best lip gloss

fangsforhire  asked:

“you look nice tonight.” { posing as Damon tho ;; }


          Mystic Grill. In an act of rebellion against old, boring Elena she tonight decided to don her best lip gloss, an outfit that had been sitting untouched at the back of her closet since last semester and exchange those converse for something less muddy. With jacket loosely draped over her shoulders she took to a quieter place, the outside of the establishment, for the second time tonight in a last ditch effort to contact the person she was waiting for. It went straight to voicemail. Again

           She was unsure of what to do next, go back and prove herself wrong or admit total defeat? Elena was leaning towards the latter but before she had time to contemplate her attention was plucked away from her cell by a familiar voice. Damon? They had briefly met once at the Boarding House but she wasn’t expecting to see this Salvatore tonight — but rather his younger brother. “Thanks,” a soft smile dances along her mouth but it fades as quickly as it appears because she knows well that her voice wasn’t concealing anything. The sound of disappointment was very much coherent. Instead, her rosy lips tuck and shoulders hunch in something akin to embarrassment. “I’d believe it more if I didn’t feel like you’re about to tell me Stefan ditched. He was supposed to be here thirty minutes ago and so far he’s a complete no-show.

What it is: Tarte Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss in Peaceful, a nude pink.

The Claims: This Maracuja oil infused lip gloss claims to make lips more moisturized and full.

The Results: I love this lip gloss. It does moisturize better than any gloss I’ve ever used! That’s saying a lot, people! It makes my lips appear luscious and full. The gloss sweeps over the lips and does not settle into fine lines on the lips. It is peppermint infused so I did feel a slight tingle for a few minutes, but it did not burn or irritate my lips in anyway, as so many other brands have. It also lasts longer than any other lip gloss I’ve used. It doesn’t last all day but more like several hours and was still existent after lunch. I can re apply several times through the day and it does not dry my lips out. The plastic applicator is very soft and does not irritate my lips. The color is nice, a very muted pink that is great for daytime or with a smokey eye. I often reach for this gloss when I want to moisturize my lips, I’ve never done that with a gloss before! I’m blaming it on the Maracuja;)! This product really is wonderful and outstanding, guys. I can’t wait to get some other colors, as this is the only gloss I’m currently using. I highly recommend!