot to figure out about himself. Vaguely post-699 ish.

theres an ongoing joke that ange is the only good fic writer in this fandom and honestly still holds true. another sns fic! this one has sasuke and naruto ~finding themselves~ in the woods and im really pumped for it to update! 

Studyblr Introductory Post

Hi! I’m an 18 year old undergrad student and its been a while since I started this blog, I figured it’s about time I become a lil more active studyblr.

I’m a Biotechnology, Chemistry and Botany triple major nearing the end of my third semester right now and my classes are: 

  • Molecular Biology and Biophysics,
  • Organic and Physical Chemistry, 
  • Plant Taxonomy and Economic Botany
  • Compulsory English
  • Additional English

My goal for this semester is to hit an 80% percent average in all my subjects (it’s going to be hell, yo)

I’m pretty passionate about literature, mathematics, physics, art, history, cosmology, music and philosophy, so I’ll probably post about those sometimes.

Some of my favourite study blogs so far are @hobifulstudies, @jiyeonstudies, @architstudy, @bionctes, @biolangual, @studynotepad, @studylustre, @flo-studies, @caffeinatedcraziness, @cancerbiophd, @bookishbumblebee, @emmastudies, @chrissiestudies, @rhubarbstudies, @spooky-studies, @stvdybuddies and, and,…. I could go on and on. The studyblr community has some of the best blogs out there like wow. I love you guys!

My main blog is @tiagray and its there for kpop, bands, Humans are Space Orcs discourse, Night Vale, and memes. I’m always willing to talk, so if anyone wants to be mutuals, send in asks, or chat, I’m up for it :)

Wish me luck!

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hi kelli thanks for being one of the best blogs out there. im really struggling tonight and would love a distraction if you could recommend some of ur favorite fics. angsty, hot, slow burn, anything, just really good writing and good things to get my mind out of this spae would be most appreciated.

Sure thing dearie :))) Here’s a very random mixture of old and recent faves that I looooove

Hope you feel better and find comfort in some of those <333


Title: Unfazed

Anonymous asked: “Sherlock x reader, please! Where Irene shows up & flirts with Sherlock to get a reaction from the reader, who’s dating Sherlock, but the reader is super chill about it, constantly making jokes because she’s confident in herself & Sherlock. I’m getting tired of the all the “Irene pops up & makes reader jealous/insecure.” Imagines. You can decide the rest, I just need this & your flufff, you’re legit the best imagine blogs out there, it’s amazing how much you can write. I aspire to be like you💟💟”

Characters: sherlock, irene, Irene’s maid and you

Pairing: sherlock x reader

Warnings: none, I think

Word count: 594


“uhm.. Hello? Could you please let me in? I think I’ve just been robbed” Sherlock stammered, talking over the intercom. The door opened and a woman, supposedly not the woman of the house let him in. “I saw the whole thing and called the cops already, they are on their way” you said, quickly following Sherlock into the house. “you can wait in the living room where the lady of the house is present” the handmaid said, pointing to the large wooden door.

“I’m sorry to intrude but…” you stopped when you saw a naked woman sitting in a chair on the other side of the room. “yes, your friend was robbed, if I’m not mistaken” the woman said, remaining in her position. Her arms covered her breasts and she had crossed her legs so none of her private parts were visible. “exactly” you said, unfazed by her appearance. “I think he needs some medical attention” you said, gesturing to Sherlock’s head wound. “don’t worry, I got everything you will needing right here” she said, standing up and walking over to a closet and retrieving a medical kid from it. You and Sherlock exchanged looks. You both knew the dominatrix would be quite the job but this was far from any situation the two of you had imagined. “you rest yourself, sweetheart. I’ll take care of him” Irene said, standing in front of Sherlock and winking at him. “thank you, this whole ‘adventure’ has been quite tiring” you laughed as you sat down. Irene’s appearance remained the same but you could see the flicker of change in her eyes. Was it nervousness? You couldn’t quite tell but you knew she was thrown of guard by your lack of jealousy. “I’ll make you all better, darling” she practically purred to Sherlock. Sherlock who remained silent, gave you a pleading look as if he wanted to get out of this now more embarrassing, than awkward situation. “shall I go see if I can help the maid with getting some tea? It’s the least I can do for you helping us out here” you said, looking at Irene and Sherlock. “if you would be so kind” Irene said, her voice, surprisingly, unsteady.

“I’m sorry if we’re being any inconvenience to you” you said to the maid. “it’s quite alright. You were in need of help and we’re glad we could offer it” she said, placing the kettle on the stove while you got the tea cups. “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but do you trust him?” she asked all of a sudden, referring to Sherlock. You looked at her in surprise. “yes, I suppose. Why?” you asked her. “well, most people would be reluctant to leave their significant other in a room with the dominatrix but you on the other hand seem not so much as bothered by it” she said. “significant other? the dominatrix?” you asked, keeping up your act. “please darling, you aren’t the first one coming in here with a plan on how to trick her. So drop the act” she said. You scoffed to yourself. “were we really that obvious?” you now laughed. “you were actually quite decent, he on the other hand let it slip when he revealed you were a couple” she said. “yeah about that, how did you know we are a couple? Sherlock didn’t tell you anything. How did you really know?” you asked. “simple, the way he looks at you” she answered. You smiled to yourself. Damn you, Sherlock, for blowing our cover in the sweetest way imaginable.



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Do you have any top 10 blogs your recommend? I’m new on tumblr and I want to find some good content to read to kill time

Ayyeeee! First off welcome to Tumblr! 

I do have some personal favourites I follow but they are mostly kpop-centric blogs and I am not sure if thats what you’re looking for but here they are( in no order)

@piedparker - my bro writes like a pro and seriously his stuff is amazing and I wish I could write like him

@guksthighs- Like seriously what  recommendation list is complete without this lovely human being?? I swear her writing is a blessing for us all! 

@sevenpabosandabunchoffans - Another blog that writes amazingly! Please do check them out

@spoopyscapes- I am legit a fan of their writing. A++ content for sure

@hayjeon- Another one of my favourite blogs! Their writing is so cute and so fluffy! Definitely recommend if you are into fluff genre

@taepumpkin- 💯% recommend. I am just in love with the writing for real

@igotkpopreactions - One of my fav multifandom blogs. They post a variety of content so definitely check them out! 

@imaginethisbts- I got one specific recommendation for this blog. Check out lust and errors by them! idk what else to say other than the fact that I LOVE their writing

@kpopfanfictrash- She writes for bts, got7, bts, and exo. So you’ll find a wide range of content on her blog and its seriously amazing

@kpop-stole-my-lyfe -  Can’t forget her!! Seriously great content so do check out her blog and she is a literal angel too!

@sugaswagboy- A fake text blog if you’re into that and seriously they are one of the best fake text blogs out there along with @t-r-a-p-monster (her texts will have you rolling on the floor). Definitely recommend them both!

Hey you guys! Just wanted to pop in real quick and send a little ‘I love you’ note your way ❤️

I’ve reached 5k followers here and damn it’s been a weird journey! You guys are super amazing and I love each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. You guys send me such sweet asks/messages and you just fill my day with so much positivity and I can’t express how much that means to me. 

So here’s what I propose:

A small bit of positivity can go a long way! Help me spread some positivity through Tumblr! 

 Know a blog that you love? Send them an ask and tell them that you love their content! 

Know an artist who puts out breathtaking fanart? Let them know! I’m sure they would love to hear from you.    

A writer who doles out amazing fanfiction? Message them or send them an ask telling them that you absolutely love their writing and encourage them to write more!

A meta writing blog that’s just brilliant? Send some positivity their way too! They totally deserve it for all the hard work they put into their metas. 

The list is endless! Pick any blog on Tumblr. A blog that you lowkey enjoy. A blog that you love seeing on your dash. It may be a newbie blog or it could a well known blog - all of them deserve love and positivity. 

You can do this on or off anon and it’s completely your wish but starting from now, send a sweet and heartfelt message to one blog a day and trust me when I say that it’ll make an amazing impact!

Let me start this off by listing my favourite mutuals who are awesome sauce people who post amazing content:

@generally-fantastic-things : Thank you so much for being with me from the start of this weird blog Megan! You’ve seen me at my embarrassing times and you decided to stay. Thank you so much dude. ILY ❤️

@alittlebitofanna : asdfghjkalhdsjakhf you’re an amazing writer! Oh gosh check out Anna’s supernatural fanfiction blog ( @suckerfordeansfreckles )!! Her Destiel fics are beautiful and oh gosh she’s amazing! Definitely follow her! Love ya loads Anna!

@whovian1077 : She’s the dorkiest dork to ever dork and I’m forever grateful for @tumblrbot which prompted me to start a chat with her! I love you to the moon and back!

@i-am-satan-666 : I love all your content and I cannot stop myself from reblogging all your content! You’re amazing and wonderful and I love seeing your posts on my dash! LY!

@a-very-british-me : We geek out about so many similar fandoms and you’re amazing and I love talking to you! And I hope you get well soon Katie! ❤️

@ninelittledevils : Ugh where do I even start? You’re a fellow Indian and ohmygosh you’re fuckin awesome! I love all the Bughead posts of yours! Any Riverdale fans out there? Follow Anshi right now!! She’s way too awesome, you guys ❤️

@nochillrogers : One of the best Marvel blogs ever!!! Your giffing skills??They’re awesome and you’re a perfect person! Thanks for standing up for me against all that Tony Stark hate! ILYSM! Dear Marvel geeks, you’ve got to follow this wonderful blog!!

@alivingstonseagull : You’ve stuck with me a long time too and I love you so much!! Thank you for all the positivity that you’ve sent my way!! I love your blog too ❤️

@originalobjecttheorist : Another fellow Indian!!! I absolutely love talking to you! You help me get through school and that means so damn much to me! So thank you so much again!!

@woahthisguy : Absolutely precious cinnamon roll! I’m super duper glad that we met by chance and you’re on of the best blogs out there and ILYSM!! You’re a truly wonderful person and an amazing supernatural blog and djkafhgsdkafhgdakfhsgadkfhbks you’re awesome!

@socially-ineptnerd : Your help with chemistry? It helped me loads in my exam and I can’t thank you enough for that! I used all your tricks - relating study stuff with fandoms helped me a great deal! Plus you’re an awesome person with an awesome Sherlock blog! And hell yeah we ship almost the same ships, so what’s not to love ^^

@helianthus21 : You’re an absolute freaking angel, do you know that? I high-key love all your posts and you’re one of the best supernatural blogs out there! Plus you’re super sweet and thanks for all the positivity that you’ve sent my way! You’re doing a great job and you deserve loads of love!!

@castiel-saved-me-from-myself : Your content omg ❤️ You’re an amazing person and I love love love your blog and you’re another one of the best supernatural blogs out there!! LY

@bend-me-shape-me : You’re an actual ray of sunshine and I absolutely ADORE your blog! You’ve got awesome content on your blog and all the supernatural in it makes my freaking day! Plus you’re an amazing person and I hope you have a great day!!

@gneisscastiel : Another awesome supernatural blog that I’ve GOT to mention. Your posts? A+ ❤️ I can’t believe that you’re following me and I just love your blog and posts and everything so damn much!

@still-waiting-for-cookies : Okay you actually make me cry with all the wonderful things you tell me. And I absolutely love you so much and you’re perfect and you’re the sweetest person ever!! Thank you so much man ❤️

@an-angel-in-a-trenchcoat : You’re content is AMAZING and I love your blog so damn much!!! You’re an awesome person too ❤️

@blurryfandoms : We have so many similar fandoms and I love your multi-fandom posts! Your original content is amazing too!! Absolutely love your blog!!

@kidneys-and-custard : You’re one of the biggest Richard Speight and Rob Benedict dorks ever! I love all the posts you send my way and I’m so glad that we met on that Discord chat!! You’re awesome ^^

@tinkdw : No big deal but I actually screamed when you followed me! I’ve loved stalked your blog for so long. I love reading all your metas and I want to thank you for all the time you take to answer our doubts! You’re one of the awesomest person to ever awesome! Your blog is so positive and ILYSM!

@funnycas : I had no idea that you were following me!! You’re one of the best supernatural blog out there and I love love love LOVE everything that you post!! You’re wonderful ❤️

@casdean1967 : We talked only once but I absolutely loved geeking out about spn with you! And omg you have the cutest dog EVER. I’m gonna message you once I’m done with this cause I’ve missed talking with you! ILY!

And down below are other blogs that totally make my day: 



























I’m sure that I’m forgetting butt-loads of people but I love you all so damn much! 

This is for the lovely @kuroshitsuji-scenarios ! Honey your work is absolutely beautifully written and i just love stalking your blog so much!
Please enjoy this aesthetic board of Undertaker as a gift for being the best writing blog out there and working so hard ❤

benevelen  asked:

Hiii I was just wondering if you have any more Namjoon blogs that you recommend bc I rarely find some on here and he is my ult bias Thankssss!!

Hi there *-* sure no problem ^-^ i follow some of the best namjoon blogs out there ^_^

@ksjknj @joonjuly @mojozozoeffie @gucciknj @bfmoni @bfjoonie @2rap @faenam @1rapmon @1lsan @kimnamsjoon @joonie-bts @kimdaily @holy-namjoon @rapmini @rapling @cravingnamjoon @rapmonism

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March Blogs of the Month

These are the Blogs of the Month for March. These are some of the very best blogs out there. Check them out.


* Indicates Blog of the Month

ahhh i finally hit 1.5k!! thanks so much to everyone who’s following me (even if you didn’t enter into the promo!) if you’re not in the amazing mutuals category and you entered, it just means you won in a different category, all of my mutuals are amazing!! thanks once again ;__;


@pmvstump // @fourthifjuly // @wentour // @patrickstumph


@soulpunkz // @stillfeelthatrushinmyveins // @sweaterpawpatrick // @paxdays


@werealljustfucked // @fobedits // @l3earfat // @novarro


@alwaysfob // @crytpozoology // @bangthedoldrums // @pstumph


@dall-pall // @ghostboyvic // @afantasticbastard // @prehiatus-pattycakes


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Greetings, everyone. I hope you’re having a wonderful day. I’m here tonight to present you with a short guide to Tumblr for witches who may be interested in starting a blog here. 

This post is obviously geared towards witches wandering the internet, but maybe some who are already here on Tumblr will enjoy it, too. I’ll be talking about the benefits to joining the Tumblr witch community, as well as some tips for getting started! Here we go!

What’s a “Tumblr witch?”

There’ve been culture-related magazines that have done huge articles on “Tumblr witches” and the witchcraft community on Tumblr, painting the whole thing as some kind of fashion trend or weird millennial hangout. 

I’ve been involved with the Tumblr witch community for three years, and I can say that most of these articles don’t quite reflect what the witchcraft community on Tumblr is like. 

A lot of them tend to paint it as an ideologically, culturally, and aesthetically monolithic trend, when in reality, it’s not. While it’s true that many Tumblr-going witches enjoy similar things or share fashion trends, witchcraft itself is not a trend, nor a fashion statement, nor is it the sole focus of the community.

In reality, a “Tumblr witch” is just what the name implies. A “Tumblr witch” is a witch who uses Tumblr as a blogging platform/CMS. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s true that there’s a large community of us, but we’re quite diverse

While many of us are young (millennials), not all of us as (I’m not), nor are we all of the same religion or mindset. You might even say that “Tumblr Witch” isn’t even a useful term, at all! Still, Tumblr is a great content management system for witches.

I think what makes Tumblr strong as a blogging platform for witches is that there’s an extremely diverse community here already in existence. So, in short, don’t buy into too much nonsense about what a “Tumblr witch” does or believes, because everyone’s unique. 

Again, the only real way I can see to define a “Tumblr witch” is just “a witch who uses Tumblr.” It’s as simple as that! It’s definitely not some kind of tradition or mindset for witches - it’s just a matter of what blogging platform the witch uses.

Continue reading for information about why you should consider Tumblr as a blogging platform, tips for using the interface, and more! Tagging @witchypixie by request. :-D

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