Porque eu amo desesperadamente tudo que envolve você.
—  Alice Kobayashi.
best traits of the signs

aries - daring, active, passionate, honest, optimistic, caring

taurus - devoted, reliable, patient, persistent, independent

gemini - versatile, smart, humorous, witty, sociable, tactful

cancer - imaginative, sympathetic, tenacity, intuitive, loyal

leo - passionate, creativity, generosity, social, confidence

virgo - intelligent, reliable, modesty, observant, helpful

libra - their beauty, charm, fairness, romantic, cooperative

scorpio - bravery, keep their promises, overall well balanced

sagittarius - humor, sexual drive and ability, their philosophical view

capricorn - dependable, ambition, realistic and patient

aquarius - Independence, humanitarian, loyal to those they love

pisces - compassion, artistic nature, emotional relationships