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What about the RFA +V and Saeran reacting to MC telling them she is pregnant. How would she tell them, what would they do, etc. (I know this would be harder for Jaehee since they would have to use alternate methods, so if you can't write that one I understand)

Anon, of course I’ll write one for Jaehee because she is simply amazing and excluding her would break my heart, because every type of couple can have moments like these. As always, I really hope you like what I come up with~

WARNING: SPOILERS for some good ends. Nothing too major though.


  • you hadn’t planned this exactly, but you both wanted kids so you agreed to stop using birth control, and lo and behold you became pregnant
  • you weren’t sure how you would tell him, so you decided to prepare a nice dinner and tell him in the evening
  • you’re eating dessert when zen decides to take some and feed it to you, and half of it ends up all over your face
  • you laugh and smear some on his face, and you play fight until the rest is gone, eventually getting up and cleaning it off at the kitchen sink

Zen: “MC, what a mess we’ve made!”

MC: “Well, you’d better get used to it because there’ll be three of us soon, and then it’ll get even messier!”

  • it takes a moment for it to sink in, but then he picks you up, spinning you around him
  • there are tears in his eyes when he sets you down, and he kisses you over and over
  • “MC, you’re pregnant! We’re going to have a child!”
  • he’s so happy, and he wants to start getting ready immediately, shopping for baby clothes and furniture


  • you had wanted kids for some time, so when you found out you were pregnant you were ecstatic
  • you wanted to let him know in a really cute but kind of cheesy way, so you made a little ‘player 3 will now join the game’ photo with your shoes, his shoes, and some baby shoes you bought
  • you make a card out of the photo and put it on his nightstand so he’ll see it when he wakes up in the morning before going to work
  • you fall asleep, and next think you know, he’s shaking you awake, tears pouring down his face
  • at first you think something happened but he keeps hugging you and sniffling into your hair, and when you see him clutching the card you finally get it
  • “MC, is it really true? Am I going to be a father?”
  • you tell him that it’s absolutely true, you took the test twice to be sure, and he’s overjoyed
  • he’s even more cheerful than usual, kissing you out of the blue and never letting go of your hand, he’s so excited for this child to be born


  • you were trying to get pregnant for some time now, finding donors and even trying to synthesize something with her DNA, but it wasn’t working
  • you were both a little discouraged, but decided to take a break for a while so you wouldn’t get too frustrated
  • then you found out you were pregnant, and you wanted to tell jaehee first thing
  • so as you’re closing the coffee shop one day, you take her hands in yours and tell her you’re pregnant
  • she gasps and smiles, throwing her arms around you and holding you close to her
  • “MC, we’ve wanted this for so long! I’m so happy!”
  • she’s really glad that you were able to get pregnant, and that you’ll have a child together soon
  • she starts planning immediately, trying to figure out what school the child will go to and whether you’d have to move so that your child could have their own room
  • you both work really hard to make sure that child has the best life possible, and she’s so happy that you’re doing this together


  • you were feeling off and decided to take a pregnancy test, clearly remembering the one night you forgot to use a condom
  • the test is positive, and you’re happy to be pregnant but you’re not sure how jumin will feel, so you bring it up over dinner
  • he’s completely silent at first, so to fill the silence you tell him that you want to keep the child
  • then he leans over the table and kisses you deeply
  • “This is some of the happiest news I have ever received, MC. I know this wasn’t intentional, but I would like for us to raise this child as best we can.”
  • he becomes really gentle and affectionate with you, running his fingers through your hair and holding you close to him
  • he debates letting jaehee handle the child’s room and furniture, but decides he would prefer to do this himself
  • you plan the baby’s room together, shopping for clothes and furniture, and you even order a fuzzy blanket with Elizabeth the 3rd’s picture on it because jumin insisted


  • he had really wanted kids for a long time, so you finally gave in and decided to start making your family bigger
  • you weren’t having much luck until his cat robot remarked that you seem to be experiencing mood swings, meow
  • you both scramble to get hold of a pregnancy test, and you take it and it’s positive
  • saeyoung is ecstatic, he’s leaping around and laughing, stopping only to hug you so tightly you think you might burst
  • he starts making sure you’re comfortable, and that you’re eating well he will no longer let you eat only honey buddha chips
  • he starts baby proofing the house because honestly there’s so much work that needs to be done
  • he builds some of the baby furniture himself, and he asks you to help him if you want to
  • he’s worried that he might not be the best parent, so he starts looking up youtube videos of babies and watching anime with children in them that’s not how it works saeyoung but you keep trying
  • “Never in my life have I been as happy as I am now, MC. We’re starting a family together, and that’s my biggest wish coming true.”


  • you hadn’t planned on having children, but you had discussed it and you knew he wouldn’t mind
  • so when you found out you were pregnant, you called him right away and told him
  • “MC, this is great news! I’ll come home right away, and we can celebrate together.”
  • he brings some of your favourite food and you cuddle on the couch, eating dinner
  • he’s really hopeful that everything will turn out, and he wants the child to grow up happy and healthy
  • he becomes really protective of you, even more so than usual, and pretty much refuses to leave your side
  • he takes care of you, insisting that you should rest more because you’re literally growing another person
  • you talk often about what kind of life you want your child to live, and whether you will still travel as much once the child is born
  • eventually you decide that as long as you’re together, everything else will work itself out


  • he noticed you were acting strangely and being moodier than usual, so he talked it over with you
  • you bought a pregnancy test and took it, and it turned out to be positive
  • you weren’t sure how he would react, so you decided to carefully broach the subject the next morning
  • you were surprised to wake up the next morning to saeran making waffles for the two of you, and you sat down to breakfast together
  • right before you tell him, he says that he saw the test you accidentally left in the bathroom, and he knows
  • “I’m not sure what kind of a parent I will make, but I know you’ll be a great mother, MC. This is one lucky child to have someone like you.”
  • he’s kind of flustered and he’s not sure what to do, so you give him a hug and tell him that of course he’ll make a great father
  • he gets really nervous about this child, and it’s really cute because he’s usually so stoic and composed
  • he tries to help you out as much as he can, making food and doing chores so that you can rest
  • he’s really happy to be starting a family with you because it’s not something he ever imagined would be possible for someone like him