best wall cover


To hell with my craft schedule for October!! The house was clean and we had nothing to do so we finished all of our crafts before noon 😂😂 so now I’m looking for more craft ideas. Maybe I’ll be able to find thanksgiving crafts to do as well. Idk how many more Halloween crafts will fit in our house but I sure will do my best to cover every wall! Lol Walmart has cheap paint and cheap 3 packs of small canvas’ so that’s what we use. So far I’ll definitely need another 3 pack of canvas’ and maybe a couple more colors of paint but it shouldn’t cost us more than $8 for the other crafts I wanna do (atleast for now anyway lol) poor Hubbs comes home from work to a new craft/decoration hanging everyday! 😂 Lol but when I was a kid my parents did a good job of making each holiday a big deal and always had fun things to do that went along with the holiday so I am doing my best to make it a big deal for my kids. I think I have just as much fun as they do putting crafts and decorations together! Now that we’re done for today and had lunch, it’s nap time! And nap time means quiet movie time and a coffee break for mama!