best lip gloss

I got the best lip gloss ever in my Ipsy bag. Seriously love it. My bags come on different days. How dumb is that? They go to the same address but arrive 2-3 days apart? Well I just got my second bag today & I got the same lip gloss in that one too! I love when I get something good in both bags 😃

  • (in the common room, giving Rabastan a quiz from a Teen Girl magazine he "borrowed" from Andromeda)
  • Rodolphus: Your best friend borrows your lip gloss...(dramatic gasp) without asking!
  • Rabastan: (dramatic gasp)
  • Rodolphus: What do you do? A. Find a new best friend, B. Push her down a flight of stairs, or C....
  • Andromeda: What!? It doesn't say that!
  • Rodolphus: Well yeah, but I think it should definitely be an option!
  • Rabastan: I pick B....Down the stairs she goes!

What it is: Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss in Peaceful, a nude pink.

The Claims: This Maracuja oil infused lip gloss claims to make lips more moisturized and full.

The Results: I love this lip gloss. It does moisturize better than any gloss I’ve ever used! That’s saying a lot, people! It makes my lips appear luscious and full. The gloss sweeps over the lips and does not settle into fine lines on the lips. It is peppermint infused so I did feel a slight tingle for a few minutes, but it did not burn or irritate my lips in anyway, as so many other brands have. It also lasts longer than any other lip gloss I’ve used. It doesn’t last all day but more like several hours and was still existent after lunch. I can re apply several times through the day and it does not dry my lips out. The plastic applicator is very soft and does not irritate my lips. The color is nice, a very muted pink that is great for daytime or with a smokey eye. I often reach for this gloss when I want to moisturize my lips, I’ve never done that with a gloss before! I’m blaming it on the Maracuja;)! This product really is wonderful and outstanding, guys. I can’t wait to get some other colors, as this is the only gloss I’m currently using. I highly recommend!