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fyjjong, do you know how Oricon works? Do you mind explaining? I read a post about best selling kpop albums on Oricon this year and Jonghyun only has 5.5k for She Is while Taemin only has 2.6k for Press It, lol. I'm deadass sure that's obviously not the total they sold in Japan, so how else do J-shawols buy the albums, and I guess most methods don't count on Oricon? 5.5k and 2.6k... talk about leaving me SHOOK for a while there!! I definitely ain't playin with these numbers I almost cried, lmao.

i’m not that familiar with oricon, honestly, but here’s a bit of information on how it works. (it’s a bit old, but.) the sales numbers are likely accurate and depend on how j-shawols decided to purchase the album. it’s very possible that they used a source to purchase their copies that isn’t counted within oricon. for example: they could have bought a copy through a group order that has the sales count directly toward hanteo and gaon instead of oricon. it’s hard to be for sure though.

News: Universal Stopping Streaming 'Exclusives' after Frank Ocean Album Release

News: Universal Stopping Streaming ‘Exclusives’ after Frank Ocean Album Release

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Frank Ocean’s recently released Blonde LP may be the last exclusively streamed album from Universal Music Group ever. The CEO of the company, Lucian Grainge ordered the companies labels to stop entering into exclusivity deals with streaming services. He sent out an email which included 2015’s 10 best-selling albums and 38.5% of the year’s recorded-music sales. He believes streaming services…

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Album of the day: Back for the Attack, the fourth studio album by American heavy metal band Dokken, released in 1987. A remastered edition featuring a bonus track was reissued in 2009.

Back for the Attack is the band’s best-selling album, reaching No. 13 on the U.S. Billboard 200 and remaining on that chart for 33 weeks. Three singles also charted on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart: “Dream Warriors” reached No. 22, “Prisoner” at No. 37, and “Burning Like a Flame” at No. 20 as well as No. 72 on the Billboard Hot 100. Back for the Attack was certified Gold and Platinum on January 14, 1988.

Universal to Ban Streaming “Exclusives” After Frank Ocean’s Album
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These days it has become increasingly popular for artists and labels to allow various streaming platforms such as TIDAL and Apple Music exclusive rights to new releases. Now after Frank Ocean’s recent Blonde rollout, Universal Music Group will no longer be allowing streaming exclusives, making them the first major label to ban such drops.

According to Bob Lefsetz, author of an influential music industry newsletter, Lucian Grainge, CEO of Universal Music Group, sent out a company-wide email on Monday, just two days after Ocean’s Blonde release, saying the company would no longer allow the practice of exclusive streaming.

UMG is home to seven of 2015’s 10 best-selling albums and 38.5% of the year’s recorded music sales.

The decision will in turn affect a number of acts under the Universal umbrella, including all five of this year’s album of the year Grammy nominees: Kendrick Lamar, Taylor Swift, the Weeknd, Chris Stapleton and Alabama Shakes.

Again, the tipping point arrives as Frank Ocean just released his long-awaited album Blonde exclusively through Apple, a move similar to when recent Beyoncé and Rihanna albums launched through TIDAL.

Lefsetz, along with a number of others in the music industry, believes that making exclusive distribution deals is anti-competitive and ultimately harms the consumer and the artist.

Now that Universal has made this notably impactful decision, what other labels will follow suit?

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Universal Is Reportedly Banning Its Artists From Offering Streaming Exclusives

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Blonde could very well be ushering in the end of an era: Universal Music Group – the parent company of Def Jam, which put out Frank Ocean’s highly anticipated LP – is reportedly banning its artists from signing exclusive deals with streaming platforms (a la the Apple Music and iTunes release of Blonde). According to industry insider Bob Lefsetz of The Lefsetz Letter fame, UMG CEO Lucian Grainge – who’s widely considered to be the most powerful executive in the entire music industry – sent out a company-wide email yesterday informing everyone of the new policy and its ban on the practice of exclusive distribution deals. If the move is indeed happening, it would be unprecedented as Universal would become the first label to throw exclusive deals out the window.

So why exactly would Grainge want to make the change? As The Guardian points out, UMG was home to seven of the top ten best-selling albums of 2015 – including the likes of Taylor Swift’s 1989 (like Blonde, an Apple exclusive upon release), Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, Justin Bieber’s Purpose and The Weeknd’s Beauty Behind the Madness – and boasted 38.5% of the year’s recorded music sales overall. Though exclusive deals like Ocean’s and Swift’s undoubtedly helped drive their respective album sales (and line the pockets of the artists in the process), it stands to reason that those sales would have been even higher had other platforms and retailers had an opportunity to stream and sell the releases as well. And, of course, more sales means even more profits for UMG. As The Guardian puts it, “the ultra-hyped Frank Ocean release coming exclusively through Apple, coupled with a deal announced earlier this month between Apple and Cash Money Records, whose artists include Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Birdman, appears to have been sufficient to provoke label executives to action.”

In his latest newsletter, Lefsetz touches on exclusive distribution deals and how they’re “anti-competitive and ultimately” harm both “the consumer and the artist.” He even goes so far as to say the United States government should investigate Apple Music – who just so happens to be led by former UMG head honcho Jimmy Iovine – with regards to anti-trust concerns “because there’s a conspiracy between Apple Music and the industry to change the game, to get everybody to pay for a subscription by putting hit content behind a paywall.”

He doesn’t just hold Apple accountable, though: Lefsetz says the artists are as much to blame as anyone. Writing about Ocean, Lefsetz says:

Shame on you Frank, and shame on everybody else who takes money from Apple and screws fans. There’s enough money in music without taking every last buck, and the joke is on you, for thinking so short term, you want your music available to everybody, because in these days of information overload we need nobody, everybody is superfluous, you don’t want to enter the marketplace with one hand tied behind your back.

Ultimately, only time will tell if UMG’s reported move sets off a domino effect that changes the way music is currently consumed. Until then, exclusivity will continue to be one of the main points of leverage a streaming platform or retailer has over its competition.

Do you think an end to exclusive distribution deals would be a positive or negative? How would it change streaming and sales going forward? Sound of below and head on over to Lefsetz’s website to read his latest newsletter in its entirety.

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Universal reportedly outlaws streaming 'exclusives' after Frank Ocean release | The Guardian

Reposted from on August 23, 2016 at 06:06AM

Music industry newsletter claims Universal Music Group will be first major label to ban practice of artists offering exclusives to services such as Tidal and Apple

Just two days after Frank Ocean’s Blonde, one of the biggest releases of the year, was released on Apple’s iTunes, Lucian Grainge, CEO of Universal Music Group and widely regarded as the most powerful executive in the music industry, has reportedly ordered the company’s labels to stop the practice of making “exclusive” distribution deals with streaming services.

According to Bob Lefsetz, author of the influential music industry newsletter, Grainge sent out a company-wide email on Monday. UMG, which boasted seven of 2015’s 10 best-selling albums and 38.5% of the year’s recorded-music sales, will be the first major label to ban the practice, which many feel has begun to diminish rather than enhance the way music is distributed and consumed.

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meghan trainor getting dropped from her label makes NO sense whatsoever

Artwork of Michael Jackson.
Let us dream of tomorrow where we can truly love from the soul, and know love as the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation.
- Michael Jackson
65 millions copies sold, album “Triller”.
65 Millones de discos se han vendido del álbum “Thriller”
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Nicky Jam And Maná Have Reggae Lovers Covered “From Head To Toe”

What happens when musical geniuses from opposite sides come together? A brilliant, reggae-infused revamp of a classic number. Mexican rock group Maná and reggaetón veteran Nicky Jam have joined together in a reggae-rock jam titled, “De Pies a Cabeza” (“From Head to Toe”). The newly-released cut is a remake of the legendary rock group’s 1992 song from their second studio album, ¿Dónde Jugarán los Niños?, considered to be the best selling Spanish-language rock album of all time.

While some might think a collaboration from two opposite ends of the Latinx spectrum is strange, it falls in place seamlessly in “De Pies a Cabeza,” which immediately catapults listeners to the sandy beaches and sun-kissed weather of the Caribbean. The music video to Maná and Nicky Jam’s new and improved “De Pies a Cabeza”—already 26 on the Billboard chart for Hot Latin Songs—features both artists singing and dancing, while playing the song live.

Today 32 years ago in 1984, Céline released her 8th French album, Mélanie. The song Mélanie was named song of the year in Canada and best selling album in Canada! Isn’t she just amazing! We salute you Céline! #Celinedion #celinedion5southafrica #Céline #celinedionfans #celinedionfan #celiniacs #Céline #celine16 #celineqc!

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Chart Talk

Hi guys. For those who love numbers.

As of August 12 , If I’m Honest has sold 401,000 traditional copies. I don’t have the numbers for SPS but should be at least 500,000 to be eligible for Gold. This week’s HDD estimate for IIH in traditional album sales is 13,895 (18,190 SPS). So that would make it 415,000 traditional copies sold for IIH. It’s currently the 14th best-selling album in the U.S. in 2016, 3rd among country albums just behind Chris Stapleton (827,000) and Joey+Rory (439,000).

It seems Reloaded has also gone eligible for Gold certification. It’s estimated SPS is 552,000 (323,000 in traditional sales).

Looking at the numbers, BOATS is still Blake’s best-selling album but IIH is doing better than BBTS. I still think WM Nashville botched the release of BBTS. They rushed that one. BOATS was still selling well when they released it. In fact, If I remember correctly, the week before its release B had 4 albums charting in the BB200.

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Thanks very notable albums for record label East West East, Atlantic and Columbia, quartet Clutch from Maryland in the mid 90s next Monster Magnet, Kyuss and Fu Manchu becoming one of the most influential bands of stoner rock scene. The recently released 11th album of this band called “Psychic warfare “, namely last year for his own record label Weathermaker and coming top 10 best-selling albums…

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“Yes, and” Dragons

[Jonathan started group-texting us out of the blue. The dice rolls were originally media message videos, and I’ve changed the order of some messages to make more sense, but this otherwise happened word for word.]

Jonathan: You cross the threshold into the decrepit tower. The sounds of leathery wings and creaking boards are coming from above you. What do you do?
Anthony: I put my earbuds in and put on Micheal Jackson’s best-selling album “BAD”
I figure if I can’t hear the bad noises, I can’t be afraid of them.
Jonathan: Success!
As you block the noise of the bats lurking above your head, they disappear. 50 Exp!
Anthony: I then examine the stairs. How safe are they?
Jonathan: Creaky, but usable if you go slow.
Anthony: When, they really should have gentrified this place before it became a dragon lair.
I start up the stairs cautiously, trying to make as little noise as possible.
Which would probably be hard, considering Micheal is serenading me with his golden pipes.
David: A stair comes loose beneath your foot as your internet connection becomes INTERRUPTED! Google play music ceases granting you benefits.
Anthony: Did David just pull a board out from under me?
I feel like I should be able to contest his stealing my phone.
David: A goblin with 3 ears emerges from beneath the staircase. It is your dear friend Stevia the goblin. My Character.

Anthony: I roll my eyes aggressively. VERY aggressively. Can I roll to try and deal psychic damage with my eye roll?
Jonathan: You may roll, beat a 15.
Stevia: Anthony what’s your character’s name?
Anthony: I’m playing a human named Anthony.

Legit my first roll.
Jonathan: Nice. Stevia, take one disdain damage. How does Anthony’s eyeroll make you feel?
Stevia: I vomit on Anthony’s feet.
Anthony: Curiosity gets the better of me. I taste the vomit. Does it taste artificially sweetened?
Jonathan: Nope.
Kind of bitter, and like almonds.
Anthony: Eh, worth a shot.
Jonathan: Two floors up you see a much sturdier landing. It appears large enough to contain at least two rooms.
Unfortunately the stairs are out in front of you.
Anthony: How wide is the gap?
Jonathan: The gap is roughly five feet across.
Stevia: I produce a silk rope and javelin, tied together. I attempt to throw the javelin so it is lodged on the other side of the gap.
Jonathan: You do!
And it is!
Anthony: I’m going to store the rest of the vomit in a jar, and label it with the date and exact time.
Then I’m going to attempt to cross the gap using Stevia’s rope.
Jonathan: How do you attempt? Quick, fast, or in a hurry?
Anthony: Swiftly.
Stevia: I cut the rope when Anthony is halfway across.
Anthony: But I was the first one to try and cross, so does he just cut his end?
Jonathan: Yes, Stevia cuts her last piece of rope.

Anthony swings swiftly but manages to maintain his hold on the rope.
Stevia, you are standing in front of a five foot gap, your friend Anthony is dangling from a rope below some creaky-ass stairs.
What do you do?
Stevia: I use my impressive athletics to front flip over the gap.
Jonathan: Roll it! Beat a 15!

Jonathan: Hrrrmmmm
You flip over the gap smoothly, but upon landing the step below you breaks.
Either of your may make a reaction.
Anthony: As I start to fall, I use my imagination to create a new staircase.
Jonathan: Nice. What color Lantern are you?
Anthony: Yellow. Not really a fan of how Green runs things. Sinestro is a pretty cool dude though.
Stevia: Can I break my leg instead of the step?
Jonathan: Sure. As you fall onto Anthony’s yellow light construct platform, you feel the bone crack.
Anthony, the platform you created starts to flicker. Looks like you need to recharge your ring.
Stevia: I sit down a few steps higher and break off a nearby piece of load bearing column to construct a splint.
Jonathan: Cool!
You have a splint.
Stevia: I cackle at Anthony.
Anthony: I run up the staircase and leap towards the actual stairs, hoping to make it before my ring runs completely out of juice.
Jonathan: You do! When you leap, are you trying to avoid Stevia, or aiming for her!
Anthony: I attempt to leapfrog right over her.
Anthony: Because Anthony isn’t a jerk.
Stevia: I punch him square in the balls.
Jonathan: Cool cool cool.
Anthony: Fortunately, this isn’t the first time I’ve traveled with Stevia. I recently acquired a codpiece, and have put it to good use.
Stevia: Drat!
Jonathan: Anthony and Stevia, you are on a creaky staircase approaching a floor in a decrepit tower.
And we’ll resolve that next time on…
“Yes, and” Dragons
Anthony: Dungeons and Ampersands
Jonathan: Hmmph, mine was better.
Anthony: Whatever helps you sleep at night.
David: Jonathan’s was better.