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Naturally the best lip gloss products on the market for your lips! Collagen lip gloss is a collagen booster lip gloss created for lip care that clearly restores your lips protective barrier, protecting your lip from drying out, cracking and chapping. Many users agree collagen lip gloss is the best lip gloss for moisturizing your lips. The collagen lip gloss easily moistens, smooths and rejeuvenates your lips.
Idina Menzel Has a Pink Past, Darren Criss Loathes Darren Criss & More Lessons of the Week
It’s Friday, and you know what that means—you’re finally free to watch cat videos on YouTube for the next 48 hours!

10) Darren Criss Finds Himself Irritating
We think unofficial mascot Darren Criss is the best thing since glitter lip gloss, but when he pretended to be his Hedwig co-star Rebecca Naomi Jones in the final episode of The Total Package, he had some pretty mean things to say about himself. Hey Darren, chin up. At least you’re not a terrible receptionist like another J. Pierpont we know.