best zelda rap ever

                                 Yes I can’t lie I have painted my shween
                           Now grab your destiny if you know what I mean
        Wait a minute Link don’t leave the cave, where do you think you’re going
              This is a great chance to fondle old scrotum that you’re blowing!

Sorry, I did a thing //fades//


BEST Zelda Rap EVER!!


NSFW, and hilarious.


2nd best Zelda rap ever!



Starbomb - “It’s Dangerous to Go Alone”

anonymous asked:

hey cas! i see you posting game grumps sometimes, and i've been wanting to get into them for a while, so would you happen to know of any starter posts/packs for game grumps videos? or do you have any suggestions? thank you!

Game Grumps are so great omg. Here we go!

I started with the Wind Waker playthrough. It’s funny, and they name Link “Buttlet” and honestly that’s a good enough reason to watch it.

If you like Bloodborne, I watched their playthrough twice, and it’s recently been restarted with the new DLC. Probably one of my favorite playthroughs ever.

Sonic Adventure DX is also a great one, very funny. That game is… interesting. Arin is easily angered.

They’ve played several Kirby games and all of them are very good. 

Of course, can’t leave out Mario Maker. Ross is evil. My brother tried his levels and I think he cried. It was great. Markiplier’s also done a couple videos trying Ross’s levels.

Recently they’ve been playing Portal 2, but don’t have a playlist yet, I’ll add it in once they make one. Part 1, part 2. Danny being flabbergasted by the game physics is just the best.

Some of their one-offs that I especially enjoyed: P.T., Teletubbies, The Dog Island. I’m working my way through these.

Steam Train is a little different. It’s all PC games and feature Ross and usually Danny or Barry or now Brian, and occasionally other Grumps as well. Favorites: Skyrim, Goat Simulator, Undertale, Spore, Surgeon Simulator 2013, Sonic Dreams Collection, and Who’s Your Daddy.

Table Flip features Barry and Suzy. They dress up in period clothing and play tabletop games, and it often features other Youtubers. I liked the Cards Against Humanity videos.  

For shorter clips there are the Game Grumps Animated videos, done by various fans, and Best Of Game Grumps compilations.

Also! Danny and Brian are in a band called Ninja Sex Party. They are a comedy band. I do recommend headphones for most of their songs. Some favorites: Cookies!Everybody Shut Up!, Attitude City, Dragon Slayer, and The Last Unicorn (Cover)

When you throw Arin into the musical mix you get Starbomb! Another comedy band, the trio makes video game parody songs, such as BEST Zelda Rap EVER!, SMASH!, Minecraft is for EVERYONE!, 2nd BEST Zelda Rap EVER!, and The Simple Plot of Metal Gear Solid

Other Grump Channels: GrumpOut, KittyKatGaming and Mortem3r (Suzy’s channels), RubberNinja (Ross’s channel), Commander Holly (Holly’s channel), and Egoraptor (Arin’s channel).

Hope you have fun, my friend! Go nuts!