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listen i don’t talk a lot about anything else besides my terrible trashy interests on this here blog so you have to listen……………i love “a monster calls” so much 

Hey Cosmere fandom! The boyfriend is now halfway through Words of Radiance! (I’m so proud of him) his reactions are just as great as they were through Way of Kings of course. (If you missed it, click here for Part One of his WoK reactions, and click here for Part Two)
So, without further ado, I present to you Boyfriend Reads Words of Radiance, Part 1! (rest are under the cut, once again)



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I Found A Boy

I found a boy and fell in love.

But he doesn’t love words like me- he doesn’t understand how they make me feel alive, how the pages breathe into me.

He doesn’t understand my obsession with buying pens and journals and writing down every thought that comes to mind.

He doesn’t understand how all of the crazy things in my mind can be silenced by the black and white pages of a good book.

He doesn’t love the things that I love-
But he loves me,

And I know this because it’s day 14 of our new tradition, and he has his phone tucked away, his head on my lap, and is laughing as I read him a funny part of To Kill A Mockingbird. Tomorrow, on day 15, we’ll be doing the same thing with a new chapter.

I found a boy, and I’m so in love.


And, at the crest of a distant hill, he thought he saw another young Montague, hand in hand with a slim, dark haired maiden, both of them smiling down at the newly betrothed couple. Beside him, Rosaline reached over and laced her fingers through his. And they smiled too.

Still star crossed by Melinda Taub
(Page 336)

Just finished reading still star crossed. I love it best book ever,plus I love how it ended.cutest couple ever!

to clarify, logan (2017) was the first marvel film i’ve seen that handled brutal violence, breakneck pace and compelling scene design with genuine heart and soul. in other words, it was a real comic book film, the best i’ve ever seen, from marvel dc dark horse, whatever. it’s the gdamn gold standard and disney has their work fuckin cut out for them if they wanna continue with their regurgitated uniform crap they’ve been churning out

I just got my Best Season Ever coloring book in the mail and words cannot begin to describe how excited I am!! Humongous thank you to all of the artists involved in this project, especially those of course behind the whole idea for the book :) @best-season-ever I can’t wait to share some of the coloring from it:) Also a huge shoutout to @cyrilliart @rubycurls @pointlessdonothing @rosketch and @ashleyrguillory for creating such beautiful and adorable postcards! (Huge shoutout also to @pass-the-pencil for creating a page that finally allows me to color in my favorite AU of all time, Merman Harry and Harpy Louis😍)

after years of obsessively documenting cocktails and hamburgers on social media, writer Joshua David Stein fell hardest for capturing two new little subjects—his sons.

There are four of us in the 27th row of a Delta flight out to SFO from JFK, but Achilles, my two-year-old, is stretched out across most of F, all of E and some of D, the seat wherein I’m sardined, hanging halfway into the aisle. My wife is similarly crammed into the window seat with Augustus—universally known as AuggieBehr—momentarily asleep in her arms. Though uncomfortable, we couldn’t be happier. Ana is watching Say Anything…—“It’s the first movie I’ve seen in two years!”—and I have a brief respite, during which the children are asleep, to work. Fatherhood: an uncomfortable crash position, happily assumed.

In no other relationship, that I can think of, is insane love with no upper limit not only tolerated but expected. If we stared at the people we date or even are married to as intently as we do at our children, it would be creepy. But I could stare for hours at Achilles just being Achilles, zoning out on the couch, one finger in his nose and the other deftly looping Caillou—the worst television show ever—on the iPad® over and over again. What, I wonder, is he thinking? How, I ponder, can he be so cute? When, I fear, will he notice I’m staring and say, “Papai, go away!”

Being a father is at once an immortalizing act and one that renders you painfully aware of the passage of time. They are little for so little time. I think to myself that soon, Achilles and Auggie will be surly teenagers, and later, young men with families of their own. Perhaps that explains my obsession with staring. I want to store as much of their faces—with their bulbous cheeks and unguarded expressions—in my mind as possible. This probably explains why there are so many babies and toddlers on Instagram and Facebook, none of whom asked to be there. And this definitely explains why there are so many photos of my own babies on my personal Facebook and Instagram feeds too.

The thing is, a few years ago, well before I was a father myself, I thought, “What kind of schmucks flood social media with photos of their progeny?” But now, not only do I post photos on Instagram and Facebook, but Achilles has his own hashtag (#achilles4president) and Augustus does too (#auggiebehr). Now, I understand that it seems criminal not to share their cuteness with the world. And so, a scroll through my feed reveals a 100-picture-long series of Achilles at the playground and a large portfolio of him sleeping. There are hashtags like #brothers, which features Achilles hugging/throttling AuggieBehr, as a toddler does. My wife even initiated a series called “The Library of A and A” that features choice editions from the boys’ library. (A tip: If You Want to See a Whale is perhaps the best children’s book ever.)

I have, in other words, become the cliché that I long hated, a hawker of cute, a baby-sharing maniac. But as I sit staring at Achilles, who is now moaning, “Ferris wheel, I no like it,” in a state of half sleep, I don’t mind the discomfort of my current position, half hanging out into the aisle, one bit. The truth is, what I could not have known back then, in my childless days of Instagramming cheeseburgers and cocktails, is just how boundless a father’s love really is. Now, not only do I share pictures of my children, but I also walk around the neighborhood wearing a bucket over my head because it makes Achilles laugh. It seems that it has taken actually having children to see how my staring and subsequent sharing of photos of them is just one attempt at slowing down time and capturing the moment. Maybe not this exact moment in which the drink cart keeps jostling my elbow and half my butt is asleep, but this is a head-over-heels love affair with my two little guys. They’re everything to me. And yes, that includes hashtags.

Writer Joshua David Stein frequently contributes to New York Magazine, the New York Times and the Sunday Times and he is a restaurant critic at the New York Observer. He lives in Harlem with his wife and two sons. He (rather humorously) documents his misadventures in 140-characters-or-less on Twitter at @fakejoshstein.

Okay guys, I don’t know who’s awake but it’s 4 am and I’m just arriving from watching Batman v Superman so please forgive any grammar mistakes and so, I just want you all to know that HOLY CRAP IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING !!! like, I cross my heart that it’s the best comic book movie EVER. The dialogue; every word was carefully chosen and it shows because the lines are beautiful. The effects, the shots: beautiful. The casting, I’m in love with everyone. Everybody did their part perfectly well. the soundtrack fits perfectly and reaches to send you chills whenever it plays.

It’s an amazing movie and people know it. the cinema, not kidding, not exaggerating, it was full –no seats left. Most persons wore their superhero shirts and I thought that was adorable, they also cheered and clapped and laughed. I couldn’t cry because my cousin promised to mock me if I did so. I might not sound as thrilled as I truly am but believe me, I have so many emotions right now that I’m practically numb. Irrelevant note but as predicted, I got the weirdest crush on Lex Luthor.

Highly recommended, please watch it and cry the much I couldn’t. it worth it.  

Mamrie freaking Hart the best youtuber in all of recorded human history is so damn close to 1 million subscribers.

And I think she is need of a drink. I’m sorry I had to like I really had to. But come one she is hilarious, sassy, extremely beautiful and talented. She is great at puns. And knows like 1000 different words for vagina. Her book is the best to have ever Graced my eyes and her dog Beanz is literally the cats meow. But she’s a dog not a cat. Mamrie is so damity damn damn close to 1 mil and I think you should all go and subscribe to get bc not only does she deserve a drink she deserves a million subscribers. Hell she really deserves like 30 bajillion. Also feel free to subscribe to mametown, where she frequently infrequently posts even more hilarious videos. Mamrie Hart is just an all around talented human being who Mayes sins of THE BEST videos out there so please subscribe to her now or like I will personally write your eulogy.

You Deserve A Drink on YouTube
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