best witches forever

Diana has already figured out like 90% of what’s happening, and that makes me happy. You go, my child!! Also, can we talk about how she’s as good of a witch she is even despite losing her magical abilities at a young age?? Like… Can you imagine how good she’d be if she’d never lost them? Or, maybe she wouldn’t be as good if she didn’t have to try as hard as she did. She got where she is by trying and practicing every day and busting her ass off for who knows how long, would she be at the same level if she didn’t have to do that? Or would she be even better since she would only have to perfect her abilities instead of working to actually acquire them from the top?? I guess my point is, Diana is an amazing person who never thought she deserved more than others because of her family name, and became who she is because she tried with all her might despite being thought of as weird by other kids her age. I just love her so much.