Bellamy Blake has one the best character development arcs ever and now they’re trying to ruin that?! Like he’s learned and grown so much, why are they trying to take that away from him? Stop making his character backpedal please. And while you’re at it stop separating Bellamy and Clarke… It’s kinda getting really old and tiring to watch

ask-webber-the-indiegestible asked:

(Oh ya the muffet anniversary thing!) So what's toriel and frisk going to wear to it?

Tori: *Well! That’s one child down! Frisk, I’m proud of you, you picked something far quicker than anyone else!

Frisk: *Can I get a fancy jacket to go over this? I don’t like having my arms out!

Tori: *Of course, my child! I was going to suggest that myself! I don’t like the open back on that one.

Frisk: *oh right, me either! Too cold!

Tori: *It may take me some time to find something myself considering….human measurements… But I have an idea anyway~


Day 12: Favourite Story Arc

The Tenrou Island Arc

So many awesome moments in this one! It’s hard to list them all!

Gotta say, at the end of this arc I nearly cried. I couldn’t believe that just happened. Well played Mashima! Glad I started reading after that chapter had long since been updated. I can’t think how horrible it would have been to have to wait for a new chapter after that cliffhanger xD