best selling album


Don’t be fooled this is not what you think, this is not some new nerd duo from Williamsburg or the latest bedroom geniuses from Scandinavia.  They’re not the next great electronic hopefuls from Germany, and thank God, they are not just another trend jumping bass and drum duo. No, these two dorky types are none other than the great genius of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.

Believe it or not, this duo had the all time best selling album ever until a kid named Michael Jackson released ‘Thriller’.  Their final album ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ was the best selling album for three years running.  It had reached #1 in 10 countries and went multiple times platinum.  Paul Simon continued to make records (and hits) and though Art would still release solo records, his main focus became acting.

Yes, these two white bread looking guys were actually huge counter culture 60′s icons and a pair of true musical giants.  here’s to the dynamic duo of Simon and Garfunkel!