best word book ever

Okay guys, I don’t know who’s awake but it’s 4 am and I’m just arriving from watching Batman v Superman so please forgive any grammar mistakes and so, I just want you all to know that HOLY CRAP IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING !!! like, I cross my heart that it’s the best comic book movie EVER. The dialogue; every word was carefully chosen and it shows because the lines are beautiful. The effects, the shots: beautiful. The casting, I’m in love with everyone. Everybody did their part perfectly well. the soundtrack fits perfectly and reaches to send you chills whenever it plays.

It’s an amazing movie and people know it. the cinema, not kidding, not exaggerating, it was full –no seats left. Most persons wore their superhero shirts and I thought that was adorable, they also cheered and clapped and laughed. I couldn’t cry because my cousin promised to mock me if I did so. I might not sound as thrilled as I truly am but believe me, I have so many emotions right now that I’m practically numb. Irrelevant note but as predicted, I got the weirdest crush on Lex Luthor.

Highly recommended, please watch it and cry the much I couldn’t. it worth it.  

I just got my Best Season Ever coloring book in the mail and words cannot begin to describe how excited I am!! Humongous thank you to all of the artists involved in this project, especially those of course behind the whole idea for the book :) @best-season-ever I can’t wait to share some of the coloring from it:) Also a huge shoutout to @cyrilliart @rubycurls @pointlessdonothing @rosketch and @ashleyrguillory for creating such beautiful and adorable postcards! (Huge shoutout also to @pass-the-pencil for creating a page that finally allows me to color in my favorite AU of all time, Merman Harry and Harpy Louis😍)

Mamrie freaking Hart the best youtuber in all of recorded human history is so damn close to 1 million subscribers.

And I think she is need of a drink. I’m sorry I had to like I really had to. But come one she is hilarious, sassy, extremely beautiful and talented. She is great at puns. And knows like 1000 different words for vagina. Her book is the best to have ever Graced my eyes and her dog Beanz is literally the cats meow. But she’s a dog not a cat. Mamrie is so damity damn damn close to 1 mil and I think you should all go and subscribe to get bc not only does she deserve a drink she deserves a million subscribers. Hell she really deserves like 30 bajillion. Also feel free to subscribe to mametown, where she frequently infrequently posts even more hilarious videos. Mamrie Hart is just an all around talented human being who Mayes sins of THE BEST videos out there so please subscribe to her now or like I will personally write your eulogy.

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