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… which, you know, i wouldn’t actually have had to but being broke and not able to afford anything all the time is no fun either

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Came for the Blackice smut stayed for the OC character development

And then if you wait long enough it comes full circle to Blackice smut again!

(*starts singing The Circle of Life*)

(And if you wait long enough the OC character development keeps on happening too.)

(*starts singing some other song that isn’t quite The Circle of Life but is kind of like that song*)

Tired of Waiting For It

Roman Reigns/OC. For @oraclegazes: Shield-era Roman, reader and he have been friends for a while and she hasn’t told anyone she’s into Roman, not realizing he likes her too. He gets jealous when creative puts her in a romantic storyline with Seth and smut happens when she confronts him to find out what his problem is. Bonus if Dean figures everything out before they do.

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I’ve tried posting this picture 7 times….. Anyways guys I bought some stuff lol and I’m in love with these brushes, they’re so soft and colorful😍

10 of 11

Trinity sighed putting the picture carefully on her desk. How little she knew them. How much her mother’s words had impacted her life she hadn’t realized until now. It had been her mother to move on to the next guy once the fun was over. Unconsciously she had copied her mom in her pursuit of fun. A life without entanglements had seemed the best way to go. It had worked up until now. At least she thought it had. Once again she glanced at the family in the picture. Was it really what she wanted? Her dad had gotten remarried. Started a whole new life for himself. Had she been right to cut off all ties with him?

Blowing her nose she dried her eyes. There was no more studying to be done tonight. She needed to distract herself. She glanced at her reflection in the mirror. She had to make a quick change but she knew exactly where to go for the distraction she needed.

Thirty minutes later she walked into the noisy club. She walked confidently onto the dance floor and began to gyrate her body in rhythm of the music. She soon gathered an appreciate audience. She slapped a hand from her waist when someone tried to pull her close. She took a step back not wanting to be hemmed in. Her rhythm faltered when her gaze fell upon a small group. Then she smiled beguiling at the owner of the wandering hand pulling him closer. At the moment she was in the mood to put on a show.

MMFD Fic: "No Alarms and No Surprises" - Chapter 2

The gang all go to meet them at the station, with balloons and a Welcome Home banner. “You’re not half going overboard,” Finn tells Izzy when he sees the banner, but inwardly he is jumping up and down and clapping his hands like a bloody cheerleader when the train pulls into the station.

Chapter Two

She goes to study in London, he stays at home and changes his job at the DIY Center from part time to full. They talk on the phone and write letters, then emails (fucking amazing invention), they tell each other how much they miss one another.

“What have you been up to?” Rae’s phone voice is high pitched and very quiet, ‘cause she’s talking from the public phone in the dorm room hallway (she tells him all the girls think that he’s her boyfriend, and Finn’s heart does summersaults).

“Fuck all to do around here without ya. You?”

“Nothing much.”

He laughs, “Yeah, pull the other one.”

“I’m telling you, I’m lonely as fuck.”

“You have Archie.”

“’S not the same. I think you’ve ruined me, Finley. I can’t enjoy new things without ya.” She sighs. Finn sighs. You could have believed they were lovers from the way they carry on. From the way his fingers curl around the phone cord, from the intensity of the silence. “When are you coming home,” Finn moans.

Another sigh, a wonderful little sound, “God, not until Christmas.”

His forehead touches the wall. “Can’t you come back sooner? For a weekend, like?”

But she always has to study, and he always has to work the weekend shifts, so all their talk about going to see each other “like, all the time” back when they were getting ready for her to leave, just doesn’t stand the test of actual life.

When Christmas break finally comes, the gang all go to meet them at the station, with balloons and a Welcome Home banner. “You’re not half going overboard,” Finn tells Izzy when he sees the banner, but inwardly he is jumping up and down and clapping his hands like a bloody cheerleader when the train pulls into the station. When Rae and Archie get off the car there’s a collective drawing of breathe from the gang and a squeak from Izzy. Finn takes an unconscious step backwards.

Because Archie looks the way he always had, but Rae doesn’t look like Rae anymore. She’s done… something. And she’s wearing… something. Her hair is shorter for fuck’s sake, that’s not even legal as far as he’s concerned, but that’s not even it, the change is bigger and much scarier than that and he’s not sure what’s going on – and then Chloe gushes at her –

“Oh – my - god, Rae! You’re like, half the size!”

The girls rush her with excitement, Chop whoops and practically jumps into Archie’s arms, and everyone is talking all at once. Finn stands there, gob smacked, really wanting to flee, while Rae rolls her eyes and blushes at the attention. “Please, it’s only one and a half stones or so.”

“No way,” Chloe says wisely, “You lost three sizes, easy!”

“I didn’t, Chloe, so just shut up about it.” Rae’s smile is faltering while she hugs Izzy and is subjected to the scrutiny of Chop, who goes around to check her from behind, earning an irate, “Oi, you!”

Chloe shrugs, a little hurt. “I was just saying. I was giving you a complement.”

“Well, thank you, babes, but that’s enough now.”

Chloe rolls her eyes but Rae doesn’t notice, ‘cause she finally, finally, turns to him. It’s like he stood there, patiently, waiting his turn, but now he doesn’t even know what to do with her.

She licks her lips nervously, and then she pouts at him. “What, no hug?”

Finn closes the remaining gap between them on shaky legs and folds himself into her hug, which is one of his favorite things in the universe. But fuck, it feels all wrong, there’s not enough of her or something, it doesn’t feel like her body and Finn panics and almost pulls away. But then he feels her breath on his ear, "Alright, assface?”

And he’s smiling into her neck and she feels like his Rae again. “Alright, dickhead.”

He hugs her closer and she laughs, “For a minute there I was worried that you don’t want a hug and I thought – where’s my Finn, ‘cause this isn’t him.”

When she says things like that it makes him weak in the knees. “Yeah, well, maybe I implemented a No Hugs policy in the past minute.” He mumbles and she pulls back, surprised.

“You remember that?”

They look at each other. “‘Course.”

“Well, that’s beautiful, a beautiful heartfelt reunion, but I could murder a pint.” Archie says and it’s like they remember they’re not alone.

Except Finn’s not ready to step away because he’s looking at her face, her slightly new face, and she’s still, just, so lovely. Archie has to physically pry him away from her and he’s sulking in the back of the group as they head out to the pub. Chloe finally turns to him and laughs, “Oh, would you pick your face off the floor, Finn? You know you’re gonna bogart Rae the whole time she’s in town anyway, so let us have a go before you whisk her away.” And that does cheer him up a bit.

Rae sends him a gorgeous smile over her shoulder (and it’s a sight to be seen, with the shoulder–length hair flying) and then hugs Izzy and Chloe on her two sides. “God, I missed you, wankers! And how much you all looooooveee mmeee!” she sings and they all laugh, and Finn remembers that fuck, yes, that’s how they are when she’s here.

They are The Gang again, walking around the streets of Stamford like they fucking own them, a line of hugging, excited, talking people, and it’s bloody magic. Finn pulls Archie to him and messes with his hair, and asks how’s it going and then whoops when Archie blushes from head to toe and says, “Well, I’m dating someone.” Finn wants to ask a thousand questions, like what’s he like, and who made the first move, and are they serious, and did they do the nasty yet, and some of them he actually asks, and makes Archie blush even more and tell him to please piss off. From the head of the magical line of mates, Rae’s voice carries over, “His name is Billy and Archie thinks he’s preeeetttyyy!” she informs the whole of Stamford, and that makes the line reshape into a ball of people huddling around Archie.

“Ohooo… are you in love, Archie?” Izzy chirps.

“Are you in love with a pretty boy, ey?” Chop digs in.

“He is, he is in love with a pretty boy!” Rae confirms, ignoring the daggers Archie is sending her with his eyes.

“He’s not pretty!” he says, then mumbles, “He’s manly and gruff.”

And the whole gang erupts in ear-piercing combinations of gleeful sounds. Archie looks at Finn, “Thanks a lot, mate.”

“What?” Finn laughs until he can’t breathe but he doesn’t miss Rae’s palm slipping into his own. “I only wanted to know more about your exciting news!”

And Archie is sulk-grinning the rest of the way, and Rae never lets go of Finn’s hand, and he’s happy, and everything is how it’s supposed to be.

The gang walk into The Swan like conquering heroes returning from battle, sit around, still high on being with each other again. She moves her chair closer to his, and it’s like she’s never left, all the old familiar sensations are right there. She laughs and Finn feels a nice tingle down his back, she reaches across him for her pint when Chop and Izzy carry their orders to the table, and Finn’s breath is caught in his throat. His entire body is coiled with tension, ready for anything - the lightest flitting touch, a whiff of the sweet smell of her, the way she smiles at him sometimes.

The worst, and the best, is the moment her finger is suddenly touching his leg under the table, spelling letters he can barely concentrate on, when every part of him is on fire. This can get embarrassing real fast, he knows from past experience. If they start this up again, he may need to excuse himself for a quick humiliating release in a bathroom stall. And yet he wants it, every second of it, every letter she writes. He gets his head back in the game, feeling her spelling M I S S E D M E ?

His mind is reeling with the realization that she doesn’t notice, still doesn’t. While he sits there, almost gagging for her, she can still ask him that.

His arm stretches towards her under the table, to write YES YES YES I HAVE MISSED YOU SO FUCKING MUCH -

His shaky finger spells M E H.

Her face turns to him then, with her cheeky smile and those big eyes. “Dickhead,” she says, with the same tender emotion someone else might say “Darling”.


Before they’re even close to making the most of this reunion, Finn has to reluctantly leave them. He’s got the morning shift on the last day before the holiday, and he can’t be late or hungover. His mood is somewhat spoiled by that, work seems like such a stupid thing to waste his short time with his mates on. As he grumbles his goodbyes and gathers his scattered things, he’s aware of Rae’s eyes following him. She gets up after him, goes with him to the door.

“We hardly talked,” she says, handing him his house keys, which he left behind on the table. “Can we do something tomorrow, just us?”

“Sure.” Just Us sound to him like the best words in the English language right now. “I have to work until three, but meet me after?”

Rea nods and then hugs him, almost like a sudden impulse. “I have missed you quite a bit, you twat.” she sighs in his ear. Finn feels shivers run down his body, all blood is migrating south.

“I did, too ,yeah.” He finally confesses, but it doesn’t come easy for some reason. His fingers reach for the ends of her hair automatically, only to find nothing there. It’s shorter now, he reminds himself, and suddenly the changes are too much to take. He quickly says goodbye and walks home, the wind is his face and his mind on the following day, just the two of them. That’s when they have the best time, and they will again tomorrow. She is still Rae, after all, a new do and a wardrobe change doesn’t mean anything, really.

And it’s true, because they meet up and go for a walk down High street, and it’s just like old times. They joke and argue, talk about music and their families. She tells him about a website she’s found that has music files on it that you can download to your computer, and fucking burn CDs or do whatever you want. They talk about that in excited voices for forty five minutes. She tells him about the first day at Uni, and how messed up she felt (some of this he read about in her emails, but he gladly listens again), and how everything there surprised her for the best. “It was nothing like College.” She concludes, and that means everything because they both hated it there. He wants to share as well, but there’s nothing really interesting to say about his life. Work stories would send even him to sleep, so he can’t subject Rae to any of that. So when she asks what about him, he grabs her hand and pulls her into the Virgin Megastore, and that changes the subject pretty well.

They are running up and down the aisles, showing each other things, trying to catch up. Seemed they both sort of went in different directions musically while apart, and now there was so much to show and tell. The CD’s pile up and so do the smiles and the sniggering. Eventually they have to stop and take stock. Finn lifts a CD up - Yes? No? Rae scrunches her nose, considering, then she shakes her head, and the album goes to the rejected pile. Her fingers are still going through cases, but it’s in an absent-minded way. “So, hmm, you didn’t say anything about… my hair.”

“’S nice.” Finn doesn’t lift his eyes from ‘The Hour of Bewilderbeast’. “I liked it long.”

And it takes Rae a second to say, “Well, now it’s short.”

“Yeah, it’s nice, I’ve said.”

When she doesn’t answer right away he thinks he’s off the hook. He shows her the Badly Drawn Boy, but she only glances at it, then back to her questing fingers. “You don’t like it.”

Oh, shit. “That’s not… look, it’s different, all right? Takes getting used to.”

“Everyone else think it’s pretty. People say, that… I look nice.”

“You always look nice, Rae.” That’s his patented response.

Hers is to huff at this, maybe roll her eyes at him, but it doesn’t go like that today. “Fine, well, I lost some weight and I feel really good about it.”

“Great, then what do you care what I say?”

“I don’t!”

“Well, no problems then, yeah?”

They stand side by side for a few seconds in tense silence, both staring at CD cases they’re not really seeing. Eventually she shrugs, mumbles, “Well, I like it. You know how nice it is to go into a shop and almost always find something that fits? Well, yeah, of course you do.”

“That’s amazing, Rae, I mean it. I’m not saying you shouldn’t… donno,” He huffs, struggling as ever to be coherent, “I just, I liked… Look,” he puts the CD’s down, and turns to her, taking her hand, stilling her nervous fingers. “You don’t need to change or nothing. Just, be Rae.”

She pulls her hand away. “I am Rae! I’m a better Rae.” She takes the stack of approved albums (there are only three in it, they didn’t get far with the sorting), and walks down the aisle, Finn in tow. “Would you rather I’d be the same fat and lonely Rae who hates herself?” She whispers at him, but it feels like a shout.

“Jesus, Rae, stop, that’s not what you are –“

“Or maybe it’s nice, because it makes your life look better in comparison.” She says, and puts the CDs down on the counter emphatically. He stares at her.

“Wha’s that supposed to mean?”

“Ring those up?” The clerk asks, taking the stack from her. She nods, distracted.


“Nothing… I don’t know.” She shakes her head, and takes a small step towards him. “Just forget it, babes, I don’t want to fight.”

“Me neither.”

Her fingers touch his, faintly, sensations zinging through his body, she laughs but doesn’t lift her eyes from their hands. “It’s daft. I’ll probably put it all back on in a couple of weeks, anyways.” It’s not much of a joke and they know it. Even so, they both hold on to it for dear life and try to move on. He kisses her cheek and tells her, “You’re always beautiful.” And she says, “Oh, yeah, totally.” “Cash or credit?” says the clerk.


It takes the gang ten days to get over losing Rae and Archie again when they go back to London. It takes Finn longer, or maybe he never gets over it. But he keeps calm and carries on. They had a bit of a row and then they were fine again.

Except that once things start to change, they keep changing. A body in motion and all that. Changing her look is just a harbinger, he finds, and the worst is yet to come.


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1 Hiiii so I’m sending this on anon bc you may want to publish this and I don’t have a 1d blog, only a personal one and I’d rather not have loads of people looking into my personal life haha :) though if you want to talk let me know! So I don’t have a big expose on L&H or anything, I just wanted to say I agree with you re the weird narrative that’s developing around this band?

2 One of my best mates worked in PR until a couple of months ago (she now works in advertising) & the company she worked for were approached & offered the chance to work with 1d – I think it was for developing the packaging/look of the MM album? Anyway what I distinctly remember her telling me about the brief was that the message they wanted to push with this album was that “the boys are growing up” (I remember those were the exact words)

3 idk if it would have been the record label or management dealing w/ that but I just thought it was really interesting. Bc currently the image 1d seem to have is a very bipolar one and none of their team seems to be making any effort to push it one way or the other – they’re still seen as very pop, very tween-oriented, yet there’s this massive narrative about Harry in the media that he’s a total sex monster (and a lesser one about Zayn cheating etc)

4 & it just strikes me as very odd that if some people in 1d’s team are after this more mature image, why aren’t they pushing the music more? Why do they still market this old, childish merchandise? Why are they still being featured in little girl’s pop magazines? Seems to me that there is a desire for the growing up narrative to develop, but plenty of people within their team don’t want to let go of the old formula.

5 I honestly think that nobody in their management has sat down and come up with a good long term business plan for them because tbh we’ve never really seen a band as ridiculously successful as 1d in the age of the internet & social media. (that’s all, i dont know how much i told you that you didn’t already know, but i guess it’s “proof” that some people w/in their brand want to change 1d’s image…)


Wow, this is very interesting, because from my perspective it has been very whiplash-inducing: With the third album you get these signals that they want to mature the band image, but then you have all of this going back to old ways, and it’s very clear the album hasn’t been pushed very effectively, and it’s all very odd. So this seems very much to be a case of power struggles between people making the decisions, who are not on the same page.

That said, Harry’s tabloid image is a separate matter. It doesn’t originate with the third album–it especially originates with the marketing for their first single, WMYB, in fall 2011, and is strongly correlated with project promotions, but it first got intense in spring 2012, in reaction to growing public perception that Harry was gay: in March and April 2012 there were many, many tabloid stories, a new girl everyday, all while Harry and Louis were being extremely transparent about their closet.

I think that their team was just extremely literal-minded and thought that the best way to fight gay rumors was to throw a ton of girls at him–without thinking through how it fit in with the band image. And so now we get some of his extremely young fans, like eight years old, who know about the womanizing rumors (even if they are too young to full understand, hopefully).

If you want to talk, feel free to send me a message off-anon!

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for the meme you just posted: shocked, c/c, please :)

(This turned out kind of long and fluffy, and I have no regrets.)

91. Shocked

Coulson doesn’t drink, and Clint doesn’t drink with other people, so the first shock of the night is when Coulson appears on his doorstep with a bottle of cheap bourbon and a miserable expression.

“It’s my birthday,” Coulson murmurs, and Clint stands aside to let him in without a word.

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