phanisthetearinmyheart’s 5k phandom awards!!!

that’s right, guys! i have 5,000 followers! i’m literally speechless; thank you all so much! so, to celebrate (credit to @dodieadeux for the idea) i’m going to be hosting the phanisthetearinmyheart phandom awards! 

how to be eligible to participate! 
like/reblog this post
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you’re goo

how it works!
send me an ask (on or off anon) to nominate a blog for any of the below categories
you can nominate as many people as you want, but please do them in separate asks! 
i’ll answer the ask and you can like/reblog that post to vote for the blog! 
i’ll tell you when i decide to cut off nominations! 
voting cuts off and results (first and second for each categoyr) will be posted when i hit 5.

best dan and phil/phan blog 
best aesthetic blog
best gif maker
best edit maker
best artist
best writer
best underrated blogger

nicest blogger
best overall

a follow from yours truly! 
if you wanna be friends that’s cool i’m super lonely…….
a shoutout (in the results post) 
the acceptance of the rest of the phandom 

if this flops it never happened

have a nice day everyone :) 

Hey you guys! Just wanted to pop in real quick and send a little ‘I love you’ note your way ❤️

I’ve reached 5k followers here and damn it’s been a weird journey! You guys are super amazing and I love each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. You guys send me such sweet asks/messages and you just fill my day with so much positivity and I can’t express how much that means to me. 

So here’s what I propose:

A small bit of positivity can go a long way! Help me spread some positivity through Tumblr! 

 Know a blog that you love? Send them an ask and tell them that you love their content! 

Know an artist who puts out breathtaking fanart? Let them know! I’m sure they would love to hear from you.    

A writer who doles out amazing fanfiction? Message them or send them an ask telling them that you absolutely love their writing and encourage them to write more!

A meta writing blog that’s just brilliant? Send some positivity their way too! They totally deserve it for all the hard work they put into their metas. 

The list is endless! Pick any blog on Tumblr. A blog that you lowkey enjoy. A blog that you love seeing on your dash. It may be a newbie blog or it could a well known blog - all of them deserve love and positivity. 

You can do this on or off anon and it’s completely your wish but starting from now, send a sweet and heartfelt message to one blog a day and trust me when I say that it’ll make an amazing impact!

Let me start this off by listing my favourite mutuals who are awesome sauce people who post amazing content:

@generally-fantastic-things : Thank you so much for being with me from the start of this weird blog Megan! You’ve seen me at my embarrassing times and you decided to stay. Thank you so much dude. ILY ❤️

@alittlebitofanna : asdfghjkalhdsjakhf you’re an amazing writer! Oh gosh check out Anna’s supernatural fanfiction blog ( @suckerfordeansfreckles )!! Her Destiel fics are beautiful and oh gosh she’s amazing! Definitely follow her! Love ya loads Anna!

@whovian1077 : She’s the dorkiest dork to ever dork and I’m forever grateful for @tumblrbot which prompted me to start a chat with her! I love you to the moon and back!

@i-am-satan-666 : I love all your content and I cannot stop myself from reblogging all your content! You’re amazing and wonderful and I love seeing your posts on my dash! LY!

@a-very-british-me : We geek out about so many similar fandoms and you’re amazing and I love talking to you! And I hope you get well soon Katie! ❤️

@ninelittledevils : Ugh where do I even start? You’re a fellow Indian and ohmygosh you’re fuckin awesome! I love all the Bughead posts of yours! Any Riverdale fans out there? Follow Anshi right now!! She’s way too awesome, you guys ❤️

@nochillrogers : One of the best Marvel blogs ever!!! Your giffing skills??They’re awesome and you’re a perfect person! Thanks for standing up for me against all that Tony Stark hate! ILYSM! Dear Marvel geeks, you’ve got to follow this wonderful blog!!

@alivingstonseagull : You’ve stuck with me a long time too and I love you so much!! Thank you for all the positivity that you’ve sent my way!! I love your blog too ❤️

@originalobjecttheorist : Another fellow Indian!!! I absolutely love talking to you! You help me get through school and that means so damn much to me! So thank you so much again!!

@woahthisguy : Absolutely precious cinnamon roll! I’m super duper glad that we met by chance and you’re on of the best blogs out there and ILYSM!! You’re a truly wonderful person and an amazing supernatural blog and djkafhgsdkafhgdakfhsgadkfhbks you’re awesome!

@socially-ineptnerd : Your help with chemistry? It helped me loads in my exam and I can’t thank you enough for that! I used all your tricks - relating study stuff with fandoms helped me a great deal! Plus you’re an awesome person with an awesome Sherlock blog! And hell yeah we ship almost the same ships, so what’s not to love ^^

@helianthus21 : You’re an absolute freaking angel, do you know that? I high-key love all your posts and you’re one of the best supernatural blogs out there! Plus you’re super sweet and thanks for all the positivity that you’ve sent my way! You’re doing a great job and you deserve loads of love!!

@castiel-saved-me-from-myself : Your content omg ❤️ You’re an amazing person and I love love love your blog and you’re another one of the best supernatural blogs out there!! LY

@bend-me-shape-me : You’re an actual ray of sunshine and I absolutely ADORE your blog! You’ve got awesome content on your blog and all the supernatural in it makes my freaking day! Plus you’re an amazing person and I hope you have a great day!!

@gneisscastiel : Another awesome supernatural blog that I’ve GOT to mention. Your posts? A+ ❤️ I can’t believe that you’re following me and I just love your blog and posts and everything so damn much!

@still-waiting-for-cookies : Okay you actually make me cry with all the wonderful things you tell me. And I absolutely love you so much and you’re perfect and you’re the sweetest person ever!! Thank you so much man ❤️

@an-angel-in-a-trenchcoat : You’re content is AMAZING and I love your blog so damn much!!! You’re an awesome person too ❤️

@blurryfandoms : We have so many similar fandoms and I love your multi-fandom posts! Your original content is amazing too!! Absolutely love your blog!!

@kidneys-and-custard : You’re one of the biggest Richard Speight and Rob Benedict dorks ever! I love all the posts you send my way and I’m so glad that we met on that Discord chat!! You’re awesome ^^

@tinkdw : No big deal but I actually screamed when you followed me! I’ve loved stalked your blog for so long. I love reading all your metas and I want to thank you for all the time you take to answer our doubts! You’re one of the awesomest person to ever awesome! Your blog is so positive and ILYSM!

@funnycas : I had no idea that you were following me!! You’re one of the best supernatural blog out there and I love love love LOVE everything that you post!! You’re wonderful ❤️

@casdean1967 : We talked only once but I absolutely loved geeking out about spn with you! And omg you have the cutest dog EVER. I’m gonna message you once I’m done with this cause I’ve missed talking with you! ILY!

And down below are other blogs that totally make my day: 



























I’m sure that I’m forgetting butt-loads of people but I love you all so damn much! 

phanisthetearinmyheart phandom awards results!

best dan and phil/phan blog 

  1. @phandomfbi
  2. @djnof

best aesthetic blog 

  1. @fudgefeelings
  2. @whereaboutsunknown

best gif maker

  1. @scifiphan
  2. @domesticbanting 

best artist 

  1. @haleykinz
  2. @maddox-rider

best writer 

  1. @botanistlester
  2. @adorkablephil

best underrated blogger

  1. @isleofthoughtlessbirds 
  2. @justphantastic

nicest blogger

  1. @hobbithair
  2. @mochaphill

best overall 

  1. @botanistlester
  2. @akilahthegreat 


a follow from yours truly!
if you wanna be friends that’s cool i’m super lonely…….
a shoutout (in the results post (here))
the acceptance of the rest of the phandom


i had ZERO influence on these results; all i did was answer the asks and then it was up to the voters. don’t be mad at me or any of the winners; this was just for fun. Thanks for 5.1k followers, and have a nice day everyone! 


‘Luci, look!’ you said, pulling his hand as you rushed to the edge of the viewing platform. From here you could see the whole city. The sight, while making you feel a little nauseous at the height, was breathtakingly beautiful. You looked back at him and saw that there was a rather smug smile on his face. ‘Don’t start.’

The smirk deepened as he moved to stand behind you, hands resting on the railing either side of you. His breath was warm against your cheek. ‘Better than Paris? Than Rome?’

You chuckled softly, shaking your head. ‘I’ve loved them all, Lucifer,’ you said diplomatically. ‘I want to see more though.’

He chuckled, moving away from you but holding your hand in his. ‘Then we keep going,’ he said simply.

You beamed, glad that you had Lucifer as a travelling companion. It meant that nowhere was off limits, because you both wanted to experience it all, and there was no better way of doing that than together.

A/N: Gif credit goes to the respective owners; I just found them on Google (added the links in the captions).

naomiixreigns  asked:

hi I'm new to tumblr. Can you please show me some pages to follow.

Sure lol. I’ll just tag my favorites. @macfizzle @roman-reigns-princess @phatreigns @romanempressfics @queen-twerks-a-lot @arrowtothecrown @tozawas @reinmeka @hardyslynch @hoodgirl163 @lavitabella87
@queenreignsempire @vivalavonvon @wrestlingnoob @behindthesesilvereyes @legendreigns is THE BEST wwe/Roman gif blog imo, they’re so nice & amazing! 😘 @sonjashuterbugjohnson @fivefootxo @reigningxo @blissfitwriter @fanficswillbethedeathofme @heelturn-timesten @handsomerusev @dontdniame

Follow anyone you notice I reblog a lot or interact with a lot lol, cause I know I forgot some. 🌹

abouthisboy  asked:

hi! just wanted you to know how much I love your gifs and also appreciate so much the effort you put on this blog! I seriously adore all of it and think this is the best on gif blog EVER!!! ❤❤❤❤

Oh my god. Thank you sooooo much. This really means a lot to me. ❤️❤️❤️❤️