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finds some pixiv log with all of these pictures of konami and tachikawa

like i thought i thought of weird random pairs but

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27, 20, 37

This is going to be such a fucking big answer, enjoy

27:Talk about your favorite part of someone else’s body.

I’m obviously going to talk about my crush. He literally has the best body/appearance i’ve ever laid my eyes on. So i’m not going to talk about one part specifically, but the whole package. 

He has the BEST back muscles EVER like oH MY GOD. Literally. Big but not too much but still fUCKING THERE and gosh darn it. And his fUCKING ARMS LIKE/??/ FREAKING AMAZING. Those biceps ohh god. And then his fucking tummy doesnt have any abs but he almost has but he doesnt and wHAT THE FUCK IS EVEN THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN ITS FREAKING FLAWLESS. His lips are so fucking full but not too much and he has suuuuuuuuuuch a nice smile and his HANDS ARE FULL OF VEINS. GOD KNOWS HOW MUCH I LOVE VEINS ON A GUY’S HANDS FUCK. He’s so freaking beautiful, I cant keep my eyes off of him, seriously. That’s all. I’m fucking in love with him.

20:Talk about something that happened in high school.

Ummmmm. Oh okay i’ve got one gossip. Basically there’s this friend of mine in my class (let’s call her S) and this guy in our class as well (he’ll be B). He’s not that handsome, but he has a really beautiful face, like nice green eyes and a nice smile, but he’s kind of tall but not really muscular. In fact, he’s really thin for his height. Not my type and not S’ type as well. But he’s different, kind of, if you get to know him, and she kinda had a crush on him, but not the i-want-to-be-his-girlfriend type of crush, more like the i-wanna-fucking-kiss-him type. So during easter she had this really small party at her house, like 10 people and most of them weren’t on our school but from her last one. So we decided to play truth or dare (literally the first party i’ve ever went and played truth on dare lol) and both of them were kind of really drunk (like reeeeaally drunk) and they kissed on a dare (she had obv told me to tell her to kiss him and stuff) and then she told him “do you want to go inside?” (like in her room). And after a while he said yeah and they went. They were inside for like most 15 mins and they both gave oral to each other and then her parents came and they stopped and she was so drunk she started throwing up and it was kind of late so we all left. Now the best thing (not rlly best) is that when we went to school on monday obv most of the ppl there knew what had happened and they were full of jokes and stuff but B NEVER said anything to them and he was laughing most of the times, and he never talked to her after that. I’m so fucking pissed at him. It’s been a month and literally every guy tells him that its not nice and he should go talk to her and he wont what the fuck. Thats all.

37:Talk about someone you thought you were in love with.

Umm i was about 13? And there was this guy that was one year older than me at school and i really liked him and i added him on MSN (do you guys even remember that wht the fuck) and we were like talking 3-4 hours every night and i was so freaking sure i was in love with him bc that went on for about 5 months but we never talked at school we were only staring at each other and like after 5 fucking months he talked to me when we had a celebration at school and he was like do you want to be my gf and for some fucking reason i said no bc i was so shy and afraid and then i stopped liking him wtf