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Favorite twenty one pilots lyrics

15. “I will plan to be a bum, so I just might become someone.” 

House of Gold, Vessel

14. “I don’t wanna be heard, I wanna be listened to.” 

Forest, Regional at Best

13. “I’ll stay awake, because the dark’s not taking prisoners tonight,” 

Ode to Sleep, Vessel

12. “The sun will rise and we will try again.” 

Truce, Vessel

11. “Out of student loans and treehouse homes, we would all take the latter.” 

Stressed Out, Blurryface

10.  “My taste in music is your face.” 

Tear in my Heart, Blurryface

9. “I scream, you scream, we all scream ‘cause we’re terrified of what’s around the corner. We stay in place ‘cause we don’t want to lose our lives, so let’s think of something better.” 

Forest, Regional at Best

8. “Fight it, take the pain, ignite it.” 

Holding On To You, Vessel  

7. “Our brains are sick but that’s okay.” 

Fake You Out, Vessel

6. “Sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind.” 

Migraine, Vessel

5. “No one else is dealing with your demons, meaning maybe defeating them could be the beginning of your meaning, friend.” 

Kitchen Sink, Regional at Best

4. “The only difference between life and dying is one is trying. That’s all we’re gonna to do so try to love me and I’ll try to save you.”

 Lovely, Regional at Best

3. “Peace will win and fear will lose.” 

Car Radio, Vessel   

2. “I wasn’t raised in the hood but I know a thing or two about pain and darkness. If it wasn’t for this music, I don’t know how I would’ve fought this.”

Lane Boy, Blurryface

1. “Life has a hopeful undertone.” 

Migraine, Vessel

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