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My ask box is now cut open for any kind of inquiries and whatnot!

Friends at Shujin have suggested for me to create an ask blog like everyone else to share our school and Mementos shenanigans and the like with the Internet, so here we are.


Hey Scrublords, we’re looking for artists like YOU for a volume 2 of the Super Best Friends ZINE-batsu, since the last was such a hit!

SUPER BEST FRIENDS ZINE-BATSU VOL. 2: Best Friends Summer-slam!

It’s summertime! Summah-summah-summah-time! And we want YOU! That’s right! YOU. to submit your Super Best Friends Summer-Slam themed artwork. Just like last time this will be a PDF only release available for free.

I want to submit!

That’s awesome, but how do you do that? How does this submission process work?

By submitting your portfolio for review via this submission form.

We’ll need your name (real or user name), links to your art blog and / or portfolio, a brief summary of who you are and why you’d like to join. We’d love to get to know you a little!  As well as what your idea might be if you have one.
(* If your idea changes from the initial application, that’s A-okay. This is not meant to be concrete, just to get a feel for what ideas are coming in. The creative mind is ever changing!)

Please submit your application form by 06/30/2017

A week later on 07/07/2017 accepted artists will be notified and on 07/08/2017 they will be announced publically.

What kind of art can I submit?

Any and all works related to the Best Friends and Zaibatsu lore will be accepted.
(** Make sure to keep the theme summer related.)

Allowed: Woolie stealing pies on the beach, Matt wrestling David Cage at a picnic,  Pat and Elmo taking a trip to Japan, but Pat’s too short to ride any of the rides so Elmo has all the fun without him.

Not allowed: Random crossovers not related to Zaibatsu Lore or relate to their individual interests of the Zaibatsu  NSFW, underage, derogatory imagery, and shipping of the Best Friends themselves. ( *i.e Woolie randomly in a dress while eating a banana lustfully…or something … like that.)

Accepted Artists: Please make sure your submitted works are 150 DPI and 8" x 10’’ (portrait preferred) as a HQ PNG file.


06/30, 12:00 am - Portfolio submissions end.
07/07, 10:00 pm - Notification of acceptance.
07/08, 5:00 pm - List of artists publically announced.
08/04, 12:00 am - Final submission due.
08/11 - Release Date!



We’re extremely thrilled to announce the full list of participating writers and artists for Dark Horse: An Otabek Altin Zine!

While we have seen many wonderful submissions among the 213 we received in total (57 writer applications and 156 artist applications!), this list shows the ones who stood out the most among the rest. 

Of course, we cannot emphasise enough how grateful we are to everyone who signed up, and we hope you can continue to support us by helping spread the word about the zine, cheering on the participating artists and writers, and showing your love for Otabek by making more art and writing more fic and living your life as your heart desires. 

To our selected participants, we are so excited to be working on this project with you! 

And to everyone else, we hope you are as pumped as we are about all of this. Please keep checking back here and on twitter for more updates!

All the best,

👍 The Dark Horse Zine Team 

I was blocked by the OP as well as every artist on the zine so here’s something I want you guys to boost.

To preface: The OP of that screenshot is a known transmisogynist and lesbophobe who only made the post to spite one of the people who helped put it together. 

So. Here is my open letter to them and to you, clarifying the issue and explaining why comparing the limits put on taakitz and blupjeans is unfair.

They intentionally avoid clarifying that Barry ships aren’t being allowed either– on the grounds that the thing making Blupjeans important representation is that it centers around a cis man accepting a trans woman like it should be.

Allowing Barry ships would be like saying “this man has better people to love than a trans woman” which is unfair and untrue. If Barry were canonically dating a cis woman, then shipping Barry with other characters would be fine because canonically speaking it doesn’t present any representation for minorities.

WLW Lup ships are being allowed because her having relationships with other people than Barry does not subtract from her current canonically presented rep points and offers extra representation for bisexual and pansexual trans women.

There’s more than one reason Taako and Kravitz ships excluding Taakitz are not being allowed, the reasons being that:

Travis McElroy himself is uncomfortable with Magnus being portrayed in a romantic relationship, so Taagnus is out. We’re already on thin ice with the McElroys and misrepresenting their characters that extensively may have real repercussions for us.

Another is that Sazed is an abusive character towards Taako and Taazed is not the best for a zine centered around conquering dark parts of our lives and rising up as marginalized people.

It was decided that, to keep the ship content limits fair to different creators, that non Taakitz ships of the two would be barred from the zine altogether.

OP oversimplifies the issue in order to throw around biphobia/panphobia. Its fear mongering, its manipulative, and it’s disrespectful to the bi and pan people who are working hard to contribute to the zine.

Not only that, but the only thing they gain from trying to get people to boycott this zine is that charities lgbt people of color will not get the donations they ought to.


Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to the phenomenally fast funding of @yurionicetarotproject!!! You can still back it to help us reach stretch goals, but we’re fully funded!

You all gladly accepted the card offered, and just like The Fool, we all embarked on an enlightening journey at the beginning of March… And here we are, approaching the end! I’ve met a lot of really cool people, connected with an online community for the first time, and evolved in my drawing skills in the short span of 3-4 months and I’m still in disbelief (GUYS. I took part in 2 theme weeks without any pre-drawing because this project kicked off such hype)! 

Thank you 100000 times over and I hope you all enjoy the end products! For those who didn’t get to back the Kickstarter, then I hope you get the decks/merch you wished for when we sell the leftovers! This was the best first zine/fan project experience I could have ever wished for and I’m so glad I got over my nerves and pessimism to apply!

Happy (Good) Friday! I’m just now emerging from my post-MoCCA daze. Thank you to everyone who stopped by—whether you bought something, flipped through a zine, or just said hi! If you couldn’t pick up my freshly reprinted autobio comic book, now’s your chance to get a copy for free!

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