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lepuscor  asked:

hey karben, if y'all don't mind but like think about it: remus lupin in fallout AU? head canons/meta on that?? if you want?? just a thought.

dammit sugar I have been wracking my brain about this ever since you sent it and I can’t come up with anything that I like. I am at a loss!!

I think like the LW’s dad, he probably ended up at a Vault after living on the outside. Before that, he was part of some sort of either gang or something (??) led by Greyback which probably experimented with FEV somehow, giving him sort of enhanced abilities or something, but it’s probably acting as some sort of addiction, such that he needs to keep taking it or dosing himself or something. 

Then he escapes Greyback somehow and ends up teaching in a Vault, or a city or something. 

Dammit IDK I’m so open to thoughts on this I can’t decide!!


happy birthday to @mmakoto aka the very reason why i am now stuck forever in free! hell.
have some cute reigisa wishing you the fluffiest of birthdays~ (◍•ᴗ•◍)

HAPPY BURFDAYYY TO TOBIN HEATH aka. my idol, my fave, my love, my wife, my bae, my..u get what i mean xD

I literally have so much things i wanna say about how incredible and special she is but let’s just say “We all have those people in our lives that inspire us to be better and make us feel alive. Tobin was one of those people for me.” 

So….Thank you Tobin :’)